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02 月 5 日

Razorback Roundup Returns Now Through February 10!

Rebellious Razorbacks are out of control, and we need your help to round them up!

A new breed of raging Razorbacks are boar-ing and goring their way through Moonshade, and terrorized Telarans are squealing for help.

Now through February 10 you can pitch in by capturing boars, completing Instant Adventures, and battling the spawn of Nightmare Rifts. You’ll earn Succulent Truffles along the way, plus a chance of finding a (hog) wild new mount!

Do you have what it takes to bring home the bacon? And don't miss our newest porcine protector - the Celestial Razorback– available now as a rare drop from Limited Edition: Celestial Razorback Troves!

We’ll be rooting for you to find your own porcine protector !

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02 月 3 日

5 Years of RIFT – New Producer’s Letter From Archonix!

Greetings Ascended,

As we approach 5 years of RIFT, I look back on the amazing journey we’ve all taken together. RIFT has grown from the shiny new MMO on the block into a game that influences the industry and continues to lead in new and exciting directions with Instant Adventure and Dynamic Content. Not only is it a time to look back, but it’s also time to look forward to some of the exciting new features coming to RIFT in 2016. We’ve got some amazing changes planned throughout RIFT’s 5th anniversary, both in terms of in-game content and the underlying technology, and we’re happy to talk about them today. It’s going to be an incredible year!

Before we get into all that, I’d like to take a moment to thank you all. RIFT is more than just planar invaders and battling Ascended: it’s each and every one of you who have been part of the journey. Over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to meet players from around the world at live events, like our parties in Boston and Seattle for PAX and in Cologne for Gamescom. Getting the chance to meet those of you who share our passion for RIFT is something that truly makes this job an experience unlike any other. I’ve also continued to be amazed by the generosity of the RIFT community during the Extra Life marathon this year, and you should be proud of your willingness to lend help to some of those who need it most. You are our inspiration, and I can’t imagine a better group of people to share Telara with.

We’ve been busy since our last anniversary, releasing 4 major updates, 3 new tiers of raiding, Intrepid Instant Adventures, a new Dungeon, and the long anticipated release of Planetouched Wilds. Our focus has been on releasing innovative new content, while, at the same time, reinvigorating some of our best existing content and keeping it relevant to RIFT today. Intrepid IA’s are one of our favorite features in the game, as they open up some of our most exciting and challenging raid content for every RIFT player to experience. Now every RIFT player can experience the most menacing encounters and work together to defeat the greatest evils threatening Telara!

2015 didn’t just include new things to do, but also new ways to do them! We introduced a massive revamp to the Wardrobe System, even more amazing rewards for Patrons with the introduction of Affinity, and the first new Calling since the launch of RIFT: the Primalist! While the adventures you experience playing RIFT are truly epic, doing so in new and interesting ways – and looking oh-so-fabulous in the process – is just as important as the dragons you slay.

Over the last year we’ve also learned a lot more about how you want to play RIFT and the kinds of things you want us to offer. Learning from you and improving the RIFT business model is what keeps the game advancing and us crafting amazing story lines. We’re making a few changes to ensure that RIFT’s next five years are as full of amazing developments and breathtaking content as the first five. We’ll continue to evolve and change in this area, finding exciting and fair ways to reward those who support RIFT for all of us to enjoy. It’s a tough balance, but it’s a task we never take lightly. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and find ways to address your concerns when we do make changes, so that together we make RIFT as healthy and successful as it deserves.

Let’s talk about the 5th anniversary celebrations. Our first major update of the year will be RIFT 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended, coming in early April. Part one of the update will be this year’s Carnival of the Ascended, complete with all new quests, rewards and more! Moving beyond the anniversary we have news of additional souls for all callings, a new daily login reward system, as well as continued PVP improvements. The second half of the update is due to drop late in May and contains our second Intrepid Instant Adventure, featuring the best of The Mind of Madness. Now every Ascended will be able to journey beyond the Cosmos and do battle with the Tenebrean deities powering Lord Arak’s evil plans!

2016 is also the year of tech for RIFT, and a place we’ve actually ramped up hiring over the past year. We’re incredibly excited to reveal that the first of our planned updates is the addition of true multicore support to the RIFT client. Our engineers have been making heroic strides in transforming what was once thought of as an impossibility for the RIFT engine into a reality! For those less technically savvy, this will allow RIFT to take advantage of more of the capacity of processors released since RIFT’s launch. Our goal is to improve both the performance and stability of the RIFT client. Early stages of alpha testing are already underway, and have been going extremely well. Over time we’ll be expanding the test to include more and more of you. Faster performance and more stability for RIFT, that’s something that benefits everyone!

