William "Bill" Sherman has a problem - he's dead. Blown to pieces by his own C4 payload, which he wanted to eliminate a South American druglord with on behalf of some shady secret service people.
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Data di rilascio: 27 ott 2009

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Acquista Painkiller: Resurrection (NA)

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Informazioni sul gioco

William "Bill" Sherman has a problem - he's dead. Blown to pieces by his own C4 payload, which he wanted to eliminate a South American druglord with on behalf of some shady secret service people. The fact that he accidentally blew a bus full of innocent civilians into the Great Beyond has given rise to an all new problem - Hell doesn't exactly have any problems with claiming his soul. But now Bill's in purgatory and he's caught the eye of heaven's warriors. He's been offered a chance to make good the havoc he wrought using his quite special skills. And with weapons of course. Bizarre weapons. Crazy weapons...

The Game

Developed by Homegrown Games with former developers and modders from the previous Painkiller games in collaboration with Studio Med-Art and with a Catholic priest advising, Painkiller Resurrection combines rock-hard, no-frills action and an exciting story with painstakingly researched details. In a bizarre world influenced by medieval ideas about hell and purgatory and Dante's Inferno, the mixture of fast, straightforward levels and enormous, explorable regions containing the worst scum of any hell provides a unique gaming experience.

  • Unique storyline told using top quality "graphic novel" style cutscenes
  • Completely reworked "Painkiller 2.0 engine" with shader effects, weather systems, a superb physics engine, and ultra-fast netcode, including an anticheat system
  • The best weapons from all of the Painkiller titles + new, inventive tools of death
  • Classic-style FPS levels and enormous, explorable areas provide varied gameplay
  • Countless eSports-grade multiplayer modes with numerous new and updated maps

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 2.4GHZ+ (per core)
    • Memory: 2GB or better
    • Graphics: Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 or better
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (included)
    • Hard Drive: 6GB
    • Sound: Required
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( 7.0 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 14 luglio
This game is a borring piece of ♥♥♥♥. Too big maps and flat like hell, most of the time u dont even know where to go and when u finish the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ game, it ask u to play again on a higher difficulity + collect all the cards for 2 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ endings... The cutscenes are like in Max Payne 1, but the story is way more lame... dont buy it, i got it almost free, but i regret playing it.
( 11.9 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 3 luglio
Not sure why people hate this game so much. this is the only painkiller game that actually has exploration and large open areas to search . it may be buggy but the level design is strange and makes you feel like you are in hell. much better levels than the industrial areas that made no sense in the original.
JeZel ❤
( 4.9 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 28 giugno
The Worst Version of Painkiller,if you dont know how to find a way out you gonna Stuck on a Mission Forever
( 4.9 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 26 giugno
Credevo che Painkiller Redemption fosse un'oscenità da bannare in ogni angolo remoto di internet. In confronto a Resurrection, è oro a 24 carati.
Painkiller Resurrection non è altro che un map pack di 6 livelli completabili in tre ore, naturalmente contenenti solo roba riciclata. Potrei capire se fosse divertente, l'acquisto in sconto ci starebbe. E invece è incredibile quello che questi modder dilettanti sono riusciti a creare. Esistono mod eccellenti per HL2 o UT2004 che sono infinitamente meglio e sono GRATUITE, cristo.
Che cosa diavolo hanno fumato per creare questi livelli in diagonale? Gli faceva troppo schifo creare delle classiche stanze ripiene di nemici? No, facciamo dei livelli aperti in cui il giocatore deve andare avanti in bunny hopping costante per salire delle pendenze a 70 gradi, è molto più divertente, pare di giocare a Super Mario con i demoni. Il personaggio si incaglia con il terreno, alcuni livelli sono stretti e privi di qualsivoglia tipo di luce, si contano bug a non finire, l'IA è ancora più rincoglionita del solito e addirittura una volta entrati in alcune aree segrete non si può uscire e bisogna ricaricare la partita.
Oltre a questo abbiamo lo stesso motore grafico del 2004 che in questa occasione ha dei cali di framerate assurdi in certi punti, a causa dell'abuso degli effetti particellari che fanno solo casino e appesantiscono il tutto, tempi di caricamento biblici e crash a random.
Varanis Blackclaw
( 14.3 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 8 giugno
Prodotto ricevuto gratis
Painkiller was farmed out to pretty much anyone that developed reasonably playable content after People Can Fly moved on from Dreamweaver Interactive to pair up with Epic Games, and while the previous 3-years-late sequel may have been little more than an officially-sanctioned conversion parading as a follow-up, at least it was unique. For Resurrection, Jowood was tapped for a game that whilst unlike any of the other Painkiller games, was so full of bugs and glitches in both level design and AI, that the game was nearly unplayable out of the box, making an already dated game (still using 2004 tech) feel downright amature.

