Become the most celebrated detective of all time: Sherlock Holmes! Use your impressive talents as a detective to solve six thrilling and varied cases: murders, missing persons, spectacular thefts and numerous investigations that sometimes lead you into the realms of the fantastic.
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"Rough around the edges, and with some bad puzzles, but this is an atmospheric detective adventure that actually lets you do some detecting."
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His skills, your wits!

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His skills, your wits. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, is now available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC!

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“I have to believe Holmes would approve.”
8/10 – Polygon

“Thrilling detective-game ... even Moriaty would play it!”
85/100 – GameStar

“Hands down the best detective game I've ever played and one of the most enjoyable experiences of the 2014 gaming year so far.”
9,5/10 – Hooked Gamers

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Acerca de este juego

¡Conviértete en el detective más célebre de todos los tiempos: Sherlock Holmes! Usa tus increíbles talentos como detective para resolver seis apasionantes y variados casos: asesinatos, desapariciones, robos espectaculares y numerosas investigaciones que podrían llevarte hasta el reino de lo fantástico.

¿Seguirás tu sentido de la moral o aplicarás la ley al pie de la letra?

La gran libertad de acción de Crimes & Punishments te permitirá encauzar tus investigaciones como te parezca más apropiado. Usa las 14 extraordinarias habilidades de detección que hicieron famoso a Sherlock, conduce sus pesquisas hacia donde tú quieras, interroga a los sospechosos y, a partir de tus deducciones, señala a los culpables. ¡Incluso puedes decidir su destino! Las ramificaciones son tan amplias que tus decisiones ejercerán una influencia real sobre tu reputación y tendrán sorprendentes consecuencias que aparecerán cuando menos lo esperes...

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 14 GB available space
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Publicado: 30 de Noviembre
The closest I've yet seen to capturing the escense of playing the consulting detective. The stories are for the most part well written, and with good mechanics to help you explore the crimescenes fully. The most impressive mechanic here is the system set up to "gather your thoughts", where you combine clues to create a basis for deduction and those deductions lead you towards the truth of the matter. The mechanic in itself is ingenious, but what really satisfied me is how the storytellers have utilized it, to the point where you can actually legitimately deduce the "wrong" answer, allowing you to further imerse yourself by making the needed deductions in between to lead you on the right path.

That being said, there is still room for improvement in how one investigates a crimescene, as this game as earlier games still carries the stigma of old point'n'click adventures where you don't find much outside of what is actually usefull. A bit of "clutter" when it comes to items would be a lovely way to let you do more of the detecting on your own.

A minor gripe as this game is a huge leap in the right direction for detective games.
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Publicado: 24 de Diciembre
If you want to become an investigator Buy this game

you will not regret if you like kind of this and awesome graphics :)
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Publicado: 7 de Diciembre
I picked up this game while looking for an old school point and click. It's not that at all. It's more like an interactive story with a few added case solving mechanics and mini games. This will really annoy a lot of die hard fans of the old Sierra or LucasArts games so you should really look at a video walthrough of the first few minutes before getting it. Usually I'd put myself in that class but I found the sheer entertainment value of this game is one of the best I've come across.

Best points:
Excellent visuals and voice acting,
Properly laugh out loud moments alongside the more serious plots.
20-25 hours of gameplay. Worth the high price.
Perfectly designed characters. Whoever scripted Watson is a genius.
Interesting and fun mechanics for deduction analysis and a few other minigames

Bad points
Very little challenge in puzzles or deduction
The transfer time between locations is painfully slow
No save games. You can replay chapter endings but otherwise nothing
Some minigames have horribly clunky interfaces.
Some of the pathing is a bit irritating. Most often Watson gets in your way and its a fight to get aound him to where your next clue is.

If you want a bit more detail...
The only people who I would advise to stay away from this are those solely interested in puzzle based old school point and click games.

