It was the end of summer, a pleasant smell floated in the air. Two girls whose name is Han Hui and He Jia met in the mountains by chance, and they had a wonderful journey which belonged to themselves.
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Utgivelsesdato: 19. aug, 2014
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"Shan Gui is a short chinese VN with nice Voice actors and a nice little story. Its about 30-45 minutes long, drawn well and has nice music."

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13. oktober

Shan Gui Ver 1.17

· Window title now binded to selected language, restart game to enable it. After this patch the game won't show "???" in Korean, Traditional Chinese and other non-Chinese OS.
· Ren'Py engine now updated to version 6.18.2.
· Updated fonts.
· Other minor tweaks.

· 窗口标题现已绑定至所选语言,重启游戏后生效。
· Ren'Py引擎更新至6.18.2。
· 修正了繁中字体逗号过高的问题。
· 其他小型调整。

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2. oktober

Shan Gui Ver 1.15

It's been a long time since our last update, because the lead programmer got a serious illness and haven't recovered. Due to this issue, the update progress for Shan Gui might be slow.

The game engine Ren'Py is now updated to a new version and will run more smooth. And, the brand new version 6.18.1 will support "Self-voicing" function. That means, if you press V button in game and get a message saying "Self voicing enabled", the dubbing will start automaticly. You can press V button to enable/disable this function at any time. It is a function call from your OS, self voicing will not work on the dubbed sentences.

Here is the changelog for Ver 1.15:
1. Fixed runtime errors and achievement unlock issues on Linux.
2. Fixed some issue when playing BGM.
3. Released a free OST DLC, so you can play it with the new Steam Music Player.
4. Updated some typo strings and other tweaks. (More typos fixed in 1.16)

Shan Gui did not reach our expected sales, and the dub remaking may cost more than 5 thousand dollars to finish, so we've shelved this plan.
And also, the sale in Japan did not reach our goal, the translation for Japanese will be temporary shelved too.

Thank very much for your 85% positive reviews, the game will have a 50% discount from 20th, Oct (Pacific Standard Time). The schedule may be changed due to special situations, so if you don't find it on sale at time, please be patient and wait for our further announcement.

另外,引擎升级后,游戏将支持一项“自动朗读”的功能,按快捷键V打开关闭。按下V后当听到“Self voicing enabled”的语音提示时,游戏将启动自动朗读。再次按下V后听到“Self voicing disabled”的提示时,该功能关闭。此功能调用操作系统的相关功能实现。自动朗读将不对CV已配音的语句进行朗读。




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About This Game

It was the end of summer, a pleasant smell floated in the air. Two girls whose name is Han Hui and He Jia met in the mountains by chance, and they had a wonderful journey which belonged to themselves.

Shan Gui is simple, and flat. It tells you a story between two girls, they walk in the mountain, for whole afternoon. It’s not hard to understand, just things of our life, with some lost, some confusion. Han Hui is a common girl, and He Jia is also a girl with happiness, althrough she is not set as human. Who comes with sadness, finally get cured by a happy girl, that’s the story we want to tell you.

In the game, you may find most scenes are from Purple Mountain, Nanjing, and if you have a chance, please visit this mountain, there’s nothing fantastic, nothing mysterious here, just a quite and simple life.

When I was making the game, I tried to walk in Purple Mountain, sometimes I could feel the girls passed...

Maybe they are really living here? I believe that.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6
    • Processor: Any 64 bit processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
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Shan Gui is a short-ish, but beautiful Visual Novel. The story is sweet and cute, and two main characters are fully voiced, which certainly adds to its appeal.

However, Shan Gui has no dialogue choices or multiple endings one might except from a VN, although in its case it is sort of fitting, and I can’t think of any place where I would’ve changed the story. But those who don’t mind the lack of interactivity will be rewarded with a beautiful story.
Publisert: 25. august
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A charming indie addition to the Steam VN library.

It's a small package, clocking in at under 2 hours, which is acceptable given the price point of $5. Bear in mind that this is a static VN, without gameplay or decision-making, simply a story to experience. It's up to your discretion if the price of content justifies a purchase. I can say that those two hours are well spent.

