Climb into the pilot's seat of an otherworldly war machine and take down a genocidal alien race bent on eradicating humanity to preserve their own civilization.
Sehr positiv (11 Reviews) - 90% der 11 Nutzerreviews der letzten 30 Tage sind positiv.
Sehr positiv (894 Reviews) - 90 % der 894 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 30. Mai 2014

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“This is one of my favorite shoot-'em-ups in years, and fellow STG enthusiasts would be remiss to overlook such a gem. Astebreed is a masterstroke. Spread the word.”
9.5 /10 – Destructoid

“If you’re looking for a game that has subtleties and intricacies often overlooked in modern games then Astebreed comes highly recommended.”
8/10 – Coffee Break Gaming

“...Astebreed is a game that, in terms of quality and design, puts many recent triple-A releases to shame...”
5/5 – USGamer

Über dieses Spiel

You are Roy Becket, a young pilot with dreams of becoming as skilled as his adoptive father. When a galactic war with an ancient mechanical alien race reaches its boiling point, Roy is forced to spring into action and take control of an otherworldly bipedal war machine in hopes of saving what's left of humanity.

Joining Roy is a young girl who claims to have escaped the clutches of the nefarious aliens. Forever altered through horrible experimentation, she now possesses the very abilities humanity will need to push back the doomsday clock.

Together, they must battle an unrelenting army alone and reunite their shattered family.

The End of All Things is in sight. At the edge of eradication stands Astebreed.

Arcade Shooter Evolved

Astebreed takes the classic arcade shooter and breathes new life into it. Using lovingly crafted 3D models, cutting edge particle effects, and tried-and-true Japanese mecha designs, Astebreed delivers an unparalleled atmosphere of beautiful destruction.

A Full Arsenal

Roy has a considerable arsenal to combat his foes, as well. Armed with the mysterious Lucis device, Roy's mech can shoot from a distance, paint targets for precision homing attacks, and even get close for a killing blow with a powerful blade attack. No enemy shall escape your wrath, no matter where they hide.

Dynamically Changing Perspective

Your enemies are not always ahead of you. Your enemies swarm, fly and intercept, and Astebreed's dynamic perspective always keeps the action in view. Seamlessly switching between vertical, horizontal, and 3D shooter, Astebreed will keep you guessing what your next threat will be, without ever interrupting the action.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Prozessor: Core 2 Duo or faster
    • Grafik: Shader Model 3.0 compatible, GeForce 8600GT (2007 model) or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Zusätzliche Anmerkungen: Controller recommended
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Sehr positiv (11 Reviews)
Sehr positiv (894 Reviews)
Kürzlich verfasst
( 4.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 28. Juni
It's a bullet hell where the perspective changes during the stage. It can be quite unforgiving after a certain stage, but it's an entertaining and well-made game, nonetheless.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 1.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 18. Juni
Very fast-paced bullet-hell shooter that is easy to learn and looks gorgeous. A straightfoward arcade-style story develops as you play so there is no break in gameplay. All the right stuff is here - a heavy arsenal of weapons that cater to a specific situation, frenzies of bullets and explosions that keep things exciting, and of course a lot of replay value. I got it while it was on sale for $5.99, but I would be willing to pay full price for how much fun it is to play.
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Monguntiacum [Infracta]
( 5.2 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 5. Juni
Ein rein optisch sehr ansprechendes Shoot'em Up mit etwas wirrer Story.
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 23.9 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 5. Juni
Awesome game, this needs a part 2, highly recommended for anime bullet hell fans!!!
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 3.3 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 30. Mai
A good attempt at a different kind of mech game. Enjoyed the story but the game could use some better optimization with clunky feeling at certain parts
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
Ed Rooney
( 1.5 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 23. Mai
Shmups are a dying breed, it's rare to see a modern shmup on Steam that doesn't immediately betray that it was made by a small indie team hacking together a tribute to the classics. Astebreed, on the other hand, looks and feels like a game that I wouldn't mind paying $14.99 for, but with the caveat that, like many shmups, the story takes less than two hours to play through and is designed for multiple playthroughs and highscore chasing.