The game is made up of 6 chapters, each based around an original Holmes story so they inherit some good writing. In each you walk Holmes around crime related scenes picking up clues, questioning suspects and doing research. This gives you thoughts which you have to link together correctly to make deductions that you tie together to solve a case. It is a fun mechanic but the deductions are sometimes too obvious. o=One or two are nonsensical. There's a bit of embarrassingly bad science in some minigames too but if you can get over that then the dialogue, characters and plot make this really good entertainment.
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Publicado: 14 de Diciembre
It's a good game. The ability to decide whodunit is an awesome feature. However, while Testament of Sherlock Holmes was occasionally very confusing and difficult, I felt this game went too far in the opposite direction, where most of the puzzles and clues were fairly simple. Having six cases to solve is a good thing (the train one was my favorite), though it didn't allow for a deep plot to unravel like in Testament. Regardless, it's still a fun game and improved graphics are always appreciated. While the environments may just be average, characters' faces, in particular, are very detailed.
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Publicado: 3 de Diciembre
The best game in this series yet. Very nice UI, some good twists and dialogues. I really enjoyed this game and definitely recommend it to any point & click lovers as well as to anyone who enjoys a good Sherlock Holmes.
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Publicado: 13 de Diciembre
A huge improvement on Testament, feels far more like Holmes in gameplay, though Watson is still a bit of a hapless lapdog. The multi-case arc was really interesting and lent some variety and intrique. Hoping for some DLC.
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Publicado: 16 de Diciembre
A game every fan of the series would absolutely love. Best Sherlock game that's ever been out. 11/10!
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Publicado: 28 de Noviembre
If you like Sherlock Holmes you must buy this game or the Hound of Baskerville will haunt you.
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Publicado: 22 de Diciembre
Overall - recommendation

Graphics - good. Maybe my expectations were just lowered but it's a genuinely pretty game with a strong art style. I particularly like the attention to faces. Also the first person mode means that you feel a lot more immersed in the world.

Writing - solid. If you're a fan of the stories you'll enjoy the mysteries here as they're not only pretty interesting in their own write, but they also feel very much like something Doyle would have written himself.

Mechanics - fun. They can feel a touch contrived at times (press F for imagination) but they're free flowing enough to make you feel like a detective. It's worth emphasising that for the most part the mechanics compliment your own thinking and puzzle solving, rather than just doing it all for you.

Misc - voice acting is.... peculiar, it is often wooden, and over affected. The game would benefit massively from more talented voice actors, especially because you have to listen to people talk so much. It's not game ruining, but it feels like a missed opportunity for a game that works so hard to immerse you in its world. For the most part, it's not game ruining, but it damages the game's otherwise strong effort at immersion.

Final thoughts - Fancy a story driven game? But you're bored of shooting people in deserts/sewers/deserted cities? Yet you still want the good graphics and immersive perspective typical of the AAA genres? This is a good choice. Especially if you're a fan of Holmes.

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Publicado: 27 de Diciembre
Some thoughts on Sherlock: Crimes and Punishments

The advertising for this is probably a bit misleading, what with the lead characters dressed in modern attire and some sort of darker trailers. But make no mistake, this is a pretty classical Sherlock game set in the original time period (the modern clothes are just an unlockable) and a sequel to Frogware's other adventures with the character. I don't have too much experience with the older games, finding them a bit obtuse and clunky at times. Crimes and Punishments is their attempt to get the series some broader appeal, and it largely works. Controls are simplified but without sacrificing too much of the formula.

The game takes place over six cases, all mostly standalone so it has a pretty episodic feel to it. There's a small running plotline about a "terrorist" group called the Merry Men that runs throughout but is mostly just background filler. I've lamented on here about how there's not many games that actually make you feel like a detective, and this game is one that does. For starters, every case has multiple suspects, and you can actually draw the wrong conclusions and condemn an innocent person if you're not careful. Each suspect you choose also has variations on how you handle their fate. A cold blooded murderer you might want to send to the gallows, while someone acting in self defense you might be kinder too. The actual murder weapons and motives can play into these endings too if you get them wrong, so each case has at least like 6 endings. That is where the title comes in, their crimes, your punishments.

The games does clearly try to ape the modern BBC series a bit, with a focus on profiling characters from the fact they have callused or danity hands, or a telegram sticking out of their pocket. It actually does a good job of making you think like Holmes, and you start to actually be able to guess what he learns from these profiles before he says it. That's actually I think one of the best accomplishments of the game. It kind of immerses you in the minutiae. Using Holmes' analysis table on Baker Street is kind of a laborious affair, often having puzzles that in most games would probably include half the steps. But I'll be darned if they didn't manage to sucker me in with the use of pipettes to test various chemicals. You will also need to browse Holmes' large collection of newspapers, research, and encyclopedias when you see or hear about say, a robbery in 1889 rather than just asking someone about it. You'll even get to control Watson and his dog Toby at various points in the game.

