99 Spirits is an RPG/Puzzle game that revolves around the popular Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami, everyday objects coming alive on their 100th birthday.
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Date de parution: 31 mai 2013

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"Word guessing, twitch reflexes and monster-training all in one RPG. 99 Spirits is an strange blend that isn't for everyone, and that's not a bad thing."


“99 Spirits has a great art direction, an original story and a unique gameplay that reminds to both Pictionary and Pokémon with a great result. If all indie Japanese indie games are this good I’ll start to learn the language ASAP. It can’t be missing in any indie game collection.”
Bit Maiden

“Without a shadow of doubt, 99 Spirits is one of the most imaginative and accomplished indie games on the market.”
True PC Gaming

“Mixing the puzzle and RPG genre along with some anime themed influences, 99 Spirits became an absorbing and addicting title that was nearly impossible for me to put down for too long.”

À propos de ce jeu

99 Spirits is an RPG/Puzzle game that revolves around the popular Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami, everyday objects coming alive on their 100th birthday.

Hanabusa is a young headstrong girl living in the Heian capital within medieval Japan. But when her mother is slain by evil spirits, her life turns into one of vengeance as she sets out to hunt and destroy the spirits.

During Hanabusa’s travels, she meets a white fox who turns out to be a servant of the mountain god. Hanabusa receives a special sword passed down from her mother, which gives her the ability to see the true forms of spirits to help slay them. Shortly after, a spirit claiming to be Hanabusa’s long-lost father, Hidetada, breaks her sword and leaves Hanabusa powerless and confused.

Now to mend her broken sword and learn the truth about her father, Hanabusa embarks on a journey to annihilate every last one of the evil spirits.

Key Features

  • Work out the true identity of your enemies in a unique battle system
  • Capture enemies, master their skills for battle and use them to solve puzzles on the field
  • Interact with over 40 unique characters and battle over 100 monsters
  • Beautifully detailed art and an atmospheric original soundtrack bring feudal Japan alive
  • Discover multiple unique endings that change based on the player’s actions
  • Dual audio: Toggle between English and Japanese voice
  • Includes the original Japanese version of 99 Spirits, 'Tsukumogami' (九十九神)*

    *Tsukumogami will be added as a separate item to your Steam Library.

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Processor: 1.5GHz or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows Media Player 7 or newer
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Posté le : 21 août 2014
99 Spirits takes place in medieval Japan in a city attacked by evil spirits. After her mother is killed in the attack, young Hanabusa becomes a warrior and dedicates her life to destroying the Tsukumogami. Fruitbat Factory has obviously taken great care with their work and the localisation is excellent. The English dialogue flows well and without error. Unfortunately, the original script provides little we haven't seen before, and the story holds only minor interest or intrigue.Unlike the story, the gameplay mechanics are fresh and new in their design and execution. The game follows a linear story in which you move Hanabusa from place to place and fight Tsukumogami as you go. The overworld maps function on a grid, and you click to move Hanabusa around to pick up items, fight spirits and move to the next map.They may not be exceptional, but the graphics are solid and aesthetically pleasing. Portraits during dialogue exude charm and aid in developing the characters' personality. The hand-drawn style matches the feel and setting of the game well and evokes a stylistic, historical drawing. The Tsukumogami spirits look distinctively evil, and the warping of everyday objects into these frightening spirits is executed with style.Like the art, the sound suits the game perfectly. The mystical, eastern-sounding tunes draw you into the game and succeed in setting the scene. The fast moving, high-pitched score used in battle adds to the tension and pressure of fighting each spirit and working to figure out their name. There is limited voice acting in the game, but all of it is well done. If you're looking for something new in your RPGs, then give 99 Spirits a shot. The puzzle-style battles are fun and interesting and allow you to forgive the less interesting aspects of the game. The localisation is excellent, even if the story isn't quite so interesting, and the sound and graphics are solid and pleasing. If you like RPGs and word puzzles, then you'll definitely enjoy 99 Spirits.
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Posté le : 23 septembre 2014
A fun little JRPG with some distinctive mechanics. Word guessing is one of them, as is a timed-hits-like feature. Occasionally, some enemies or obstacles may even be integrated with the plot, such as "puzzle" bosses that query the details of a mystery. Mechanics are pretty solid, plot is reasonably interesting, music is quite decent too. It's a little tedious having to discard gemstones one by one when you run out of inventory space, but that's about my only complaint. This game's not the most epic of adventure tales, but it's definitely surprisingly fun to play.

