IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II.
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Data wydania: 22 Paź, 2014

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"IL:2 Battle of Stalingrad holds its own as a great addition to the IL:2 series, polished aircraft and detailed flight/damage models make it stand out. "

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Update 1.105: aircraft mouse controls, player controlled tanks and Bf 110 E-2 in early access

Hello everyone!

The end of November is here and, as we promised, the work on the next update is finished. It is a big step forward in the development of the project once again and it brings two huge chunks of new functionality and content: aircraft mouse controls and player controlled tanks. Of course, it adds a new playable plane for Battle of Moscow owners as usual: twin engine heavy fighter Bf 110 E-2 (players who have only Battle of Stalingrad can set it as AI controlled plane or encounter it in multiplayer).

Previously in our developer diary we told about the new additions in detail, you can read them here:
Developer Diary, part 113
Developer Diary, part 114

Here's a brief overview:

1. "T-34-76 made by Stalingrad Tractor Factory, model of 1942" and "PzKpfw III Ausf. L" tanks are available to all owners of the game.
2. You can operate them using the following controls:
"E" - Start engine
"Cursor Keys" - Movement (the game automatically translates these simple direction commands to pushing pedals, switching friction clutches and changing gears).
"RAlt-C" - Close/open hatch (riding with open hatches is obviously more dangerous).
"LCtrl-C" - Switch to gunner and back to driver seat.
"RAlt-G" - Switch ammunition: Armour Piercing / High Explosive / Machine Gun.
"Ralt ;" "Ralt ." - Adjust gunsight verticaly (range)
"Ralt ," "Ralt /" - Adjust gunsight horizontaly vertical (only on T-34)
"Mouse Wheel" or "LShift - Mouse Wheel" - Zoom in or out
"T" - Set turret to stowed position / Take control over the turret
3. At the release, there are two multiplayer missions where you can try them (or provide air support):
3а. First mission is a territory capture that can be played on tanks and planes simultaneously. Tanks need to capture enemy tank spawn points designated by flags, getting closer to the enemy airfield. Players who prefer air power can take off from the airfield either on ground attack planes to support their own ground forces or on fighters to counter enemy air. To capture a flag, ground forces must preserve numerical superiority in its vicinity for a short time. After capturing a couple of enemy flags, tanks can move further to the enemy airfield and wipe it out for good, winning the mission.
3б. Second mission is simpler, but can be more hectic. Players on tanks can participate in the endless AI tank battle (roughly 2 vs 2 tank companies with artillery support) to turn the tide in their favor. Here you immediately jump into the heat of battle. If many players participate in this mission, it can grow up to battalion vs battalion size. Supporting your side from the air is also possible.

Aircraft mouse controls:
1. A mouse controlled plane has the same flight model, damage model and weapons systems as joystick controlled plane, there are no simplifications in the simulation.
2. Mouse controls only pitch, yaw and roll, the rest of the systems (engine, weapons, landing gear, flaps, brakes, etc.) are controlled in the same way as with joystick controls.
3. Server owners can allow both control types on a server or restrict it to be joystick-only.
4. Default mouse controls are mapped to:
"Mouse movement" - Aiming the 'advanced helper' pointer
"Mouse wheel" - All engines throttle
"Left mouse button" - All guns fire
"Right mouse button" - Hold it to look around without changing the direction of the flight
"F1" - Default view from cockpit
"F4" - External view with mouse controls (available only at Normal difficulty since external views are disabled on Expert)
"LShift + mouse wheel" - Zoom view or sight

The full 1.105 change list

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Dev blog #114, part 2

3. Mouse controls. There was a long time dilemma in simulation genre caused by the fact that realistic flight physics mean that a newcomer should have a certain level of initial knowledge and skills (understanding basic principles like 'flight is speed', 'don't turn the flight stick to its limit', 'be more attentive at lower altitudes', etc.) and have controller equipment of a certain level (namely a joystick that is much less widespread gaming device today than it was ten years ago). This sets a pretty high entry barrier for newcomers who want to try the sim genre.