There are couple minigames that are busts, often ones requiring aiming or precision, which is not a surprise given the developer's pedigree. Most of the voice acting is well done, if a bit theatrical (Sherlock himself gets pretty hammy at times, but it is largely amusing). Some of the stories are a bit basic, even if they provide a good mystery at first. Graphics are pretty great for the most part, thought that's largely thanks to most areas being pretty small. You can "customize" Sherlock but those options are actually pretty limited. Most of the options are only available when the story gives an option to disguise yourself to get information, which are pretty rare.

Anyways, if you like adventure games, snag this when you can. Much better than I anticipated.
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Publicado: 12 de Diciembre
I wish the cases were connected, but other than a lack of a connected story, this game is great. I would just bust a case out whenever I felt like sleuthing for a bit, rock it for an hour or so and solve the case, feel like a genius and go to bed. Rinse, wash, repeat!
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Publicado: 29 de Noviembre
Great game would highly recommend it!
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37.5 h registradas
Publicado: 1 de Diciembre
Wish this game was longer.
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Publicado: 24 de Diciembre
Criminally good
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Publicado: 22 de Diciembre
This game has been a brilliant experience. The cases are well thought out and there are a few twists that made the game exciting.
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Publicado: 10 de Octubre
Soy un amante de las Aventuras graficas y me ha sorprendido gratamente este juego, me encanta la atmosfera tan inmersiva, todas las reviews le dan mas de un 7, no entiendo como IGN España solo le pone un 5.5 ese "tio" a que juego ha jugado? como es posible que sea el único que le de una puntuacion tan baja? esta claro que bebe de muchos juegos pero en su categoria tengo que decir que es Autentico.
He jugado a las dos anteriores entregas y este es al que le encuentro mayor jugabilidad.
Quien será el asesino?
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Publicado: 19 de Noviembre
En formato episódico, pero todo junto

Por John H. Watson, M.D.

ANTES QUE NADA quisiera agradecer a la revista [IRROMPIBLES] y a su notable equipo por el espacio para estas humildes líneas sobre las nuevas aventuras de mi amigo y colega, Sherlock Holmes [N. de Tr.: Gracias a vos, John, es un honor para nosotros contar con tu pluma]. Todavía me parece increíble que su fama haya llegado hasta tan recónditos rincones del planeta.
Sin temor a equivocarme, es la primera vez que se aplica la fórmula de cuentos cortos. Hasta ahora, todas las “obras” [N. de Tr.: John, como en su anterior review, insiste con “play” en lugar de “game”] previas se asemejaban más a novelas, por su extensión y complejidad. Fue así que, tomando algunos de mis cuentos ya publicados en otros formatos —libro y radionovela— junto a otros inéditos, se conformó este corpus del crimen de la Inglaterra victoriana de fines del siglo XIX.

Las 6 historias no tienen un hilo conductor que las relacionen entre sí —al igual que en mis libros—. Cada una es independiente de la otra, con la novedad de contar con varios finales posibles. Así hay, obviamente, un final “real” —el correcto, al que llegó Holmes utilizando la fuerza de su intelecto— y otros que tuve que inventar, a pedido de los productores, para confundir a los “espectadores”. Además, no solo habrá que poner al descubierto a los malhechores, sino también, en algunos casos, identificar sus motivos y metodología.

Pueden leer mi review completo del juego en el número 22 de la revista [Irrompibles].
Más información...
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Publicado: 29 de Septiembre
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment is a beautiful and impressive adventure puzzle game starring a very popular detective who players will enjoy playing as to solve crime and choosing thier own choices in a case's outcome through deduction.

First off, the graphics of the game use the unreal engine 3 and a step up for the series.The facial features of the characters such as pores, scars, and even the detail on the clothing. Not only is the character detailed but so are the aesthetics and details put into each of the maps that the players will traverse to solve crimes, which gives it a it more immersion.