The positives here are the that the stages here represent more or less chapters in a singular journey, taking a play from the Half-Life 2 handbook of campaign pacing. Indeed, each stage is beautifully rendered and simply sprawling, oozing with mysterious landmarks to explore. It's also quite easy to get lost, and very much deliberate in pacing, which is anything but what Painkiller is known for. Action seems like a chore when exploration is a major focus. Checkpoints can be skipped by going a different path (which forces the game ahead anyway just without the save point), and parts of some stages were never meant to be entered, even if they can be, so good luck getting out when that happens.

If the bugs can be tolerated, and the bewilderingly samey-to-the-first story can be stomached (kudos to the graphic novel presentation a la Max Payne), the level exploration and atmosphere make this a worthwhile diversion in the Painkiller catalog. It's certainly more interesting than the claustrophobic series of killboxes that the next game was, but also somewhat muddled and overreaching compared to what Painkiller was meant ot be.
( 8.9 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 29 maggio
This has a open area and has very less levels than the previous installments. However, they added ALOT of monsters which helps enjoy the carnage despite the small levels. This truly gives off the Doom feeling when you are fighting a huge army of monsters. I also like the comic story, and its pretty cool to have cutscenes often. Its rather a bit easier than Overdose and the tarot cards are useful and fairly rewarding. But its fun if you are up for more mindless shooting.
( 5.7 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 7 maggio
The worst game from the Painkiller saga.
The loading screens takes 3~5 to load a single map, the level design is beyond horrible, the enemy placement is boring and tedious, the "enormous, explorable areas" just don't mix well with the gameplay and will make sure you get lost way too often, the story is too predictable, a lot of performance issues & bugs.
Do yourself a favor and get Painkiller Black Edition instead of this mess.
( 8.6 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 27 aprile
Mention the original Painkiller to any devotee and watch as their eyes light up, their bodies start to animate wildly and a wellspring of jovial passion cascades over their speech of loving admiration. After this moving testimony, ask for their thoughts on Painkiller: Resurrection and recoil in horror as all emotion abandons them and the blood drains from their face, leaving behind a vacant and pale visage while they recount sickening tales of a game permeated with bugs, crashes, dull levels that confusingly branch out and twist on for miles; giving the illusion of freedom, when really every path except one leads to dead ends, more bugs, crashes, pointless excursions with no reward. Ceaseless enemy hordes that offer no challenge, consume exorbitant amounts of time and spawn inside of the walls, the floors, the ceilings, and every other nook and cranny, so long as it isn't in the playable space. Scouring for ammo constantly, in order to defeat bosses possessing a ridiculous number of health points, who never hit you once because the developers forgot to program in some decent AI. As more and more energy is expended detailing the atrocities of Painkiller: Resurrection, you can feel your soul gradually leaving your body and you have to end the tirade. It's the sinister feeling all Painkiller fans know too well.

The second this bloated corpse was resurrected, it should have been buried deep in the earth, never mentioned of again.

( 41.6 ore in totale )
Pubblicata: 11 marzo
More open format than the first two, over all good
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4.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 giugno
Credevo che Painkiller Redemption fosse un'oscenità da bannare in ogni angolo remoto di internet. In confronto a Resurrection, è oro a 24 carati.
Painkiller Resurrection non è altro che un map pack di 6 livelli completabili in tre ore, naturalmente contenenti solo roba riciclata. Potrei capire se fosse divertente, l'acquisto in sconto ci starebbe. E invece è incredibile quello che questi modder dilettanti sono riusciti a creare. Esistono mod eccellenti per HL2 o UT2004 che sono infinitamente meglio e sono GRATUITE, cristo.
Che cosa diavolo hanno fumato per creare questi livelli in diagonale? Gli faceva troppo schifo creare delle classiche stanze ripiene di nemici? No, facciamo dei livelli aperti in cui il giocatore deve andare avanti in bunny hopping costante per salire delle pendenze a 70 gradi, è molto più divertente, pare di giocare a Super Mario con i demoni. Il personaggio si incaglia con il terreno, alcuni livelli sono stretti e privi di qualsivoglia tipo di luce, si contano bug a non finire, l'IA è ancora più rincoglionita del solito e addirittura una volta entrati in alcune aree segrete non si può uscire e bisogna ricaricare la partita.
Oltre a questo abbiamo lo stesso motore grafico del 2004 che in questa occasione ha dei cali di framerate assurdi in certi punti, a causa dell'abuso degli effetti particellari che fanno solo casino e appesantiscono il tutto, tempi di caricamento biblici e crash a random.
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Pubblicata: 14 ottobre 2015
Disastroso sul lato tecnico e mal ottimizzato; un passo indietro rispetto al 1° capitolo: ricicla nemici, locations e meccaniche. Sono stati implementati male gli agenti atmosferici, ma in compenso sono presenti glich grafici e bug a iosa, ed una I.A. a tratti imbarazzante.