On the other hand, adding simplified flight physics (where a plane can be flown using just cursor keys on the keyboard and where it can't enter uncontrollable spin caused by rough handling for example) to accommodate new players leads to unsolvable problem - this won't give a player the feeling of realistic flight at all, robbing him or her of the very reason of simulation. Is there any point in playing a simplified physics flight in a sim which is all about realistic flight? In addition, this divides the community between those who fly using simplified and full physics modeling since they can't fly the same multiplayer mission.

The answer to this dilemma is a special 'advanced helper' that receives 'I want to do this but I don't know how to' commands from a player and translates them to real plane controls input, not touching physics level at all. This comes with a price however, as everything in life - the helper chooses optimal 'right' trajectories, which simultaneously prevents a player from critical errors and limits the extreme maneuvers the plane can perform like Barrel roll, Snap roll, Hummerhead, Sideslip and others. This enables players who use a mouse and players who use a joystick to fly together and don't have a clear advantage caused by their control device. Winning a fight requires tactical positioning and understanding the composition of air fight, what, we feel, is the goal in this situation.

To make this 'advanced helper' we chose a mouse pointing control, where you tell it 'I want to fly or shoot there' by moving the mouse cursor to that direction. This principle is fairly common in modern aviation games, our team wea one of pioneers of this feature when in 2008 in Rise of Flight sim we have developed plane turrets with complex kinematic mounts and controls where controlled by the helper that translated a simple pointing of mouse cursor to movement of various elements of a turret assembly, pointing the gun to the direction in 3D space designated by player. This principle allowed to model realistic handling and angle limits of gunner turrets in a simple way for a user; it is used for IL-2 turrets as well.

It is important to note that mouse control helper governs only pitch, roll and yaw. Controlling engine, flaps, brakes, armament and everything else is the same as on joystick. This allows mouse controls to be used in Normal and Expert modes just like joystick - differences (and difficulties) are the same. Here are general mouse controls:

"Mouse movement" - Aiming the 'advanced helper' pointer
"Mouse wheel" - All engines throttle
"Left mouse button" - All guns fire
"Right mouse button" - Hold it to look around without changing the direction of the flight
"F1" - Default view from cockpit
"F4" - External view with mouse controls (available only at Normal difficulty since external views are disabled on Expert)
"LShift + mouse wheel" - Zoom view or sight

Please note that several commands will be automatically remapped when you switch from joystick to mouse and vice versa:
Zoom is either "Mouse Wheel" or "LShift + Mouse Wheel"
Chase view - "F4" or "LCtrl-F4"

Furthermore, in case a part of the community feels they want to play only with players who use a joystick, we added a special option to dedicated server configuration that allows a server owner to restrict the control scheme to joystick. However we hope that thanks to the approach described above such restrictions will be enforced by hosters only in limited cases. Why?

To finalize our announce, we need to explain why we introduced this feature in the first place and what hopes we have for it. We hope that adding this basic control method that is available to anyone regardless of special equipment or skills will allow to taste the aviation sim for all these people who stopped at the doorstep before, realizing that they need to buy a special equipment just to take off and fly around the airfield. With this barrier gone, they can try the flight, the feel of the sim and play single player modes like scenarios, quick missions and campaign. When they learn a bit, these new players will try multiplayer. And finally, a part of them (hopefully a major one) will decide that 'it's worth it' and will buy a joystick to feel the joy of flight as close to real life as possible. Like you already do.

To end our today's diary, I want to show you the list of the new additions and fixes that are ready for 1.105, so you won't think that we 'burn our time for ridiculous tanks and mouse' :) Work is progressing at the same rate as before, we prepared player controlled tanks and mouse controls for a long time, so these new additions did not affect the project plan for Battle of Moscow and improvements for Battle of Stalingrad.

You can find full patch notes here:

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“While IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is still approachable to folks who have yet to unbox their first flightstick, it should have plenty to offer for veterans of air combat”

“One thing’s for sure, any aircraft that does find its way into this sim is going to be rivet-perfect visually and bally persuasive in the flight modelling department”

“Although IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is simple enough to play, it also features a lot of depth and technical detail. This is much more a deep simulation than the free-to-play flight games that are very popular right now”

Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game itself and both unique premium DLC planes:


O tej grze

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II. Better quality of content, bigger scale , new physics, more realistic aerodynamics and new game elements set this title apart from all which came before. We have only one goal - To give you a New Higher Level of Immersion!