Astebreed plays like Platinum Games made an old school shmup. It's simple enough that someone new could make it through the campaign on a low difficulty and feel like a bad-♥♥♥, but the mechanics are deep enough that you really need to master them for the hard difficulty or if you want to play for high scores. Once you get thngs down you'll be zipping around the screen, shooting enemies down, using lock-on attacks, deflecting enemy fire with your melee before charging in for the kill, and unleashing one of several different super attacks. As this happens the pespective will occasionally shift between top-down, side-scolling, and behind-the-shoulder. The latter works the worst, but the devs obviously knew that because that perspective is used more for wow-factor moments and comprises the least challenging moments of the game. Overall it's hectic and fun and a condensed experience without any filler. Some games might be 8+ hours long with 1.5 hours of truly exciting gameplay, Astebreed just simply ditches all the extra fluff, but regardless the length will be a sticking point for people who just want more for their money.

There's a surprisingly deep story here from a shmup and it's absolutely absolutely bat-♥♥♥♥ insane, although I'm aware that it may just be par for the course if you're into anime. Whether you're interested in it or not, you'll likely miss most of it because the voice acting is all Japanese and the english text is shoved into the bottom corner where you're going to miss it because a good 50% of the exposition happens during firefights. Even when I was able to see the text a lot of the story is an odd mix of pretentious and inane. I have a feeling that may have been exactly the intent, but it's just not for me, and fortunately it's not necessary to enjoy the game and also completely ignorable.

If you can find it on sale (it's been as low as $4) it's definitely worth a play.
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( 4.4 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 15. Mai
Game is great when played with a controller. The flashy combos and crunchy hits definitely makes the combat rewarding. 10/10 would recommend
Hilfreich? Ja Nein Lustig
( 1.7 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 14. Mai
I don't really write reviews, but I had to say my piece about Astebreed. First off, it's beautiful, or at least I think so. Being a huge Mecha fan, this was the biggest drawing point for me, and it did not disappoint. Secondly, the gameplay. It's fast paced, and can get pretty intense at times. In chapter three I felt a significant difficulty boost, and by chapter four there were even points I was overwhelmed. Not to mention, there's a story! Going into a lot of these games, I don't expect much story, seeing as most of these games get lost in translation hell, and the story doesn't really vibe. Is this the best story on the planet> No, not quite, but it does a good job of making you feel like what you're doing has purpose, and that's all anyone could really ask for. I've only really played this game for 43 minutes, however, and it's addicting, and I'm definately going back to it once I post this review.
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Foggy Dreamer
( 5.6 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 6. Mai
Astebreed is a decent shoot 'em up game where you use a variety of attacks - regular shots, homing shots, a short range blade attack and powerful finishing blows. Unlike most games, the perspective constantly changes, switching between a vertical, horizontal and frontal shooter.

The cut scenes and dialogue feel like they are straight out of a mecha anime. However, the characters have a bad habit of chatting while you are in a middle of a battle. This makes it quite difficult to follow the story while staying alive.

Overall, a great shmup for enthusiasts and casual players alike.
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Zaalbar - 愛の戦士
( 10.8 Std. insgesamt )
Verfasst: 2. Mai
Awesome, stylish, super-robot themed shmup with some interesting mechanics and perspectives that serve to somewhat break typical shmup conventions and make the game fun even for newcomers to the genre.
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5.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. Juni
Ein rein optisch sehr ansprechendes Shoot'em Up mit etwas wirrer Story.
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Hilfreichste Reviews  Insgesamt
1 von 1 Personen (100 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20. September 2014
ich muss sagen, dass das game (bzw. die portierung) doch sehr gelungen is. arcade-feeling durch und durch. erinnert bisl an panzer dragoon (saturn) und kann grafisch überzeugen, ohne die augen zu überreizen, wie es ja bei solchen spielen gerne der fall is. auch mag ich, dass es ständig wechselt zwischen von links nach rechts, unten nach oben oder in die tiefe. des weiteren sind die endgegner sehr einfallsreich in szene gesetzt. bei nem auto würde man sagen: formvollendet
ich empfehle erstma auf easy zu spielen, um die levels kennen ( bzw. auswendig) zu lernen.
hab es rel. günstig im bundel bekommen, aber ein preis von 15€ is für fans des genres (shoot em up) glaub ich angemessen bzw. gerechtfertigt.

lange rede kurz. nice one!
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1 von 3 Personen (33 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24. August 2014
Das Spiel würde ich jedem Animefan empfehlen
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1 von 3 Personen (33 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25. September 2014
Hammer Spiel für jeden Mech Anime Fan zu Empfehlen !! :)
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0 von 1 Personen (0 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
6.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 2. Dezember 2014
Super Spiel macht viel spaß nur leider hat man es sehr schnell durch und für 15euro wäre da echt viel verlangt, obowohl das gameplay richtig hammer ist und die grafik und special effects auch gut sind.
15euro zu viel 5-10euro klare empfehlung!
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1 von 5 Personen (20 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. August 2014
It's Touhou with Mechs 10/10
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135 von 144 Personen (94 %) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
2 Personen fanden dieses Review lustig
14.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30. Mai 2014
Highly recommended - without a doubt, if you're a SHMUP fan or newcomer, you'll enjoy this title. I've definitely enjoyed my time with this!