Storia: siamo in uno spin-off, e interpretiamo i panni di William Bill Sherman, un killer su commissione. Muore durante l’esplosione del c4 che lui stesso aveva piazzato su un’auto di mafiosi, ma a farne le spese saranno anche degli innocenti su un autobus diretto sul luogo fatale. Bill finisce dunque in Purgatorio e armato del Painkiller cercherà redenzione in cambio della lotta contro le legioni infernali…

Gameplay: sulla carta è un copia incolla del predecessore, con meno carte da scovare ed usare in-game, nonché meno livelli, solo 6 e realizzati anche male. Per dovere di cronaca bisogna comunque ricordare che si tratterebbe solo di un’espansione stand-alone del primo titolo e non un gioco completo. Gli scenari sono più estesi e sarebbe potuta essere una buona idea se fossero stati bilanciati tutti gli altri elementi, ma l’unico risultato partorito è l’avere un maggior numero di ostacoli su cui vedere intrappolati nemici diretti da una I.A. inebetita. Le sezioni Boss Fight sono deludenti, si tratta solo di mostri più grossi da buttar giù banalmente.

Comparto grafico: non c’è più quell’ispirazione che ha mosso i primi due capitoli, non c’è più quella magia che donavano gli scenari impreziositi dalla nube volumetrica. L’idea degli agenti atmosferici era molto carina ma sono stati aggiunti molto male, difatti rendono solo il titolo più pesante; anche se ora, con gli anni alle spalle, non si avverte più il grande disagio che c’era all’uscita vista la potenza maggiore delle moderne schede grafiche. Le armi a disposizione sono diminuite inspiegabilmente, e ne è stata aggiunta solo una nuova, restano presenti le modalità di fuoco secondario.
I tempi dei caricamenti dei livelli sono aumentati a fronte di una mancanza di miglioramenti grafici tali da giustificarli.

Comparto tecnico: il titolo è mosso sempre dal Pain Engine, le texture sono riciclate dal primo capitolo; a dire il vero alcune locations sembrano addirittura più povere di dettagli rispetto alle precedenti.

Comparto audio: la musica a volte sparisce senza motivo apparente. Doppiaggio sufficiente.

Commento finale: se avete amato il primo e avete chiuso un occhio sulla mancanza d’originalità di Overdose, che tuttavia si lasciava comunque giocare nella sua formula collaudata, arricchito peraltro da una difficoltà maggiore…allora lasciate stare questo episodio, è senza dubbio il peggiore capitolo della saga.
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3.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 23 maggio 2015

-Trama: Ok, non è niente di chè la trama, però non è malaccia, la cosa che mi ha dato fastidio è che la narrativa l'hanno copiata pari pari ai primi due giochi di Max Payne.

-Doppiaggio italiano: Niente di speciale manco questo, però non è assolutamente pessimo, è sulla norma, alcune volte però sbaglia col testo scritto nelle cutscenes.


-Gameplay: Abbastanza assurdo che dopo 5 anni non abbiano cambiato quasi niente. Copia - Incolla. Le texture uguali, i nemici presi dagli altri capitoli precedenti e messi a caso.

-Livelli:Tranne per l'ultimo, anche i livelli stessi sono stati in parte riciclati dai painkiller precedenti (a livello di texture intendo).
E qua c'è una novità, hanno provato a mettere i livelli più vasti possibili senza limitazioni di muri... gran cazzata hanno fatto.
Perchè dico questo? è semplice , perchè painkiller deve essere lineare e soprattutto con dei muri che si possono sbloccare una volta sconfitti i nemici in zona. E infatti bravi scemi, qua sono riuscito a superare (tranne nel quinto livello) tutti i livelli senza ammazzare nessuno, saltando saltando, saltando saltando superando tutti i nemici (e sconfiggendo solo il boss).

-Framerate: Pure qua ho notato una cosa assurda, come ho detto prima, io saltavo i nemici di continuo, non li uccidevo mai, e giustamente a furia di accumularsi cosa succede? quando il gioco vede che và troppo a scatti.... uccide i nemici. Ve lo giuro , il gioco uccide i mostri dietro, e ve li conta pure come uccisioni! Quindi potevano sfruttare come cosa per dire "No, bisogna uccidere i nemici sennò il gioco vi rallenta e non riuscite più a giocarci" e invece no, hanno fatto l'opposto.