Key Features:

  • Robust Single-Player Campaign that features a challenging and innovative AI system. Includes an extensive in-game achievement system that allows players to unlock historically based airplane modifications and upgrades as your campaign progresses.
  • Realistic graphics and unique visual effects: clouds, lightning, tracers, explosions and huge smoke plumes - all of them fully realized to recreate the aerial combat scenerey of war time Stalingrad.
  • Flexible Quick Mission mode that allows you to create your own custom combat scenario in just a couple of minutes.
  • Classic Multiplayer gameplay with dedicated player controlled servers with your favourite settings for team battles and dogfight duels.

  • Realistic sounds and physics, detailed aircraft systems modeling, advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art flight modeling gives you a real sensation of flight.
  • Become an ace fighter pilot or try your hand at flying attack planes and bombers where you can destroy tanks, trucks, AAA batteries, artillery units and even armoured trains.
  • Unique and detailed damage model shows how deadly the weapons can be and will challenge even the best pilots.
  • For those that won’t make it back to base, each plane comes equipped with a handy parachute!

  • Action takes place on a 358 х 230 km map - The largest and most detailed recreation of the Battle of Stalingrad theatre ever modeled in a flight simulation with unique structures, buildings and landscapes.
  • Single-Player Campaign scenario follows the real chronology of the battle starting with Operation Uranus on November 19th, 1942 and continues to the complete liberation of the city on February 2nd, 1943.
  • Ten Legendary aircraft of the era have been thoroughly re-created using original drawings and blueprints from the Central archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence.
  • Precise simulation of the flight model allows everyone to learn the special character and limits of each and every plane in the game. Use each of their special abilities and performance characteristics to complete your mission and survive the brutal fight.

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.6 GHz / Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 260/Radeon HD5850, with 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
    • Additional Notes: DirectX®-compatible flight stick required
    • OS: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770, with 2GB VRAM, or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
    • Additional Notes: DirectX®-compatible flight stick required
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7 z 7 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
95.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 26 października
Bitwa o Stalingrad to najnowsza odsłona uznanej serii bojowych symulatorów lotu, za jej stworzenie odpowiada 777 Studios posiadające juz doświadczenie w gatunku symulatorów lotniczych. Jednocześnie najnowsza odsłona powraca do korzeni serii czyli na front wschodni, wprowadza też powiew świeżości w tematyce drugowojennego latania i swego rodzaju nową jakość. Zarówno modele samolotów jak i mapa Stalingradu zostaly odwzorowane z ogromną pieczołowitością, samoloty są wymodelowane niemal do ostatniego nitu, posiadają też szczegółowe i autentyczne w pełni funkcjonalne kokpity, każdy wskaźnik działa i każdy przełącznik jest na swoim miejscu. Mapa urzeka duzą przestrzenią i szczegółowy odwzorowaniem terenu jak i obiektów, lecąc nad Stalingradem możemy zauważyć nawet słynną fontannę z pomnikiem tańczących dzieci, która stała się symbolem bitwy. Całość uzupełnia świetna grafika, naprawdę lot wśród chmur czy przy zachodzie słońca to niezapomniane wrażenia pozostające w pamięci na długo, jednocześnie silnik graficzny jest na tyle dobrze zoptymalizowany że symulator działa płynnie nawet na średnich konfiguracjach, a jednocześnie dobrze wygląda. Jedyne co w kwestii odwzorowania zawodzi to zbyt duża pustka panująca na mapie, zazwyczaj w misjach jednostek jest mało tak jak i samolotów w powietrzu, przez to brak poczucia uczestnictwa w jednej z największych bitew II Wojny Światowej.
Początkowo dostępne były jedynie mapy zimowe, ale wraz z niedawną aktualizacją wprowadzono mapy letnie i jesienne wraz z nową kampanią, w której pojawiły się fabularyzowane misje statyczne.