-There are a total of 6 chapters, with a boss encounter for each. Early stages can be pretty easy, but it can get difficult later on, especially on higher difficulty. It can take you a few attempts during later boss encounters before you figure out their attack pattern and take them down!

-The visuals are fantastic for a SHMUP – everything is crisp and fluid. I really love the excellent art aesthetics and the look for the mechas.

-Also, there are full Japanese voice overs for all of the characters (it's actually pretty good!) Subtitles are available, but you won't be reading much of it during intense fights.

-3 attacks are available to you (4 if you count the EX special which has 3 variants) and each attack has a secondary function. Scatter shots can lock on enemies around you, focus shots lock on enemies in a targeted direction and blade attacks can be used to dash across the screen. Destroying enemy shots with the blade will charge the EX meter faster.

-You’ll become real familiar with your arsenal – you won’t just spam one attack, especially if you’re a score chaser. You'll use blade attacks to rack up points, switch between shots depending on your position, cancel enemy projectiles with your blade, line up foes and dash across the screen with the blade dash to destroy enemies or avoid danger, and find the perfect moment to unleash your EX special to annihilate your foes.

-You can take some punishment before you die. Your "health" is your shields which recharges over time to a certain degree.

-The camera perspective will change during combat keeping each encounter fresh. It switches between side-scrolling, top-down, and 3D perspectives.

-Astebreed definitely has replayability. Hard mode is extremely challenging. You also have the option to turn on scoring to test your skills and compete against other players’ scores on the online leaderboards.

-There are unlockables! Hard mode, art, model viewer, and the ability to start with a different mecha becomes available after beating the game.
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2.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11. Februar 2015
In the massive world of anime, Astebreed asks a question that may have never been asked before, and one that I have been pondering since time immemorial. What if your waifu was a giant robot with the soul of a young girl?

The answer, provided by Astebreed, is one of epic OVA proportions. But don't let yourself be fooled, there is kawaii to be found inside this world. But you must fight for it. You must fight to create a more kawaii world for everyone. Should you fail to do so, there will be no kawaii left. No more oppai. No more moe. Even otome novels will be a thing of the past. This is not a world worth living in. Ready your button fingers and slice those bullets to carve a path to a world of kawaii for everyone, a world where maybe even Sakura Angels could one day be a reality.

This game is a test of your dedication. Will you fight for this utopia to become real? Or will you run and doom everyone to a world of darkness and despair? Even your waifu? Even your own waifu?
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7.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20. November 2015
One of the best things about indie games is that it’s actually possible to be surprised by them. As great as more mainstream games might be they’ve almost inevitability been preceded by a year or more’s worth of trailers, previews, interviews, and betas. But Astebreed has been out for over a year at this point and I've never had any idea it existed until a few days ago. Now that I do I can see it’s one of the best shoot ’em-ups of last year.

Astebreed isn’t a first person shooter though, and it certainly doesn’t have any cover mechanics. It is instead an old school 2D shooter, very much in the style of genre master Treasure and classics such as Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga. I’ve never heard of Edelweiss before but they seem to be a Japanese indie developer with only a small string of other arcade style action games to their name (after this I'm certainly going to check out earlier game Ether Vapor).

But while their appreciation for Treasure’s more traditional 2D work is obvious in every second of gameplay it’s actually Nintendo-published franchise Sin And Punishment that this game most closely resembles. The similarities come in that although in gameplay terms Astebreed is always a 2D shooter the perspective constantly changes, so that sometime it’s a traditional side-on game, sometimes a vertical scroller, and other times essentially an on-the-rails third person shooter.

The story behind the action is, of course, pure nonsense (and detailed in subtitles you never have time to read) but the cinematic stylings are hugely impressively and amongst the most technically advanced I’ve seen in the genre. The viewpoint doesn’t just switch at random, but is used to punctuate the action with the reveal of a boss or to allow for a brief respite after a punishing set piece.

