Du har reddet øya Khorinis fra de onde kreftene i Gothic I og Gothic II. Nå er det på tide å reise gjennom kongerikene på fastlandet. Invaderende orker har gjort innbyggerne i menneskekongedømmet til slaver.
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Utgivelsesdato: 13. okt, 2006

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Om dette spillet

Du har reddet øya Khorinis fra de onde kreftene i Gothic I og Gothic II. Nå er det på tide å reise gjennom kongerikene på fastlandet. Invaderende orker har gjort innbyggerne i menneskekongedømmet til slaver. Det finnes bare et par frie mennesker i det isbelagte nord og ørkenen i sør samt en håndfull opprørere som skjuler seg i skogene og fjellene i Midland.
Du kan blir med i opprøret eller underkaste deg orketronranerne, men til slutt vil det bli deg som avgjør utfallet av den siste krigen for å redde menneskeheten.
Det finnes ingen enkel og lineær historie i Gothic III – hver spillopplevelse er forskjellig og unik – men hver gang du spiller, vil du avgjøre Myrtanas skjebne.
  • Spesialdesignet og enkelt kampsystem
  • Klare hovedmål – handlingsdrevet, men likevel styrt av spillerens valg
  • En enorm, praktisk talt grenseløs verden der du kan streife omkring som du vil
  • Avansert kunstig intelligens styrer oppførselen til hundrevis av rollefigurer med fullstendige lyddialoger
  • Talløse deloppdrag som spilleren kan velge mellom
  • Mer enn 50 forskjellige monstre og dyr, og dusinvis med menneskefiender
  • Mer enn 50 forskjellige og kraftige trolldommer, og over 100 forskjellige våpen
  • Unik klasseløs figurutvikling


      • Støttede operativsystem: Windows XP/2000/XP 64-Bit/Vista
      • Prosessor: Intel Pentium 4 eller AMD CPU 2 GHz eller tilsvarende
      • Minne: 1024 MB ram eller høyere
      • Grafikk: 3D skjermkort med 128 MB ram og shader 1.4
      • Lyd: DirectX 8.1-kompatibel
      • Harddisk: 4.6 GB
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    Publisert: 20. august, 2015
    Good storyline, very beautiful music, memorable characters, many hours of exploring and atmosphere. One of the best RPGs ever!
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    Publisert: 24. august, 2015
    download community patch for this and you have one of the best rpgs ever.
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    Publisert: 8. januar
    This is my all time favourite game. It's everything I love about RPG's - the freedom, the story, the impact you can make and the interactions with others (NPC's).


    + Great story line, that continues the adventures of our nameless hero from Gothic 1 and Gothic 2, but the game has dialogs for people who are not fammiliar with the first two games. If you meet someone from the previous games, they will remember you, but you can ask them who tey are and usually with a whitty remark, they will remind you how you know them.

    + It's an RPG, so you have your standart RPG elements:

    * You do quests, kill monsters, gain experience, level up, earn learning points and use them to learn a bunch of skills, like Hunting, Blacksmithing, Thievery, Alchemy, Magic (Anchient knowledge).

    * Each set of skills has it's own attributes, like Hunting has archery, improved archery and master archery. Learning points can also be used to increase your hitpoints, stamina or mana.

    * Wide vierity of weapons, also magic can be used in combat.

    * You can make your own weapons, potions and food.

    + Open world. You can go where ever you want and do what ever you want (be ware of consequenses, some monsters are strong as hell and will kick your beginer ♥♥♥).

    + Three different lands with different climate, different people, different culture and seperate stories that in one way or another intertwine.

    + You can beat up who ever you want (assuming you are skilled enough) and you can kill who ever you want (if you can bet them up or if you've learned Assasination).

    + If you start a fight in a town that doesn't know you and isn't friendly, others will kick your ♥♥♥ (unless you can kick all of their ases :D ). Towns have rules - no fighting (unless you are well known :D)

    + After you've beaten up someone and knocked them down, you can take their weapon and rob them.

    + If you steal something in a town people will start to suspect you, You can try to talk your way out, but they might or might not fall for that. IF they see you stealing, be prepared to fight.

    + If someone sees you killing someone in a town - be prepared to fight. If only one person saw you, you can kill him and get away with it, though others might suspect you're to blame, but just as with stealing, you can try to talk your way out of it. If a lot of people saw you, then you'll have to fight all the people in town.

    + Friends will join your fights and will support you. If you fight a friend, however, others will cheer. :D

    + You can pick sides. What will you choose. Who will you help. - it's up to you.

    + There are a lot of quests and a lot of different mods.

    + Open ending. The main story gives you a choice on how you'll end the game. And your choice along with your other actions and choices, will determan what future will look like.

