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Sobald jemand das Leben und seine Seele aufgibt, dann verliert nicht nur seine Seele, aber weiht sie auch dem Tode… Bevor Seelen komplett sterben bleiben Sie in 'der Leere' stecken – einem seltsamen Zwischenstadium zwischen Leben und Tod.
Veröffentlichung: 15 Dez. 2009
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Über das Spiel

Sobald jemand das Leben und seine Seele aufgibt, dann verliert nicht nur seine Seele, aber weiht sie auch dem Tode…
Bevor Seelen komplett sterben bleiben Sie in 'der Leere' stecken – einem seltsamen Zwischenstadium zwischen Leben und Tod. Es gibt eine Chance in 'der Leere' zu überleben, und sogar von dort zurückzukehren - mit Hilfe 'der Farbe' – der einzigen Nahrung für sterbende Seelen in der jammervollen Welt 'der Leere' , die von monströsen Brüdern und böswilligen Schwestern bevölkert ist, die nach jedem letzten Tropfen der Seelen gieren. 'Die Farbe' ist nicht nur Teil dieser mysteriösen Kreaturen sondern gibt der gesamten 'Leere' Halt und Festigkeit. 'Die Farbe' verleiht Ihnen die Macht fast alles zu tun. sogar den Klauen des Todes zu entkommen, sofern Sie genügend 'Farbe' ansammeln. Aber es gibt nur genügend 'Farbe' für einen.
Seien Sie es, holen Sie sich Ihre Seele zurück!
  • 'Die Farbe' ist die einzige Resource in diesem Spiel: sie dient als Heilmittel, Inventar, Fähigkeit und Perks-System und Waffenkammer.
  • Alle Aktionen im Spiel werden durch Zeichnungen getätigt. Im übertragenden Sinne zeichnen Sie Ihren eigenen Weg.
  • Jede Farbe kann Heil und Unheil bringen. Ein Spieler erhält verschiedene Vorteile von jeglicher Farbe, aber wenn er mit ihr zeichnet ernährt er auch die boshaften Mächte dieser Welt.
  • Kämpfen Sie mit Golems, blutdurstigen Predatoren und anderen Kreaturen 'der Leere'.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
    • Prozessor: Pentium IV 2 GHz
    • Speicher: 512 MB
    • Grafik: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c kompatible Grafikkarte (e.g. NVIDIA® GeForce™FX 5600 oder ATi® Radeon™ 9600)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Festplatte:6 GB
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte
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20.1 Std. insgesamt
Coole Atmosphäre und einzigartige Spielmechanik. Eins der wenigen Spiele, wo man tatsächlich erst die Anleitung lesen sollte. Durchweg hoher Schwierigkeitsgrad. Das Ende ist nicht ganz so toll.
Verfasst: 13 März 2014
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3 Reviews
0.2 Std. insgesamt
Das Spiel wäre gut geworden wenn Mann es besser gemacht hätte 
Verfasst: 13 August 2014
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3.8 Std. insgesamt

1. Great graphics (at least for its time of release but also my personal opinion)
2. Good plot / story
3. Disturbingly disturbing atmosphere and sounds
4. The "brothers" (I believe that's what they are called?) walk in an incredibly creepy way and you will probably get a shock when you first see one / them
5. It's cool to draw your "spells"
6. The game shows you how to draw your spells should you forget them
7. Kind of a creepy horror game for most people (myself included) if you like those sorts of games, you should buy this one.


1. Might lag on old and not fully up-to-date pc's (even mine lags a little every now and then but it's not all that bad)
2. It can feel slightly repetitive (not Spore spice repetitive) to gather colour from the places you have placed "farms" on
3. You will probably learn to remember them, but some of the spells can be easy to forget for some people, but like I said above under pros, the game can tell you how to draw them again
4. The game can become slightly stressful for some people (you can kind of say you have a limited time if you don't want to make the game harder for yourself. Much harder.)
5. A creepy horror game that not everyone might enjoy. Especially kids.

Conclusion and personal rating:

I personally think it's one of those incredibly good, but underrated games. It's truly a beautiful game and I give it 9/10. It couldn't be much better than it is, but I still somehow feel that something could be added to improve it. Maybe more monsters? I'm not wholly sure.

In short if you like and appreciate abstract art: BUY THIS ♥♥♥♥.
Verfasst: 19 März 2014
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2.4 Std. insgesamt

Is that a word? If not, this game just invented it.

I try not to read misogynistic undertones into video games. Really, I do. The Void, though, proudly and repeatedly insists on presenting itself as such, however, so there's no easy out on this one.

The Void revolves around traveling about various realms, growing and collecting colors, and forcing them down the throats of naked women. They are starving, you see, as their world dies, and are completely helpless to feed themselves without a Brother to take care of them. This is not me putting words in the game's mouth; one of the first Sisters you meet actually laments that when she was born, no Brother arrived to care for her.

The Sisters all espouse some wisdom about how to survive in the realm, and claim to know the realm's secrets, yet can't even feed themselves. You have to do this, the naked male hero of this story. Many of them will even curse you as you 'feed' them, and make a big deal about how they cannot refuse a feeding. But man, do they ever squirm in ecstasy after your force yourself on them.

I'm sure there's other parts to the plot, but after two hours of gameplay, little had changed, and the sheer nastiness of the game had worn out its welcome. I gave it its chance. If the game later turns into an empowering message of true love, well, it's too little too late.

Graphically, it's fine, well done, even. A lot of care is taken to make the Sisters look good and the Brothers look hideous.

The actual gameplay is frustrating and imprecise. The game gleefully takes away player agency at the drop of a hat, and drawing runes is fiddly. The map is an utter mess, and nearly unusable.

The main gameplay involves seeding colors across the world and collecting them afterwards, so it's mainly just resource management. Everything about this game is laboriously slow and unforgiving, from the resource gathering to the plodding movement of the main character. The game feels like a chore.

There are some interesting ideas in this game. The Void itself, the idea of ascending into another realm or descending into Oblivion. But any sparks of interest are quickly smothered in breasts, and not in a fun way, either.
Verfasst: 24 August 2014
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3 Reviews
23.2 Std. insgesamt
This game was amazing to say the least. The concept, the art, and the over all experiance of playing this game felt very good. The game is harsh though and does not forgive if you screw up, making you restart from a previous save or start over entirely. The game has so many endings, it is very poetic. If you like puzzles and mind blowing experiances I would buy this game.
Verfasst: 16 März 2014
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