-Checkpoint: Ok, ne avevo parlato pure del primo capitolo che secondo me era un difetto, e infatti l'hanno rimesso pure qua, i cerchi rossi dove devi andare sono nascosti, alcuni li trovi dietro, alcuni in alto, alcuni devi cercare meglio, un pò come nel primo painkiller.

-IA NEMICI: bhè sappiamo tutti che in painkiller l'intelligenza artificiale faceva abbastanza pena, ma qua addirittura l'hanno peggiorata.
Hanno gestito malissimo lo spawn dei nemici, alcuni fanno conflitto con il terreno, alcuni li mettono vicini a degli ostacoli dove rimangono bloccati, addirittura ci sono certi nemici che si attaccano fra di loro.

-Armi:Fastidioso il fatto che hanno cambiato lo slot delle armi (mi spiego meglio, per il fucile a pompa premevi due , e invece qua è il quattro , questo su quasi tutte le armi).
Hanno messo un'arma nuova (e ne hanno rimosse 3 dei giochi precedenti) ... ok ammetto che sinceramente mi piace, un'arma che spara bombole di propano... è stupida come idea ma sinceramente mi piace. Qual'è il problema di quest'arma? che è troppo OP, solo una bombola di propano uccide tutti i nemici dentro il suo raggio d'azione vasto.

-Longevità: ha solo 6 livelli... solo 6 livelli! e come ho scritto sopra, potete saltare tutti i nemici invece che sparargli adosso, quindi diventa molto corto come gioco.

-BUG: Ok, anche negi altri painkiller c'erano dei bug... e indovinate? qua cè ne sono almeno tre volte tanto, è difficile non bloccarti dentro a qualcosa.

-Crash: Ok , questa e una cosa che gli altri painkiller non avevano (fortunatamente). Molte volte che facevo il salvataggio rapido si crashava il gioco, e quando me lo faceva caricare niente, fatal error, dovevo caricare dal precedente salvataggio... no comment.

-Caricamenti: Ok, in painkiller overdose mi ero lamentato che i caricamenti duravano 30 secondi, anche quelli veloci.
Qua devo amettere che il caricamenti veloci sono veloci c'è poco da dire , ma quando devi caricare un livello all'inizio mammamia che due coglioni!
Non ci crederete , ma qua dovreste aspettare 1 minuto intero! a volte pure 1 minuto e mezzo ve lo giuro, 1 minuto e mezzo per caricare un livello!

Direi di aver scritto tutto , magari nei Pro potevo mettere che hanno messo degli effetti di luce e cose di questo tipo, ma sinceramente è una presa per il ♥♥♥♥ per il gioco stesso.

E come se la Valve facesse half life 3 , con lo stesso motore grafico, con lo stesso gameplay, e con molte cose peggiorate.

Ora ho capito perchè è il peggior painkiller di sempre , non compratelo assolutamente!

voto : 2/10
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2.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 30 ottobre 2015
Another pk game, not like original and with lot of bugs, but still good, with also some graphic improvement, buy it on offer!
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Pubblicata: 5 luglio 2015
Painkiller: Resurrection is yet another stand-alone expansion pack for Painkiller, being single-player old-school FPS with competive multiplayer. Or sequel. Hard to tell by now. It adds very few new elements, just few new levels. It started as a fan project, not unlike Overdose, and was released in a whooping 2009, 5 years after original Painkiller. And I am afraid, this game indeed feels like unfinished amateur mod.

Despite running on old engine, it supports wide-screen. HUD will be stretched though.

But from technical side this game is a horrible mess. There are bugs everywhere. Everywhere, I said! It surely has no problems spawning enemies half-sunk into floor. Or spawning them outside of level, where they will try to chase you until you activate next checkpoint. There is even a glitchy physics bridge in level 3, trying to cross which is suicide. Developers even just teleport you across.
It gets ridiculous at the end of level 4. The voice tells you "watch out, there is a huge demon in front" and then boss spawns in. And instantly dies in water, with exit activating the very next second.

Not only that, but due to levels being huge, the loading and performance are beyond tolerable! Overdose already had loading 4 times longer than in original Painkiller. Resurrection's loadings are 4 times longer than Overdose ones! Be ready to spend 5 minutes. Or more. Though, I did notice that loading a save was almost instantious, developers probably changed the way that it works. But they didn't do it properly, as very likely loading a quicksave will lead to even more glitches. At very least some music stopped working. Just fully reload checkpoint.
Oh, yes, and the fact that Painkiller engine doesn't know how to use multi-core processor shows. Get ready for non-stop slow motion, you will have to enjoy it no matter the PC.

Important: Because game tries to save you from this mess, there are chances that level geometry of level 4 will just refuse to load. It just will not. You will just fall and die in void. Because quality gaming. To fix this you will have to just reinstall game and then restore your map-screen autosave. It works for some reason.

