Shadows es la nueva entrega de la saga Heretic Kingdoms. Vive una aventura épica con un estilo de juego desafiante, una historia apasionante y gráficos cautivadores. Serás el Devorador, un demonio que engulle las almas de los muertos para devolverlas al reino de los mortales como sus marionetas...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 nov. 2014

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28 de agosto de 2015

The first update for Shadows since fall of bitComposer!

This is the first public patch we release since we have received the rights for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms back :). It definitively is not the last one though!

This patch from 28/8/2015 addresses the following problems:
- Crashes with controller
- Occassional overlapping GUI
- some minor problems and issues which were reported

Have fun and look for more! :)

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“A well-designed adventure into dark RPG-worlds that has nothing to hide.”
90/100 –

“Shadows breathes new life into the genre”
4/5 – Calm Down Tom

“It's different than the games it gets compared to, but in many ways, it's far richer.”
RPG Watch

Acerca de este juego

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms es el siguiente capítulo de la saga Heretic Kingdoms y tiene lugar 20 años después de los acontecimientos de Kult: Heretic Kingdoms. Es una aventura épica con una mecánica de juego desafiante, una historia apasionante y gráficos cautivadores. En este RPG de acción isométrico, el jugador se mete en la piel del Devorador, un demonio que engulle las almas de los muertos para devolverlas al reino de los mortales como sus marionetas... En sus manos está frustrar la gran amenaza y salvar al mundo o sumirlo en un caos absoluto...


Tras el asesinato de cuatro de los cinco miembros de una orden secreta conocida como Penta Nera, sus almas fueron engullidas por una manada de Devoradores. Desde entonces, vagan por el reino de los mortales como títeres de los Devoradores, como una Penta Nera demoníaca, y arrasan la tierra en busca de la esencia de las almas.
El quinto miembro de la orden, decidido a vengarse, recurre a la única forma de detenerlos e invoca a otro Devorador, aunque este es diferente a sus hermanos. Puede absorber varias almas, pero, a veces, cuantas más almas absorbe, más humano o esquizofrénico se vuelve. Puede detener a la Penta Nera demoníaca y salvar al mundo o sumirlo en un caos absoluto...

Key Features Of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms

  • Amplia libertad de decisión, que afecta al curso del juego
  • Historia cautivadora en un mundo repleto de mitos, destinos y criaturas legendarias
  • Dos mundos de juego en uno: Recorre ambos mundos y asómate al mundo de las tinieblas, donde también te enfrentarás a enemigos y resolverás enigmas místicos.
  • Un héroe oscuro, quince personajes diferentes: Devora las almas de tus enemigos y utiliza un montón de personajes y estilos de combate diferentes.
  • ¡Completa una variedad de misiones y enfréntate en combate a criaturas que solo podrías imaginar en tus peores pesadillas!
  • Un enorme número de criaturas fantásticas con estilos de lucha y desafíos únicos.
  • Sistema de equipo exclusivo.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP/Vista/7/8; 64 bit
    • Procesador: x86 processor, 2.5 GHz
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: nVidiaGeForce 260GTX or higher
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0a
    • Almacenamiento: 5 GB de espacio disponible
    • SO: Windows 7 / Windows 8; 64 bit
    • Procesador: x86 processor, 3 GHz +, quad core
    • Memoria: 6 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 560GTX or higher
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0a
    • Almacenamiento: 5 GB de espacio disponible
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Publicado el 26 de diciembre de 2015
La verdad es que es un juego que me ha sorprendido (vamos haciendo diógenes de pillar juegos pero siempre los dejamos para el final)...pero si que recomiendo que lo juguéis en cuanto metan el nuevo update que cambiaran el motor de juego.. y espremos que mejore la experiencia de jugador.

Por el resto un A-rpg que dista de ser lo normal en el genero,tienes a tu disposición el típico bárbaro, arquero y mago.. pero es que durante tu aventura puedes tener muchos más personajes..todos con sus habilidades únicas.Y algunas misiones que dependerán de tus actos y tus decisiones.

Mención aparte que el juego tiene mucho "humor", solo hay que ver las descripciones de los objetos y las charlas entre el Devorador y tus personajes.
Esperemos que pronto llegue el libro2 y se pueda acabar con la historia.
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Publicado el 12 de noviembre de 2015
This game is beautifully made, voice overs are great, quests, loot, crafting. But what is at the heart of every game like this, combat. Now I will say, combat in itself is just as well done as the rest of the game. However, someone on the dev team needs to understand the importance of mob spawning and placement. For me this is where the game literally falls apart. there is almost no space to manuver in this game as it is, then add the mob spawn logic. Take two steps and mobs spawn in around you in a circle and attack, This is a game where tactics do not exist, its simplhy a matter of stepping forward, getting encircled with spiders, taking boat loads of un dodgeable damange and spamming pots, lots and lots of pots.

