When one gives up living and using his soul, he can’t only lose the soul but can also devote it to death… Before souls completely die they stick in The Void – an odd space between life and death. There is an outside chance to survive in The Void and even to come back from it.
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Дата выхода: 15 дек, 2009

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"Surreal adventure game dealing with light, dark and survival."

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When one gives up living and using his soul, he can’t only lose
the soul but can also devote it to death…
Before souls completely die they stick in The Void – an odd space
between life and death. There is an outside chance to survive
in The Void and even to come back from it. This chance is
The Color – the only food of a dying soul wandering through
the mournful realms of The Void, governed by monstrous Brothers
and malicious Sisters, who are desperately struggling for the
last drops of it. The Color is not only the sense of life of these
mysterious creatures but also gives power and vital force to the
whole Void. The Color gives you power to do almost everything
even to get out of death clutches if you gain enough Color, but
there is a great lack of it in the arid deserts of The Void. There is
Color only for one.
Be the one, get your lost soul back!
  • The Color is the only resource in the game: it acts as the health,
    inventory, skills and perks system, armory.
  • All in-game actions are realized through drawing. You literally
    need to draw your way with your own blood.
  • Each Color can cause both harm and good. A player gets various
    advantages from getting any of The Colors, but when he draws
    with it he feeds the enemy forces of the world.
  • Fight with golems, bloodthirsty predators and other spawns
    of The Void.

Системные требования

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card (e.g. NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5600 or ATi® Radeon™ 9600)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6GB
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible audio card
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33.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 июня
It's artsy, it's confusing and it's unforgivingly brutal; welcome to The Void.

You should've drawn the donor glyph.
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28.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 августа
I guess you could call it a survival adventure game. Truth is, it's much more complex than that. It's a world shattering piece of unorthodox art that challenges your understanding of the geometry of colour through constant game changing choices in a deep, misshapen, regulatory dimension filled with surreal imagery known as the Void.

Blood is trust, defense, anger, speed, inspiration, metabolism and wastefulness. Blood is the essence of life and in this game colour is the lifeblood. While the whole story revolves around it, so does the gameplay. Inject yourself with colour to stay alive, use colour in combat by drawing glyphs with your mouse, use it to communicate with NPCs and to travel throughout the Void. How much of each colour exists in you affects what happens around you and the effectiveness of your actions.

Your decisions affect the Void as a whole and it's inhabitants. These fall under 2 categories, brothers and sisters. The brothers are portrayed as death incarnate, remorseless creatures as embodiments of how the game itself will treat you while the sisters are portrayed as sentient, beautiful women in need.

So at first it seems obvious but the truth is the game blurs the line between fire and ice. Are the things that the game tries to portray as evil actually so or is it a bluff? A double bluff? The game pokes at you with lines such as "Don't fear death, there is no death in the Void." Is that really the case or is it a line used just to confuse and mislead the player into a false sense of security towards a concluding manifestation born from gullibility and managerial ineptitude? Another interesting topic for discussion is where did the player come from. Remainder of this paragraph contains minor spoilers. Did you stem from a dimension above the surface of the Void and just fall into this pit? Were you a bacteria born out of contact between two aberrations within the Void? Or maybe you ascended into the Void as a sacrificial lamb to spy on it? Whatever the case, why?

Below the surface that's what this game is about. It gradually winks, sticks its tongue out, nudges and taps its nose urging you to make a move...quickly. It will feed you both BS and (half baked) honesty in a call to make you meticulously weigh your decisions with colour aiming for an answer that may or may not even exist.
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5.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 июля
A very, very strange game. Gorgeous art design and storycrafting let down by some obtuse and unforgiving mechanics, The Void makes for a unique experience. Just a little more attention to the execution would have made this a real classic.

Best enjoyed with a guide to the basic mechanics- so as to avoid painting yourself into an inescapable corner (literally)- but without spoiling the twists. Not a good choice if you're uninterested in suffering past the rough patches.
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41.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 июня
Much love <3
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51.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 11 января, 2014
"Цвет — это твоя жизнь, твоя кровь, твоё оружие, твоя защита, твоё проклятье и твой же дар."

По началу игра кажется очень сложной, и скорее всего придется не раз начинать заного. В самом начале мы поподаем в Промежуток. Основной целью игры будет покинуть его и попасть в мир живых. Количество врагов в игре не велико, зато сами битвы весьма интересны. При прохождении Вам встретятся некие "Братья" с которыми придется сражатся на арене. Каждая схватка уникальна, ибо каждый брат имеет свою тактику боя, уязвимые места и необычные способностями.

Игра не подается под определения жанров. Если взять к примеру Sims - симулятор жизни, то The Void - симулятор души. Кроме квеста, RPG и экшена тут есть так же элементы экономической стратегии.

☑ Звук не подкачал, разработчики сделали действительно отличную озвучку. Музыка подобрана четко под моменты и локации и создает львиную долю атмосферы. Это важный элемент, который является средством передачи угнетенности, боли и страха. Она мелодична и красива. Она изысканна и неповторима. (Основным композитором выступил Василий Кашников)

☑ Графически The Void выполнен, на весьма хорошем уровне. Отлично проработанные модели, цветовая гамма и локации

☒ Единственым минусом, наверное, для меня являет то, что игра довольно сложная.

Особенности игры:

1. Лимфа Цвета — единый игровой ресурс: валюта, здоровье героя, его арсенал и инструментарий, средство формирования характеристик персонажа и настройки враждебных факторов мира.
2. Все действия выполняются рисованием.
3. Богатая вариативность игры, основанная на случайности возникновения и распределения ресурсов.
4. Гибкий баланс случайных факторов служит разнообразию способов выживания: 7 цветов Лимфы взаимозаменяемы в целом, как питательный ресурс, но дают разный эффект при применении в аналогичных ситуациях.
5. У каждого цвета есть полезные и опасные особенности. Игрок использует преимущества цвета в конкретной ситуации, но капля каждого цвета по-своему усиливает агрессию внешней среды.

Геймплей: 9.0
Сюжет: 8.0
Графика: 8.0
Реиграбельность: 9.0
Звук и Музыка: 9.5

"The Void\Тургор" - это гениальная игра, выполненная в стиле арт-хауса, имеющая свою уникальность и неповторимый шарм. Это больше чем игра. Это настоящий шедевр!

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