Just make sure you use the gem upgrades to make the C command reveal a ton more hints at once. Four is good. If you're paying attention, you should rarely need more than that. And also get the Escape upgrades, so that you can stop attacking/defending immediately once a gem becomes available for use. And if the clues go by too fast, there's another upgrade for that. The game would probably be more tedious if I didn't get those, so I'm glad I got them. Oh, and buy the Spirit Indexes from the store -- if a spirit is in the list, you can just click the name and be done with it.

(Right-click to cancel if you don't want to upgrade a gem, by the way. I'm not sure the game makes that clear, but it's there. Though you can always redistribute all your upgrade points anyway.)

The game comes with both Japanese and English voicework (which is just battle grunts/lines anyway), as well as the fully Japanese original version.
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Posté le : 26 octobre 2014
Don't be expecting deep RPG elements. The game isn't amazing, it has some fun ideas and a decent amount of lukewarm positive aspects. For the price, eh... why not? I didn't regret getting it.

If you are thinking about buying it, please look into the combat system. It's strange and may not be to everyone's liking, but it is unique and interesting. But I would say that for the price, this game is certainly worth it.

The combat system works like this: You fight a monster in turns. You can only defeat monsters once they are identified. To do so you must guess their name. As you fight it, there are ways to obtain clues on the identity of the monster. Once you identify it, you can then actually kill the thing. You can block/counter your enemy's attacks with properly timed button presses. Other than that, it's pretty standard turn-based combat.

The graphics have a charm in their simplicity, but I do wish that the map-grid wasn't so baren looking sometimes. What you see in the steam screenshots is pretty much exactly what the game looks like. It's just enough for gameplay but not distracting.

The music, like the graphics, is charming and simple but gets somewhat repetative. You'll hear the same music for long stretches and it's just noticeable enough to get a bit annoying after playing for a long time.

As far as difficulty, the game is fairly easy and forgiving, but still just enough of a challenge to feel rewarding.

The story is pretty simple and enough to keep the game moving. Decent amount of tropes and some eye-rolling dialogue here or there, but it I did end up slightly invested in it... only slightly.

Definitely worth looking into or picking up if you see it on sale.
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Posté le : 16 décembre 2014
I... Love... This... Game!

This is so cool. It's a wonderful combination of a RPG and a Visual Novel, that has you play a female role and save her home. I have yet to finish it, which demonstrates the complexity of the plot and how long it is. As I've mentioned in a previous review, I love RPGs that get me hooked on the story and VNs with more than one ending. This game has BOTH. Not only does it have both, it has side quests left, right and centre. Not only that, it has tons of achievements, some to do with the story, some not and an achievement for finding all of the endings.

My only gripe with this game, is the grinding. Which is what's currently holding me up in the game play.
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Posté le : 7 août 2014
Honestly I think it's quite a charming game! I like the sound and visuals for sure, old school JRPG stuff, and the gameplay is pretty inventive, not just typical cookie cutter stuff. Worth a look, I believe!
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Posté le : 11 octobre 2014
Okay at first the game will be a bit off but you kinda get used to it. The whole difficulty is the matter of finding and guessing the item. The game in itself is enjoyable but the guard times sometimes set me off. A 9.3/10. It had it's fine moments. I'll put that much. Fine story, great use of it, and a nice lot of characters.
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Posté le : 27 août 2014
This game is a very interesting oddity, with a unique way of doing combat and and a very grand story. Taking place in medevial Japan, it's up to you to destroy all the pottery, tableware and clothing articles for justice. By that, I mean possessed objects, just like the start of Mother 1.

Incredible soundtrack
Genuinely interesting characters, your actions can dictate how they act and even save or end their lives
Lengthy story
No two people will ever have the same loadout
Multiple endings
Quite a few bosses which put a twist on the combat system
Shizuru is hilarious.

The combat system is a love it or hate it affair, which the hours I put in you already know what I think
An inperfect translation, there's a few typos here and there. This is a very minor nitpick.
Saving a certain person who can't keep their chest contained is easily missable on your first run
If you can't identify a boss even though you've seen all the hints, yeah, good luck buddy.

