Ghostship Aftermath takes survival horror to a new level with random events and multiple story-lines. Your survival skills will be put to the test on a huge open-world military spacecraft with limited light and oxygen as you struggle to discover what happened, and fight to stay alive!
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Συμπεριλαμβάνει 2 αντικείμενα: CDF Ghostship, Ghostship Aftermath

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6 Νοεμβρίου 2015

CDF Starfighter Kickstarter has launched!

I did not manage to get funding for Ghostship Aftermath,

Drive, passion and determination is what finished the game in the place of funds to polish certain areas of the game and get some people together to work on the game as team.

I have just launched a crowd funding campaign for my third game, and if i can achieve Ghostship as a single dev, I just need some help to make starfighter into an epic Space Combat Sim and a Keeper!

I need your help to do that, with a lot of blood and sweat and thousands of hours of work, I have shown you what I am capable of as just 1 man. I need you to help spread the word and help Starfighter reach its potential!

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“I can't stress enough how canonical to the genre it looks, so if you’ve ever wanted to take a stroll in a sci-fi movie set here’s your ticket.”

“The lack of hand-holding makes the game much more fun, adding to the sense that this is a survival game, not an action game”
7/10 – TheRiftArcade

“Ghostship also has some amazing acoustics that will chill your bones and a narrative that offers a nod to B-movies style”
4/5 – Region2Show

Νέο DLC διαθέσιμο

The Hassle Free DLC is FREE and is now included with the game!

Explore the ship at your own pace with no enemies, objectives and pressure! Ideal for getting used to the layout of the ship for the Ghostship Aftermath game as well as the first VR full open world spaceship!


Latest News

The VR version is now available! If you have VR, be sure to check it out! Or when you get VR! You will already have one of the first sci-fi games made for VR! The VR Version has now been updated to 1.3 and is now a big improvement over the launch version.


Μόλις ενημερώθηκε

UPDATE 1.5 now available!

The new update features some improvements and and a bunch of free content!

15 New achievements!
1 New Weapon
4 New Enemies
Instant Action Mode (No Perma Death)

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Ghostship Aftermath - the game that takes SCI-FI SURVIVAL HORROR to a new level. Prepare for a new breed of survival horror with rogue-like elements!

Over 350 years in the future mankind has embraced space travel and exploration. We have colonized many worlds and spread ourselves across the galaxy. The Colonial Defense Force (CDF) is responsible for the security of Earth and her colonies, and our only line of defense against the unknown.

On March 1st 2368 contact was lost with our most distant colony, located in the Icarus System. The Dreadnought class spaceship CDF Goliath was dispatched on March 3rd 2368 to investigate. The CDF lost contact with the Goliath not long after it entered the Icarus System on March 12th 2368. She is now presumed a Ghostship!

Before sending any more CDF forces it is common practice to send in an Advance Scientific Evaluation Team (ASET) comprised of 2 specialists from the Colonial Science Division (CSD) to determine if there are any biological or scientific threats which would impede a salvage operation.

You play the part of Dr. Jake Abbots who boards the CDF Goliath while your partner, Dr. David Riggs, stays behind on the CSD Alexis as mission control. You have radio contact with Dr. Riggs and he will give you objectives, advice, and help you along the way. Or at least that was the plan. As you will soon find out, anything can happen aboard the Ghostship...

Your actions will decide your fate in this non-linear sci-fi survival horror game with real consequences. You have limited oxygen and sprinting uses it 4x as fast, while your helmet has a non-rechargeable, non-replaceable 1 hour flashlight battery. So manage them well to avoid suffocation, or dying to unseen horrors lurking in the dark. After all, dead is dead is dead. With permadeath there are no do-overs, when you die you have to start a new game, but with random events and multiple story-line branches death is just a new beginning, and every game will offer something new!


- Instant Action Mode, get into the action faster with a few weapons and no permadeath in this gamemode included in the Halloween update.
- Random events and multiple story-line branches - no two games will be the same.
- Survival horror - not a regular FPS, so choose your fights carefully.
- Huge focus on atmosphere and immersion, on a huge and mostly functional military spacecraft.
- Open world - explore and uncover secrets and clues to find weapons, shields, and medikits.
- Roguelike-like - with elements such as Permadeath and random enemy spawns.
- Survival elements - limited flashlight battery and oxygen management.
- Signature Helmet View - a living in-game hud with no artificial overlay. (see screen shots)
- Physics - Normal gravity and zero-G.
- Hassle Free DLC - allows you to free roam with no enemies or objectives to hassle you. Plus it's free.
- Free additional content scheduled for release Oct 30, 2014 for Halloween.
- Made for virtual reality (VR), you get both the non-VR version and VR version so when Oculus Rift becomes available in 2015 you'll be ready!


