Ghostship Aftermath takes survival horror to a new level with random events and multiple story-lines. Your survival skills will be put to the test on a huge open-world military spacecraft with limited light and oxygen as you struggle to discover what happened, and fight to stay alive!
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Дата на излизане: 18 юли 2014

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6 ноември 2015

CDF Starfighter Kickstarter has launched!

I did not manage to get funding for Ghostship Aftermath,

Drive, passion and determination is what finished the game in the place of funds to polish certain areas of the game and get some people together to work on the game as team.

I have just launched a crowd funding campaign for my third game, and if i can achieve Ghostship as a single dev, I just need some help to make starfighter into an epic Space Combat Sim and a Keeper!

I need your help to do that, with a lot of blood and sweat and thousands of hours of work, I have shown you what I am capable of as just 1 man. I need you to help spread the word and help Starfighter reach its potential!

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“I can't stress enough how canonical to the genre it looks, so if you’ve ever wanted to take a stroll in a sci-fi movie set here’s your ticket.”

“The lack of hand-holding makes the game much more fun, adding to the sense that this is a survival game, not an action game”
7/10 – TheRiftArcade

“Ghostship also has some amazing acoustics that will chill your bones and a narrative that offers a nod to B-movies style”
4/5 – Region2Show

Достъпно е ново сваляемо съдържание

The Hassle Free DLC is FREE and is now included with the game!

Explore the ship at your own pace with no enemies, objectives and pressure! Ideal for getting used to the layout of the ship for the Ghostship Aftermath game as well as the first VR full open world spaceship!


Latest News

The VR version is now available! If you have VR, be sure to check it out! Or when you get VR! You will already have one of the first sci-fi games made for VR! The VR Version has now been updated to 1.3 and is now a big improvement over the launch version.


Току-що обновено

UPDATE 1.5 now available!

The new update features some improvements and and a bunch of free content!

15 New achievements!
1 New Weapon
4 New Enemies
Instant Action Mode (No Perma Death)

Относно тази игра

Ghostship Aftermath - the game that takes SCI-FI SURVIVAL HORROR to a new level. Prepare for a new breed of survival horror with rogue-like elements!

Over 350 years in the future mankind has embraced space travel and exploration. We have colonized many worlds and spread ourselves across the galaxy. The Colonial Defense Force (CDF) is responsible for the security of Earth and her colonies, and our only line of defense against the unknown.

On March 1st 2368 contact was lost with our most distant colony, located in the Icarus System. The Dreadnought class spaceship CDF Goliath was dispatched on March 3rd 2368 to investigate. The CDF lost contact with the Goliath not long after it entered the Icarus System on March 12th 2368. She is now presumed a Ghostship!

Before sending any more CDF forces it is common practice to send in an Advance Scientific Evaluation Team (ASET) comprised of 2 specialists from the Colonial Science Division (CSD) to determine if there are any biological or scientific threats which would impede a salvage operation.

You play the part of Dr. Jake Abbots who boards the CDF Goliath while your partner, Dr. David Riggs, stays behind on the CSD Alexis as mission control. You have radio contact with Dr. Riggs and he will give you objectives, advice, and help you along the way. Or at least that was the plan. As you will soon find out, anything can happen aboard the Ghostship...

Your actions will decide your fate in this non-linear sci-fi survival horror game with real consequences. You have limited oxygen and sprinting uses it 4x as fast, while your helmet has a non-rechargeable, non-replaceable 1 hour flashlight battery. So manage them well to avoid suffocation, or dying to unseen horrors lurking in the dark. After all, dead is dead is dead. With permadeath there are no do-overs, when you die you have to start a new game, but with random events and multiple story-line branches death is just a new beginning, and every game will offer something new!


- Instant Action Mode, get into the action faster with a few weapons and no permadeath in this gamemode included in the Halloween update.
- Random events and multiple story-line branches - no two games will be the same.
- Survival horror - not a regular FPS, so choose your fights carefully.
- Huge focus on atmosphere and immersion, on a huge and mostly functional military spacecraft.
- Open world - explore and uncover secrets and clues to find weapons, shields, and medikits.
- Roguelike-like - with elements such as Permadeath and random enemy spawns.
- Survival elements - limited flashlight battery and oxygen management.
- Signature Helmet View - a living in-game hud with no artificial overlay. (see screen shots)
- Physics - Normal gravity and zero-G.
- Hassle Free DLC - allows you to free roam with no enemies or objectives to hassle you. Plus it's free.
- Free additional content scheduled for release Oct 30, 2014 for Halloween.
- Made for virtual reality (VR), you get both the non-VR version and VR version so when Oculus Rift becomes available in 2015 you'll be ready!


