Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies.
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Datum vydání: 16. čvc. 2014

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Proč předběžný přístup?

“OGAT ("Of Guards and Thieves") is in Early Access phase. This means that the development of the game is still in progress.
So, why buy the game?
By buying the game, you will have access to all of the new content that will be released during the development, up to the full version of the game.
In this way you will give full support to developers, allowing them to finish the project in the best way possible.

Be sure to check our key features and To Do List below.”

Přibližně jak dlouho bude tato hra v předběžném přístupu?

“More or less one year, we have big plans for Ogat, it is our intention to add a large number of game modes and other content.”

Jak se bude plná verze lišit od předběžného přístupu?

“Lots of new stuff!
  • New game mode
  • New classes
  • New factions
  • New weapons
  • New gameplay features
  • Better services
  • ... and more!
look at our Wiki to discover new details.

V jaké fázi vývoje se hra nachází?

“In its current state the game is perfectly enjoyable.
You can play a good variety of game mode, classes and map.
We work every day to bring new game content constantly.”

Změní se cena hry po skončení předběžného přístupu?

“Yes, but the final price will depend on the number of content that will be available in the final version.”

Jak plánujete zapojit komunitu do vývoje této hry?

“We are open to suggestion and feedback.
The community can interact directly with us, play with us and see their suggestions come to life within the world of "OGAT"”
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"The perfect blend of stealth and strategy. Of Guards and Thieves manipulates light in a completely unique way, creating an intense gameplay environment."
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10. června

OGAT - Quick Update 70.15 - Skins, improvements and stuff

Of Guards and Thieves 70.15 Update

Here's the complete changelog for 70.15 update:
70.15 Changelog

  • New Sandbox character skins (x12)
  • New profile Avatars (x12)
  • River City map image now with grids
  • Improved random item spawn for Sandbox (more items and better networking)
  • New icons for Inventory items (food, medicine and magazines)
  • FIX: TAB player list - connected player are now displayed correctly
  • FIX: TAB player list - user Ping are now displayed correctly
  • FIX: FPS drop during items spawn
  • FIX: Lag during new player login
  • FIX: Bag items not correctly synch
  • FIX: HP amount not correctly synch after cure
  • Dedicated server networking improvements
  • NP5 kSD damage change: 12->14

New Sandbox character skins

From now you can choose from 13 different skins to play Survival/Sandbox gamemodes.
Someone familiar?

Citizen skins

Survivor skins

Policeman skins

Military skins

Mercenary skins

New profile Avatars

River City map image now with grids

River City map image now provides cordinates for better teamwork.

New icons for Inventory items

Now inventory items uses the correct image as preview.

Official Teamspeak reminder
"Of Guards and Thieves" official Teamspeak server is now up and available for everyone.

To connect use this address: ts.ofguardsandthieves.com
You can find the Teamspeak rules HERE
If you need a private channel for your Clan/Friend Groups read HERE

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22. května

OGAT - Update 70.0 - Sandbox TDM and River City Map (1kmx1km)

OGAT - Update 70.0 - Sandbox TDM and River City Map (1kmx1km)

Of Guards and Thieves 70.0 Update Available

Here's the complete changelog for 70.0 update:
70.0 Changelog

  • New Map: River City (1km x 1km)(40% Available)
  • New Gamemode: Sandbox TDM
  • New Reloading and Magazines system
  • Level cap moved to Level 30
  • Swimming capability
  • Networking improvements
  • New map loading system
  • Golden Dedicated Server (require Early Access account to join)
  • New 20/60 slot dedicated server for Sandbox TDM
  • Limited gear at spawn (you have to search for better weapons/ammo

NOTE: Loading time for the River City map takes around 20-60 seconds (depends on your hardware) so please, don't quit the game during the loading screen.

River City Map

1km x 1km map (only 40% available for now, will be expanded with new updates)

Sandbox Features

  • Day&Night cycle system
  • Inventory System
  • Pick Up/Use/Equip/Drop items features
  • Consumable items (food and medicine)
  • New Gadget: Chemlights
  • Drop items on death
  • Random items spawn
  • Random character spawn
  • 30/60 slot servers
  • Limited gear at spawn (you have to search for better weapons/ammo/medikit/gadgets)

SANDBOX TDM - Gamemode description

In this mode, there are two teams (Red and Blue). The team with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner. Match duration is 30 minutes.
Preserve your health and your ammo, scavange for new items and manage your inventory in the best way to win the game.
Remember, every time you get killed, you are giving one point away to the opposite team and vice-versa!
The match lasts 30 minutes in which the two teams will face each other to survive and win the game.
Full Day&Night cycle takes 15 minutes.