Απαιτήσεις συστήματος

    • ΛΣ: Windows 7
    • Επεξεργαστής: 2.3ghz
    • Μνήμη: 4 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: 1gb Shader 3 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 9.0c
    • Αποθήκευση: 18 GB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • ΛΣ: Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Επεξεργαστής: 3.3Ghz
    • Μνήμη: 6 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: 2gb Shader 3 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 9.0
    • Αποθήκευση: 18 GB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • Επιπλέον σημειώσεις: This is the recommended minimum for VR
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Αναρτήθηκε: 13 Νοεμβρίου 2015
I think people are attrociously biased and wholly unreasonable with their expectations for this game. Yes, the game has flaws.

The game is clunky in areas, a little loading screen heavy, some of the choices are questionable (totally silent enemies bum rushing you from behind with the only warning being a big chunk of your ♥♥♥♥ missing), moving around can be a little difficult.

No, this game isn't going to be Deadspace or System Shock 2. It was cobbled together by a single person who had nothing but fumes for funding, and holy ♥♥♥♥ is it impressive for that. Not just impressive, but ambitious.

I feel that most of the negative opinions are falling prey to two things. Firstly the game's rather odd graphics, it's designed for VR, and holy hell does it look good in that - but it looks a little blocky in a traditional display. Secondly, the absolutely brutal difficulty curve. This game starts off at 9 and ramps things upto 11 pretty quickly, and doesn't bother to explain anything along the way. If you're looking for something which will scare you but not even remotely challenge you along the way, this is definitely not the game. My opinion in this regard is backed up by the fact that most (not all) negative reviews have very little playtime. An hour, tops.

Anyway, in short I feel people are walking into this game with the wrong expectations. The guy who made this game (solo) could have made a godly 2d / side scroller / what have you with how dedicated and driven he is, but he didn't sell himself short and went for the gold instead and made the game he wanted to make. The result is spectacular but not without flaws, though given the origins it's extraordinary.

.. Honestly though, your partner's V.O. is god awful. There's absolutely no justification for how badly delivered the lines are. I feel that improving that would be one of the best things that could be done. But like I said, not perfect!
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Ghostship Aftermath:

All contact with the Icarus colony has been lost! The Colonial Defence Force (CDF), who is in charge of protecting earth and its colonies has sent the spaceship “CDF Goliath” to investigate. Strangely enough, CDF lost contact with the “Goliath” as soon as it reached the Icarus system. It is now up to you to find out what happened to the “Goliath”. CDF needs answers and sent a team of two to look into it. Well, it is your lucky day! You are the one who will step on the “CDF Goliath”.

Ghostship Aftermath is an adventure/horror/survival/action game where you play Dr. Jake Abbotts, who is going to enter the spaceship “Goliath” and hopefully find out what happened to it. While your colleague, the fearless Dr. David Riggs, will stay put and secure on the CSD Alexis as mission control.

This game will provide you with a slightly different scenario at the start of each game. For example, the courageous Dr. Riggs might keep the working gun within his reach and be more than happy to send you to the abattoir without anything to defend yourself, or he might be happy to actually give you a gun and tell you to pick up further ammunition nearby. Thank god the Goliath is a military vessel. As events change the course of the story, this game will give you great re-playability. Plenty of weapons to find on the Goliath; some will be effective at close range, but you will aim to get the ones effective in long range, especially against these giant cockroach thingies. They are fast, come in groups, and are very difficult to kill. On top of that, you will have several types of zombie coming at you - a rather dangerous encounter, I must say!

I really enjoy the comments and hints on the wall; they will help you find weapons and get to your next objective in one piece. One more thing about finding weapons - some are easy to spot and others are lying around on the floor, but not obviously. Medic boxes, ammunition and amour will be lying around the vessel. Make sure to remember where the medic boxes are so you can go back there to heal yourself.

The graphics are good but the animation could have been better in my opinion. One thing I found a bit annoying at the start was the rather frequent loading between ship decks. Controls are fine and easy to use. One aspect the game portrays very well is the chilling and scary atmosphere - it is absolutely brilliant.


