99 Spirits is an RPG/Puzzle game that revolves around the popular Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami, everyday objects coming alive on their 100th birthday.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 31 mayo 2013

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“99 Spirits has a great art direction, an original story and a unique gameplay that reminds to both Pictionary and Pokémon with a great result. If all indie Japanese indie games are this good I’ll start to learn the language ASAP. It can’t be missing in any indie game collection.”
Bit Maiden

“Without a shadow of doubt, 99 Spirits is one of the most imaginative and accomplished indie games on the market.”
True PC Gaming

“Mixing the puzzle and RPG genre along with some anime themed influences, 99 Spirits became an absorbing and addicting title that was nearly impossible for me to put down for too long.”

Acerca de este juego

99 Spirits is an RPG/Puzzle game that revolves around the popular Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami, everyday objects coming alive on their 100th birthday.

Hanabusa is a young headstrong girl living in the Heian capital within medieval Japan. But when her mother is slain by evil spirits, her life turns into one of vengeance as she sets out to hunt and destroy the spirits.

During Hanabusa’s travels, she meets a white fox who turns out to be a servant of the mountain god. Hanabusa receives a special sword passed down from her mother, which gives her the ability to see the true forms of spirits to help slay them. Shortly after, a spirit claiming to be Hanabusa’s long-lost father, Hidetada, breaks her sword and leaves Hanabusa powerless and confused.

Now to mend her broken sword and learn the truth about her father, Hanabusa embarks on a journey to annihilate every last one of the evil spirits.

Key Features

  • Work out the true identity of your enemies in a unique battle system
  • Capture enemies, master their skills for battle and use them to solve puzzles on the field
  • Interact with over 40 unique characters and battle over 100 monsters
  • Beautifully detailed art and an atmospheric original soundtrack bring feudal Japan alive
  • Discover multiple unique endings that change based on the player’s actions
  • Dual audio: Toggle between English and Japanese voice
  • Includes the original Japanese version of 99 Spirits, 'Tsukumogami' (九十九神)*

    *Tsukumogami will be added as a separate item to your Steam Library.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Procesador: 1.5GHz or higher
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0
    • Almacenamiento: 512 MB de espacio disponible
    • Notas adicionales: Windows Media Player 7 or newer
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All Might
( 4.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 24 de julio
This game was fun to play. The art was good, gamplay fun and the story was quite interesting. If you are into Japanese-culture, you should try this game out. :)
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( 13.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de julio
hard scripted game, which can result in "stuck" situations and therefor unneccesary loading from earlier chapters. Some enemies can heal faster than you can hurt them...
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Cpt. Price
( 8.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 30 de junio
The game's story is amazing, the gameplay can get repetative and you need to grind at times, but overall the game is quite enjoyable
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no im jory
( 2.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 27 de junio
bad weab game
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( 10.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 18 de mayo
99 Spirits is a fun and unique puzzle role playing game with many hours of gameplay. You take on the role of the heroine Hanabusa who has received the one and only weapon that can defeat the Tsukumogami. The Tsukumogami are everyday items that have come to life, in order to attack them with the sword you must first name what they are using the hints receive. The field in the game is grid based but can be used to your advantage if you want to avoid battling the Tsukumogamis that wander around on each map. At times you will be required to fight specific Tsukumogami and capture them in order to open up new areas. The game can be a bit frustrating and at times fell like it drags on, I recommend spacing out play time.
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( 20.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 5 de mayo
me gusta el tipo de juego no es como otros juegos anime rpg este cambia el hecho que tienes que usar el teclado ya sea para escribir o atacar y defenderte los ost son buenos si tienes el deluxe edition te recomendaria escuchar los ost son buenos y el juego y la trama es buena pero si no sabes ingles o lo basico no podras entender el juego y las guia que dan al inicio del combate
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( 15.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de abril
I like to play it. because unique RPG game. Anime. and i love it to guess the tsukumogami
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( 0.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 10 de abril
Innovative spelling\turn based game that just doesn't work. Also, the dialogue is rather lengthy on top of the extremely repetive combat. Its worth a shot if its cheap and you can tolerate impossibly hard games towards the end but I can't recommend this game where there are millions of other games worth your time.
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Lazanor ~ ラザノル
( 18.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 3 de abril
This is a game you probably love or hate.

love : with the fast paced battle and a lot of activity in the middle of the fight, i say it's a good mechanic. for the story its good, not the best but there is something that make you want to go back, it can be for the character or the plot. the game is simple so its easy for everyone to play.

hate : you know this felling if you need to grind. especially early on in the top i say the battle have a lot of activity... yeah but early on the only activity you get was attack and defend. the enemy is stupid you can 100% guaranteed block the enemy attack.

despite the grind thing, the enemy do get smarter letter on, they read your movement and dodge constantly and you have some useful ability to use.

for the guess your enemy mechanic it stand in between. you will like or hate it.
beafore you buy i recommend to search online first because this game not meant for everyone.
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41.5 h registradas
Publicado el 18 de junio de 2015
99 Spirits es un juego estilo anime, parte novela visual, parte estrategia y rol Donde la protagonista debe luchar contra unos espiritus. Basada en una historia Japonesa.

