William "Bill" Sherman hat ein kleines Problem- er ist tot. Er wurde von seiner eigenen C4 Sprengladung in Stücke gerissen, die eigentlich für einen südamerikanischen Drogenboss bestimmt war. Und die Tatsache, dass er auch noch aus Versehen einen Bus voller unschuldiger Zivilisten in die Luft gejagt hat bringt noch ein weiteres...
Nutzerreviews: Größtenteils negativ (66 Reviews)
Veröffentlichung: 27. Okt. 2009
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Über dieses Spiel

William "Bill" Sherman hat ein kleines Problem- er ist tot. Er wurde von seiner eigenen C4 Sprengladung in Stücke gerissen, die eigentlich für einen südamerikanischen Drogenboss bestimmt war. Und die Tatsache, dass er auch noch aus Versehen einen Bus voller unschuldiger Zivilisten in die Luft gejagt hat bringt noch ein weiteres Problem mit sich, denn die Hölle hat jetzt seine Seele beschlagnahmt. Bill befindet sich im Fegefeuer, aber die Himmelskrieger haben ein Auge auf Ihn geworfen.Er bekommt von diesen eine letzte Chance, den Schaden, den er angerichtet hat, mit Hilfe seiner Spezialfähigkeiten und natürlich verschiedenen Waffen wiedergutzumachen. Solche verrückten Waffen haben Sie noch nie gesehen...

[h]Das SpielPainkiller Resurrection wurde durch die Zusammenarbeit von Homegrown Games und Entwicklern und Moddern von vorigen Painkiller Spielen, dem Med-Art Studio sowie einem beratenden katholischen Priester entwickelt. Das Spiel bietet stahlharte Action und eine aufregende Geschichtshandlung mit bis ins Kleinste erforschten Details. Begeben Sie sich in eine bizarre Welt, die durch mittelalterliche Vorstellungen von Hölle und Fegefeuer, der Verbindung von schnellen Levels und riesigen erkundbaren Regionen und dem schlimmsten Abschaum der Hölle bestimmt wird.

  • Einzigartige Geschichtshandlung mit hochwertigen Abschnitten im Stil eines grafischen Romans
  • Komplett überarbeiteter "Painkiller 2.0 Engine" mit Schatteneffekten, Wettersystemen, einem großartigen Physics-Engine und schnellem Netcode mit Anticheat-System
  • Die besten Waffen aller vorigen Painkillerspiele plus neue einfallsreiche Tötungswerkzeuge
  • Klassische FPS Levels und riesige erkundbare Gebiete ermöglichen verschiedenartige Spielwege
  • Unzählige eSports-Grade Mehrspielermodi mit vielen neuen und aktualisierten Maps


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Prozessor: 2.4GHZ+ (pro Core)
    • Speicher: 2GB oder besser
    • Grafik: Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 oder besser
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (inklusive)
    • Festplatte: 6 GB
    • Sound: Vorausgesetzt
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
12 von 16 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
10.6 Std. insgesamt
As good the first two (actually three) Painkillers were, this one is as bad. It gives the real What-How-Who-Why? feeling.

The level design of the first (weird) and the last level (open-wide overbright depressing). Sorry but that’s all!

