Become the most celebrated detective of all time: Sherlock Holmes! Use your impressive talents as a detective to solve six thrilling and varied cases: murders, missing persons, spectacular thefts and numerous investigations that sometimes lead you into the realms of the fantastic.
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"Rough around the edges, and with some bad puzzles, but this is an atmospheric detective adventure that actually lets you do some detecting."
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“I have to believe Holmes would approve.”
8/10 – Polygon

“Thrilling detective-game ... even Moriaty would play it!”
85/100 – GameStar

“Hands down the best detective game I've ever played and one of the most enjoyable experiences of the 2014 gaming year so far.”
9,5/10 – Hooked Gamers

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Acerca de este juego

¡Conviértete en el detective más célebre de todos los tiempos: Sherlock Holmes! Usa tus increíbles talentos como detective para resolver seis apasionantes y variados casos: asesinatos, desapariciones, robos espectaculares y numerosas investigaciones que podrían llevarte hasta el reino de lo fantástico.

¿Seguirás tu sentido de la moral o aplicarás la ley al pie de la letra?

La gran libertad de acción de Crimes & Punishments te permitirá encauzar tus investigaciones como te parezca más apropiado. Usa las 14 extraordinarias habilidades de detección que hicieron famoso a Sherlock, conduce sus pesquisas hacia donde tú quieras, interroga a los sospechosos y, a partir de tus deducciones, señala a los culpables. ¡Incluso puedes decidir su destino! Las ramificaciones son tan amplias que tus decisiones ejercerán una influencia real sobre tu reputación y tendrán sorprendentes consecuencias que aparecerán cuando menos lo esperes...

Requisitos del sistema

    • Procesador: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.4 GHZ
    • Memoria: 2048 MB de RAM
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Almacenamiento: 14 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: COMPATIBLE CON DIRECTX 9
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Publicado el 1 de julio
Esta nueva parte no nos dejará indiferentes, como bien dice el titulo "Crimenes y castigos", 6 casos que tendremos que resolver con la posibilidad de hacerlo de varias maneras, con decisiones morales y en algunos casos politicas. Finales alternativos para cada uno de las conclusiones.
Graficamente es una pasada, se ve de lujo. Respecto a los anteriores, este juego no sigue un historia en concreto, los casos son totalmente diferentes con un ligero guiño a la banda de los Alegres, temas politicos (de ahí, las apariciones de Mycroft, el hermano de Holmes). Como novedades respecto a los anteriores, el juego nos presenta algunas muy interesantes, por ejemplo no todo van a ser puzzles, tb hay momentos donde tendremos que utilizar nuestra habilidad para conseguir algo.
En definitiva, otro gran juego de Sherlock Holmes, gracias Frogwares!
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A 2 de 3 personas (67%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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Publicado el 2 de junio

Buenas historias, buen manejo (aunque a mi se me ha buggeado alguna que otra vez Watson... Pero no influye para nada), gráficos y escenarios perfectos, finales alternativos a elección, etc etc etc.

En definitiva, un juegazo que merece la pena 100%, si te gustan los juegos de misterio y/o aventuras gráficas.

El único problema: QUIERO MÁS. Ojala saquen algun dlc con casos extra, que los 6 que vienen me los he ventilado de lo viciada que me tenía.
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Publicado el 5 de julio
As a fan of adventure games i am always looking for new and entertaining adventure games to play. I‘m very picky and not every adventure game will satisfy my needs. I have stumbled on Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment a while ago and added it to my wishlist. I bought it on summer sale and i don‘t regret it. I love the game.
First thing what caughts the eye is graphics. It is rare for an adventure game to have a really good graphics. Keep in mind that „technically good“ and „nice to the eye“ is different. A drawn 2D graphics can look much better than technically more advanced 3D graphics with poor 3D models. I remember when Broken Sword gone to 3D graphics, it looked awful, i was angry about that, i was disappointed that developers decided to go that way instead of just classical 2D graphics. It was a trend at that time and it was a bad trend. Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment is one of those adventure games in full 3D where graphics looks really nice. Character face models are amazing. It lacks better animations like in Beyond two souls, Heavy rain or LA Noire, but i guess this game had much smaller budget, so it‘s really amazing what they had achieved in graphics department. Environments looks great too. You can take rally nice looking screenshots. The environments are different and pretty detailed. In short i don‘t have any complaints regarding graphics.
The game consists from 6 chapters which are 2,5-3 hours long each. The gameplay consists from exploring the crime scene, taking notice of every detail, gathering evidence and talking to the witnesses and victims. After all these things are done you can start a deduction process where you must make connections between collected statements and evidence and get a conclusion. There are few outcomes in every case, there‘re always few suspects and you can wrongly accuse a person of doing a crime and condemned him. But most fun is to find out who‘s the real culprit is. Even when you find him you can absolve him or make him guilty so that he would receive his punishment. It‘s your moral choice at the end of the chapter.
The game is not too hard but it‘s not easy either. You can be stuck at some point not knowing what to do. As always it‘s just some small thing you missed. There are some puzzles in the game. Each case has few of them. I like that puzzles are all different and are pretty logical and not too complicated except for lock hacking puzzles. They‘re in every case and sometimes you get more than one of it. But you can skip the puzzles, it doesn‘t have any impact to the story or outcome.
All in all i recommend this game to everyone who loves adventure games, you will not be disappointed. This is one of those hidden gems (*cough* The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 *cough*) made by a small company which probably didn‘t pay back.
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Publicado el 8 de agosto
"Be quiet Watson, I'm trying to concentrate."

