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21 Ekim

RIFT Starfall Prophecy Launches November 16. Log in to the Beta today!

We’re excited to announce that the Starfall Prophecy expansion will go live on November 16. Why wait? Log in to the Beta and experience it now!

Starfall Prophecy is rapidly approaching! Here is your chance to see it all for yourself - test alongside our Devs and help make the next chapter for RIFT absolutely amazing! Simply log on to the Public Test Server (PTS) to experience our expansion AND the technical advancement of true 64-bit support in RIFT!

Once in Starfall Prophecy, our first priorities for testing are:

  • Scatherran Forest
  • Legendary Powers
  • Planar Fragments

Post your feedback to the Beta Forums!

There is NO NDA for this Open Beta take screenshots, livestream, blog, and tweet all you like!

Starfall Prophecy Open Beta is free for all – if you love it as much as we think you will, it’s available for pre-order!

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20 Ekim

Starfall Prophecy: Tuath’de Coven

Dark and dangerous, filled with the most powerful witchery yet seen by any Ascended... that's what you'll find when you enter the Tuath'de Coven. We bring you this preview in two sections. First, the information critical to your mission, and then a longer tale of the Coven and Una. Read on according to your preference...

Ascended, it is your duty to stop the Ritual of Asklepian. This is indeed but one of the many threats carried by the Comet of Ankhet. Shoud Queen Una prevail, we will face the embodiment of the great Green Mother, cruel and harsh as nature itself can be, but under Queen Una's control, devoid of any softness, mercy and nurture common to the*true*spirit of nature.

Our studies have revealed just a little of this Coven's protectors, and at great cost to our ranks. Many of our finest have perished already, and the reports of the survivors are limited in scope. Heed them well, nonetheless. Knowledge is the edge you need as you enter the Coven.

The Tuath'de themselves are fierce adversaries. This you already know. Their allies are worse.

First among these, Hollowood, the gnarled remains of an ancient and powerful treant. The Coven has reanimated it through darkest magic, and has imbued it with an unnatural ability to withstand assaults. Surely there is some way to bypass its defenses, but our dearly departed allies have thus far failed.

Watch also for Mossclaw, a massive alpha bear, the strongest and most valorous of its kind. He is already doomed, a sacrifice to Una's plans. He is guarded by the fungus-witch Marsi'etha, and she will work to keep him alive by means of her well-honed magics. That is to say, by any means possible. If you can, put him out of his misery.

We are also saddened to report that the Coven has captured Lanaria, Queen of all unicorns. That Una plans to sacrifice her is certain, and we must do all we can to save her from this terrible fate. If she falls, one of the greatest beauties of all Telara will be no more, for who among us possesses the skill to bring one of such innate, pure magic back?

We have also seized a few scrolls, a few scraps of parchment, a few dying utterances, all of which detail the aim of Una's great plan. By all the gods, it is horrific: to bring a twisted version of the Green Mother to this very place. It is an affront to all creation, but it would appear that the mad Queen has the knowledge and will to do so.* Should she succeed, we expect the Simulacrum to have power equivalent to the great Dragons, and further, if summoned, she will be under the utter sway of the depraved Queen, Una. Who knows where the madness will stop then?

Let us hope that you can halt the ritual. The alternative does not bear consideration.

Go forth, Ascended. We send our prayers and hopes with you.

The Dwarf rises, a little stiffly, and looks up at the night sky. Battle wounds never fully heal, and they ache a little in the cool night air. She knows that you're up against incredible odds, and it's late; your own wounds will come soon enough. She motions toward you with her cracked drinking horn.

You'll want to rest overnight, no doubt? Certainly; build your strength, you'll need it.

Perhaps you'd like to hear a little more of the history of these twisted Elven-kind, the Tuath'de? Good. Pour mead and draw closer to the fire...

Long ago, the ancestors of Telaran elves were separated from their kin and evolved along a different line in the Plane of Life. They remained more primal, and more corrupt in their desire for power in their domain of Life. Without the influence of other sentient races, such as the Telaran Kelari and High Elves had, they became increasingly insular and xenophobic. Anything not of them was an enemy to be conquered or destroyed.

Over time, the Tuath'de became witches, in the true, deep, wild sense of those steeped in Life forces so redolent of terror and twisted in power that they ensure not life, but death, for all who opposed them. All in the Plane of Life lived in fear, far out of keeping with the beauty surrounding them.