Pod względem symulacji "BoS" jest najlepszą odsłoną serii, fakt że mamy tutaj dość mało maszyn (8 bez DLC) w porównaniu szczególnie ze starymi odsłonami wygląda to słabo, ale zapewniam że ilość została nadrobiona jakością i każdy samolot prezentuje taki poziom że spokojnie zastępuje kilkadziesiąt średnio wykonanych modeli, naprawdę można poczuć się tutaj niemal tak jak prawdziwy pilot, a samoloty zawarte w pakiecie to jedne z najlepszych wirtualnych modeli tych maszyn jakie ukazały się w symulatorach w ogóle. Mamy tutaj przecież zaawansowaną obsługę silnika, sekwencje startowe, wymagającą nawigację w warunkach zimowych czy model lotu oparty na historycznej dokumentacji i relacjach weteranów, więc "BoS" to symulator z krwi i kości, mimo że są obecne tutaj elementy z aracde jak odblokowywanie ulepszeń dla samolotów, mimo to daleko mu do tak zręcznościowych tytułów jak "War Thunder", tutaj liczy się realizm i historyczny autentyzm. Warto więc pamiętać że do gry wymagany jest joystick, jak na symulator przystało.

Wartwa symulacyjna wypada świetnie, ale zawodzą trochę kwestie czysto grywalnościowe, dużym problemem jest ograniczenie dostepnej zawartości. Mamy tutaj tryb szybkiej misji będący prostym generatorem potyczek, zwykłe misje z fabularyzowanym tłem których niestety nie ma zbyt wiele i kampanię. Niestety kampania jest dość bezpłciowa, odwzorowuje ona 5 ostatnich etapów bitwy (niemcy już wtedy mocno przegrywali) jednak zamiast klimatycznych historii przedstawiająych losy pilotów, mamy po prostu maszynkę do misji, gdzie wybieramy jedynie samolot i typ misji, na przyklad eskortę, przechwycenie czy bombardowanie. Niestety nie mamy możliwości stworzenia postaci pilota czy dołączenia do okreslonej eskadry, po prostu wykonujemy cykl generowanych przez komputer zadań bez tła fabularnego. Szkoda bo jednak w tego typu grach duże znaczenie oprócz technikaliów i realizmu, ma też swoista "wczuwka" której tutaj brakuje, i która niestety osłabia ogólną ocnę, tym bardziej że pod tak długim czasie od premiery producenci nie pokusili się o dodanie fabularyzowanej kampanii.

Podsumowując najnowsza odsłona symulatora wzbudza pewne kontrowersje właśnie ze względu na owe braki w zawartości, niewielką liczbę maszyn (w mojej opinii to niesłuszny zarzut) i ograniczenie rozgrywki już nie tylko do jednego frontu, ale też jednego teatru działań. Mimo to pod względem symulacji jest to coś na co miłośnicy drugowojennych maszyn i jednocześnie fani serii czekali przez długi czas, i pod tym względem jest całkowicie usatysfakcjonowany. Tę produckję oczywiście polecam bez wachania, ale jednak rekomendowałbym ją raczej osobom które mają już pewne doświadczenie w symulatorach, początkujący mogą być znużeni małą liczbą maszyn i jednostajnością, ale jeśli macie ambicje to jak najbardziej warto spróbować czegoś nowego, od razu zobaczycie różnice między prawdziwym symulatorem a zręcznościówką. Już finalnie powiem tylko że pomimo pewnych zgrzytów, pomimo tego że producenci nie śpieszą się z aktualizacjami to na chwilę obecną Battle of Stalingrad jest bezkonkurencyjny jeśli chodzi o zaawansowanie i kwestie symulacji, więc naprawdę warto się nim zainteresować. Pamiętajcie też że nowy model zakłada że będziemy dostawać kolejne fronty jako swoiste mega DLC, już teraz dostępny jest wczesny dostęp do nowych samolotów z "Battle of Moscow" która przeniesie nas do operacji Barbarossa, a kto wie co jeszcze przyniesie przyszłość. :)
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18 z 22 osób (82%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
173.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 maja
A truly excellent flight sim that I have just upgraded to premium as new user content has now become available. I am seriously loving this game and with Ciffs of dover, DCS, and rise of flight all on my computer can just not tear myself away from how much I enjoy the feeling of flying and fighting with these planes.

Game's future is dependent upon the support of the community, so please think twice before shooting us all in the foot by slamming this game, as what the game lacks now it will very possibly have in the future, as long as the devs are not in the meantime driven out of business by all the negative reviews.

