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Cuando alguien se cansa de vivir y utilizar su alma, no sólo puede perder el alma sino que además puede abocarla a la muerte… Antes de que las almas mueran del todo, permanecen en The Void (El Vacío) – un extraño espacio a medio camino entre la vida y la muerte.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 Dic 2009
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Acerca del juego

Cuando alguien se cansa de vivir y utilizar su alma, no sólo puede perder el alma sino que además puede abocarla a la muerte…
Antes de que las almas mueran del todo, permanecen en The Void (El Vacío) – un extraño espacio a medio camino entre la vida y la muerte. Hay una remota posibilidad de sobrevivir en El Vacío e incluso de regresar del mismo. Esta oportunidad es El Color – el único alimento que puede utilizar un alma errante por los lúgubres dominios del Vacío, gobernados por monstruosos Hermanos y maliciosas Hermanas, que luchan desesperadamente por las últimas gotas del mismo. El Color es algo más que la sensación de la vida para estas misteriosas criaturas, además proporciona poder y fuerza vital a todo el Vacío. El Color te proporciona poder para hacerlo prácticamente todo, incluso escapar de las garras de la muerte si obtienes cantidad suficiente, pero queda muy poco en los áridos desiertos del Vacío. Sólo hay suficiente Color para uno.
¡Conviértete en ese uno, recupera tu alma perdida!
  • El Color es el único recurso del juego: actúa como salud, inventario, sistema de habilidades y privilegios, y armamento.
  • Todas las acciones del juego se realizan mediante el dibujo. Deberás dibujar literalmente tu vía de escape con tu propia sangre.
  • Cada Color puede causar daño o beneficio. Un jugador obtiene diversas ventajas al obtener cualquiera de los colores, pero cuando los utiliza para dibujar alimenta a las fuerzas enemigas del mundo.
  • Enfréntate a gólems, depredadores sedientos de sangre y otros engendros del Vacío.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
    • Procesador: Pentium IV a 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta gráfica con 128 MB y compatible con DirectX® 9.0c (ej. NVIDIA® GeForce™FX 5600 o ATi® Radeon™ 9600)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 6 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
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It's easy to call a game beautiful, but when I say that about The Void I really, really mean it.

The Void is striking in its visuals--featuring stark and dreary landscapes contrasted with splashes of vibrant color and otherworldly architecture and characters--but it's more than just visually beautiful.

The Void is a game about death, and never before have I played a game where everything--and I mean EVERYTHING is so effectively tied together to serve the purpose of its themes. An oppressive, haunting atmosphere combined with a grim narrative and brutal mechanics that slowly drain you of all your resources combine together to create an equal parts harrowing and euphoric journey that wil dig its claws into you and not let go if you let it do so.

That being said, it's not exactly fun and it's incredibly difficult, but I highly recommend it if you're looking for something different.
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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The Void is a beautifully assembled game and experience. Looking back on it, The Void is not a very plot heavy game but it succeeds in immersing you in its world better than most anything I've played, and it does this with the strength of its many seamlessly blended gameplay elements, its wonderful art direction, and its audacity to challenge the player with loss and regret.

The Void consists of two main gameplay components. One is a 1st person survival-horror esque land where you traverse dark-yet-whimsical chambers in search of the resources (this resource being Color) to keep yourself alive. Some of these chambers are peaceful, while others contain unfriendly abominations. The second is a 2d map of the entire Void, where you'll take all the color you've collected in your pockets and gobble them all up as your character moves from chamber to chamber. If you have no color left in your pockets to "eat", you die. The metabolized color can then be expended when you enter the next chamber. There isn't enough Color lying around to keep you alive though, so you'll need to use your metabolized color to plant gardens, gardens that you'll come back to and reap an even greater return.

These are the BASICS, and it gets very, very tricky from here. Plant too much color and it will go to waste, as you'll never be able to use it all. Plant to little and you'll starve yourself. Some chambers house "Sisters", beautiful and oft lightly-clad women that demand a bounty of 2 specific colors before they allow you to pass, so amassing enough of a specific color whilst remaining conservative can become a tenuous balancing act. Other characters called "Brothers" are huge, hideous, twisted abominations that protect The Void and will denounce you for your spending of their precious Color. The conflict between the brothers and sisters will be the first thing to open your eyes to the most important theme of The Void: You Will Never Be Perfect. You will never please all of the Sisters, you will never please all of the Brothers, you will always waste color, you will make mistakes, there will be consequences, but you can still survive.

It was a very profound moment when I realized this about The Void. I have a compulsion in games to 100% everything; find all the upgrades, conserve my valuable ammo, 5-star every puzzle... but The Void will never let you do that, because in The Void there is always balance, for every victory a failure, to give you must first take. To achieve 100% efficiency you would need to be a god, and you are but a mere man. Living with and dealing with regret is a powerful motif in The Void, and something that very few developers are willing to challenge their players with.

To sum it up, The Void uses perfectly blended gameplay elements to create a vast, living, breathing world for the player, for you. The Void never tells you for certain how you are supposed to act, who you are supposed to be, and you'll never know for sure if you're doing the right thing. In this way, your character in The Void becomes the perfect empty vessel for you to experience this fantastic and surreal world through your own eyes, and it is quite the experience.
Publicado: 2 enero 2014
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This game is dense. Very high learning curve and the game will straight up lie to you about what the most optimal strategies are.

That said, The Void is also very deep. There's a lot of things at play in the game and all the systems are there and open to explore and tinker with. The theme of this game is quite heady and very different. Even for games with a similar story of having to escape the underworld, or wherever dark monster filled place you the game puts you in.

Proceed with caution, this game is exceptionally unique and very difficult. I ended up giving up on it, but if you're looking for a challenge and have a lot of patience, this game is likely worth your dollar. It's certainly like almost nothing else I've played. Just think of it as an indie version of Dark Souls.

Be sure to read the manual!
Publicado: 28 noviembre 2013
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Breathtakingly haunting.
Impossibly bleak while maintaining an air of overwhelming beauty.
You will feel oppressed playing this.

One of the best examples of how videogames can be art.

Do not buy/play this if you are a mindless Cawadooty kiddie.
Publicado: 1 diciembre 2013
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The gaming mechanics are confusing but heck just check out a faq or walkthrough, the game is worth experiencing if you are looking for a unique adventure gaming experience.
Publicado: 12 diciembre 2013
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