SANDBOX Instruction/Commands

  • Open/Close Inventory: Q button
  • Item Interaction: Right Mouse Button
  • Flashlight: F button
  • Open/Close MAP: M button


  • 1 Zlock 18 with 2 Magazines
  • 1 Crowbar
  • 1 Bandage
  • Military Backpack (Max Weight: 25kg)
  • Hunter suit (90 HP)

New Gadget: Chemlights

Similar the Scout's Flare but with less range and more duration (60 seconds).
Available in four different colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Green.

New Reloading and Magazines system

In Classic gamemodes (GaT, DE, TDM etc.) non-Full magazine are now saved in the backpack when reloading and remain available for later use.
Pressing R, the magazine with the largest amount of projectiles will be used.
Empty magazines will be destroyed. (Classic gamemode only, in the sandbox gamemode empty magazine are stored in the backpack)

Swimming capability
You know, if you walk into the water... now you are able to swim (really slow).

River City Screenshot

Official Teamspeak reminder
"Of Guards and Thieves" official Teamspeak server is now up and available for everyone.

To connect use this address: ts.ofguardsandthieves.com
You can find the Teamspeak rules HERE
If you need a private channel for your Clan/Friend Groups read HERE

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“Of Guards and Thieves is a powder keg of potential. It's an absolute ton of fun with friends and strangers alike. There's simply no reason to pass it by. Get in on the ground floor and let's go!”

“Its OK! Frag Out!!”

“This game is awesome. Lots of tactical s***. Sneaky Beaky like.”

Informace o hře

Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies. A game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and high replayability, Of Guards and Thieves is sure to be a showstopper in your gaming collection!


  • Asymmetric Stealth multiplayer tactical action.
  • Class system and factions.
  • Innovative dynamic lighting system.
  • Interactive environment.
  • Competitive and fun game modes.
  • *check our Wiki to find all the actual game content: http://ogat.gamepedia.com


  • Map editor - Make your own map with our 3D Map Editor directly inside the game and share them with the community.
  • Dedicated server - Enjoy the game on our 24/7 dedicated servers, bigger game, less lag, more fun!
  • New classes - Prepare to compete with new exclusive classes like the Saboteur, the Sniper, the Hacker, the Carrier and more.
  • Clan - Form your clan and compete with your friends.
  • Automated tournaments and league system.
  • Friend list and private messaging system.
  • Mac and Linux support on Steam.
  • Achievements and challenges.
  • Customizable equipment, weapon, gadget and appearance.
  • New maps.
  • Single Player missions.
  • Co-Op game mode and AI bots.
  • New competitive game modes - V.I.P, Capture the flag, Hostage rescue, Thief escape, Capture mission and more!
  • New fun game modes - Zombie escape, Jailbreak, Murder and more! (check the complete list in our Wiki page http://ogat.gamepedia.com/GameMode


Prepare to join a new series of huge game modes like "Thief Town", "Zombie Apocalypse", "Life", "Hunger Games" and more!
These game modes include a lot of new features like:
  • Dynamic daylight based on realistic night and day cycle.
  • Dynamic Weather system.
  • Survival Features - Sickness, hunger, thirst and fatigue.
  • MMO features - Inventory, crafting, farming, harvesting, hunting, fishing and more.
  • Bigger games with persistent world.
  • Vehicles.
  • Buildable environment - House, base, traps, farming and crafting structures and more.
  • Living world - Animals, creatures and NPC characters.

Systémové požadavky

    • OS: Win XP
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 compatible
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
Užitečné recenze od zákazníků
92 z 96 osob (96%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1 osoba ohodnotila tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
16.2 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 10. června
Recenze předběžného přístupu
Got the game free!
However that does not affect the tone of my review

The good
  • Game modes! There appear to be an abundance of different game modes already, each one very different from the others! But my review will focus on zombie survival, because that's my favourite!
  • Actual Strategy! Although in early access, OGAT already has a surprising amount of strategic element. Of course, most of the time you play with complete scrubs, who just run in and get shot. But I can imagine planning out proper plans with friends, and targeting an attack. You occasionally meet players with common sense, too!
  • Amazing lighting setup. You don't realise just how much of a role the lighting plays, until you play as a guard. I think this should be made clearer in the tutorial, maybe with a screenshot from each perspective. Either way, once you've seen it, you'll understand how important it is to turn off lights. As a zombie, you can see everything, so at first it's seemingly pointless to turn them off.
  • Crisp graphics! I felt that the chosen graphics blended nicely into gameplay.
  • No waiting for joining. I cannot tell you how much I hate waiting. But OGAT allows you to jump straight in a game, halfway through. This is a great addition, especially at low hours when no one is on.
  • Extra gameplay tricks. There are special air ducts, that only zombies can get through. This means people actually have to cover them. One thing I didn't notice at first, was that guards cannot go through windows either, even when shot out. I'm not sure whether this is a bug, or actually intended! But, please leave it in! I have used it to my advantage many times!
  • Balanced XP distribution. If you're on a server with a douchey admin, who puts the team 10:1, you'll notice that you won't earn much XP. I assume you earn extra XP if your team is the handicapped one, but I wasn't on that server for long, so I didn't get to see.
  • Satisfying to play. One thing I haven't found in many games recently, is enjoyment from playing. Although the tutorial is questionable to say the least, I was able to learn the rest of the mechanics in under 10 minutes. And when I did, I had fun! The danger is, if players don't get a chance to play all round, before deciding they don't like the game.
  • Levelling up. I like that I can see everyone's level on a server. But I question how easy that will be to exploit ;) I'm guessing it's stored locally.