The Tuath'de ruled the Plane of Life uncontested, until the dragon Greenscale appeared. A gigantic, ungainly, toad-like beast, at first engendering mockery and taunts among the Elven-kind. Soon, however, his immense power and unsatiable appetite struck fear into all hearts. As he began his conquest of the Plane, he found the most unlikely of allies amongst all those whom the Tuath'de had so cruelly oppressed.* Once they saw that he was not only immensely powerful, but also resistant to the previously unassailable magics of the Tuath'de, tribes and beasts flooded in to support the great green beast.

The battles that followed were brutal and vicious, but inexorably, Greenscale and his army pushed the Tuath'de back. The fateful day that Greenscale devoured King Dach brought an end to their reign. The Planar inhabitants settled down to a somewhat nervous, but happier life under the giant frog-lizard-dragon, who was largely content to leave them be, aside from his unfortunate habit of snacking on the occasional supplicant. They came to consider it a final tax of sorts, and accepted it in the general way of death and taxes coming hand in hand.

Opposition did not end there, however - it merely went undergound, with the Tuath'de. They were crushed but far from defeated. Loudest among the disposssed was Dach's youngest daughter, Una. She was considered quite mad. Just mad enough, perhaps to seize the throne through the sacrifice of her siblings. Her grasp of witchcraft was unmatched, and she harnessed it to sink the skull of the great beast Xarth into the mire that bore his name. There, she created a refuge for her people, where they plotted and rebuilt their power, dreaming of the day they would emerge and retake the Plane.

For much of Telara's history, the Tuath'de have thus lived in secret, within the mist-shrouded swamps and deep forests of the Plane of Life. The Court of Queen Una held sway over great swaths of the Scatherran Forest and the nearby swamps, and were curiously unmolested. Even the powerful lackeys of Greenscale could not penetrate the cunning, glamor and fear of the collected and growing power of the Court. And so they remained for some time, present but hidden, save for sudden forays to terrorize other beings and seize materials.

It is rumored that the mad Queen dreamt of the Ritual of Asklepian, an unspeakable work that would reanimate the great Green Mother, but under her will. With this Simulacrum, she could encircle an entirely new world with a forever tree, under Una's sharp-clawed control. Such an act requires relics of ancient, sacred power, perhaps found only in the concentrated glens of the forest of Wyredode.

When the Comet of Ankhet tore through their plane, several things happened at once. Una's favorite consort, Prince Fionn, was leading a raiding party in the western marches, against Blackthorn refugees. It is widely assumed that he was killed in the massive impact, but woe be to any fae who so much as whispers it in passing.

The Tuath'de suddenly found themselves ripped from their ancestral homelands, trapped on a celestial object with denizens of the Fire Plane, their sworn enemies. One imagines the screams of rage and frustration as they came to fully grasp their situation. Cut off from the other forests of Aevintyr, her conquest thwarted and her love taken from her, Una's madness threw off its last ties to rationality. Her only comfort is embodied within her sole child and heir, Tristane, and the certainty that all of her sacrifices will soon come to fruition as she realized she had a nearby source of even greater power than the relics of Wyrderode... Ankhet.

The Tuath'de have only ever feared the dragon Greenscale. WIthout his ceaseless hunger to constrain them, they felt strangely liberated. The Tuath'de certainly had no need to hide on the Comet, and were easily the equals to their hated rivals from the Plane of Fire, with whom they shared this strange new land. They worked ceaselessly to increase their skill and magic, bleeding innumerable new thralls on their madstones, creating ever more powerful foci with which to grow their witchcraft.

Most Tuath'de, if you looked beneath the brittle, arrogant surface, were secretly intimidated by Ankhet, in awe of the inherent power of the Tenebrean force that had both freed and continued to held them. Una alone was undaunted by the being, and, whether driven by her madness or fate, soon resolved to seize the Tenebrean as a brilliant tool to achieve her own ends.* Hurtling through space and desperate to seize this new opportunity for freedom and their own dominion, the Tuath'de began to focus upon their Queen's goal with a fanatical and manic devotion. Together, they seek to bend the will of Ankhet herself and bring about the return of the Green Mother.

