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Ride your music. Use your own music to create your own experience on a roller-coaster-like track. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song you choose.
Veröffentlichung: 2. Okt. 2013
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Early Access-Spiel

Erhalten Sie sofortigen Zugang und bringen Sie sich in die Entwicklung des Spiels ein.

Hinweis: Dieses Early Access-Spiel könnte sich im Entwicklungsverlauf erheblich verändern. Wenn Ihnen das Spiel im aktuellen Zustand nicht gefällt, sollten Sie warten, bis das Spiel einen fortgeschritteneren Entwicklungsstand erreicht hat. Mehr erfahren

Was die Entwickler zu sagen haben:

“Customizable mods are a big part of Audiosurf 2. I've finished a few already, but now I want to open it up to the community. There are lots of ways to play with Audiosurf's visual anticipation technology and I'm excited to see what the community comes up with. But more than that, I need you to tell me what to focus on next! Like the first Audiosurf, community feedback will shape it into the best game it can be. If you're interested in creating and sharing mods (scripting required) or skins (can be done with image, sound, and 3d model changes - and optionally with scripting), even better!

Wakeboard mode is my favorite way to ride (so far) because it uses the song's overall shape as a central part of the gameplay. You anticipate upcoming changes in the music visually and try to build up a big trick multiplier (full puzzle grid) just before jumping from a wavetop. The classic modes are still great and will evolve and twist in different directions. Audiosprint, the local-multiplayer party mode is simple (2 buttons) and a blast with friends.

Warning - there will be bugs! Please use the forum to report problems, request additions, or just discuss what's working well and what isn't. See you there.

Major Features not yet finished:
-- Scoreboard for every song, for every mod (scoreboards are currently sparse and unreliable)
-- Graphical music collection browser
-- Gamepad support in menus
-- Mac, Linux, SteamOS support
-- Translations from English
-- VR (Oculus Rift)
-- Even more official modes
-- Even more official skins
-- Important things I didn't think of yet!”

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Next big Audiosurf 2 update coming soon!

29. August

Just a quick note to let everyone know the next big update is only about 2 weeks away.

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Game of Dethrones Update

27. Mai

This is a big one. What’s new?

  • Dethrones added. See when another player has beaten one of your high scores and take it back quickly by loading the right song and mod with one click.
  • Friend challenges added. Challenge friends to play the songs and mods you enjoy most.
  • Mono mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and bonus powerups from the music.
  • New Stadium skin incorporates music-reactive blocks and backgrounds. It also has shiny, pulsing siderails using recent graphics technology (in high detail mode) and also a new hovership.
  • Updated Neon skin featuring music-reactive terrain and blocks.
  • Song of the Day added to the title screen. Just click any entry to see the scoreboard and play.
  • Popular songs are now shown on the title screen for whatever mod you currently have selected. Play any obscure mod you want and see what songs competitors are riding with that mod.
  • Pusher mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and paint powerups from the music.
  • In wakeboard grid mode, you can now jump by quickly crossing either wake without holding any buttons. Crossing a wake slowly won’t cause you to jump.
  • Added experimental modes audiosprint, audiosphere, and audioshmup. Feedback appreciated about which one should be improved next.
  • Improved UI screens with better layout and faster responsiveness
  • Mods and Skins now sorted by play recency - making it easy to select the ones you use most.
  • Friends-only scoreboard tab added
  • Many more fixes and improvements

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Über das Spiel

Audiosurf 2 is not yet finished, but if you get it during Early Access you can play right away, you’ll get every update, and you’ll get the finished game. Watch here to see what’s new with each update, and watch Steam Workshop to see what new gameplay (mods) and graphic styles (skins) others in the community are inventing.

You’ll also get to help shape the future of Audiosurf, and you’ll get to try out all the experimental new modes before anybody else does. Which ones are too wacky to go into the final product? Which are jaw-droppingly amazing? Which have potential but need more work before they’re released? You get to help decide.

By blending gameplay with music visualization, Audiosurf puts you inside your music in a way nothing else can.

Audiosurf 2’s music analysis engine knows when the best moments of a song are coming, and it allows you to experience these moments on a roller-coaster-like track as beat-matched blocks, corkscrews, loops, deafening applause, shimmering colors, and accelerating drops. Head out to Workshop to see the latest experimental modes and things get wild--the track can become water where a wakeboarder catches huge air at a song’s biggest moments; a dirt track where runners jump over musically-timed hurdles; or anything else anybody who wants to use the game’s built-in modding tools can dream up. The possibilities for experiencing your music in Audiosurf 2 are endless.

