Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in turn-based combat; explore an open world and interact with everything and everyone you see. Join up with a friend to play online in co-op and make your own adventures with the powerful RPG toolkit.
사용자 평가: 매우 긍정적 (평가 10,059 개)
출시 날짜: 2014년 6월 30일

로그인하셔서 게임을 찜 목록에 추가하거나, 팔로우하거나, 관심 없음으로 표시하세요.

Divinity Original Sin 구매

Divinity Original Sin Digital Collectors edition 구매

Includes two copies of Divinity: Original Sin, one Source Hunter DLC pack, plus one Beyond Divinity and one Divine Divinity. Send your second Divinity Original Sin copy to a friend!

Divinity Original Sin - Source Hunter DLC pack 구매

Unlocks Divinity Original Sin: The Golden Grail DLC, Divinity Original Sin: Zandalor's Trunks DLC, Divinity: Original Sin Design Documents and Art Pack, and Soundtrack. (DLC will only be made available on release.)

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큐레이터의 추천

"A little obtuse in places, but otherwise this is the best new RPG in years. Demands your time and your brain, but it's worth it."
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2015년 3월 19일

Italian language available

Hi everyone,

The team at Larian is very happy to announce that -- thanks to the impressive efforts of the game's great fan community (Sciarada Team, specifically) -- Divinity: Original Sin is now officially available in Italian.

Larian put together a video to celebrate the occasion: (you can turn on the Italian subtitles)

Work on the translation started in September, and the team has brought in four waves of testers throughout the process to ensure the translation is of high quality. Team leader Giuseppe "Chantalion" Cappariello told us that translating the orc language, finding the right words to make rhymes in Italian, and trying to preserve Larian's "surreal" humour throughout the game has been "delightfully hard and terribly fascinating." Other members of the team include Giuseppe's second-in-command Chris "Patarimanno" Benassi, as well as Marco "Malkot", Luigi "Jakelr", Enrico "Goatboy" and Enrico "Tanosblood".

You can find out more about the translation effort on the Facebook page:
or on the RPGItalia forums:

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2015년 1월 30일

Patch v1.0.252.0

It’s time for the first update of 2015!

In addition to a number of bug fixes (thank you for all your feedback!), we’ve gone through all of the encounters in the game and made a ton of balancing changes that we think will make combat even more fun. We’ve also activated the Steam Cloud saves, and we have good news! PC & Mac savegames are compatible. For the modders out there, we can finally release the exporters that will allow you to import your own models and animations into the game.

Here’s the list of the most important changes and a few important remarks about Cloud saving:

Cloud system:
When you enable cloud for Divinity: Original Sin, you will see your cloud quota in the save/load screens. Only new savegames will be uploaded to the cloud as they have a new, compressed format. So if you need your latest saves on the cloud, you will have to load them and resave. You will then see a cloud icon next to them. Hover over the different statuses in the save/load screen to see what will be added and removed from the cloud. You can remove saves manually from the cloud by deleting them via the in-game menu. Furthermore, the game will remove older saves from the cloud automatically when you have run into the max amount of cloud save data. Keep in mind that if you use the Steam Cloud for Original Sin, you will be uploading data on a regular basis if you make a lot of saves. Upload speeds will depend on your Internet connection.

FAQ for Cloud:

  • Do the cloud saves work cross-platform (Mac <-> PC)?
    * Yes, you can sync from PC to Mac and Mac to PC.
  • What happens to my old saves?
    * They remain locally on your current PC. Only new savegames made in patch and beyond will be uploaded to the cloud.
  • What happens when my quota is full?
    * Your newest saves are uploaded to the cloud and oldest saves are removed from the cloud. This does not mean you lose your saves. They are just removed from the cloud, but stay locally on your PC.
  • What do the icons mean in the save/load screens?
    * "Cloud with arrow" means the save will be uploaded to the cloud upon exiting the game. "Cloud with x" means the save will be removed from the cloud upon exiting the game. A normal cloud means the save is correctly in sync.
  • How do I turn on/off Steam Cloud?
    * You can do this by clicking through the following steps: Library > right click on game > Properties > Updates > Steam Cloud > Check or uncheck the checkbox at the bottom.
  • Note: since the game is DRM-free, it can be started manually from the game folder while steam cloud is syncing. Do NOT do this, as it can possibly corrupt your steam cached cloud files. You will not lose any saves, but the cloud will be confused as to what is in sync and what is not. Please only start the game via steam, if steam is running.

We added the following hotfixes with
  • loading of a save with missing mod dependencies now throws correct error message instead of crashing
  • fixed possible crash during/at end of combat (texture issue)

Bug Fixes:
  • Gameplay Blocked when talking to Leandra while escaping from Death Knights
  • Bairdotr party size issue fixed. You were no longer able to recruit a 4th party member. Loading your savegame should allow you to re-hire a 4th companion immediately.
  • Fixed Homestead room-opening issue if you spoke to Zixzax with a companion first, while other player characters were arriving. If you had this issue pre-patch, you can try loading your save and returning to the Homestead.
  • Fixed Zandalor being interruptible when you first meet him. This could cause story progression issues.
  • Evelyn NPC blocked and remains in clinic before and after going through the lair scene
  • Equipment usable in skill bar
  • "Send to Homestead" appears in context menu if you start new game after loading save
  • Change Tenebrium weapon damage calculation: Tenebrium ability is now a requirement and you get the damage boost from your weapon ability
  • Kickstarter pet black spider should now be the black spider model instead of fleshy spider
  • Ingame time incorrect after loading a save and then starting a new game
  • Due to cloud being enabled, the way the player profiles are shown in the game has changed. All existing profiles are scanned and available, instead of only the profiles linked to your steam account.
  • Fixed issue that could get your character stuck in skill preview mode after spamming skill keys when leaving a dialog