Flight sims are not built in a day!
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13 z 16 osób (81%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
228.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 1 października
This is by the far the best flight sim out there, those of you who think this is a war thunder alternative. think again! this is a real flying game, not some grinding pay to win Gaijin feeding program!.. and for those who think its too expensive, i think $50-80 for 8-10 planes which are very well modelled with lots of time put into each one, a campaign which is pretty well done (still would like to see a career similar too rise to flight) and a decent multiplayer experience (when prime time is on), is a good deal, if you think not then wait for a 50% sale (which happen often with this and Rise of Flight).
damage models are good too, one of the best in my opinion, only thing i wish they did was make EXP for unlocks on multiplayer and not only for Campaign /: either way these unlocks dont effect gameplay or give users much advantage over other players, they are also super easy to unlock by practicing in the campaign and shooting down some planes for a couple of hours.

so, if you're a hardcore flight sim enthusiast. this game is for you.
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39 z 66 osób (59%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
8.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 sierpnia
I was hoping for an improved Cliffs of Dover (which I recommend) with a new campaign, theater, planes, etc. but I am disappointed with this game.

First, the cockpits are not mouse-interactive at all. There aren't even tooltips to make it easier to read and understand the instruments (which are in German and Russian of course). So you can't just jump in a plane and figure it out by interacting with it, and it doesn't feel so immersive or like it's a real plane. I spent way too much time in the menus binding all the different axes, which seem to be redundant in many cases. Like I tried out a twin-engine bomber and my bindings didn't work as expected even though you're supposed to be able to switch between engines with the number keys. There aren't many planes so I expected the systems simulations to be better. Like in the bf109 I noticed that the radiator control in the cockpit says auto when the HUD says manual and vice versa. Though the cockpits look nice.

The graphics are impressive at first but when I actually try playing, pretty much all I can see is snow and clouds. My whole screen is white outside. All the maps are winter. It also seems very difficult to taxi in this game. The planes slide all over the place. For this reason I don't even bother with takeoff, which I enjoy in other games.

The campaign has no flavor text or voiceover or story to it. It is just a theater map from which you pick a location, plane, and generic mission scenario. They all appear on the briefing as a rectangular shape. You fly to a waypoint, then to the "action point" which tells you exactly what will be there and at what elevation. Then you MUST fly to the "exit point" to finish the mission even if it takes you the opposite direction of your landing field. It hardly feels like a military sim or immersive at all like Cliffs of Dover was. And in quick mission you can choose any options or simplifications you want before starting, but in campaign you can only choose "normal" or "expert" for some reason (which turns most help settings on or off). And you must earn XP to progress and unlock new weapons etc.

The UI is clean but overbearing like a mobile game or something. You can only toggle off the map separately but everything else (map icons, simplified instrument icons, autopilot icons, labels) toggles together. And it's not always clear if you're using an autopilot simplification or real auto controls (like German auto-radiator which they did have). And you start in-air with auto-level turned on (why??) which you must find the keyboard binding for or else jerk your stick sideways to disengage (and destabalize yourself).

Overall a frustrating, oversimplified, mechanical, un-immersive experience. I think even the related (and free) Rise of Flight is more immersive and engaging even though it has WWI planes with ancient instruments. I recommend Cliffs of Dover for an immersive campaign that puts you in a real squadron (and it has clickable cockpits, less hand-holding like auto RPM limiter). And DCS has the best (and most expensive) WW2 plane simulations though it is lacking a good campaign.
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15 z 23 osób (65%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
5.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 czerwca
Every review on here is detesting the game for its price. Who cares what it costs, the game itself is fantastic. Its a great flight sim, with one of, if not THE best flight model on the market. It's simple and easy to get into, but allows for full engine control if wanted, and models it great. Everything from the time it takes to mix fuels, to the amount of cooling provided by different radiators is fully modeled. Every detail you're looking for is here. The speed inwhich the 109's undercarriage retracts, the stiff controls of the Lagg-3.

And the damage model is absolutely top notch. From the way an aircraft wobbles, to the unpredictability and stability brought upon by bent control surfaces and struts.

This game is simply a must own for any flight sim enthusiest. Well worth the price, don't listen to all these other bad reviews.

(oh and dont worry about my time spent in game, i've been playing the non-steam edition up until today. I have a few hundred hours atleast.)
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