Audiosurf has been called a near-religious music experience and it's like nothing else in the world of music games. Ride your music.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Runs well on even older systems with minimal settings
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Early Access-Review
Als Besitzer von Audiosurf dachte ich mir einfach mal, dass ich mir Audiosurf 2 kaufe - und was kam dabei raus?

Das Spiel ist deutlich besser als sein Vorgänger, die verschiedenen Spielmodi, die Anbindung an den Steamworkshop - alles Dinge, die für das Spiel sprechen. Ich persönlich kann nur sagen, dass der neue "mono turbo" Modus einfach nur genial ist und Spaß macht. Generell sind die neuen und auch zum Teil experientellen Modi eine Bereichung und so wird Audiosurf 2 meiner Meinung nach zum top Spiel für Zwischendurch.

Für den aktuellen Preis von fast 9 € kann man das Spiel mitnehmen. Da bieten manche Titel für mehr Geld deutlich weniger.
Verfasst: 28. Mai
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136.1 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Einfach unglaublich geniales Musikgeschicklichkeitsspiel. Hier kann man nicht nur Musik hören sodnern auch jede einzelne Facete der Lieder erleben. Empfohlen zu dem Game sind gute Kopfhörer + SOundkarte/Kopfhörer Verstärker oder ein gutes Soundsystem.
Verfasst: 28. Juni
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0.3 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Leider sehr entäuscht. Menu sieht aus wie als hätte es ein 9 Jähriger via HTML geschrieben und das nach der langen Zeit wo der Teil 2 in entwicklung ist. Glaube auch nicht das sich da was ändern wird. Hier versuchte man das spassige Audiosurf als fixe abzocke als 2. Teil zu verkaufen. Echt Mies! Der Workshop ist zwar ne nette Idee aber der Entwickler denkt sich nun "Ach das macht nun alles die Community". Man siehe die Updates.... 12 Februar....... 27. Mai. Ganz grosses Kino -.-

Audiosurf TOP, der 2. Teil FLOP!
Verfasst: 1. Juli
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0.3 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
War den Preis meiner Meinung nach nicht Wert...
Da hat man sich wohl versucht durch den guten Namen des Vorgängers noch etwas abzuschöpfen...
Aber Grafisch als auch Spielerisch finde ich es einfach um Welten schlechter als das 1. AudioSurf...

Ganz nett ist die Sache mit den Workshops, aber die Spielmodi aus dem Workshop, die ich ausprobiert habe, waren auch nicht so dolle.

Alles in allem:
Man kann, wenn man gerade wirklich überhaupt nichts anderes haben möchte durchaus zugreifen... Aber der Fall wird wohl kaum eintreten...
Verfasst: 28. Mai
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Early Access-Review
I've played hundreds of hours on Audiosurf 1 (non-steam), and past more than 100 on Audiosurf 2. The one thing to make clear is this: Audiosurf 2 is in beta and is not slightly, but extremely unfinished. I have updated my review to reflect my evaluation of the game as of the Dethrone update. In-depth review incoming:

===========Pros over Audiosurf 1=============

-- Better graphics, and skin mods.
The graphics possible in the new engine blow Audiosurf 1 out of the water without question. If you're an eye-candy lover this is great, and the integration of highly moddable skins makes the limit of eye-candy quite high.

--Better engine.
It's without a doubt that the new engine being used is better and will offer far more if devs or mod makers take advantage.

Anyone can try their hand and creating their dream game mode, and this will surely be the lifeblood of the game after it releases. Whatever failings in design the developer may make in our eyes, the fix will be just a couple of code lines away.

--Separate score boards for modes
Quite a welcome addition. This puts an end to all the crying about "balance" (mainly from Mono players) of all the modes competing on the same score board.

--Support for many sound file formats like FLAC and some platforms like Soundcloud

The newest update to the game has added a friendly and easy competitive framework to the game. It's far cleaner and quicker than having to trudge through AS1's scoreboards. This in-game framework was not something available in AS1, and allows you to see what is popular per mode so you can be competitive with strangers even in unpopular modes. Definitely a welcome addition if you're competitive

That's it for the pros.