Системни изисквания

    • ОС: Windows 7
    • Процесор: 2.3ghz
    • Памет: 4 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: 1gb Shader 3 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: версия 9.0c
    • Устройство за съхранение: 18 GB достъпно пространство
    • ОС: Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Процесор: 3.3Ghz
    • Памет: 6 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: 2gb Shader 3 compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: версия 9.0
    • Устройство за съхранение: 18 GB достъпно пространство
    • Допълнителни бележки: This is the recommended minimum for VR
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Публикувани: 18 септември 2015
This is one of the most interesting indie games I've come across in my Steam adventures. It's very clearly a passion project that pushes some major boundaries, but also suffers for its ambition. Strap in 'cause I'm going over this one in meticulous detail. It deserves the attention.

Ghostship Aftermath is the story of a two-man crew that comes across a huge derelict spaceship in the middle of nowhere. You are the adventurous one, donning a bulky spacesuit and delving into the ship only to very quickly discover that things have gone terribly wrong. Your partner stays behind to guide you in his impossibly snarky way, but is soon cut off by the ship's AI who warns you that your partner may not be who you think they are. Your job, then, is to survive the perils of the derelict while siding with either the man or machine to bring an end to the deadly infestation aboard. It's an interesting premise, and feels heavily informed by 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The ship itself is a labyrinthine mess of halls and hatches. Much of it is locked down in the wake of the disaster that left it drifting, but it is so huge that the parts still open feel overwhelming. The ship is split into four sections, each with seven decks and plenty of elevators, stairs, and sublevels between them. Here the game feels like an open-world System Shock, with armories and medbays and cargo holds and engineering compartments to explore. Fortunately your allies provide you verbal guidance to your objectives, which you REALLY need to pay attention to because it is quite easy to get lost.

There's a remarkable level of detail in parts of the ship, as well. The halls and chambers can get a bit samey, but smaller elements like debris and signage are worth paying attention to. Of particular note are the computer displays around the ship, which ALWAYS feature readable information. I'm not sure how useful any of it is, but it's a fantastic addition. You also experience the entire game through your suit, which has a HUD reminiscent of the cockpit in Descent. It's a little distracting, but once you get used to the size and locations of useful info it's good for immersion.

Once you get the AI switched back on and the ship warms up, you find out this has roused the monsters that killed the crew as well. You're directed to a weapon which is effective but has VERY little ammo available. While combat is an option, you really need to run from what you can and save your shots for the things you CAN'T run from. I encountered three kinds of enemies as I played. One was slow but prevalent, easy to escape but I always had to be on the lookout for. Another was small and fast but easy to dispatch. And the third was quick and dangerous and had to be dealt with before it tore me apart. The creatures are scattered around the ship, just common enough to keep you on edge every time you turn a corner. I had a fantastic experience after I grabbed the weapon and was moving to another part of the ship. As I got to the airlock to the next section, I heard some kind of creature behind me. I ran and triggered the doors, and when I turned to look I saw the shadows of something lumbering down the hall. The airlock shut just as they were about to cross the threshold. The whole thing gave me shivers.

All of this combines into a package that should rival the likes of Alien: Isolation... A huge open ship, a variety of monsters roaming the decks, NPCs you can't fully trust, and an atmospheric, immersive environment. And maybe if it was made by a AAA studio it would have been. But as I said, this was very clearly a passion project, and in this case that sadly takes more from the game than it adds.

The game's engine is terrible. There's really no getting around this one, I'm afraid. It looks good to be sure, but everything outside the graphical polish is clunky to the point of being unworkable. The first warning sign was the options. Instead of a menu, it is a QUESTIONNAIRE, to be completed one option at a time. You can only pick one of two resolutions, neither of which were optimal for my displacy (1680x1050). Furthermore, the controls cannot be rebound. If you want to change something that isn't on the quiz, you're out of luck, and anytime you want to change one of those options you have to go back through and make all your choices again.

Within the game, movement is the biggest problem. I know you're supposed to be in a clunky space suit and all, but this ship is HUGE and you tromp around at less than human walking speed. There is a sprint but you run out of stamina quickly and the view shakes so much that I literally got motion sick and had to stop playing. It's surprisingly easy to get hung up on geometry, and walking over debris on the floor can make you pop into the air or wiggle up and down like the game doesn't know where to settle you. The worst part is that this can affect the monsters as well, killing any sort of horror or tension they impart. Remember I mentioned a quick, deadly enemy that attacked me? The first time it pounced at me, it got stuck in the wall and stayed there for a whole 30 seconds, swinging at me impotently until it dislodged itself. All the terror I felt when it first attacked evaporated instantly.