Because this is such a huge change, we can’t give exact estimates of when it will be ready, but we’re pushing hard to make it happen as quickly as possible. Once this is ready, we can move on to the next big technical update, which has been going on in parallel – We’re happy to share that we have been converting RIFT to a 64-bit client. It’s another massive amount of work that’s been going on for a long time now. It’ll multiply the benefits provided by true multicore support and allow RIFT to fully utilize your computer’s memory to provide even more performance and stability gains!

So join us in this celebration of the first five years of RIFT, all of you who have been a part of RIFT, and looking towards what the next 5 years of RIFT brings!

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Join thousands in the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG RIFT® and enter the world of Telara as an immortal Ascended. Go to war against the primal armies of the elemental planes in an ever-changing landscape full of massive dynamic battles and countless dungeons and raids. Build your own class using the Ascended Soul system and embark on epic conflicts that bring you into the story, taking your RPG experience to new heights of achievement and excitement!

Build Your Class

No other game lets you build your class the way Rift does. Specialize in a single class or pick and choose abilities from many to create a character uniquely suited to your play style – and have fun while you experiment!

Choose Your Role

Each character can have more than a dozen saved roles, so you can build different classes for every situation. You might have one for PvP and another for raids; or perhaps you want a high-damage or high-defense build. The choice is yours to mix and match as you see fit – and switch at the press of a button!

Massive Dynamic Battles

Invasions unfold zone-wide, creating epic conflicts that bring you into the story! Save the world alongside hundreds of other players, and fight to reclaim lands from invading hordes.

Dungeons & Raids

The world of Telara is rich with strife and danger – there’s over 30 dungeons and raids! No matter what size party or what challenge you seek, there are plenty of options including 2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-player instances plus hard-mode dungeons and more.

PvP Combat

Battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat! Earn PvP ranks, titles, and loot to further enhance your character. Head to cross-server Warfronts or 3-faction Conquest, and fight others in open-world PvP.


Customizable housing spaces allow players and guilds to own slivers of Telara. Use countless building blocks and items you acquire throughout your adventures to build anything you can dream!

Free and Full-Featured

Instant Adventure, Onslaught, World Events, Guilds, Artifacts, Wardrobe, and more! RIFT is the ultimate MMORPG with a best-in-class Free-to-Play model letting you play the entire game at no charge.


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce FX 5900, ATI/AMD Radeon X300, Intel GMA X4500 or better.
    • DirectX®: 9.0c, June 2010 update
    • Hard Drive: 15.0 GB available
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compliant card
    • Other: Broadband internet connection (DSL, cable modem or other high speed connection)
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張貼於:2015 年 11 月 17 日
What have I done with my life?

Once upon a time, Rift was a wonderful game, a great 'classic' MMO that had meaningful content, good raids and dungeons and was really worth investing the time into. Then Trion Worlds started bleeding money on failed project after failed project and Rifts Dev team got axed down hard. To try and compensate things went F2P and things were fine at first. Hey we get nifty new costumes and I don't need to pay a sub fee anymore (I still did, even if the original patron perks were pretty bad by recent standards.)

The shift was subtle at first, gear became purchasable, either directly or in directly through lotto style loot crates that you can buy for special mounts and get decent gear on the side (A great deal till you realize the currency you get for the mounts is character bound, and the gear you get from the chest is based on your characters class. Meaning that before you'll ever have the currency saved to get that special super shiney mount, you'll have wasted more cash then you will want to think about on what is basically worthless chests and gears as opening them on a different character who could use the gear, means your currency is split. Well played Trion.) Tangent aside. What this gear purchasing did was create a stigma in the "PuG" raiding community, as you had to have the achievements to even be able to join the raids, and if you didn't have a guild that did them? You were SoL.

Things like that continued to spiral out of control, when you realized how long it would take to grind out the dungeon and raid tokens to get gear, but feel free to buy Patron status and token boosters to cut down on that time by several hundred percent. Turning what used to be a fairly smooth and natural gear progression into something akin to an Asian MMO's level of grinding. Oh and because of course it is, the pvp is entirely based around who out gears who.

Throw in the usual batch of awful awful people that come with the F2P crowd, and it's hard to even argue if just playing it for the social aspect is worth it. From an Role Play standpoint it does a few things right and many things wrong. The lore is built out of wet tissue paper, and few people even follow that, open world role play is almost impossible to find and when you do? You're going to wish you hadn't. One of the good and bad things it has, are Dimensions, or just player housing. Easily costumizable zones and area's you can do a great deal of things with. Probably the most positive thing about this game these days, minus the obvious cash shop tie in's to building materials. Of course, player housing is always a double edged sword for role play as it becomes cliquish and impossible for new people to really get involved.