The music is appropriate for the game and kicks in at the right moment though the rest of the time the game is pretty quiet to letting concentrate and could use more to bring immersion. The voice acting is also decently done for most of the characters in the game and brings them to life in the game world.

Players can play the game with either a keyboard and mouse or with a game pad. Both are configured well and didn't include key binding, which isn't too bad since there aren't many keys to press for this type of game genre. Players be able to play this game in first or 3rd person whichever choice you decide. The controls may feel a bit stiff but overall it is not too bad at all.

Each of the maps in this game is really focused on the area where the crime appears. You won't find yourself in unnecessary places or free roaming since it isn't that sort of game though it is something to suggest for a future sequel. The game uses a fast travel system to travel around the map with a push of a button. With a button click, players can bring up a map and click on locations to travel where they need to go whenever you want. With each loading screen, Sherlock in the cab where the interface can also be brought up for the menu to look over the clues, evidence, and deduction while they wait. The menu itself is very sleek and organized.

The game play to Sherlock is to solve puzzles, gather evidence and to come up with deduction and solve crimes. The puzzles range from ordinary lock puzzles where you match locks to complicated puzzles where you rebuild molds, combine chemicals or find clues to fix certain situation, compare notes, Extreme arm wrestling and lots more variety to keep the game intriguing. There is a skip function for those that get frustrated or stuck at a puzzle but keep in mind that it is a puzzle game, and that self-satisfaction comes from solving by oneself.

Sherlock is armed with an arsenal of tools to help him combine clues and solve puzzles. Focus will help him see things that he will miss at times such as small marks and such. Imagination is when he gathers enough clues to solve a puzzle, he will be able to recreate the scenario in his mind to gather more clues and evidence and finally when he does get all this, he will be capable to go into deduction.
In deduction mode, Sherlock can look over his facts and evidence, draw a line between them and form bubbles and by doing so created deductions. Sometimes there is only one deduction in a bubble but other times. There will be two totals. As players look through all these bubbles, they'll be able to draw and combine a conclusion to the case. If the case is a contradiction, it will tell you between the bubbles. If it combines there will be a larger bubble and there will be a choice to the entire scenario. Either the person is guilty/innocent or an alternative choice route opened will be up to players to decide by finding enough clues and evidence.

The game introduces five case scenario total and may take a player 12-15 hours total to complete depending on how good they are at gathering clues and puzzles.

My opinion is that this is possibly the best puzzle/adventure game I have yet played. I enjoyed it though some of my cons are that the disguise function wasn't used as greatly as I thought and that the game hopefully will be even frequently more expansive with the deduction system in the future because that felt like the real meat of the game to me personally.

+ The graphic details are beautiful. You can see the details of the faces of characters, clothes, and the aesthetic to the background looks great with the Unreal 3 engine.
+ The puzzles are brilliant
+ The case themselves are very realistic in a sense
+ Brilliant story and cases. Especially the third case Blood Bath.
+ The voice acting is decently done. Most of the characters sounded great.
+ Deduction offers the players choices and replayability. Multiple choices on how to punish a crime or finish it off with another outcome.
+ Game lasts 12-15 hours

- Though beautiful the maps were decently sized and it felt too closed in especially with parts blocked off. Hopefully we'll see even larger areas in the future.
- Disguises weren't used as much in the game
- There is a skip button that pops up everytime that just seems to invite players to push it. Should be something you can turn off
- The online feature should take in more stats instead of just who chooses the choice or discovering it.

Youtubet/Twitch- Kenuty
Subscribe if you like my review and follow up on curator search "stream".
Video review -
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Publicado: 4 de Octubre
I took it upon myself to wait until I had received 100% of the achievements before making my review.

Compared to The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Frogwares and Focus Entertainment have come a VERY LONG WAY! From astoundingly beautiful graphics, to great plotlines and endless solutions, I was in awe the entire time.

The one thing I loved the most was the way they improved on Sherlock Holmes's personality. Compared to Testament, Holmes in Crimes and Punishments has a more gentle and chivalrous side to him, which is something definitely found in the books. I'm an oldschool Sherlock Holmes fan, so this game was perfect!

