IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II.
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05 月 19 日

Dev blog #158

Hello everybody,

while the German bomber of the Battle of Kuban plane set is already available to customers who pre-purchased the new theater of war, today we'll show you the first screenshots of the Soviet one. This is the US-made bomber A-20B, these aircraft were sent to USSR since December 1942 via the lend-lease program.

On these screenshots, you can see Tushino airfield on the Moscow map which differs from the airfield you have in the sim now significantly. That's right - it was made using the new technique which we use for Battle of Kuban, all the airfields on the Moscow map will be remade using it in the next update 2.011.

We made good progress in Battle of Kuban development across all departments. We'll be giving you regular reports on the work progress during the Summer, and today we can show you WIP screenshot of the Soviet submarine 'Type Sch':

You can see full text and visual materials on our forum:

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05 月 17 日

Pre-Order New Historical Campaign "Blazing Steppe"

Dear Friends,

Our first historical campaign Ten Days of Autumn was warmly welcomed by the community, so we decided to continue development of more Scripted Campaigns. We've kept the promise we made earlier and dedicate this next work to the Soviet Air Force in the Stalingrad skies of 1942.

We are proud to announce that today we begin accepting Pre-Orders of the new historical Campaign "Blazing Steppe" for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

This campaign is set during the early stages of the Stalingrad battle when the German XIV Panzer Corps breached through to the Volga River and the Luftwaffe unleashed all of its might on the civilian districts and defense lines of the city. To compensate for the heavy losses the 8th Air Army suffered during the Summer, Soviet High Command started to move all available reserves, including air regiments and air defense forces personnel to the Stalingrad area in the middle of August. You will be the second-in-command squadron officer of the 11th IAP (fighter regiment) that just arrived at the front line, in the thick of the unraveling air battle.

The campaign consists of 15 missions created using modern historical research and scientific works, including war maps and documents from the archives. Based on users' feedback, we reworked the flight path tracking and main goal completion mechanics significantly, so completing the missions should become more convenient, especially on the Expert difficulty level. Blazing Steppe is scheduled to be released in June 2017.

By Pre-Ordering, you'll get a special 6th IAK PVO skin for the Yak-1 series 69.

The IL-2 Sturmovik Team

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“While IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is still approachable to folks who have yet to unbox their first flightstick, it should have plenty to offer for veterans of air combat”

“One thing’s for sure, any aircraft that does find its way into this sim is going to be rivet-perfect visually and bally persuasive in the flight modelling department”

“Although IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is simple enough to play, it also features a lot of depth and technical detail. This is much more a deep simulation than the free-to-play flight games that are very popular right now”

Important info

Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game itself and both unique premium DLC planes:



IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II. Better quality of content, bigger scale , new physics, more realistic aerodynamics and new game elements set this title apart from all which came before. We have only one goal - To give you a New Higher Level of Immersion!

Key Features:

  • Robust Single-Player Campaign that features a challenging and innovative AI system. Includes an extensive in-game achievement system that allows players to unlock historically based airplane modifications and upgrades as your campaign progresses.
  • Realistic graphics and unique visual effects: clouds, lightning, tracers, explosions and huge smoke plumes - all of them fully realized to recreate the aerial combat scenerey of war time Stalingrad.
  • Flexible Quick Mission mode that allows you to create your own custom combat scenario in just a couple of minutes.
  • Classic Multiplayer gameplay with dedicated player controlled servers with your favorite settings for team battles and dogfight duels.

  • Realistic sounds and physics, detailed aircraft systems modeling, advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art flight modeling gives you a real sensation of flight.
  • Become an ace fighter pilot or try your hand at flying attack planes and bombers where you can destroy tanks, trucks, AAA batteries, artillery units and even armoured trains.
  • Control your plane with either joystick or mouse keeping a highest level of simulation fidelity and accuracy.
  • For those that won’t make it back to base, each plane comes equipped with a handy parachute!

  • Hone your skills versus AI or join multiplayer where you can fight in the air or on the ground, manning T-34-76 or Pz III Ausf L tanks.
  • Control a plane or tank all by yourself or have your friend aim a tank gun or a bomber turret.
  • Unique and detailed damage model lets you use the pros and cons of various aircraft and tanks to your advantage.
  • Adjust the tank aiming sights for distance and view the tank interior just as a plane cockpit!

  • Action takes place on a 358 х 230 km map - The largest and most detailed recreation of the Battle of Stalingrad theatre ever modeled in a flight simulation with unique structures, buildings and landscapes.
  • Single-Player Campaign scenario follows the real chronology of the battle starting with Operation Uranus on November 19th, 1942 and continues to the complete liberation of the city on February 2nd, 1943.
  • Ten Legendary aircraft of the era have been thoroughly re-created using original drawings and blueprints from the Central archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence.
  • Precise simulation of the flight model allows everyone to learn the special character and limits of each and every plane in the game. Use each of their special abilities and performance characteristics to complete your mission and survive the brutal fight.


    • 作業系統: 64-bit Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
    • 處理器: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 GHz
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 圖像: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770 with 2GB VRAM or better
    • DirectX: 版本:11
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 10 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: DirectX®-compatible
    • 備註: DirectX®-compatible flight stick recommended
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