Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomized levels that offer a challenging new experience each time you play. Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with all manner of monsters, traps, and treasure. You'll have complete freedom while you navigate the fully-destructible environments and master their many secrets.
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"Straightforward and replayable, Spelunky is precision engineered to make death fair, funny, and a story worth sharing."


“Somewhere during the journey you realize you’ve gained skills, your perception’s changed, and there’s a science to the way you navigate. It’s no longer about just making it through, but making it through well.”
9/10 – IGN

“Sure, you swap anecdotes - it is hard to play Spelunky without something brilliant happening - but the richer conversations are the ones where you learn about the deeper systems as they begin to poke through the skin of each person's experience.”
10/10 – Eurogamer


Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomized levels that offer a challenging new experience each time you play. Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with all manner of monsters, traps, and treasure. You'll have complete freedom while you navigate the fully-destructible environments and master their many secrets. To stay or flee, to kill or rescue, to shop or steal... in Spelunky, the choice is yours and so are the consequences!

Key Features

  • "Roguelike" Platforming - Randomly-generated, fully-destructible levels are dense with danger. Quick thinking and a deep understanding will keep you alive along the knife's edge!
  • Fill Your Journal - Track your progress with a dusty explorer's journal given to you by Yang, your mentor from another age.
  • Local Co-op - Up to 4 players can join up to help or hinder in madcap cooperative play.
  • Deathmatch - Unlock 72 diverse, deadly arenas to wage battle in against friends or bots.
  • The Daily Challenge - Each day a new set of levels is generated for the Daily Challenge, a unique mode where you only get one chance per day to compete online against the rest of the Steam community.
  • A Colorful Cast - A roster of 20 squishy explorers (16 unlockable) are waiting for you to make their greedy dreams come true!
  • Tough Love - You're going to die in all kinds of painful, hilarious, and surprising ways. But with each mistake you'll learn more about how Spelunky works and get that much closer to solving its deepest mysteries!


    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xbox 360 controller or other XInput-compatible controller
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Warning: Need Controller
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462.0 小时(记录在案的)
over 400h and more! absolutely recommend!
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At it's core, Spelunky is a precise 2D platformer, with a very simple yet elegant scoring mechanic. Each level through which you descend is littered with treasure, and your objective is to get to the end of the game, beat the boss, and escape with as much gold as you can carry with you. This would get a bit boring if the levels were the same every time, so instead the layout of the platforms, items and enemies changes every time you retry, although the four themed areas (plus one special, secret one) always appear in the same order. Interestingly, in this version, there is a daily challenge: a seed is generated and every one who attempts the daily challenge will play the same seed, and the scores are ranked at the end. Best I've achieved is twelfth in the world. Mind you, the disparity between my score and that of the person in pole position was enormous.

It probably took me a good twenty hours of practice before I could reliably make it to the second set of levels.
You can buy and find a variety of different items to help you proceed but you always start with just four bombs and ropes. Spelunky is a tough game, for sure, and you'll need to put the effort in if you want to see all that it has to offer. Although it is possible for RNG to generously hand you a seed with a few more items and a few less traps, the randomisation isn't so extreme that luck alone is enough to make or break a run. A skilled player will always succeed, no matter what, whilst someone who hasn't quite grasped the mechanics can have all the advantages and still squander them. Death in Spelunky often comes quite quickly, and cautious play is advised. As you practice, you'll learn how to be cautious and plan ahead, whilst still being very speedy and efficient with bombs and ropes. This is important, as levels in Spelunky are timed; when the clock hits 2:30, a ghost will emerge from the nearest wall and if it touches you, your run is over.

It really put me off at first, the idea that I couldn't take my time and explore all the nooks and crannies, hoovering up every tiny speck of gold as I went. But, the ghost is essential in encouraging you to get better, to find the fastest and most efficient ways down through the level, and skilled players can ever exploit its appearance for fiscal gain. Like so many aspects of Spelunky, what seems like a hardship at feels gradually reveals itself to be a boon. The angry shopkeepers, a real nuisance, but when you learn how to handle them, their shops become a little treasure trove for you to plunder. Could save you a few pennies in the black market, for sure.