There are other annoyances, like strangely sticky mouse controls that slow way down as you move the view across eye level. Your weapon has a fixed aim at a point that is NOT the center of the screen and that you have to hold RMB to display the actual reticule for. There's no indication of what items can be picked up and interacted with, which can lead to some serious DOOM-style-secret-door-hunting wall humping. The writing is extremely amateurish and the voiceovers do it no favors, taking a lot of wind out of the interesting setup between your partner and the AI (the AI isn't bad though, having a cold, mechanical delivery to very clinical lines).

But perhaps most damning of all is how the huge, open-world nature of the game actually works against itself. For as huge and detailed as the ship is, you're stuck traipsing through it at a snail's pace, struggling to remember where you're going or figuring out how to get there, and desperately looking for things to interact with because they are few and far between. Your first task for the AI is to get one of the ship's reactor's online. If you take the most direct route, you discover that the stairs in the Engineering section are blocked and you have to backtrack to another section to get into the sublevel access. This is after walking the length of the ship and waiting through 3-4 loading screens as you traverse each section. There are entirely too many loading screens as you play, having to sit through one every time you move between sections, decks, or key areas. I think there's something like 4 load screens just getting from your ship to the derelict in the intro, where all you do is put on your suit and exit the airlock.

I honestly wish this was a better game. I think there's a good game in here, buried under a bad engine and suspect design choices. But this goes beyond something like The Witcher 1 or the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R., where a little patience will reward you with a deep and fascinating game. I just can't imagine putting the time in to learn the lay of the ship and how to deal with all the janky creatures. Not when Alien: Isolation hits all the same notes and does them so much better.
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17.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 13 ноември 2015
I think people are attrociously biased and wholly unreasonable with their expectations for this game. Yes, the game has flaws.

The game is clunky in areas, a little loading screen heavy, some of the choices are questionable (totally silent enemies bum rushing you from behind with the only warning being a big chunk of your ♥♥♥♥ missing), moving around can be a little difficult.

No, this game isn't going to be Deadspace or System Shock 2. It was cobbled together by a single person who had nothing but fumes for funding, and holy ♥♥♥♥ is it impressive for that. Not just impressive, but ambitious.

I feel that most of the negative opinions are falling prey to two things. Firstly the game's rather odd graphics, it's designed for VR, and holy hell does it look good in that - but it looks a little blocky in a traditional display. Secondly, the absolutely brutal difficulty curve. This game starts off at 9 and ramps things upto 11 pretty quickly, and doesn't bother to explain anything along the way. If you're looking for something which will scare you but not even remotely challenge you along the way, this is definitely not the game. My opinion in this regard is backed up by the fact that most (not all) negative reviews have very little playtime. An hour, tops.

Anyway, in short I feel people are walking into this game with the wrong expectations. The guy who made this game (solo) could have made a godly 2d / side scroller / what have you with how dedicated and driven he is, but he didn't sell himself short and went for the gold instead and made the game he wanted to make. The result is spectacular but not without flaws, though given the origins it's extraordinary.

.. Honestly though, your partner's V.O. is god awful. There's absolutely no justification for how badly delivered the lines are. I feel that improving that would be one of the best things that could be done. But like I said, not perfect!
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8.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 25 януари
Ghostship Aftermath:

All contact with the Icarus colony has been lost! The Colonial Defence Force (CDF), who is in charge of protecting earth and its colonies has sent the spaceship “CDF Goliath” to investigate. Strangely enough, CDF lost contact with the “Goliath” as soon as it reached the Icarus system. It is now up to you to find out what happened to the “Goliath”. CDF needs answers and sent a team of two to look into it. Well, it is your lucky day! You are the one who will step on the “CDF Goliath”.

Ghostship Aftermath is an adventure/horror/survival/action game where you play Dr. Jake Abbotts, who is going to enter the spaceship “Goliath” and hopefully find out what happened to it. While your colleague, the fearless Dr. David Riggs, will stay put and secure on the CSD Alexis as mission control.

This game will provide you with a slightly different scenario at the start of each game. For example, the courageous Dr. Riggs might keep the working gun within his reach and be more than happy to send you to the abattoir without anything to defend yourself, or he might be happy to actually give you a gun and tell you to pick up further ammunition nearby. Thank god the Goliath is a military vessel. As events change the course of the story, this game will give you great re-playability. Plenty of weapons to find on the Goliath; some will be effective at close range, but you will aim to get the ones effective in long range, especially against these giant cockroach thingies. They are fast, come in groups, and are very difficult to kill. On top of that, you will have several types of zombie coming at you - a rather dangerous encounter, I must say!