I find in annoying enough to stop playing even though the rest of the game is literallh a masterpiece. All I can ask is that as you redesign and update your game for the re-release, try to create a more fluid combat dance between the player and the mobs. Dont rely on cheap spawning tactics to create articfically difficulty.

There is also an abundency of console type boss fights, tiny little rooms, no where to move, lighting fast bosses that do tons of damage. There is no pacing to these events they are just pot swigging marathons, or as suggested in the loading tips, over level your character and go back to fight bosses.

Unfortunantely I will have to give this game a thumbs down. I am the owner of just about every top down Diable style game available on steams, literally dozens and there is somthing magical about a game when they can get mob spawning, combat fighting spaces, mob and player speeds, functional CC down riight. I just dont think this game has that criticall component. What a shame.
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Publicado el 27 de agosto de 2015
After some embittering issues with their publisher, Games Farm has re-acquired control of their IP - including their classic Kult: Heretic Kingdoms. Rewarding customers with more game instead of a paywall was how they decided to celebrate.

Any dev who puts their fans first will always be a winner to me.
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Publicado el 23 de noviembre de 2015
I usually do not like ARPGs, and skipped this one by due to not being interested in arpgs and thinking the "shadow world" mechanic sounded bad. I bought this while bored and was very suprised by how much i liked it. It is a very well done game. Clearing every area twice isn't so bad. I like my demon and my main guy so far, I enjoy the charcater building and there being no resets of skill points requiring thought.

Combat is fast and slow, with almost limitless heals and sometimes extremem damage spikes to help with the mechanics. It has just the right challenge level and combat is very well done considering you have potions, 3 alive people to cycle through, the demon, and your soul bar heals and reserrects.

The game has a pretty decent crafting system. The rpg aspects of quests and npc interactions are actually very heavy for an ARPG and plays like a real crpg. Production value is high and the voice overs are actually really good for the demon, my fighter character, and the others I've heard.

I am happy i bought this game, even at the current full price of $20. I just bought the orginal and am going to play that through now and then come back to this. I skipped almost all arpgs back in the day like this and sacred, etc, but am now learning to appreciate the heavier ones like Divine Divinity.

For some reason this game, S:HK reminds me of Lionheart. It isn't very similar but it has repetetive combat that somehow doesn't bother me. This is a different sort of game than the ones I usually go for so is hard for me to recommend it to people who usually play crpgs, but I think most crpg fans will find this to be a good game whereas Torchlight, Diablo 3 type arpg fans may think it is to crpgish and slow.
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Publicado el 23 de enero
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a hack'n'slash RPG with a great story idea - you play the role of The Devourer who, as his name suggests, devours the souls of heroes. But this way, he also gives them a new life! In the end, this leads you to ability to switch between The Devourer and any of his collected hero souls. From beginning, you start with only one picked hero but as you go through the game, you'll find more characters - every character coming with its unique skillset. But don't get too much hyped about tactical group management, you can play only one character at time.

Whole graphic style feels pleasant in terms of the genre (and competitors as Diablo III), the atmosphere is good thanks to nice soundtrack and well-made voice acting, though it depends on specific characters - for example the princess (mage beginning character) was sometimes cringeworthy like Obara Sand from Game of Thrones.

Every environment has two version - the real one (for living characters) and the spiritual one (for The Devourer). This split is a nice idea and it's well implemented in the game, as you can swap between characters to get into/from spiritual world to run out of big group of enemies - only elite minions and bosses are in both environments.

Interface and the game controls are something that feels totally unoriginal. I think the developers might have wanted to be more close to casual and current generation of (MOBA) players, so the interface and control keybindings are similar to League of Legends (or Dota 2). As a huge hack'n'slash RPG fan since the first Diablo, this felt really bad to me, seeing even small details, as the health regeneration counter in the health bar, made my impression pretty much worse.

Another terrible thing is the AI of enemies. Many of aggressive minions won't attack you even if you are next to them, until you attack them. Enemy mobs also don't have much idea about pathfinding and walls, so if they can attack from range, they'll try to shoot you even through the wall. And they will fail.

What is almost a must feature in RPGs to have as a resource besides health? There should be something, right? Mana (magicka), rage, whatever you may think of but there's nothing! All character skills are only cooldown-driven (run and spam skills while you can), the blue resource you can see in screenshots is "soul essence" that is used by The Devourer to ressurect dead characters.

Besides mentioned cons there are also some smaller bugs like missing item icons or bugged achievements (couldn't unlock achievement for getting characters to level 2). Also, it's good to warn you that there's no autosave! That means, if you die, you have to load your latest manual save, in good old style. If you are too much spoilt by today's games, you might accidentally lose some of your playtime if you die and forget to save your position sometimes before.

Overall, I understand why Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms gets many positive responses, though I felt more like I was playing a fan-made custom campaign for already existing game (and I believe it's a lot because of the interface and controls, it does not fit the game). It's not bad and it might be worth getting on sale but otherwise I'd rather recommend you checking for some other ARPG.
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