As for multiplayer, then well. It still has same multiplayer as from Painkiller, that is Deathmatch-based. No new maps. Or maybe those are from Overdose. I didn't check because no one playes this game. And seeing how Gamespy was shut down, you aren't going to find servers easily. Can still connect directly, true.

The story follows Bill who is speaks of himself as cold-blooded assassin. Who also somehow manages to kill bad people only. And then freaks out and tries to stop the bus full of people exploding. And then thinks that this is the only reason that he is going to Hell. Oh yea, and then he kills many many demons. Ace.
The plot in the game is nothing unexpected. But the way that it's given is pretty darn good. Comic-like cutscenes are really good. You will also hear woman's voice explaining you about the level and telling you what you should do, all during game process.
But then you will also have to listen to Bill's voice as well, throwing one-liners, not unlike to main hero of Overdose. Only instead of "Tastes like chicken!" you will be hearing "This... is... madness...". More tolerable though.

So, what exactly is new? New weapons, new monsters, new levels, new music. So, let's break down.
New weapons, well, there is actually only one. It's given at the last two levels and it's like a stronger hack of stakegun. But hey, at least original weapon balance of Painkiller is back, so it's goody. Better than Overdose's mess.
As for new enemies, there is only one regular enemy plus final bosses. And that regular enemy is just something lazy, being something tough and throwing fireballs. Oh, wait, it's just Skeleton miniboss from first level of Painkiller with changed skin. And his ragdoll is a complete mess, you will be seeing huge body distroction and hands flapping if you dare to stick any of them to the wall with stake. Plus, there are some enemies reused from Overdose.

But levels is the biggest change here. And I mean level design mindset. Instead of just being locked in one arena after another, you are free to move around level even when fighting baddies. It goes for open-wolrd-like feel, as there may be two paths to the next part. Locations are huge, there can be dead-ends and there isn't always a checkpoint to hand-guide you. It just manages to strike that feeling of exploration on your own and to be honest, I found it strangely enjoyable, even if there are amateurish part and challenge-reward isn't always done right. But as said, all the "wrongs" of level design, liek dead ends or making player find the next way without much signs, contribute to feeling that you are progressing in this big world yourself, while also somehow not being too mazey either.
Stylistically, it uses the feel and style of the first chapter of Painkiller. Actually, I may be wrong. Remember pre-last level of original game, Monastery? If you do, then you will know what I mean there. And music does an awesome job as well. Ambient is strong and moody. It gives a bit of that lost, despair feel. Something for exploring these foggy lost lands. And fight music has metal or similiar things back to it, being actiony enough, yet still somehow retaining moody feel.

So what this mod does best is atmosphere and exploration feel.

But what this mod does bad are pretty much bad things that you expect from amateur mod. As said, challenge-reward balance is screwed. Bosses suck. It's not afraid to be cheap either, as you will often be ambushed by melee enemies spawning right on top of your head. Like, dogs that have explosive barrels on their back. Swarm of hitscan enemies being spawned from every side sometimes. Some encounters with huge enemies, that will either be too easy due to you having freeze ammo on shotgun or else they will eat tons of ammo.
That and combat itself isn't good. While each enounter isn't as dragged, I feel that they often were placed as "just to have something". No care about flow or anything.
Not to mentioning that levels can be too confusing for those who just want more Painkiller and don't like games like Hexen. Not that it reaches Hexen puzzles, but you get it.

And well... Bugs bugs bugs. Performance. Loading. And progress-halting bugs. Quacksaves crashes and corrupt saves.

As for Tarot cards, at least they changed screen to show that you can get only six of them. And then you can equip only one passive and one "to use" card. No, trying to get Tarot Cards by fulfilling whatever objectives in these huge levels in this buggy buggy game is not fun, I just didn't bother.
As for demon mode, well, to be honest, it was useful, as you are more likely to get 66 souls without paying attention. Levels here can hold up to 500+ monsters after all. If forget that there is possiblity that game will crash on you.
Oh, yes, and game has few endings. Default one is bad. I doubt that you hate fun so much that you will want to beat game on hardest difficulty. Just check on YouTube or something.

Oh, and developers added "cooperative" map at some point. You can launch server and choose it, while keeping game mode as Deathmatch. Technically, I heard that it's unreiable, monsters dissapearing and all, so don't bother. And map itself is just red island in lava sea. Which uses tough enemies non-stop so it'sn ot fun for single player. Not to mentioning that you will just get knocked into air all the time and respawn non-stop. Mess.