Criticisms primarily pertain to elements of the voiceacting. You may want to adjust the sound settings in option and turn the music down a bit, as both of the VAs are, for the most part, very quiet, and the music may drown out their performances. Furthermore, the protagonist is consistently lacking any sort of enthusiasm; in comparison, her new friend, while similarly quiet, has moments of excitement suited to the demeanour of a child, and when she sings it's a delight. That said, the voiceacting is more often a benefit than a detractor to the experience. Auto-scrolling is perfectly timed to the voice acting.

Perhaps some of the cultural specifics of the region could have been conveyed better through dialogue. Links are provided to articles as aids to understanding the region, its history and various mythological concepts. They're okay to thumb through upon invitation, but not seemingly necessary for enjoyment of the experience.

The UI is standard, perfectly functional, and requires no introduction. I recommend the use of Quick Saves to allow the story to continue to flow.

The settings are beautiful and excellent captures of the Chinese landscapes. Your mileage may vary with the characters and hand-drawn scenes themselves, but transitions allow both sides of the visual coin to compliment one another. The descriptive writing also helps the user fill in any blanks, creating a general sense of tranquility that goes hand in hand with a visual tour of Purple Mountain. The English translation is competent enough to carry that sense across to English readers.

I do not feel the plot is anything to write home about; it is a modest story, as the author says. However, it is a product of love, a captivating experience, a simple journey and an look at a new world for many of us; it's about seeing the beauty in everything.

I recommend it to anyone who's a fan of visual novels in particular. If anything here piqued your interest, you should read it too. It requires little investment of time and money and the experience is captivating.
Publisert: 30. august
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The game kinda remains me of a lot of "Go! Go! Nippon My First Trip to Japan" Has a story with a guide explaining certain parts of the land and instead of a lengthy explanation of the place from your guide will give a link to the wiki. The other difference is this game has achievements and badges if you care for them. Also this game is shorter then hour and half I spent on it I spent just as much time on reading up on the wiki as I did on the game. With all I said I really enjoy but not enough to go through a second time.
Publisert: 19. august
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An illustrated short story, set in the mountains of China.
Impressive artwork, that's so good that you can't help but wonder if it's processed photographs! I think the scenes really do exist!
There are no choices, no different endings, so really this is just one to sit back, watch, listen and read the story.
There have been a number of complaints about the translation but personally I think it’s perfectly acceptable . Too much interpretation and it would lose it's Chinese flavour. Leaving the voices in Chinese is a really nice touch too.
Perhaps too gentle for some, this is delightful short story. Well worth the small amount it costs.
Publisert: 28. september
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First and foremost, this is a review for what Shan Gui is and what it can become.

As others have mentioned, it is indeed a Kinetic Novel. It's up to you to decide whether you think that's good or a bad. Personally, it's a nice change of pace from all the other VNs I have played on Steam. There are times where you just want a straightfoward experience.

The game throws a few wiki links along the way which depict actual scenery or sights/art present in China. I find this as a great opportunity to share numerous beautiful places to visual novel enthusiasts. If you shine a positive light on this, it can (emphasis on can) actually be quite educational.

As far as the price point goes, I think it's set fairly. There is of course a lot of room for improvement so one must take that into consideration before making the final judgement about the game.

Seeing as I want this game to improve and the developer to succeed, here are 2 small suggestions (for current or future projects):

1. Improved audio - The voices were a bit muffled at the beginning of the VN. This may be because it was intentionally meant to be hushed up a bit when portrayed as the character doing a monologue but the audio during that part could have definitely been a bit clearer.

2. More scenery (in the future?) - I really do believe that if you are going to link us to wikipedia links of various places, you should definitely make the most of it. China is a vast place and I am sure there are tons of beautiful scenery there so it would be a boon/benefit for a Kinetic Visual Novel to feature these places.

Edit: Thank you zedraxlo and all those involved with Shan Gui. I look forward to playing future chinese VNs
Publisert: 19. august
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