In the end the final nail in the coffin that made me write this review, was when they released the new single zone, not an expansion pack, not a new continent. But one area. They wanted to charge one hundred dollars, for the new class that came with it, as well as some relatively worthless in game items. This harkens back to the Ember isle map they added years ago, it was free, it was an amazing area and I still consider it their best zone. And while you can still reach this new zone for free, and the new class can be picked up for the low low cost of about 30 bucks (Without the cyber swag). I can only stop to realize, Rift really isn't the same. And it's just not worth the time anymore.

Oh and there's easily another 1-2k hours missing from that playtime. So there goes that entire year of my life! Shoulda put that time into something I could have gone professional instead. Like Solitaire.
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張貼於:2015 年 08 月 18 日
Meh. Its worth a try.
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張貼於:01 月 12 日
>Decide to try Rift
>Join German Server on accident
>Make boss looking character, log in
>Spawn in starting zone, start walking towards first quest marker
>Game mod spawns, starts screaming at me in german.
>GM Adolf is still screaming SIE KÖNNEN NICHT HIER
>Ignore him, go to quest marker pick up quest
>Game client instantly closes.
>Banned for 3 days.
>10/10 would play again
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張貼於:2015 年 10 月 2 日
Long and boring opinion based review that attempts depth and both positive and negative aspects of the game.

Let me get it straight.

No, it is not Pay to Win.
Rift has so many things going for it, and if you are looking for a 'classic' MMO, then I do suggest this game.

I'll start with character growth.

The character creation is lackluster; choices are minimal and can bore you to death as they stick to only facial level (mature, cute, inbetween), makeup, eye colour, hairstyle, hair colour, and height. Adding some variants with eye, mouth, and nose size, and a few minor cosmetics that you'll never care to see.
Then, while choosing your class seemed so simple at first, finally getting in game the potential hits you immedietely. You can 'create' that character you've always wanted. Tweaking, fine tuning, time, effort, and experimentation are all aspects associated with this, but in the end it is so very much worth it to grow this character specifically to your liking. A good player can make anything work, and you do not have to be what the game sets for you, and at many times palyers will want to organize you to a cookie cutter way. You do not have to be so. What is available to you can be manipulated to your hearts content. Granted you know where to start... *cackle*

Looking Good.

The wardrobe is amazing. Collected attire becomes account bound, and the items only need touch your inventory before you are able to wear them regardless of class and armor restrictions. Dye anything any colour (around 60% of the dyes in the wardrobe do require you to purchase them however, which is ridiculous), with primary and secondary viable for customization. Dress your level one up tier 3 gear, show them your dressing room.
But watch out for the bikini's!

Making your way uptown.

I really loved the level up system in this game, until hitting 60 (that will be another story however). I'm used to the; 'hit 15 spam dungeons' method for trying to gain that advantage on your experience bar. But in Rift, they really add colour to the method of levelling up.
Instant Adventures are a great implementation for players who always want to be on the move, not wait in a half hour queue, hack and slash something real quick, join up with other people, experience the world (unless you are dedicated to cutting heads you still don't see it) and leave with all your rewards and experience intact. Literally, there is nearly never a queue for Instant Adventures, and they vary in types, putting you at maximum level, or minumum, and it doesn't apply for levelling only. All players, highest level, full tier gear, or lowest level, emptied sack of potatoes for a pretend plate helm.
Go right for it.

Playing a Part.

Rift has the generic, Damage Dealer, Tank, and Healer, but it also asks for a Support. A cross character role that pertains to provide additional healing, focused AoE damage, buffs, debuffs, purges, intterupts - this role stands to completely support their group, becoming versatile to what the player feels is viable, and more likely to be necessary for raid progression, and more difficult encounter success.
It seems somewhat pointless, why not just focus on one thing? Because multitasking is fun. And once again, this gives choice, freedom to the player, and a much more diverse run, with many of the soul options availble to players.

The World.