Overall, I believe this game is rather grand and will provide you with at least 20 or so hours of enjoyment. This can go to 60 hours depending on what kind of run you'd like to do. However, it's a game that you'll love or you'll hate, so keep that in mind if you decide to purchase it.
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Posté le : 29 janvier
Surprisingly not that bad. You fight enemies by identifying them by getting hints, then typing what object the enemy is. You get hints by attacking them. While that's going on, your reflexes are tested as you have to occasionally defend and counter every enemy attack. Good, because countering will give you even more hints anyway.

Also, super kawaii anime uguu.
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Posté le : 17 janvier
Interesting combat concept and a style worthy of Okami though not particularly intellectually challenging. Thankfully the combat pace picks up towards the end.
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Posté le : 27 septembre 2014
Did not like it much. RPG elements are pretty thin, story and characters are OK, but the gameplay itself is mostly for fans of Scrabble, Hangman or Bookworm, puzzle-like with word guessing and some action/timing thrown in, got repetitive quickly for me. Combined with mediocre graphics and sub-par level design just made me bored before hitting 1 hour. The music is great and enemy designs quite clever and fun though!
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Posté le : 2 février 2014
"Le gameplay fonctionne vraiment comme une surprenante idée qu’on ne veut pas lâcher tant on sait qu’il n’y a que dans ce jeu qu’on l’a trouvera aussi bien mixée à un univers de qualité. Évidemment, si vous n’aimez pas les univers Japonais, vous pouvez passer votre chemin. Mais à défaut d’être vraiment génial, 99 Spirits à l’audace de proposer quelque chose d’original et de plutôt attirant. Dommage que le tout se répète autant et surtout, qu’aucune traduction française ne vienne le destiner à un plus large public." - GameSideStory.com - http://www.gamesidestory.com/2014/02/01/gametest-99-spirits-pc/
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Posté le : 25 novembre 2013
99 Spirits is a refreshing JRPG puzzle game that has appealing japanese lore.

I like that the game requires a bit of literacy in order to complete. It's a nice change of pace because a lot of other games in this genre do not require you to think much.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the battle system. It's nice to pick from the large number of spirits and assemble a synergized team to steamroll through bosses.

Overall, the game was a solid 20-30 hour experience. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a unique JRPG puzzle game to play.
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Posté le : 11 mai 2014
99 Spirits is an ambitious title that eventually falls flat due to its cumbersome battle system. The storyline is great, and the characters are memorable. But when you are forced to execute the same battle commands again and again with very little variation, when you are forced to "discover" the same, old Tsukumagami again and again in battles you shouldn't skip as they help you level up -- the game becomes a chore. It's too bad, really, because there was a great game in the pipes somewhere, but along the way, it went awry. There is no reason why previously-discovered Tsukumagami couldn't have been revealed permanently, so that you are not forced to whittle away at its discovery every battle, "guessing" what is promptly known through repetition, and slogging through monotony.
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Posté le : 29 mai 2014
A very original game with a few gameplay and functional flaws that may frustrate some.

I liked:
-the combat and gem system is very original
-the art style is great, and the story and characters are very interesting

Not too fond:
-the battle music variety. There is only one combat track which loops. I ended up muting it.
-New game+. It is merely a restart with no changes to enemies or difficulty, with your level and money carried over. At least it makes New game+ much faster to complete for the alternate endings.

Frustrating and irritating:
-New game+. It resets your mastered spirit skills. The game already restricts your acquition of skills by limiting the number spirits you can hold in the duration of the game and the availability of spirits by location.
-Kirikiri game engine bugs. Kirikiri is an extremely buggy engine that can make saving an irritant. Also it can crash the GUI and freeze the combat. Rotate your saves, and save often.

Bug workarounds:
Save menu bug- When bringing up the save menu, the menu is blank and I can't access the first page or it brings up the Spirit book.
Fix- Click on page one of the save menu which brings you to the Spirit book. Exit out of the Spirit book and open the save menu again. It should display properly.

Combat freeze- In combat, sometimes I cast an action and the game does not respond.
Fix- Hope you have a recent save. You have to restart the game client.

All in all, a very intriguing game, if you are forgiving of poor New game+ balance and the various bugs of the Kirikiri engine.

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Posté le : 17 novembre 2013
"A JRPG, you say?"
Well, yeah, sure, but not in the traditional sense of the term. This is a strange one indeed, but (mostly) in a good way.