- Events change the course of the story
- Good graphics
- Scary atmosphere extremely well portrayed
- Challenging
- Achievements & Trading cards


- Animation could have been better
- Voice over could have been better

Ghostship Aftermath is an interesting FPS/survival/horror game that creates an exquisite scary and chilling atmosphere!


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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Αναρτήθηκε: 7 Φεβρουαρίου
Bought both aftermath and cdf in a game bundle on steam last week although it was released long ago I was shocked by how hard on both the senses and the sensibility aftermath really was.It has a pretty brutal learning curve,if like I did, you thought you were pretty good already and began in the normal mode first.Bad error of judgement on my part to disregard the advice of the dev to'look and learn' first in instant action mode.

Do not buy this game if you have very little patience or attention span,also do not like a challenge,and want spoon feeding with dayglow health packs and ammo on auto pickup.I found in normal mode if you are unprepared you will only last in this game until your first encounter with THEM whereupon you appear to die amidst lots of screaming and thundering of hooves and wondering wtf.
THEM being not the shambling friendly Zombies who you can be picked off easily with your pistol but the quick moving battle hardened soldiers who seem to frequent any corridor with your objective at the other end.
The moody lighting, the flickering and clipping, plus the sound being all over the place,lack of a decent sprint and glitchy ai will soon irritate the hell out of most gamers.And that is normally before they realise like me that NORMAL means permadeath in this game.I sat dumbstruck at first.Irritated that I had died so quickly in my first real encounter, but more so when the 'You Died ' screen kept popping up every time I pressed the escape key.Yes I had to go right back to the very start,which in my case was often not very far at all thankfully.

I eventually relented and went the way the dev had assumed you would go in the first place and used the instant action mode to teach myself not only the layout of the ship,but also where the weapons,ammo and aliens would be.After I did this I feel it became the game the dev wanted you to think it was all along.Once I had a decent weapon,I could push on past the screaming hordes to the objective.Not only that but I would often get an award along the way to butter me up as well.It was never easy however once you moved back to normal mode.The dev was most likely a hard core gamer who loved to show you the carrot while hiding the big stick he was eventually going to hit you with.It grew such that I hated the dev more than the aliens at the finish.

He had obviously put a lot of his heart and soul into this game and when I realised he had done it all on his own, my hatred turned to admiration.That did not last long however as I died from lack of oxygen soon after by not realising the audio countdown started at 9 minutes and not 10 when I was still 10 minutes from a replenishment station.I did eventually finish all the stories and marvelled at his ability to add even more to those same stories,just when you thought you were done and dusted.Your instinct to conserve your 1 hour of torch battery often falls short because the dev has already thought of that and tacked extra time on so you still finish up blundering round in the dark.Decent advice like using the light of the muzzle flash does not help when you don't know where the heck they are coming from in the first place because what you've just fired at has lit up precisely nothing.I would recommend this game to all my fiends who have a sense of humour rather than a sense of self importance,simply because this game will soon slap you down,unless you bother learning the basics to start with. My opinion is was still a great first attempt for someone without any assistance.

The old cliche "Fail to prepare,prepare to fail"sounds great but in this game the preparation can often only be done in 'instant action mode' first which always leaves you with a save game to fall back on.Ignoring this advice and starting in normal often leaves you dead,and looking to blame the dev for everything thats wrong with the world,let alone the game?Still it will help when I come to play CDF I suppose?I liked the depth of the stories and the sheer volume of content alone for one man.A lot of what I disliked would surely have been sorted, given the time and money,as it was all in the lack of polish folder.Being two years ago now money was obviously an issue cos it had a lot of good ideas going for it.
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Αναρτήθηκε: 19 Ιουλίου 2014
<edit - Update for release 1.5. I give up, I don't think Ghostship Aftermath can be fixed to a playable state. There are more issues being introduced than fixed. I'm actually not certain that any of the issues I've logged have been addressed with anything other than condescenion or censor (screenshots of deleted threads below).

This game is extraordinarily broken both technically and gameplay-wise Avoid. /edit>

<edit - response to developers comments:
I'm glad you're still taking the time to respond, not a lot of developers do. However you must remember I'm not a developer on Ghostship Aftermath and that I have no vested interest in seeing it succeed. I have no desire to see it fail either - I do like the idea and want to play it.

Pushing work out to the community is not going to garner the responses you'd like because you're going to be asked why - having paid for a product - must we now help fix it?

Consider your comment "confirm any Current issues in your review". That's a lot of work. I don't want to spend hours reproducing the issues in my review - having been a professional game tester I'm well aware that that can be an arduous process. The onus is on you - who sold me the product - to tell me exactly which issues have been fixed and the circumstances for which they've been fixed.