The Queen, Una, restless and malevolent in power and intent, stalks about her domain, preparing the rituals to bind Ankhet. Everything must be perfect. Everything must be laid forth with care and executed in unmatched order, for the forces of great magic to be brought to bear. Una heard the news of Ascended arriving on the comet with both anger and contempt; she rages at the thought of lesser beings and the ruin they could bring to her plans.

"Leave not one standing. Butcher them with tooth and claw, with rending power and reeking desolation," she ordered, and her followers rushed forth to obey. One tends to grow a little mad and fanatical when inspired by such a leader. Her very insanity had a way of seeping into the surrounding environs.

All of the Tuath'de forces have been summoned, and the beasts of the marsh itself are alert and rage-filled in response to her disturbed state. All are focused on protecting the Coven until the ritual is completed and Ankhet is hers. After that, Una mused in anticipated triumph, nothing else would matter and all would be laid forth beneath her sole command. Once she had the Simulacrum. Yes, the Great Green Mother, glorious in her growth, so close at hand now, ready to wreak revenge and tear life from the very corpses of the enemy. And everyone not a full-blooded Tuath'de was her enemy.

"Soon Fionn," she breathed, "Soon, my love. Our domain is imminent. Our son's birthright is assured." She laughed and nodded coquettishly, as if sharing a private joke, but she was alone in the room, save for the corpses of a few foolhardy Ascended.
An ever-increasing number of flies provided a song of joy to complement her reverie.

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Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing like you’ve never seen before – all for free.


Create a character and class to fit the way you play. Start by choosing from six races and dozens of unique Souls, each with hundreds of traits and abilities. Mix and match on the fly and re-specialize anytime you like.


Telara is a living, dynamic world where chaos can erupt at any moment. Whether you’re battling planar invasions or ancient titans alongside scores of your fellow Ascended, the next adventure is always near!


In the deep, dark places of Telara, foul creatures breed, scheme, and hoard the treasures of ages. Gather your friends and delve into dozens of dungeons and raids for groups of 2, 5, 10, and 20 players.

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Piyasadaki en iyi 'Free to Play' MMO-RPG oyunu. Öncelikle belirtiyim, Free to Play tırnak içerisinde çünkü Pay to Win gibi bir kavram yok. Bir kişi parayla ne alabiliyorsa, aynısını siz de daha fazla saatinizi harcayıp alabiliyorsunuz. Tek fark bu.
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+Harika grafiklerini işlemcinizin tek çekirdeğinin işlemeye calışacağını,
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-Bitmemiş içeriklerin yayınlanması,
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ve dahası.