Painkiller: Resurrection is a amateur unfinished fan-mod in disguise. Or at least this is the feeling that I get. Sure you can enjoy amateur mods and all. But while there are some nice ideas, technical side flopped completely, making it unenjoyable. Horrible. Messy bugfest.
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Pubblicata: 10 gennaio 2015
What was supposed to "resurrect" the Painkiller franchise has stained its reputation forever. This game, like many of the other Painkiller extensions first started as a fan project until JoWood decided to fund it with a commercial release in mind. How is Resurrection you might ask. To get right to the point: It's abysmal.

The game revolves around Bill Sherman, a cold-blooded assassin who apparently gives two ♥♥♥♥♥ about a bus filled with civilians that headed right into his bomb he prepared for the Mafia. Unable to stop the bus, he dies along with the Mafia guys and civilians and ends up in Purgatory, where an angel tells him to defeat Lucifers' henchmen and their armies of demons in order to prevent a war between heaven and hell and to redeem himself. It's a very basic story, which is to be expected. The illustrations for the cutscenes are rather well done, unlike the horrible voiceacting.

The levels are more open than what we're used to with the original game and Overdose. There is a decent amount to explore and I actually like the idea. However, traversing through these levels can be a chore. You often end up getting stuck in the level geometry, you can't climb up stairs because of how steep most of them are and a lot of enemy encounters happen on very tiny pathways (worst case scenario: on a tall cliff).

Speaking of enemy encounters: Pacing is decent though there are waves which can drag on for quite a while. Thankfully these are still shorter than the average waves in Painkiller: Redemption. Gunplay stayed the same, but this game has hit detection issues, most noticeable with the Painkiller. There have been numerous times where projectiles seemingly travel through enemies without harming them. While this didn't lead to frustration (thanks to the abundance of ammunition), it did annoy me greatly.

You know what's funny? When a mod released in 2009, based on a game from 2004 features worse graphics. Resurrection looks horrible. Texture work (not counting reused assets) is really bad, draw distance is pitiful and several GFX are glitched. Unacceptable. I also experienced massive screen tearing which is really unfortunate.
The game has serious performance issues. There have been numerous occasions where my framerate would tank down to 10FPS for a second or two. On a GTX980!?! How? And don't get me started on the loading times. It can take up to 30 seconds and longer to load a save. This is a total pace killer and brought my blood to boil. I have never experienced such long loading times in any game before. The music is OK, but nothing that will stick.

I haven't finished Resurrection. I have no desire to finish it. Guess what, I can't even finish this turd because Level 4 is broken. I spawn outside of the map, falling to my doom. And I have no idea how to fix that. Something which really amused me was the plank bridge in Level 3. You can't use that thing, it will kill you because of the Havoc Engine spazzing out. Instead of fixing it, the developers at Homegrown Games set a teleporter to bypass it. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, period.

Painkiller: Resurrection is ♥♥♥♥ing horrible. Don't waste your time with it.


Painkiller: Resurrection versuchte, das Painkiller-Franchise wiederauferstehen zu lassen, und scheiterte kläglich daran. Dieses Spiel, so wie die meisten Painkiller Add-Ons startete als Fanprojekt, bis JoWood sich entschloss, die Entwicklung zu finanzieren um das Spiel im Nachhinein als Vollpreistitel zu verkaufen. Wie ist Resurrection? Um es auf den Punkt zu brigen: Es ist entsetzlich.

Das Spiel handelt von Bill Sherman, einem kaltblütigen Auftragskiller, der aus unerfindlichen Gründen Mitleid für die Zivilisten empfindet, die in dem Bus sitzen, welcher in die von ihm platzierte Bombe zurast, welche für ein paar Mafiosi bestimmt war. Nicht in der Lage, die Katastrophe abzuwenden, verliert Bill zusammen mit den Zivilisten und Mafiosi sein Leben und landet schließlich im Purgatorium, wo ein Engel ihm mittelt, dass er Luzifers' Handlager und deren Armeen von getreuen Dämonen aufhalten muss um einen Krieg zwischen Himmel und Hölle zu vermeiden, sowie auch um sich selbst zu erlösen. Die Geschichte ist sehr einfach gestrickt, was bei einem Painkiller zu erwarten ist. Die Comiczeichnungen in den Cutscenes sehen sehr nett aus, die Sprachausgabe hingegen lässt einiges zu wünschen übrig.

Die Level sind etwas offener als im Original und Overdose. Es gibt einiges zu entdecken und persönlich gefällt mir diese Idee sehr gut. Allerdings gestaltet sich das Erkunden der Levels als aüßerst nervig. Es kommt öfter vor, dass man sich in der Levelgeometrie verfangt, dass einem das Treppensteigen aufgrund der großen Steigungen sehr schwer fällt und man von Gegnerhorden auf extrem schmalen Wegen überrascht wird (im schlimmsten Fall über einer Klippe).