Unfortunately the 1.1 update broke mouse inversion and at this is the point I edited my review to "I give up". I hate playing with an un-inverted mouse. Nevertheless I still played for about an hour more but noticed nothing obviously resolved.

As it stands I believe my review is still current but that it's not my job to discover when it's not. /edit>

First off, I actually quite like Ghostship Aftermath but I'm giving it a thumbs down because it's been released too early.

Kenuty's review is pretty accurate and you should read it. However for those - like myself - with shorter attention spans I'm going to briefly summarise the issues I had <edit - this has since become a fairly sizeable list, I've removed the suggested fixes to the Bug Reports pages as asked however as those bug reports have since been deleted you'll have to follow the imgur links to find them:

* View clips outside of the ship when jumping.

* Couldn't go down a ramp in zero-gravity.

* Stuck in the Storage A door and had to restart.

* The screen jitters and jerks when I walk into objects.

* 'F' for sprint? And 'L' for light is hard to reach.

* Escape ends the game without warning.

* The players view 'sticks' when verically centered.

* Stuck in HQ Window and had restart the checkpoint.

* The lights stobe so fast I thought it was z-fighting.

* Climbing stairs happens in nausea inducing hops.

* I've never been able to change weapons.

* Crouching doesn't seem to affect the players viewpoint.

* Couldn't fire weapon after simulation stage.

* Helmet light illuminates objects erratically.

* Corpse shadows are cast where there are no corpses.

* There is no pause button.

* The map is too zomed in

* Motion blurs the HUD even though it's relatively not moving.

* It's not readily apparent what options are selected.

* Controls locked up after dying including 'esacpe'.

* Game crashes on exit.

* Simulation door only half-opened once.

* Reloading caused view to tilt right permanently once.

* Helment light is pushed 'though' surfaces.

* z-fighting in the intro movie.

* Cold storage airlock wouldn't activate though online.

* Resuming game after immiediately kills you again.

* Stuck in a corpses head and had to restart.

* Jumping forward causes the sprint bob animation.

* Enemies can get stuck in doors and on boxes

* Enemies sometimes attack when too far away.

* Gun fires at a downward angle no matter where I aim.

* Can no longer invert the mouse.

* Some aliens seem to take no damage.

* Intro cannot be skipped when starting a new game.

* Alien animation 'snaps' between frames.

I did think fairly hard about whether or not I should have posted this as a review or in the forums; but finally decided that the issues are big enough that someone considering buying Ghostship Aftermath should know about them.
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(προβολή απάντησης)
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Αναρτήθηκε: 22 Νοεμβρίου 2014
UPDATE: I played the game again and to see if there were any changes and was killed twice in utterly nonsense ways. Once by a noclipping stiffy mode zombie and another time because aliens and zombies dropped through a solid ceiling to land on top of me and swarmed me

*Solid Atmosphere

The sounds of metal creaking and the quiet breathing of your character as he runs is very intense and can give you a deep sense of immersion when nothing else is going on. You find yourself checking corners and worrying when the next enemy will pop up. Sounds will echo throughout the ship and have you looking around wondering what could possibly be doing that. Sometimes the ship will make no sounds and the silence itself then becomes eerie. Very well done.

*Innovative Design

The whole "No playthrough is the same" concept is really really cool. My first playthrough the ship's AI was very helpful and gave me weapons, warnings, and helped me detect enemies. My second playthrough the ship's AI was deranged and crazy and barred my way. My third playthrough the AI was completely dead and I had to go through the whole ship with no backup power or systems and many areas were closed off. That is just one storyline aspect that changes the game. There are hundreds of those kinds of things that make each playthrough unique and throw you curveballs as to what you expect.

*Interesting Weapons

Okay so you have your standard rifles, pistols, and submachine guns. But with the fact that some weapons can replenish their ammo supply infinitely but take a long time to charge, and some weapons can reload fast, but magazines are limited, really changes the game. If you get down to a laser rifle and no other weapon you can probably do okay against a small group, but a large group could easily kill you because it only holds 80 shots and then it takes about 2 minutes to recharge. Minutes you really don't have. This really ramps up the difficulty and intensity of the game when the going gets rough and can make you have to strategize on the fly.

*Decent Story

Okay so I know the story changes based on how the playthrough goes, but I really got into it when I started finding out why the ship was infested. Knowing what I know in one storyline adds a huge sidelight to the others, and makes the storyline fairly intriguing.