This game has a very strong japanese mythology theme. You play a swordswoman, whose main goal is to fight Tsukumogami, strange creatures which take shapes of common everyday items, such as a jacket, a broom and so on.
When you get to fight a Tsukumogami, instead of one of the traditional RPG battle systems, you need to zap the enemy with your special Gokon Sword in order to get clues about its identity and expose it. Once you exposed its identity (i.e. what item it really is), you need to hack it a few more times to finish it.

The thing is - all the clues are literal, in english and based on the japanese lore. For example, if you're fighting a broom Tsukumogami, the clues you get could be either letters from the item's name in uppercase (B or OO, for example), or details about the item itself, what it's being used for, what it's made of and so on ("wood", "cleaning" for example). Once you think you know the name, you "call it out" either by typing it on a virtual in-game keyboard, or by choosing it from a list you can get (and later upgrade for a price) as a part of the story.

If you're wrong, the enemy gets a bonus attack and you lose HP. If you got it right, the shroud is lifted and you get to see the enemy for what it really is. A few more hacks and slashes, and it's usually gone.

I've only been playing the game for 3-4 hours so far, so there might be more complicated stuff I haven't reached yet, but this is what it looks like, so far, and while it gets a little repetitive, it is fun.
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Posté le : 6 décembre 2013
99 Spirits = English version of Tsukumogami.

PROs :
- interesting story with nice & cute anime arts.
- unique battle system utilizing reflex/reaction, short memory, and simple english vocabulary.
- steam cloud, achievements, & trading cards.

CONs :
- battles are very repetitive and time consuming.

I wish there is an option to skip any battles, or make the battle become much faster
by remove the attack & defense session but keep the word guessing.
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Posté le : 14 novembre 2013
Sound and visuals are good, the story is great The gameplay, however, is special. With a semi-turn based puzzle combat system featuring rpg elements, this makes a really good game. Minor bugs and the required knowledge of English and some eastern culture may keep a lot of people from enjoying it, though. 6/10
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Posté le : 3 février 2014
99 Spirits introduces a unique new type of rpg. There are many good, as well as bad points to it.

First of, it is very extremist on difficulty, it is either really easy, or pretty hard. However the difficulty to it doesn't rely on lack of skill, it is mostly because of a low level. The game is pretty easy itself, but going too fast through it may cause it to be a headache. I remember that when I got to certain boss on my first playthough I had absolutely no skills or support from monsters, and I couldn't go back to catch more because I HAD to defeat the boss. Took me MANY tries to beat, so hear my advice ALWAYS be ready with a nice or decent "party".

Second, it is the gameplay itself, it can get really repetitive once you find all monsters of an area. And sometimes, when finding a monster for the first time, you have absolutely no idea what the monster is. Has anyone ever heard of a Torii? or a Naginata? Well it was the first time for me.

Also, there are some features of the game that are never explained to you, for example Starve and Food, the only thing these two do, is make your character move slower on the map the hungrier you are and viceversa, you can't die from starving though.

It has a very nice amount of characters, each different from the other (in the sense each NPC has her/his own personality). If something, I'd say this game is like a visual novel + a puzzle RPG style. In addition the soundtrack in the game is actually really good, but you might get tired of it as it will repeat itself several times on different areas (Same that happens with any song, the longer you hear it over and over, the more likely you'll start to hate it).

It is a very nice overall game, I don't really suggest it for its story, but for the experience of the game itself. And again, the game is easy to beat, but a little time consuming (especially if you want all achievements).

However, the game does fall short for the full price ($15). So if you can get it with discount or on a bundle, I'd say go for it. The best advice I can give you, is to try out the demo, that is the best way to tell if this game is or isn't for you.
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Posté le : 27 mai 2014
Yes, I recommend this game, but only if you save every 2 steps.
The game is full of critical bugs and you're bound to see a lot of crashes before you finish the game.
The story is decent and the gameplay is fun, but it's constantly ruined by crashes that impede your progress.
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Posté le : 8 juin 2014
The game is very original with an unique combat system, it also has a good storyline and art. The reason I'm not recommending this game is because in my opinion it's a total rip-off for the full price, you can get better for much less, but that's not even the point, the game get's really boring after a few minutes playing.
The same unique and original battle system that I complimented above gets insanely repetitive and uninteresting, after you discover most of the spirits it just feels like an immense waste of time. The music also gets really repetitive and annoying.
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