The world itself is so very, very gorgeous. Specifically, I find that Nightmare Tide (2nd Expansion) has shown some of the most absurd, yet googly eyed places I've seen in many games.
The colours, and the territories affiliated lore have you feel you sick or inspired, never wanting to return to the location, or never wanting to leave.
The interaction, the events, the artifacts to find, damn, the fishing, eating, and mount animations got me hooked, because they're just so swag.
What I love even more, is that the world often seems quiet during when I play. Noone else questing in the area I may be, noone else doing dailies where I might be doing them. And suddenly, an event, or a single location swells with players. World bosses pulling them all in, Major Rifts or Nightmare's calling so many individuals out of hiding.
One invasion defeated, ten more to go, they run in a world formed raid, and this I really enjoy the most. Nothing had to be set up, everyone just showed up to the location. The goal of wanting to kill the boss handled everything else from there.
The character NPC designs can be used constantly from the beginning of level 1-50, but going up after that, the character, art and world design really transforms, and once are some very breath taking creations.

The Writing.

This is where I am constantly in between.
Sometimes the writing is incredibily immersive, making my skin crawl, making me want to repeat the quest in order to watch it unfold again, really bringing me into this games world.
And then sometimes it's the worst ♥♥♥♥ing thing I have ever heard in my life. Almost as if the writers lost all motivation and energy in certain parts of the game. Including the voice acting.
More often than not, the voice acting is amazing, you feel the energy, and I fully recognise the connection of the NPC through their voice.
And then, again, sometimes, I wish I could unhear the entire thing, repeating in my head, "how could they let that go through?".

The Player Housing.

How Rift has set this up, I was very impressed.
One day out of complete, and utter bordom, I finally decided to give Dimensions ago, thinking I'd perform mere decorations by placing and slightly rotating to the left.
No. You are given resources, of many various types, building objects, furnitures, flora, lights, interactive objects such as music boxes, scaling, rotating, moving, and all depending on YOUR choice. Discover various lands, and houses avaiable as keys, building markets, guild events, dedicate it to roleplay, or a f*ck around syndrome.
The dimensions are closed off from the world, however, but anyone can be inside them. Invitations, friends, guildies, that random dwarf who you wanted to trade fish for chips with, strangers, the dimensions can be extremely immersive and interactive, it just depends on what you want.


In summary, I don't do PvP anymore, I've had too much over the years from DoTA and WoW where all I can think of now is brain cancer. I suggest, that if you are specifically targetting Rift for PvP opporunties, that you dig and do some research, start with forums, or videos. Because with all do respect, 50% of most MMO's content is PvP, and I do not want to to misguide you, because I have no clue to it. I try and stay away from it as far as possible.

The Shop, Credits, and in game Currency.

This game is completely free to play.
You do not have to purchase any of the expansions to enjoy the content. It is all available to you from start to finish, and this I do respect. Because how else can you learn, experience and know a game with doing only 30% of the content. It really sh*ts me to play a game to level 20 *cough* and then be forced to purchase it before I finally get a 'real' pair of pants from quests.
As a beginning player, you do need to acquire credits, in order to use the Auction House. It may seem that this will force you away, but in my opinion, it aids the economy in dealing with the passerbye gamers, and the want to be easy, come and go platinum farmers.
No raid items are available to purchase. Raiding, and grinding are required to actually obtain the armor piece.

All in all, I suggest giving the game a try, and see where you put your feet.
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張貼於:2015 年 10 月 9 日
The ultimate pay to win game of all pay to win games. You can buy EVERYTHING for real money. Buying it for anything else takes a long ♥♥♥ time. You can buy boosts for everything: experience, money, currency collecting, artifact collecting, crafting experience, mounting speed, mount summoning speed...

Getting from 1-60 takes about a few weeks, and getting from 60-65 takes just as long (if not longer). Unless you buy and use those experience boosts (max time of 2 hrs).

Once you finally hit level 65, you find there's NOTHING you can do. You can't do raids, cuz you don't have enough gear. You can't do expert dungeons, cuz you don't have enough gear. The only things you can do are nightmare rifts and events, which net you a certain type of currency.


Currency in this game is a way of saying "♥♥♥♥ YOU, give us money" by the designers. Basically, you get so god damned little currency from anything and gear costs so god damned much currency, it takes *literally* 3+ weeks to get a single peice of gear. I know what you're thinking: "Oh, he's just exaggerating when he says 3+ weeks. I can grind that out in a week." No. I mean literally 3 weeks. Take for example the chest peice for a cleric at level 65. It costs 21500 of a currency. When you're in the shop page looking at the chest peice, it displays how much of that currency you have in the bottom left of the window. When you mouse over that little currency, it says "You can gain x of y maximum this week." That y is 7000 for the chest peice currency. 21500 / 7000 = 3 with a remainder of 500. That's where I get 3+ weeks from. And trust me, it'll take you the ENTIRE damn week of grinding the same thing over and over again to gather the 7000 of that currency because you get so little from anything (~100 at a time). This is without mentioning that there's 40+ different currencies in this game, each currency gets you something different, from vanity items to gear to mounts to minions and so on.