Basicamente el personaje se mueve por un tablero donde debe llegar a su objetivo, luchando si quiere (hay partes de la historia en que es necesario) luchar contra los espiritus y así aumentar el nivel del personaje y características. Las luchas son una especie de batalla por turnos, aunque los turnos son sólo para el personaje, porque el espiritu puede atacar en tu turno. Lo raro es el sistema para vencer a los espiritus, en donde se debe adivinar que parte del cuerpo del espiritu es visible , que pueden ser armas, ropa, elementos, etc. (lo malo como es lógico , es que si no tenés mucho ingles al principio se complica). Al avanzar en el juego es posible ir capturando los espiritus y usar las caracteristicas que poseen en batalla (curacion, mas daño, defensa,etc).

Es un juego que tiene muchos dialogos, aunque se los puede pasar rapidamente, al que no le guste leer o conocer la historia,seguramente le será muy molesto.

Al ser una novela japonesa tiene todos sus componentes, una historia rara, momentos graciosos, un intento de ecchi, etc. Es divertido jugarlo y seguir el ritmo, la música realmetne no acompaña bien y es mejor jugarlo en silencio. Con el paso de las hs se vuelve demasiado repetitivo, aunque, para el que juegue por la historia esto no será problema. Hasta tiene finales alternativos.

Recomendado, aunque el precio final me parece excesivo , comparádolo con otros juegos AA, o incluso AAA que se consiguen.
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7.6 h registradas
Publicado el 20 de octubre de 2015
juego estilo pokemon , para los dias aburridos esta muy bien y si cuesta 3x1$ mejor que mejor :D
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No recomendado
3.9 h registradas
Publicado el 15 de febrero de 2014
Although the storyline is quite good, the bettles are repetitive and the only thing you have to do is guess the name of an item (broom, umbrella, pants...) just with some bad clues they give you during the battle. For a non English person it can really be a pain in the neck beacuse you may dont know all vocabulary required for such a game.

So I can´t recomended it even with its absorving story and its OST which I really like.

The day they decide to send an Spanish patch for it, I will change my review and recommend it.
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No recomendado
6.8 h registradas
Publicado el 16 de enero
Juego "para aprender inglés" tedioso, aburrido y repetitivo. Alejaos de él.
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A 88 de 102 personas (86%) les ha sido útil este análisis
28.8 h registradas
Publicado el 25 de noviembre de 2013
99 Spirits is a refreshing JRPG puzzle game that has appealing japanese lore.

I like that the game requires a bit of literacy in order to complete. It's a nice change of pace because a lot of other games in this genre do not require you to think much.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the battle system. It's nice to pick from the large number of spirits and assemble a synergized team to steamroll through bosses.

Overall, the game was a solid 20-30 hour experience. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a unique JRPG puzzle game to play.
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No recomendado
8.5 h registradas
Publicado el 11 de mayo de 2014
99 Spirits is an ambitious title that eventually falls flat due to its cumbersome battle system. The storyline is great, and the characters are memorable. But when you are forced to execute the same battle commands again and again with very little variation, when you are forced to "discover" the same, old Tsukumagami again and again in battles you shouldn't skip as they help you level up -- the game becomes a chore. It's too bad, really, because there was a great game in the pipes somewhere, but along the way, it went awry. There is no reason why previously-discovered Tsukumagami couldn't have been revealed permanently, so that you are not forced to whittle away at its discovery every battle, "guessing" what is promptly known through repetition, and slogging through monotony.
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28.1 h registradas
Publicado el 29 de mayo de 2014
A very original game with a few gameplay and functional flaws that may frustrate some.

I liked:
-the combat and gem system is very original
-the art style is great, and the story and characters are very interesting

Not too fond:
-the battle music variety. There is only one combat track which loops. I ended up muting it.
-New game+. It is merely a restart with no changes to enemies or difficulty, with your level and money carried over. At least it makes New game+ much faster to complete for the alternate endings.