I am very excited to see possible sequels in the future.
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Publicado: 30 de Septiembre
-The gameplay for the most part keeps in line with the rest of the series, with only a few noteworthy departures. There's now a sort of "detective vision" that highlights examinable objects, and while it can be ignored most of the time, it is sometimes necessary to find things like scratches on a lock or markings on the floor. The game does bring up a prompt when it's required, however, so you can safely ignore it otherwise if you choose to for the sake of immersion or challenge. You also now have the ability to talk with suspects at jail, and can present evidence to them to disprove any lies they may be telling you. Finally, you can now access the wardrobe and disguise kit at any time by going to your apartment, and you can select from a small variety of hats, facial hairs, and suits to wear (which is sometimes required for the sake of disguising yourself). Aside from these changes, anyone who's played the previous entries will be right at home (and the game does give minor references to the previous games in the series); there are still more "classic-style" adventure game puzzles (though they're sometimes repeated, like this one lock puzzle that shows up around once per case), and things like Holmes's chemistry set are used once again.

-The game does give you more freedom than the previous games, which I think adds a lot to the experience. To use the first case as an example, by the time you've collected all the clues and pieced them together (you do this on your own in a menu, rather than having Holmes explain everything away for you), you're left with three different suspects, which you then have to choose from on your own based on your evidence. You're free to arrest any of them, and the game doesn't actually tell you which one was correct unless you choose to reveal the "spoiler" at the end of the case. You also get to choose to either condemn or absolve the criminal, which seems to be more of a moral choice than an actual logical one. The game ultimately leaves a lot up to the player, but it does slightly hold your hand. If you have evidence that needs to be used, discussed with someone, or researched in the archive at your apartment, it'll have a small icon on it in the inventory menu that tells you that. The game also somewhat spoils you with the Objectives menu, in that it makes it difficult to not find all the evidence due to the game generally not removing a "Investigate ____" objective until you've found everything in a particular area. If there was one thing I could change about the game it would be the inclusion of a "classic mode" that removes the objectives menu and the icons, and I hope they will take this into consideration for further games.

-One thing that bothered me is that there isn't much of a connection between the cases, and there doesn't seem to be any consequences for your choices. Whenever you choose to let the killer go free, Sherlock makes up an excuse to tell Scotland Yard and that's basically the end of it, with the only continuation of each case being receiving a letter from the culprit at the start of the next case thanking you and explaining what they're doing now. I don't think that this diminishes the effect very much, since on a by-case basis I do still care about the characters and I think just having a choice at all is a great step forward, but it'd be nice for them to put some sort of penalty on absolving people instead of condeming them so that it would be more difficult to just let everyone go free (which might end up happening a lot, since the culprits generally have at least a slightly element of moral grayness with some exceptions).

-One of the cases is rather short, but aside from that outlier they're each somewhere around 3 hours long, and there are 6 of them in total. If you prefer games with a long-running narrative instead of 6 mostly unrelated smaller cases then you might be disappointed with this. The game's overall length is fine in my opinion, but on a by-case basis the cases are somewhat short.

-This is a small feature, but one thing that I thought was really neat is that during the loading screens between areas it shows Holmes and whoever is travelling with you in a carriage and allows you to access your evidence to review the case or your deductions to link points together while the game loads, so that you aren't just sitting around waiting. The loading times aren't substantial enough to be irritating anyways in my experience, but it's a nice touch.

-The graphics are extremely good, particularly in the character models. The characters' faces are very well-detailed and animated.

-The characters all seem to have been at least slightly redesigned, though Watson mostly still resembles his old appearance. And I can't say for certain, but it seems like everyone has different voice actors now. They still sound close enough that it isn't jarring, and they've already grown on me after one case so it's not a problem, but it's something worth mentioning. Edit: I've noticed that Sherlock hasn't actually changed designs, it just looks that way because of his new default hairstyle. He does look slightly different than he did before facially, but when you use the wardrobe to put his old hat on (which happens automatically in the second case) he looks almost the same.

-Creepy Watson does not appear to be in the game, despite the April Fools video giving hope that he might be back. RIP Creepy Watson 2008 - 2008

Overall, if you're a fan of the game series or just enjoy Sherlock Holmes or mystery novels in general, you could make worse purchases than this. It's a strong mystery game overall, though there are a few things that I hope they do better with in later games.
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