Alright now time for the cons. =(

*Erratic Controls

They say it is controller compatible, but they kind of lie. The controller works, sure, but sometimes it won't sprint on controller anymore after certain storyline events. Sometimes your aim gets twitchy and wierd and you can't really lock on an enemy because your gun sight aims too far right if you even slightly tap right and too far left if you even slightly tap left basically forcing you to use the mouse and keyboard. Even after I switched I found it clunky and difficult to hit enemies even when they were right in front of me. Not good guys. This is 90% of the reason I died every time I did. Oh yeah and invert Y turns on when it wants. You don't get a choice in the matter.

*Little to no Graphics settings

Its okay to make a polished game and all and I've got a decent computer, but I'm the type that will turn down the graphics even if I CAN run it on the best just so I can crank out a little bit more FPS. Thats kind of important to me, and I'm certain it would be more important to someone who is using a potato computer. The fact that you only have 2 resolutions, little to no particle effects options, and absolutely no bloom or dynamic lighting options really limits how people can customize their graphics to suit the game. Which leads me to my next point

*NEEDS to be optimized

Alright, they are trying to make it look pretty but fact is that the graphics in this game are decent at best. But hey, its an indie game. Whatever gets the job done works you know? But come on guys, I can run Planetside 2 on high graphics with no lag and the same deal with Bioshock Infinite, Rage, Far Cry, ect. So I can play some games with high graphics and have little to no lag. Yet your game with meh graphics lags like a tired horse in a caravan the moment a large group of enemies shows up. This is rather irritating and can easily get you killed as that is the WORST time for the game to lag. I don't need pretty, I need playable. That is what is MOST important about a game and needs to be put on a higher priority.

*Enemies move in glitchy movements, sometimes slide on surfaces.

I was fighting some aliens and I jumped over some boxes and kept running. What does the alien do? It flips sideways in the air and slides THROUGH me to land in front of me and kill me. Um. What?
Yeah that kind of garbage shouldn't happen. Its one thing if an alien crawls on the roof all scary like to jump in front or something like that. However, unless the alien is also a ghost, it shouldn't be phasing through objects and people. Many times aliens would appear out of an area I just cleared through the floor or something and attack and left me wondering wtf just happened. I died early game my first run because of that floor effect. Very frustrating I assure you. Especially when the enemies get trapped in the floor and run around underneath the map freaking you out by making attack sounds, which leads me to my next point.

*Wierd glitched sound FX

I killed some zombies and expected the sounds of them attacking to end. Nope. Kept hearing moaning all throughout Deck 4 until I left which made it hard to detect when other zombies attempted to attack me because I couldn't hear them. Sometimes enemies will make no noise and instead just soundlessly attack me while I shoot at them. Sometimes my guns would make no noise. Occasionally both gun and enemy sounds would be delayed and would happen all at once after I killed the last one. Yeah it was wierd and kinda broke the immersion. A game based on atmosphere needs sound to be top notch in order to really keep the player into the game.

*Terrible, TERRIBLE voice acting

Look, I know this is an indie title but there are plenty of talented voice actors out there. I've done voice acting work before, as have many of the people on newgrounds who are hurting for recognition and I'm absolutely certain you could find a guy who would be willing to work for free just to have his name out there. This guy you hired to be the foil for the main character is not an actor. As a matter of fact I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume he is a programmer who just is doing it because you guys needed one.
When you first enter the ship he laughs this awful fake laugh like a million times that reminds me of Tommy Wiseau from The Room (Nothing should EVER remind me of that) and his line reading is both annoying and without much emotion or tone. The character he plays isn't much better considering he makes fun of you being in danger constantly and it made me want to hit him. I'm always happy when he shuts up even when he is giving me pertinent information because his false emotion and wooden acting hurt my ears to listen to.

However, I will concede you this. I don't know if the AI is a programmed voice or a real person simulating one, but she is actually okay. She seems as robotic as she is supposed to be. Thats good. She isn't bad to listen to and whenever she gave me orders I was okay with listening to them, mostly because I didn't want to roll my eyes whenever her vocals played.


So overall this game has some very good ideas and would have potential if there weren't so many things that hold it back. I wish you guys spent a lot more time fixing bugs on this game and making it playable, reducing clunkiness, and making the game have more actual gameplay to give you. If someone is looking to purchase this game, I'd reccomend they wait until version 2.0+ is out and then see where the game stands. Until then, this isn't really worth 12 bucks.
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