    + The game has one of the best gaming community and a Community Patch Team that has releaset the latest and final patch 1.75 that makes the game work and look a lot better. With the patch, you won't be able to tell that the game is so old.

    + The game has mods.

    + The game has some surpises, like hidden diaries that tell a story no NPC knows.


    - Your decisions have consequences. This is a good thing, but it can actually ruin the game for you, if you did something and you don't know how it will impact the game. For example if you liberate too many towns before you do all the quests for them, the town head will attack you and you'll loose dialogs and some quests.

    - It's a massive game and if you wan't to play it as best as you possibly can, you need to know a lot of stuff. This includes who to kill and who to spare and when, where to look for items etc.

    - Dialogs are important. This is nothing new and should be a norm, but sometimes gamers just like to skip dialogs and go kill beasts for no reason, but still get paid for it :D and in oh so many cases dialogs explain what and where you must do to finnish the quest, so skipping dialogs is unadwised. Luckily Quest log shows you the important parts of the dialog.

    - At times you will need google to help you with quests. There are quests that conterdict each other and you'll have to choose who's side will you take.

    - Some english voice acting is not the best. Other languages have it better.
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    Publisert: 29. november, 2015
    Its a Masterpiece <3
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    Publisert: 2. februar
    What you need:

    First of all you need to download the latest community patch (i think it's 1.7.5) otherwise the game will crash (Where is the Guru? error) and the mobs will simply one-shot you. Unfortunately the game was forcedly released before is was complete so the base version is full of bugs.
    After you have installed both the game and the CP you can play.

    G1 G2 comparison:

    Differs from Gothic 1 and Gothic 2, you still play as the nameless hero but:
    No chapters. You have a few main quest to complete. There are 6 reputation in the game and you have to choose who you want to support. There are 3 different way you can end the game based on your decisions.
    Attributes: Strength, Mana, Dexterity, HP (no longer increase with lvl up, you can raise them by using ability points), Stamina (NEW, for combat and sprint) Ancient Knowledge (NEW, for magic), Thief skill (NEW), Smith skill (NEW), Alchemy (NEW).
    The ability points can now be spent in talents. In order to learn a talent you need a specific amount of points in its attribute (ex: 1h sword II req. 150 str. ex: crafting mana pots req. 20 alchemy).
    The combat mechanics is completly different. You can now dual wield 1h swords or using 1h sword and a shield. There are different attack types (it's not just left click spam all game long, unless you play on "very easy") but the main difference is that you now have a stamina bar. If you are low on stamina your attaks will be slower, you can't parry/block properly, you can't perform some power attack, you can't sprint.

    Final Judge:

    Even if the G2 NotR storyline is the best by far, in terms of pure gameplay i thinks G3 is better thanks to the new talents system. The map is really huge and filled with secret areas.There are a lots of different quests and even an easter-egg like the G1's. A single play can last 100h+ (i'm at 64h doing less than 2/3 of the map). The interface is more user friendly, you have a 10 item slot bar where you can put weapons, foods, magics and bind them with hotkeys (1->0). Now you can cook/craft huge quantity with just one click (it ask how many instead of left clicking on the fire 50 times) and also loot easly with the "pick all" button (or rightclick on corpes with CP). Pots and foods now restore a % of you max health/mana instead of a flat number.

    Game Mode:

    With the CP you can choose 2 different play style. The base mode and the advanced mode. The advanced mode rebalances the talent trees, so it's harder (probably impossible) to build a balanced hero that can do everything by unlocking all the talents.

    I played as:

    - 1h sword + shield warrior, both easy and boring since you can win any 1v1 duel but it's really hard when you're surrounded by enemies and so you have to do some cheesy pull to avoid that.
    - mage, really funny. A bit hard in the beginning since you have to hit and run to regen you mana pool and the staffs deal less dmg than swords (obv.) but when you've learned the mana reg. talent and you have a decent mana pool it's really enjoyable. It's not broken as the G2 mage that one-shots anything or deals no dmg at all.


    I know there are mods but i never tried them.
    Good Soundtrack


    I do not recommend the highest difficulty for your first run since you need to learn the combat system first. If you really want to start with the hard mode, just save after the inizial cutscene becouse you're going to die a lot of times :P

    Since the decisions you make can really impact the game, if you want to do the most quest possibile don't rush things, just talk with every one and accept as many quest as you can. Even if killing everyone is fun it may have bad consequence on your game plan.

    You can open the inventory during a fight and the game just pause. So you can regen your hp by drinking pots or eating foods without getting attacked. I know this mechanic sounds really lame and it wasn't possibile in G1 and G2 but the game is almost impossibile sometimes without using it.
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