Apropos Gegner: Der Spielflüß bzgl. Arenakämpfe hält sich meist im Rahmen mit ein paar Ausnahmen, die Gott sei Dank immer noch kürzer sind als standardsgemäß in Painkiller: Redemption. Das Gunplay bleibt dem Original treu, jedoch hat das Spiel Probleme mit der Hitdetection, was sich vorallem mit dem Painkiller erkennbar macht. Es ist sehr oft passiert, dass meine Projektile scheinbar durch die Gegner passiert sind, ohne aber den geringsten Schaden an ihnen zuzufügen. Dank ausreichend verteilter Munition in den Leveln waren diese Vorkommnisse nie frustrierend.

Wisst ihr, was ich lustig finde? Wenn ein im Jahre 2009 veröffentlichter Mod eines Spieles von 2004 diesem von der Grafik her nicht das Wasser reichen kann. Resurrection sieht einfach potthässlich aus. Texturen (mit Ausnahme der wiederbenutzen Assets aus dem Original) sehen nicht gut aus, die Draw Distance ist teilweise erbärmlich und viele Grafikeffekte sind verbuggt. Sowas ist einfach unakzeptabel. Das Spiel leidet zudem an massivem Screentearing.
Resurrection hat große Performanceprobleme. Es ist sehr oft passiert, dass die Framerate für 1-2 Sekunden bis zu 10FPS gesunken ist, trotz meiner GTX980! Ich frage mich, wieso? Und die Ladezeiten, mein Gott die Ladezeiten! Es kann bis zu 30 Sekunden und länger dauern, bis das Spiel einen Speicherpunkt fertig geladen hat. Sowas stört den Spielfluß erheblich und hat bei mir das Blut zum Kochen gebracht. Ich habe im bislang keinen anderen Spiel solch lange Ladezeiten erlebt.
Die Musik geht in Ordnung, erwartet aber keinen Ohrwurm, der sich in euch festsetzt.

Ich habe Resurrection nicht fertiggespielt. Ich habe keine Lust, es fertigzuspielen. Und ich kann diesen Dreck nicht fertigspielen weil das vierte Level nicht funktioniert. Ich spawne außerhalb der Map und stürze ins Verderben. Und ich habe keine Ahnung, wie ich dieses Problem beheben soll. Die Hängebrücke im dritten Level hat michecht amüsiert. Das Ding ist absolut unpassierbar, es tötet den Spieler, weil die Havoc Engine komplett durchdreht. Anstatt die Hangebrücke zu reparieren, setzen die Entwickler von Homegrown Games einen Teleporter um diese zu umgehen. Das ist das lächerlichste was ich je gesehen habe.

Painkiller: Resurrection ist einfach nur scheiße. Verschwendet eure Zeit nicht mit diesem Spiel.
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Pubblicata: 4 giugno 2014
What's that? You say you like bugs? Glitches good too? Excellent, have we got a game for you!

We've got save game corruption bugs, falling through the map bugs, enemy AI bugs, checkpoint bugs, scripting bugs! We've even managed to add bugs to the process of selecting a tarot card!

Yessir, if you enjoy being kicked out of a game and back to your steam library every nearly ten to fifteen minutes, have we got a game for you right here. What's that I hear? Overdose was buggy, you say? Well yes, Overdose was a buggy, slightly unfinished seeming product, glad you noticed. We've managed to more than triple the bugs in that as well as reduce overall stability!

Remember back in the good old days of playing through Painkiller: Overdose when you'd randomly morph into demon mode and it'd boot ya to your desktop? ENJOY THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU MORPH THIS GO-ROUND, FRIENDO!

And the level design is unintutive, what with checkpoints that fail to load, enemies spawning on top of each other, on top of you, and on top of a void outside the map! We've got necessary progression points hidden in corners you'd NEVER think to look here, boy howdy!

What's that you say? This isn't enough for you? Try a heaping helping of FIRST PERSON PLATFORMING! Yes, the bane of all gamers' existance, the reason nobody liked Xen, good ol' FPS platforming is back, this time in a painkiller game! Nothing goes together like mustard and chocolate cake quite like having to jump up a large spiral staircase very high up with nothing to meet you when you inevitably fail like a fifteen minute load time.

A 15 minute load time that, mind you, will fail to load almost each and every time, simply freezing you on a load screen.

BUT IF YOU'RE STILL NOT IMPRESSED, REMEMBER: Your save games can and will become corrupted for virtually no reason, oftentimes making the game fail to launch and booting you out to your desktop before you even get a chance to see past the main menu!

All in all, if you don't spend enough time not playing games and not looking at your steam library, highly recommended.