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Gerçekten en iyi MMORPG'lerden birisi. Oynanış dinamikleri olsun, grafikler olsun, her yönüyle cezbedici bir oyun. Yılın belirli vakitlerinde festivaller düzenleniyor ve gayet eğlenceli bu festivaller. Oyunda 6 ırk ve 4 sınıf var. Irkların kendilerine ait özellikleri var. Sınıflar ise kendi içlerinde bir çok kombinasyon sağlıyor ve değişik türde karakter yaratabiliyorsunuz. Oyunda genel olarak rogue'ler baskın karakter. Oyunun hikayesi muhteşem. Eğer para vermeden hikayeyi yaşamak istiyorsanız en iyi MMORPG'lerden. Oyun free to play olmasına rağmen, oyuna para verenler ezici bir üstünlüpe sahip. Güncellemelerle gelen bazı özellikler parayla satılıyor ve bu özellikler oyunun dinamiğini değiştirebilecek yapıda.
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Rift oynadığım en iyi mmorpg dir. ve inanın bana tüm mmorpgleri oynadım denedim. Shaclown@Zaviel Yeni başlayan olursa her türlü yardımcı olurum pm atsanız yeterli yada oyun hakkında bilgi almak için steamdan ekleyip mesaj atarsanız daha aktif yardım ederim
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evet 25 gb yi boşa indirmiş bulunmaktayım (15 diyor 25 indiriyor) güzelce kotamızı da hallettik bi kere optimizasyon sorunu çok aşırı olmasa da biraz var bu bir ikinci olarak ise büyük beklentiler içinde olduğumdan mı bilmem ama hiç ssarmıyor karanlık atmosferi her oyuncuya göre değil bunun yerrine daha sağlam oyunlar var boşa 25 gb indirmeyin ama sizin kararınız
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60 lwl e kadar geldim oyun aslında 60 lwl de başlıyor :) herkesin ifade ettiği gibi,ama nedense sıkılmaya başladım ve bıraktım.Belki daha sonra tekrar başlayabilirim .
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Steamden indirmeme rağmen halen glyph indiriyor üstüne 6 küsür gblık güncelleme geliyor. Çözümü bilen varsa lütfen yardımcı olsun
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There is a reason this game is in steam. It's the online MMORPG that give quality than other low MMORPG. Everyone should notice that.
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21 Gb ınıza yazık indirmeyin boşuna zaman kaybı
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P2w oyunda küpe takmak için bile para yatırman gerekiyor.
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Betasından beri oynadığım bir oyundu. F2Pler içerisinde en iyisi kesinlikle RIFT.
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14.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 6 Eylül
-Oyun da her zaman yapılıcak bişiler var "riftler, eventler, aktifler, görevler, harita görevleri, vsvs"
-Karakterler dengeli. Her sınıfın artıları eksileri var gayet dengeli olmuş.
-Etraf kalabalık. "Düşük seviyelerde bile etrafta üçer beşer kişi görüyosunuz. Riftlerde çok lazım oluyolar.
-Sıkıcı görevler yok git 400 trilyon tane şunu kes vs. Toplama hunt vs tarzı oluyo genelde. Sayısı yüksek hunt görevlerini sadece eventlerde gördüm orda da kalabalık partiyle yapıyosunuz zaten.
-Oyun ağar bir şekilde p2p. "Dikkat edin p2w demedim p2p eskiden zaten ücretli bir oyundu sonrasında ücresize geçti ama firma f2p mantığını yanlış anlamış kanımca. Zira oyunda 3 paket var bunları satın almanız gerekiyor. Almazsanız her sınıfın her klasını oynayamıyorsunuz. Misal okcuda 8 farklı klas varsa 5-6 tanesi kapalı oluyor ve bi kaç tane daha eksiniz oluyor.
-Oyuna para vermediyseniz kilitli item slotunuz oluyo küpe vs.

Toparlıcak olursak oyun çok keyifli oynanbilicek bir oyun AMA bir ücreti var tabi bununda.
Oyunu cidden oynucam vs diyorsanız tavsiyem 4-5 kişi birden başlayın zira tek sıkıcı olabiliyo koca harita bi başınıza. Ayrıca ilk almanız gereken 1 paket olmasına rağmen oyunda ilerledikçe almanız gereken 2 tane daha paket var "tam bilmiyorum baya karışık wow gibi bir sistemi var" ve düzenli şekilde aylık 50-60 tl civarı bir masraf etmeniz gerekicek oyuna.
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70.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 3 Eylül
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
3.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Temmuz
Not Bad But Not Good Just Fine
Normal Graphic
Little Bad Gameplay
Download And Play Man
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
1.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Haziran
oyunu belli bir yere kadar oynadım world of warcraft gibi aynı oyun hatta wow un steamdaki rakip oyunu olarak çıkartıldı bile denilebilir ancak ne yazıkki wow un yanında bile yaklaşamadı oyunun çevre düzenlemesi çok iyi yapılmış ancak yaratıklar fazla abartılmış e tabi birazda kabileler sorunu var oyundaki kabileler ayrı wow gibi ama bi genişletme yok wow da o var mesala haliyle insanı dahada bağımlı yapıyor oyun geliştirilmeli 4 yıl olmasına rağmen pek bi yenilik yok ancak oyuna wow oynadıktan sonra bu oyuna girerseniz alışamazsınız wow oynamadan önce bu oyunu oynayanlar için iyi bir oyun
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
3.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 20 Nisan
10Numara 5Yıldız oyun mmo oyunlarının önde gidenlerinden ama malesef her mmo daki gibi türk bir azınlık söz konusu eğer arkadaşlarınızla oynamıycaksanız ve tek oynamaktan sıkılırım diyosanız yinede deneyin çünkü dungeon olsun pvp si olsun kayda değer bir oyun zamanın nasıl geçtiğini anlamıycaksınız...
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Çok Güzel Bir Oyun Ben Beğendim Sadece Alanı Biraz Fazla Onun Dışında Öneririm
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