However, you can always buy this stuff for real money. That little button to buy things with real money is always directly to the right of the button to buy it for in-game currency. For the level 65 gear, it's ~30-40 dollars PER peice of gear.

Yes, MMO's are all about the grind. I don't mind grinding, as long as it's well balanced and takes a reasonable amount of time. For this game, it takes much longer than what I'd call reasonable.

Inventory and Professions

Inventory size becomes a problem within 10 minutes of playing the game. There are about a dozen different crafting ingredients per teir of each crafting profession. You start off with 4 bag slots, but you can buy up to, I think, 9 bag slots (for real money, of course). So, your inventory fills to the brim with just crafting ingredients almost instantly. If you ever plan on doing any profession, as you're leveling up, you want to keep those ingredients, but you don't know which ones to keep for which professions, so you end up keeping them all, and trust me, you'll need them. Unless you want to over-pay for them on the auction house later, or end up having to grind lower level mobs and areas for those ingredients.

So, all-in-all, if you plan on doing much without extreme annoyance, you'll end up spending $10+ for extra bag slots. For the bags themselves, you can craft most of them, buy them on the Auction House for an inordinate amount of money, or, of course, buy them for real money in the shop.

The bank has the exact same problem as the player's inventory, small amount of bag slots but you can buy more for real money.


Skills in this game are actually a positive. I like them. They're a litte bit complicated and are pretty unique for each class and each soul. Different combos are required to max dps, tanking capability, and healing capacity.

The basic rules are: use cheap skills and small cooldowns to power up your more expensive and powerful skills.

Each class has a set of different souls. Each soul has a different role: tanking, damaging, healing, or supporting. After buying all the "soul packs" for the game, you can perform every role on every class. This is pretty awesome for me, because I like to pour all my time and effort into one character and eff the alts. I also like the freedom to choose any of the roles on my one class. This form of purchasing, I don't have a real problem with (as long as it's a reasonable price). You're buying base game functionality that they worked long and hard on, and it's permenantly unlocked for your account forever, not some peice of gear for 20 bucks that you'll have to replace in a week or a bag slot for a character to hold more useless junk.

The prices for the soul packs are reasonable, $20. However, in the most recent update, Into the Wilds, they added a whole new class, the Primalist. To buy JUST the primalist and his six souls, you'll have to shell out ~$45. And they've promised more souls for that class in the future, which I'm sure they'll market for another $20. It never ends with these people.

It was this last update that finally pushed me over the edge. Previously, I was defending this game to my friends, but now, I just can't. It's too much. Just damn ridiculous.


Dungeons in this game are pretty fun. They require some know-how and can be pretty challenging. The bosses don't just lie down and die, giving you free loot. Sometimes you have to CC the add, or silience the add, or kite the main boss. It requires actual strategy, not just tank 'n spank.


The only real con I can find with this game is the micro-transactions. However, they mess up EVERYTHING. Like every "Free to Play" game ever, they scew the balancing to favor those throwing money at it. The developers make it extremely tedious to do anything without spending real money so that it's more tempting to pay for it. I'd rather buy the game for $60, $40 for each expansion, and pay a $15 monthly for it and have it take a REASONABLE amount of time to gather resources, currencies, and gear with everything unlocked for me (bag slots, classes, souls, areas, etc).

Playing this game, you'll end up spending far more money than buying the game out-right with a $15 monthly OR you'll spend 4x as much time doing anything.

Overall, I give this game a D-. It *can* be fun, but it just costs either too much money OR too much time to do anything. Neither of which I have in ample amounts. If you're either a teenager without a job giving you plenty of free time, or you're willing to throw hundreds of dollars away, then you'll enjoy this game. Otherwise, stay away from it, it's not worth your time and money.

I did play WoW from the tail end of vanilla all the way to Cataclysm. If you want a comparison from WoW to Rift, this game is most like the Burning Crusade expansion of WoW (the best expansion in my opinion). Skills are semi-complicated, talent points give bonuses to skills, and dungeons require strategy. I could rant on for hours how Blizz ruined WoW, but I won't do that here.

I will say, if Rift ever goes from free-to-play to buy the game, removing all micro-transactions and rebalancing currencies, I'd come back to this game in a heart-beat. However, I *seriously* doubt they will. So as it stands, I do not recommend this game.
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