As puzzle games go, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is fairly tame. As tedious as the achievement for reaching all conclusions is (if that matters), the game is worth the experience - well thought-out characters, realistic motivations and a chance to play at being the world's greatest detective.

There are six individual cases, or chapters if you will, each with a unique crime for you to solve. Gameplay involves first gathering the evidence in the form of point-and-click / exploration. Suspects and other people are interviewed. During the course of doing this, sometimes additional information about clues you find can only be discovered by researching Holmes' archive, or by conducting an experiment, or even by chemical analysis. All of these actions combine to give you deductions, which take the form of facts floating around inside Holmes' brain, visualised by neurons firing between each other.

The next part is what I find to be the most fun though. Just having these facts floating around inside your head isn't enough. You have to put them together. For example: a person needs a certain Strength Requirement to wield a harpoon properly, also you know the victim was Pinned to the Wall. Put them together, and you conclude the murderer must be physically strong. Put enough of the facts together and you'll be able to conclude who the guilty party is.

It comes as no surprise that there are various conclusions for each chapter. Each of them makes its own kind of logical sense, and is fun to experiment with. There is even a 'correct' answer to each of the cases - and the opportunity to check whether you have the right one or not is entirely optional, meaning nothing is given away without your wanting it. The only problem I find with replaying for different endings is the necessity of starting the case over again from scratch - there is no option to simply replay your deductions from near the end of the case. This unfortunately makes for a bit of a grind as some cases have numerous location changes - many of which are for as little as a single item - meaning you will grow bored of seeing the interior of Holmes's carriage very quickly. One case has as many as six different endings.

More on the gameplay. I've already mentioned finding objects, interrogation, drawing deductions. In addition, there is lockpicking (an interesting take on a concept rife in so many games today), imagination (a little-used idea that works well to break up other gameplay elements), and there are also conversation events whereby Sherlock catches people out in lies. Leaving people gaping like fish and floundering for words is very enjoyable.

The cast for voice-acting is excellent, although I think it is soured by Robinson's aussie accent. There are two aussies in this game - while Lady Brackenstall sounds more genuine, Robinson sounds exaggerated, a bit too much like Steve Irwin for my liking. Perhaps for the time-period (1890s) this is accurate, and perhaps it adds to his character, but I just found it too over-the-top.

The visuals are mildly impressive. While nothing stands out as particularly fantastic, the landscapes and rooms depicted are done well enough that you feel transported to late 19th Century England. Typewriters and the general hubbub of Scotland Yard offices is one of the better sounds.

In closing, I should point out that the game is inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, and that Crime and Punishment is a reference to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel of the same title - giving the gamer the opportunity to find the right culprit, and to make the moral choice of condemning or absolving their actions.
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Publicado el 17 de julio

genre : point and click adventure game in 3rd person

Another Sherlock Holmes adventure game, where as the famous detective , you have to solve 6 varied cases such as thefts, murders and missing persons.

+ Awesome presentation, best looking adventure game i have ever played, especially the character models are some of the best i have seen in gaming.
+ The cases you have to solve are varied and the atmosphere is dark, grim at times, the writing and dialogues are excellent.
+ Great soundtrack and voice acting.
+ Gameplay wise you use the famous skills of Sherlock : collect clues, examine them, use your tools at Baker's street, interrogate suspects at crime scenes or at the Scotland Yard, reconstruct crime scenes and use intuition skills to discover hidden clues, use your loyal dog , use disguises and much more to collect all the evidence and from your deductions name the guilty parties. Apart from discovering who is guilty you have to make moral decisions as to what their fate will be and at the end of each case you get to see the percentage of other people's choices. There is great freedom of choice, since after gathering some evidence you can choose who is guilty or continue playing , since most of the times you have to go beyond the obvious and collect more clues to find the truth.
+ Unless you do everything right in each case from the first time , there is some replayability, i had to replay 2 of the cases since i was biased the first time playing them .
+ Good duration, over 15 hours to complete all cases.

- Long loading times.
- Some stiff animations.
- I didn't like the lockpicking puzzle as mini-game, often skipped it.

This is one of the most polished adventure games i have ever played, definitely the best adventure game of the year (although my heart still prefers the dreamfall chapters) and one of the best of the last years. I didn't want it to end but again i had to replay some cases since i missed some clues. It's on the easy side but it can get really hard at times to discover everything and come to the right conclusion. Highly recommended whether on sale or not.
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