Frustrating and irritating:
-New game+. It resets your mastered spirit skills. The game already restricts your acquition of skills by limiting the number spirits you can hold in the duration of the game and the availability of spirits by location.
-Kirikiri game engine bugs. Kirikiri is an extremely buggy engine that can make saving an irritant. Also it can crash the GUI and freeze the combat. Rotate your saves, and save often.

Bug workarounds:
Save menu bug- When bringing up the save menu, the menu is blank and I can't access the first page or it brings up the Spirit book.
Fix- Click on page one of the save menu which brings you to the Spirit book. Exit out of the Spirit book and open the save menu again. It should display properly.

Combat freeze- In combat, sometimes I cast an action and the game does not respond.
Fix- Hope you have a recent save. You have to restart the game client.

All in all, a very intriguing game, if you are forgiving of poor New game+ balance and the various bugs of the Kirikiri engine.

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7.1 h registradas
Publicado el 17 de noviembre de 2013
"A JRPG, you say?"
Well, yeah, sure, but not in the traditional sense of the term. This is a strange one indeed, but (mostly) in a good way.

This game has a very strong japanese mythology theme. You play a swordswoman, whose main goal is to fight Tsukumogami, strange creatures which take shapes of common everyday items, such as a jacket, a broom and so on.
When you get to fight a Tsukumogami, instead of one of the traditional RPG battle systems, you need to zap the enemy with your special Gokon Sword in order to get clues about its identity and expose it. Once you exposed its identity (i.e. what item it really is), you need to hack it a few more times to finish it.

The thing is - all the clues are literal, in english and based on the japanese lore. For example, if you're fighting a broom Tsukumogami, the clues you get could be either letters from the item's name in uppercase (B or OO, for example), or details about the item itself, what it's being used for, what it's made of and so on ("wood", "cleaning" for example). Once you think you know the name, you "call it out" either by typing it on a virtual in-game keyboard, or by choosing it from a list you can get (and later upgrade for a price) as a part of the story.

If you're wrong, the enemy gets a bonus attack and you lose HP. If you got it right, the shroud is lifted and you get to see the enemy for what it really is. A few more hacks and slashes, and it's usually gone.

I've only been playing the game for 3-4 hours so far, so there might be more complicated stuff I haven't reached yet, but this is what it looks like, so far, and while it gets a little repetitive, it is fun.
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120.8 h registradas
Publicado el 21 de agosto de 2014
99 Spirits takes place in medieval Japan in a city attacked by evil spirits. After her mother is killed in the attack, young Hanabusa becomes a warrior and dedicates her life to destroying the Tsukumogami. Fruitbat Factory has obviously taken great care with their work and the localisation is excellent. The English dialogue flows well and without error. Unfortunately, the original script provides little we haven't seen before, and the story holds only minor interest or intrigue.Unlike the story, the gameplay mechanics are fresh and new in their design and execution. The game follows a linear story in which you move Hanabusa from place to place and fight Tsukumogami as you go. The overworld maps function on a grid, and you click to move Hanabusa around to pick up items, fight spirits and move to the next map.They may not be exceptional, but the graphics are solid and aesthetically pleasing. Portraits during dialogue exude charm and aid in developing the characters' personality. The hand-drawn style matches the feel and setting of the game well and evokes a stylistic, historical drawing. The Tsukumogami spirits look distinctively evil, and the warping of everyday objects into these frightening spirits is executed with style.Like the art, the sound suits the game perfectly. The mystical, eastern-sounding tunes draw you into the game and succeed in setting the scene. The fast moving, high-pitched score used in battle adds to the tension and pressure of fighting each spirit and working to figure out their name. There is limited voice acting in the game, but all of it is well done. If you're looking for something new in your RPGs, then give 99 Spirits a shot. The puzzle-style battles are fun and interesting and allow you to forgive the less interesting aspects of the game. The localisation is excellent, even if the story isn't quite so interesting, and the sound and graphics are solid and pleasing. If you like RPGs and word puzzles, then you'll definitely enjoy 99 Spirits.
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20.0 h registradas
Publicado el 27 de febrero de 2015
First thing, if you plan on playing this save often. My game crashed so many times, jeez.

With that out of the way, this game is very different. Different from what I've played before and different from what I was expecting. Maybe it's my fault for just taking a glance at it, but I was expecting some kind of typing game.

Instead each enemy is a mystery when first encountered, and you actually have to guess what it is (by guessing the word).

At first I thought it was boring, but the game opened up at chapter 3. After that it kept me entertained enough I suppose.

Plenty of reading, light rpg elements. Lots of RNG. Music was good. For how different it is, I believe this game is worth a try.
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