Creating a top quality 2D shooter is rarely about big new ideas but instead is more like designing a good roller coaster, with the appearance and design of each wave of new enemies requiring skilled choreography that often goes unappreciated – until you play a game that gets it wrong.
Although it’s a truism that the Japanese do not use PCs to play video games that’s only generally true in terms of mainstream Western titles. The PC has always been home to a thriving market of visual novels and other low budget titles intended solely for a Japanese audience, and there’s also an active indie scene – know in Japan as dōjin soft.

Even so the graphics here are still well above the level you’d expect, with rock solid 60 frames per second action and higher than 1080p resolution. But of course it’s the gameplay that is most vital and here Astebreed also excels. You’re piloting a Gundam-ish flying robot, which has three main forms of attack: a short range sword, a focused stream of bullets, and a wider spread shot attack.

Both shooting styles can use a lock-on mechanic, with the spread shot allowing you to target enemies in a circle around you, while the focused shots can only be used for objects directly in front of you. There are some additional complications, with different attacks being used to cancel different kinds of enemy bullets and a variable use special ‘EX Attack’, but the basics are relatively simple and much more accommodating for a novice player than something like Radiant Silvergun.

In fact the game goes out of its way to try to welcome those new to the genre, with an in-depth tutorial, reasonably fair checkpoints, and three different difficulty modes. The opening prologue is also purposefully easy, which not only helps not to scare of potential players but is also extremely useful for experimenting with the game’s various systems.

As genre fans would expect there’s a complex scoring system for when you’ve got the hang of the action, although delving into that side of the game is entirely optional. The score multiplier is based around your robot’s shields, and as long as they’re still up your combos will continue to rack up whenever you make a kill using either of the two normal shot attacks. When you use a sword you bank the points but the multiplayer drops.

And again the game goes above and beyond by including a full suit of online leaderboards and achievements. There are even graphs to show the ebb and flow of your multiplier over the course of each level. Compared to other shooters, and other Japanese-dominated genres like fighting games, it’s a remarkably complete package that doesn’t use its niche status as an excuse not to include basic functions.

In strictest terms Astebreed doesn’t do anything new in the genre, but within that context this is one of the best examples of its breed in years. It’s especially good for newcomers and although it certainly gets very hard towards the end the game’s not spiteful about its difficultly level, and it does its best to help you succeed. I wouldn’t even really call it a bullet hell game, for although the screen certainly does get bus it doesn’t require rote learning or supernatural arcade skills to progress.

Regardless of genre Astebreed is simply an excellent video game, with well balanced gameplay, great graphics and art design, and an interesting and varied challenge despite the short running time. That all this should be the work of an unknown indie developer just makes it all the more impressive, and all the more worthy of your time and money.
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9.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Mai 2014
Astebreed is a sort of shoot'em'up / 3D mecha game hybrid. There's a fairly complicated melee system which makes the game very different from normal shooters. In addition to a generic shot and melee you have the ability to lock-on to enemies in an area.

The view of the gameplay shifts throughout the game; scrolling directions change and sometimes you only shoot enemies in the background. This is the best implementation of this I've seen so far, I felt it didn't disturb my gameplay at all unlike say in Eschatos or Ether Vapor.

A single playthrough while skipping all cutscenes takes about 30 minutes, which is average for a shmup. There is also chapter select to play each of the 6 chapters.

+ Extremely impressive presentation for an indie game. Graphics, music and sound effects are all top notch
+ Shooting and melee combat systems are merged nicely. There is a lot of depth to how the systems can be used.
+ Approachable to beginners of the genre due to varied difficulty options, lifebar and a comprehensive tutorial
+ Simple intuitive scoring system; shoot things with your shot or lock-on to increase a multiplier, then get a lot of points by killing enemies using melee attacks with a high multiplier
+ Well produced (but generic) anime storyline to follow throughout the game. I'm assuming the japanese voice actors are pretty good as well.
+ Lots of extras and achievements to unlock

- It can be very difficult to see bullets and your hitbox when there's a lot of stuff going on
- Some unskippable cutscenes even with story dialogue turned off in options
- No 'super difficult' mode for hardcore fans of the genre. There's also not that much actual bullet dodging on hard mode because about half of all bullet patterns can be cancelled with melee strikes.
- Lack of cohesion in enemy behavior: the same enemy type might shoot completely different attack patterns in different waves. Some attacks aren't telegraphed well (very fast red lasers without warning, etc)
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