They say the devil is in the details, and Spelunky is full of little flourishes which really vitalise the whole experience and imbue everything with character. Take the red frogs, for example. They explode on death (a problem, or a boon?) but if they go into water, even in their death throes, they'll transform into a blue frog. It's really neat discovering stuff like that for yourself, so, sorry for spoiling that one :P

There are loads of secrets too! Most levels have just one way out, but what happens if you try to get the crown from the skeleton in the haunted jungle level, and just what is the deal with that weird, tumorous growth sprouting from the backdrop? Does it have a use? That's up to you to find out, and you'll feel great when you do. Spelunky has produced more moments of elation and awe for me than any other game I've ever played, and I finished Dark Souls.

Listen, you owe it to yourself to play Spelunky. It might be the best game ever made.
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Just look at my total hours of playtime.
I haven't beaten this game a single time , the easy way.
By no means is this game long, its actually pretty short. But the roguelike aspect of it makes replayability almost infinite, and it is definetely a challenge.
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The best Pug rescuing simulator ever.
Reminds me of my glory days.
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Extremely hard but so rewarding!
Really. A lot of fun and expect to break your head.
Other then that. Well, the game looks good. Controls are easy but my guess is that a controller is necessary.
Music? Maaaa...
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This game is super dope
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For those who enjoy beginning from scratch. Building a skill set slowly through failure after grueling failure. Getting further than you ever have before and feeling the pressure of continuing on in the a malicious cave (or cavelike) area unknown to you fraught with myriad murderous villians the least of which will have you pulling your hair out continuously; or at least until you adapt. Because that is what this game is about. Adapting to each element put there to make you feel like you are very bad at video games indeed. It is about the triumphs. The moments you die and find yourself belting laughter. The surprise that such a seemingly simple game can offer so much. Play it. It is worth the non-sale price.
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37.9 小时(记录在案的)
35 Hours played and I still haven't reached the end.

Thats a roguelike for ya.

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Polished Mario-like platformer. Very high replay value since it's never the same level and there are many items you can find which adds fresh gameplay. It's a very hard game but you get better each time. Daily Challenge is fun for competitive players. Secret levels and secret unlockable characters, use google.
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very game would fun 9/10 needs a secret giraffe boss
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i cant get past the title screen
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I just don't get it. I've poured hours and hours into differnet roguelikes (mostly Binding of Isaac) and I just don't understand why people like Spelunky.

Not nearly enough variation between levels, items and enemies; not enough unlockables to make repeat runs exciting; and a soundtrack that overstays its welcome after about five minutes.

Just get Binding of Isaac instead.
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I hate this game. That doesn't mean think it's bad, but... I also think it's not that great. It's incredibly difficult and offers very little in reward aside from feeling good about progressing (there's also close to no progress inbetween lives).
DO NOT buy if you don't know exactly what you're getting yourself into. If you ever feel like doing some difficult activity over and over again just for the sake of perfecting the activity, why not do something useful? Something that actually benefits you? Like push-ups or handstands or memorizing Wikipedia or something.
Also Rogue Legacy is better designed.
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I really wanted to like this game, especially after reading the positive reviews and learning of the awards this game recieved , but it just fell short of the things it promised. The levels are bland and repetitive, as is the combat. The graphics are quite smooth and the animations polished, but that just isn't enough on this one.
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spunky pfpfphahah
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I hate it. I love it. And most of all I want to beat it.

Spelunky is punishingly diificult, but very fair platformer with procedurally generated levels. The best part of Spelunky is that the only thing standing between you and victory is your skill. As you play through different levels everytime you play it is not a case of learning the levels (getting familiar with dangers waiting for you is quite necessary though.) Thanks to great design you almost never get lucky or unlucky. Great infuriating fun.

A down side of the game is its poor asthetic choices. The visuals are servicable but they lack a distincive artstyle. Music is pretty lame, too. While it is not a problem considering games focus on solid mechanics and more fluid animations and better first impression would be welcome.
183.2 小时(记录在案的)
Spelunky is the most fun I've had with a platformer since super mario world.
When you see a plethora of people with over 100 hours on a platformer, it must be good.