And then the bad / needs improving
  • Lag.... - Annoying gamers since 1969. Most of the time, it's fine. Although when I get ninja killed, I wonder if it had anything to do with it.
  • I hate the new massive map! It causes me FPS lag, as well as server lag when there's actually enough people to fill the people per mile ratio.
  • No.. Sound? I have no idea if this is just me, but I didn't hear anything when I played. It was just silent. You could do with some seriously cool spy music, with immersive sound effects. Hearing glass breaking in the distance will obviously add to the fear factor!
  • Balance. The balance of the characters for the team is unfair. It doesn't really matter though, because you get to choose who to play. But the shield guy is rendered completely pointless due to lag, and the other characters are underpowered. I always went with the assault rifle man, or the tank.
  • The main menu is confusing. At first, when I saw it, my eyes glazed over. There is way too much going on, and actual options themselves are not obvious.
  • No Upgrades or unlocks. Please implement them! It adds incentive to playing. Like each round, I get to add 0.05 to the damage of my gun, or take 0.1 second off reload time.
  • Game modes are not clear. When on the lobby, the type of each game is not immediately obvious. Given that I've never seen any of the acronyms before, I've no idea what "GaT", "sbTDM" or "SOC" are, to name a few. Tooltips would be lovely! At first I didn't even realise that it was the game mode column.
  • The tutorial is a bit crap. Although presented with pretty colours and nice graphics, the bottom line is just sitting through wads of text to learn mechanics. Hands on tutorials are always the best way to go! And I would have also seen important mechanics a lot earlier on.
  • Mixing graphic styles. Not really a bad thing in this case, because I feel it works. But you've got some low-poly style rocks with no texture, combined with realistic trees. Looks a little strange for me!
  • Players can't choose teams. When you join a server, the admins put you into teams. Countless times, you see "I wanted to be the other team" in the chat just before the game starts. And if you get a bad admin, your only option is to leave, because they section all the new players into the less desirable team, then slaughter them.
  • Other little details. For instance you can fall, but not jump. And when you do fall, it looks very rigid. I also discovered that sometimes the flashlight was F, and others it was right click? The ocean looks a little weird too. The waves move at like 0.1mph, and there are lots of texture glitches. Finally, some of the maps could sometimes be a bit bleak, with little to no decoration aside from the walls.
  • The game lacks a "Style". One thing that I really feel is missing, is a colour scheme. Something that highlights key aspects. At the moment all the maps are littered with bright and dark colours. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice! But it makes it harder to bring attention to GUI or objectives. For instance it's so easy to miss a dead body lying on the ground, simply because it blends in with the other colours. However if all the colours were pale and in a specific palette, a dead body would stand out, or an objective marker in an opposing colour would grab your attention. Take TF2 for an example. What specific colours do you think of? This game needs that. You'll be surprised how much it adds.
Bug: Reload animation doesn't go away after death.

    Of Guards and Thieves was the most fun I've had in a while, don't be put off by the negatives. The game is very playable in it's current state, there are just a few tweaks I'd like to see! I genuinely feel this game will be really popular, as it has huge potential. If the developers listen to what their fans want, it will take off!

Recommended price: £5.99
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6 z 8 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
310.4 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 18. června
Recenze předběžného přístupu
fantastic game where teamwork comes first of player skills...a huge potential because when they'll add all modes and classes they are working, on it'll be fantastic!
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4 z 5 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 26. června
Recenze předběžného přístupu
Great Devs and I really love the game too, it opens for some really good combat and a fun time, especially with friends.
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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
10.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 28. června
Recenze předběžného přístupu
This game is like " Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Blacklist " with " Team Fortress 2 " graphics and " The Bird's Eye View "

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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
4.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 3. července
Recenze předběžného přístupu
Overall well rounded game. Can get a little boring after a while and doesnt very often have many different servers open. Not much I can say, its just too good.
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