Easily the best rebooting your videogame upwards of twice every 30 minutes simulator on the market today.
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As good the first two (actually three) Painkillers were, this one is as bad. It gives the real What-How-Who-Why? feeling.

The level design of the first (weird) and the last level (open-wide overbright depressing). Sorry but that’s all!

Only 6 levels, but don’t think it will be a short fun thingy, not at all! I nearly played it as much time as the whole Black Edition! Why? Beacuse five of the levels are sooooooo big that there is enough space for a mediocre RPG’s whole storytaking. But they are not just big but you don’t even have a clue where to go! The compass that always helped in the previous games are mostly not working (as it seems they only function near a checkpoint), or it just shows a near health item (really, it happened to me!).
So the gameplay is: You wander aimlessly in big wide areas or ridiculously hard maze-alikes, sometimes triggering enemy spawns, fight them then toddle further without any clue what to do. The enemy spawns are randomly placed, no chance to find them all. On one of these enormous levels to earn a card you have to kill all mobs, of course i missed a quarter of them. Sometimes you find a checkpoint and you are happy thinking you have found ’The Route’, but soon realize there are more checkpoints when accidentally backtracked because of no directions given and a shortway (again thinking this is ’The Route’) just lead you back there.
Have to mention here that even if it’s a fan made product (like the mighty Overdose), the several clipping and stucking problems, incomplete areas with missing parts and walk-out-the-map-and-die things are still not acceptable!
The new enemies are ugly, some really amorphous, and extremly unbalanced. Most of them are boring easy and some are. . . ehhh: One time i walked into an open area and i’ve been presented with a new chaingun enemy, not one but like twenty. Guess who died . . . 30 times in rapid succession, until i was able to retract somehow with my remaining 4 HP and hide behind a wagon. It took me 20 minutes to clear the area by picking them one by one and of course it costed me again like 30 deaths as the guys use perfect aimbot hitscans.
Older Painkillers were famous of that the enemies were in context with the design of the levels and areas they appeared on. In here absolutely nothing. Everything seems randomly thrown into.
For the record i was able to earn only one card (first level). Yes, I’m a pretty mediocre player but seeing how far i was to reach other cards’ requirements i say that’s a joke.
Here comes the best part: SUICIDAL ENEMIES. Let’s say this is a very unique feature of this product, as i never saw this behavior in other FPSs. It must be connected somehow with the messed up checkpoint system that sometimes (not even rarely) when you approach a new area you see a bunch of puffs meaning the mobs just vaporized themselves. Even better one of the minibosses (or boss? not sure :P) did this to me, really! I was wandered around half-crying in some Gobi Desert size crater when i found a hundred meters high door like wall. I was sure a boss is behind it, but could not open it. Hardened by the hours of playing this game I was a pro at this moment and i knew i have to find some randomly dropped checkpoints to trigger the opening. So i staggered away to hunt for the little red saviours. Periodically checked back and after a while (an hour or so), hurray! it was open. Run through it with readied heavy weaponry but i was only greeted by a big puff and a cutscene began. After it was done i gathered the fair amount of ammunitions around and started shooting at the poor enviroment to lessen my frustration.
The protagonist is an idiot for sure. As someone (J.Johnson) in an another review pointed out he (the ’hero’) „calls himself a 'world class killer' blows himself up because he can't read a bus schedule”.
The plot itself is chaotic, the conversations tells nothing besides the antipathy between the protagonist and the bosses (but there is no why). Normally i would not care but the big pile of other problems just strengthen this as well. BTW I know i did not see the real ending (again i ’only’??!! played at normal) but i have no intention to play this mess again.

2/10 - Total mess. A wandering for hours FPS.

(Sorry for my English!)
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To be honest, Painkiller: Resurrection is more like a "decline" than a "resurrection" of the franchise.

On the surface it looks really similar to its predecessors but after playing the first level you realise how Homegrown Games Studios got it all wrong.

+same good old action, gore and physics
+3 endings
+comic book style cutscenes

-long loading time
-only 6 levels
-inconsistent art design (low-res and missing textures)
-confusing level design
-unhelpful objective marker
-bad story and predictable plot twist
-horrendous french dubbing
-only 6 weapons
-same old enemies

Overall, Painkiller: Resurrection is nothing but a total let down. Since People Can Fly Studios lost the rights to the franchise, the franchise has sunk deep into hell.


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Don't get me wrong, I love this series. Running around shooting swarms of crazy looking enemies with crazier weapons is both hilarious and a massive adreniline rush. This particular game, however, was built by the fans and it shows. There is little or no direction to the only way out of any level and the monsters are put into senarios that don't play to their strengths or themes. Skip this one, play the other Painkillers instead.
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