==========Cons below Audiosurf 1.===========

--Requires always online

--Lack of the classic modes.
Right now we have Mono...lots and lots of Mono, the wakeboard modes, pusher, and a new version of double-vision. Yes, there is a Vegas fan mod (not very good), a classic eraser mod (doesn't feel right), some actually novel game modes (about 3), but for the most part we have LOTS of Mono, and a few mixes and mashes of said already official modes. Suffice to say, since the majority of the player base is mono players from 1 and 2 anyways, if you like Mono modes then this is your game.

--Lack of functioning key mapping for keyboard or gamepad
You would think that a functioning input scheme would be a high priority, but apparently not. Keymapping does not have any effect, and gamepads are only useful for mono since only the analog sticks and start button work in game.

--Unfinished UI functionality
The Dethrones update added a great boost to UI responsiveness which is now on par or better than AS1. The UI still needs quite a bit of work to be considered finished compared to Audiosurf 1. Game pads are not supported for UI navigation, only mouse and keyboard.

--Reloading tracks every time (even just for a track restart)
The capacity to save track schemes in Audiosurf 1 for quickly loading in your song is gone. Restarting your song before it ends also requires a reload of the entire track, very annoying.

That's it for the major cons I see.

Suffice to say, the biggest con of all is this:

The developer seems to work at a snail's pace averaging one update a month with the majority being skin functionalities inconsquential to gameplay or UI. It also needs to mentioned that the dev went silent for almost three months without a word about the state of the game's development. Community interaction is important, and while surprises are nice, it would be nicer if the dev took less than one minute in the future to at least say he's still alive and working on the game.

==========Should you buy it?=============

Overall, if you liked the variety and functionality of Audiosurf 1 I cannot recommend Audiosurf 2 for now. The Dethrone update was a leap in graphic quality and UI responsiveness and functionality, but variety the likes of Audiosurf 1 is still lacking in my opinion. Yes, there is wakeboard, yes there are some very new mode mods like Audiosphere, but in my opinion these are poor modes compared to AS1's. As some other reviewers have said, the game is lacking the puzzle game elements of Audiosurf one and focusing on simple mono like modes where powerups like paints have no place.

If you have never played Audiosurf 1 and are wondering whether you should get Audiosurf 2, I recommend you buy Audiosurf 1 instead.

If you don't mind the lack of variety, bugs, and general incompleteness of areas of the game that you have no interest in then buy at your own discretion.
Verfasst: 26. März
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30 von 36 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.4 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Audiosurf 2 oder auch mal bekannt oder dem Codenamen Audiosurf Air ist ein wahrer Early Access Titel. Dieses Spiel ist sowas von unfertig, dass man sich erstmal stark betrogen fühlt, wenn man es schon relativ früh zum Start freigeschaltet hat. Mich hatte dies beim Kauf wenig betrübt. Ich habe dieses Spiel aus Respekt vor dem Entwickler erstanden und um dabei zu sein wenn der Nachvolger zu einem der besten Indie-Titel entsteht. Und die Verbesserungen kommen. Man merkt definitv, dass etwas getan wird.

Es ist faszinierend zu sehen was mit dem neuen Audiosurf-Konstrukt alles möglich ist. Das Spielprinzip von der Rakete die sich über eine Schlange in das Maul eines Kraken schießt und dabei Blöcken ausweicht und andere einsammelt ist längst nicht mehr das einzige was Audiosurf kann. In der Mod Audiosprint geht es zum Beispiel darum, als eine art Joggerin, den Blöcken auszuweichen in dem man über sie hinweg springt oder unter ihnen wegrutscht. Das ganze erinnert hart an einen größeren Titel einer etwas größeren Spieleschmiede, nicht zuletzt wegen dem Design der Spielfigur.
Die neuen Standard-Modi des Spiels machen mir keinen großen Spaß, deshalb beschäftige ich mich viel lieber mit den Mods, die durch den Entwickler und die Community geliefert werden.

Auch wenn ich es nicht wirklich gerne Spiele, finde ich es wahnsinnig interessant mitzuverfolgen, was mit diesem Spiel passiert. Die Möglichkeiten durch Modding sind so überwältigend, dass völlig egal ist, was der Entwickler noch mit diesem Spiel anstellt. Irgendwie wird daraus was gutes enstehn. Etwas das spaß macht. Etwas das es mir ermöglicht meine Musik auf unterschiedlichste Art und Weise zu erleben.
Verfasst: 6. Dezember 2013
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