Only 6 levels, but don’t think it will be a short fun thingy, not at all! I nearly played it as much time as the whole Black Edition! Why? Beacuse five of the levels are sooooooo big that there is enough space for a mediocre RPG’s whole storytaking. But they are not just big but you don’t even have a clue where to go! The compass that always helped in the previous games are mostly not working (as it seems they only function near a checkpoint), or it just shows a near health item (really, it happened to me!).
So the gameplay is: You wander aimlessly in big wide areas or ridiculously hard maze-alikes, sometimes triggering enemy spawns, fight them then toddle further without any clue what to do. The enemy spawns are randomly placed, no chance to find them all. On one of these enormous levels to earn a card you have to kill all mobs, of course i missed a quarter of them. Sometimes you find a checkpoint and you are happy thinking you have found ’The Route’, but soon realize there are more checkpoints when accidentally backtracked because of no directions given and a shortway (again thinking this is ’The Route’) just lead you back there.
Have to mention here that even if it’s a fan made product (like the mighty Overdose), the several clipping and stucking problems, incomplete areas with missing parts and walk-out-the-map-and-die things are still not acceptable!
The new enemies are ugly, some really amorphous, and extremly unbalanced. Most of them are boring easy and some are. . . ehhh: One time i walked into an open area and i’ve been presented with a new chaingun enemy, not one but like twenty. Guess who died . . . 30 times in rapid succession, until i was able to retract somehow with my remaining 4 HP and hide behind a wagon. It took me 20 minutes to clear the area by picking them one by one and of course it costed me again like 30 deaths as the guys use perfect aimbot hitscans.
Older Painkillers were famous of that the enemies were in context with the design of the levels and areas they appeared on. In here absolutely nothing. Everything seems randomly thrown into.
For the record i was able to earn only one card (first level). Yes, I’m a pretty mediocre player but seeing how far i was to reach other cards’ requirements i say that’s a joke.
Here comes the best part: SUICIDAL ENEMIES. Let’s say this is a very unique feature of this product, as i never saw this behavior in other FPSs. It must be connected somehow with the messed up checkpoint system that sometimes (not even rarely) when you approach a new area you see a bunch of puffs meaning the mobs just vaporized themselves. Even better one of the minibosses (or boss? not sure :P) did this to me, really! I was wandered around half-crying in some Gobi Desert size crater when i found a hundred meters high door like wall. I was sure a boss is behind it, but could not open it. Hardened by the hours of playing this game I was a pro at this moment and i knew i have to find some randomly dropped checkpoints to trigger the opening. So i staggered away to hunt for the little red saviours. Periodically checked back and after a while (an hour or so), hurray! it was open. Run through it with readied heavy weaponry but i was only greeted by a big puff and a cutscene began. After it was done i gathered the fair amount of ammunitions around and started shooting at the poor enviroment to lessen my frustration.
The protagonist is an idiot for sure. As someone (J.Johnson) in an another review pointed out he (the ’hero’) „calls himself a 'world class killer' blows himself up because he can't read a bus schedule”.
The plot itself is chaotic, the conversations tells nothing besides the antipathy between the protagonist and the bosses (but there is no why). Normally i would not care but the big pile of other problems just strengthen this as well. BTW I know i did not see the real ending (again i ’only’??!! played at normal) but i have no intention to play this mess again.

2/10 - Total mess. A wandering for hours FPS.

(Sorry for my English!)
Verfasst: 9. Mai
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10 von 14 Personen (71%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
4.4 Std. insgesamt
Okay, let me gat this straight - this is not a good game to play. Damn, it is barely playable at all - loading goes for 10 minutes (versus 1-2 in the original game), sometimes game freezes and slows down. Some triggers don't want to work and you have to run around for another hour to find some little zombie behind some door. Design goes from quite cool to disgracefully awful and gameplay is just ruined - but hey, there is still a good side. Developers had a great idea of making maps REALLY BIG, so somehow I had a feeling of open-world. This is really cool. But technically this game is hell in all aspects, so I don't think that you want it.
Verfasst: 11. Mai
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5 von 5 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
9.2 Std. insgesamt
What's that? You say you like bugs? Glitches good too? Excellent, have we got a game for you!

We've got save game corruption bugs, falling through the map bugs, enemy AI bugs, checkpoint bugs, scripting bugs! We've even managed to add bugs to the process of selecting a tarot card!

Yessir, if you enjoy being kicked out of a game and back to your steam library every nearly ten to fifteen minutes, have we got a game for you right here. What's that I hear? Overdose was buggy, you say? Well yes, Overdose was a buggy, slightly unfinished seeming product, glad you noticed. We've managed to more than triple the bugs in that as well as reduce overall stability!

Remember back in the good old days of playing through Painkiller: Overdose when you'd randomly morph into demon mode and it'd boot ya to your desktop? ENJOY THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU MORPH THIS GO-ROUND, FRIENDO!

And the level design is unintutive, what with checkpoints that fail to load, enemies spawning on top of each other, on top of you, and on top of a void outside the map! We've got necessary progression points hidden in corners you'd NEVER think to look here, boy howdy!

What's that you say? This isn't enough for you? Try a heaping helping of FIRST PERSON PLATFORMING! Yes, the bane of all gamers' existance, the reason nobody liked Xen, good ol' FPS platforming is back, this time in a painkiller game! Nothing goes together like mustard and chocolate cake quite like having to jump up a large spiral staircase very high up with nothing to meet you when you inevitably fail like a fifteen minute load time.

A 15 minute load time that, mind you, will fail to load almost each and every time, simply freezing you on a load screen.

BUT IF YOU'RE STILL NOT IMPRESSED, REMEMBER: Your save games can and will become corrupted for virtually no reason, oftentimes making the game fail to launch and booting you out to your desktop before you even get a chance to see past the main menu!

All in all, if you don't spend enough time not playing games and not looking at your steam library, highly recommended.

Easily the best rebooting your videogame upwards of twice every 30 minutes simulator on the market today.
Verfasst: 4. Juni
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4.2 Std. insgesamt
Painkiller is a great shoot em up game series, One of my favorite is Painkiller: Overdose (I totally suggest you get that)
There are a dozen guns to use, and some fun other stuff too.

If you are bored and feel like chopping up some enemies, i suggest trying this
Verfasst: 20. Juni
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0.5 Std. insgesamt
some ♥♥♥♥
Verfasst: 22. Juni
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