I really enjoy the comments and hints on the wall; they will help you find weapons and get to your next objective in one piece. One more thing about finding weapons - some are easy to spot and others are lying around on the floor, but not obviously. Medic boxes, ammunition and amour will be lying around the vessel. Make sure to remember where the medic boxes are so you can go back there to heal yourself.

The graphics are good but the animation could have been better in my opinion. One thing I found a bit annoying at the start was the rather frequent loading between ship decks. Controls are fine and easy to use. One aspect the game portrays very well is the chilling and scary atmosphere - it is absolutely brilliant.


- Events change the course of the story
- Good graphics
- Scary atmosphere extremely well portrayed
- Challenging
- Achievements & Trading cards


- Animation could have been better
- Voice over could have been better

Ghostship Aftermath is an interesting FPS/survival/horror game that creates an exquisite scary and chilling atmosphere!


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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Публикувани: 13 септември 2015
Seriously, this game is utterly terrible. Everything about this game is just terrible. Whats more terrible is that i wasted £7 on it.
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Публикувани: 19 юли 2014
<edit - Update for release 1.5. I give up, I don't think Ghostship Aftermath can be fixed to a playable state. There are more issues being introduced than fixed. I'm actually not certain that any of the issues I've logged have been addressed with anything other than condescenion or censor (screenshots of deleted threads below).

This game is extraordinarily broken both technically and gameplay-wise Avoid. /edit>

<edit - response to developers comments:
I'm glad you're still taking the time to respond, not a lot of developers do. However you must remember I'm not a developer on Ghostship Aftermath and that I have no vested interest in seeing it succeed. I have no desire to see it fail either - I do like the idea and want to play it.

Pushing work out to the community is not going to garner the responses you'd like because you're going to be asked why - having paid for a product - must we now help fix it?

Consider your comment "confirm any Current issues in your review". That's a lot of work. I don't want to spend hours reproducing the issues in my review - having been a professional game tester I'm well aware that that can be an arduous process. The onus is on you - who sold me the product - to tell me exactly which issues have been fixed and the circumstances for which they've been fixed.

Unfortunately the 1.1 update broke mouse inversion and at this is the point I edited my review to "I give up". I hate playing with an un-inverted mouse. Nevertheless I still played for about an hour more but noticed nothing obviously resolved.

As it stands I believe my review is still current but that it's not my job to discover when it's not. /edit>

First off, I actually quite like Ghostship Aftermath but I'm giving it a thumbs down because it's been released too early.

Kenuty's review is pretty accurate and you should read it. However for those - like myself - with shorter attention spans I'm going to briefly summarise the issues I had <edit - this has since become a fairly sizeable list, I've removed the suggested fixes to the Bug Reports pages as asked however as those bug reports have since been deleted you'll have to follow the imgur links to find them:

* View clips outside of the ship when jumping.

* Couldn't go down a ramp in zero-gravity.

* Stuck in the Storage A door and had to restart.

* The screen jitters and jerks when I walk into objects.

* 'F' for sprint? And 'L' for light is hard to reach.

* Escape ends the game without warning.

* The players view 'sticks' when verically centered.

* Stuck in HQ Window and had restart the checkpoint.

* The lights stobe so fast I thought it was z-fighting.

* Climbing stairs happens in nausea inducing hops.

* I've never been able to change weapons.

* Crouching doesn't seem to affect the players viewpoint.

* Couldn't fire weapon after simulation stage.

* Helmet light illuminates objects erratically.

* Corpse shadows are cast where there are no corpses.

* There is no pause button.

* The map is too zomed in

* Motion blurs the HUD even though it's relatively not moving.

* It's not readily apparent what options are selected.

* Controls locked up after dying including 'esacpe'.

* Game crashes on exit.

* Simulation door only half-opened once.

* Reloading caused view to tilt right permanently once.

* Helment light is pushed 'though' surfaces.

* z-fighting in the intro movie.

* Cold storage airlock wouldn't activate though online.

* Resuming game after immiediately kills you again.

* Stuck in a corpses head and had to restart.

* Jumping forward causes the sprint bob animation.

* Enemies can get stuck in doors and on boxes

* Enemies sometimes attack when too far away.

* Gun fires at a downward angle no matter where I aim.

* Can no longer invert the mouse.

* Some aliens seem to take no damage.

* Intro cannot be skipped when starting a new game.

* Alien animation 'snaps' between frames.

I did think fairly hard about whether or not I should have posted this as a review or in the forums; but finally decided that the issues are big enough that someone considering buying Ghostship Aftermath should know about them.
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