Mac specific changes:
  • VideoCardBlackList expanded with all the reported models for Yosemite (Lockup on first screen on old hardware)
  • OpenGL specific fixes for flickering objects
  • OpenGL performance improvements
  • Effects library updated with camera effect
  • Smoother zoom and scroll
  • Books rendering issues with OpenGL
  • Mouse right click in fake full screen was not working

Balancing changes:
  • Chimaera (script improved)
  • Dietmar (bugfix: enemies won't turn invisible again on save/load)
  • Lighthouse Horror (bugfix: scripting error)

Black Cove
  • Crab Summoner (now summons more, hits harder, can teleport back to the player if too far away)

Luculla Forest
  • Blue Mushrooms (bugfix: summons will not be of a different faction anymore)
  • Void Shepherd (bugfix: killing the shepherd now ends the fight)
  • Drunk Goblins (bugfix: goblins were not ending turn when drinking from flower)
  • Rafflesia (bugfix: now summons level 14 flowers)
  • Shadow Summoner (now stronger & faster)
  • Spider Queen (bugfix: now summons level 14 spiders)
  • Kromkromkris (bugfix: doesn't get attacked by his own summons anymore)

  • Boreas (bugfix: made non-teleportable & doesn't move when it's not his turn anymore)

Dark Forest
  • Anguish Demon (removed one summon, making the fight a bit easier)
  • Fire Demon (summons void dogs faster)
  • Kalgruuda Cloudpiercer (doesn't end turn after summoning and summons don't skip their first turn anymore)
  • Braogg Spiritchaser (doesn't end turn after summoning anymore)
  • Tunnel Mushroom (made non-teleportable)

Stats changes
  • Rebalanced Constitution & Damage: from Luculla to Dark Forest, overall, creatures go down faster but deal more damage
  • Toned down Armor: some Armor scores were too high, resulting in unnecessarily long fight
  • Rebalanced Initiative: some creatures had too high an Init, others too little. NPC Init scores will now be closer to players' score
  • Rebalanced Willpower & Bodybuilding throughout the game
  • Rebalanced physical & magical resistances
  • Some creatures had high dexterity and were difficult to hit
  • Pure elementals (fire, water, air, earth) now have proper resistances and immunities
  • Magic weapons changed (example: a flaming sword would inflict pure fire damage. Now, it inflicts physical (slashing) damage + a fire boost)

Editor Update:
  • We have supplied a 3DSMax exporter to allow you to import custom animations and models into your mods

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“Hands down the best classic-style RPG in years”
9/10 – Eurogamer

“An incredible title that provides many hours of entertainment”
9/10 – Game Informer

“Outstanding tactical combat and engaging quests make Divinity: Original Sin one of the most rewarding RPGs in years.”
9/10 – IGN

게임에 대해

Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in turn-based combat; explore an open world and interact with everything and everyone you see. Join up with a friend to play online in co-op and make your own adventures with the powerful RPG toolkit.

In Divinity: Original Sin you take on the role of a young Source Hunter: your job is to rid the world of those who use the foulest of magics. When you embark on what should have been a routine murder investigation, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a plot that will rattle the very fabric of time.

Divinity: Original Sin is a game that gives you a lot of freedom and plenty of gameplay mechanics to use or abuse. The game's epic story may drive you toward your ultimate end-goal, but how you get there is entirely up to you.

Or up to you and a friend, because Divinity: Original Sin can be played completely cooperatively, and features both online and local drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. Great adventures become even greater when shared with a trusted comrade-in-arms!

Key Features

  • Become part of a reactive, living and vast open world. Explore many different environments, fight all kinds of fantastical creatures and discover tons of desirable items.
  • Experience gripping party- and turn-based combat. Manipulate the environment and use skill & spell combos to overcome your many foes: Use magic to make it rain on your enemies, then cast a lightning spell to fry them to a crisp. Experiment with different skill combinations to ruin the day for enemies and townspeople alike.
  • Play with a friend in co-op multiplayer. Make decisions together (or disagree entirely), as your interactions and relationship with your partner influence the game.
  • Unravel a deep and epic story, set in the early days of the Divinity universe. No prior experience with other Divinity games is necessary, however. The game takes place well before its predecessors, Divine Divinity and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, but will still feel familiar to fans.
  • Classless character creation lets you design the character of your choice. Endless item interaction and combinations take exploration and experimentation to another level of freedom.
  • Create your own adventures and share them online. With Original Sin comes the powerful toolset used by the game's designers. Yours are endless new stories to make and share with other players!

Digital Collector's Edition

The Digital Collector's Edition contains:

  • 2 copies of Divinity: Original Sin: one for you and pass on the second key to a friend
  • Award-winning Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity
  • The Golden Grail DLC: an in-game item that allows you to colour your items in gold and sell them for more.
  • Zandalor's Trunks DLC: enjoy a unique in-game undergarment as rare as it is opinionated.
  • Design Documents
  • Art Pack
  • Soundtrack
  • [/list]

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: HD Intel Graphics 4000 or NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT (512 MB) or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 4850 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX9c compliant
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Intel i5 2400 or higher
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 ti 1GB ram or or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX9c compliant
    • OS: OS X 10.8.5
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: HD3000 & HD4000 benefit from 8Gb of memory
    • OS: OS X 10.9.3
    • Processor: Intel i5 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Iris (Iris Pro) or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX or higher or NVidia 6xx series or higher
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: HFS+ filesystem with case-sensitivity is not yet supported
유용한 고객 평가
52명 중 50명(96%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
65.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 18일
1회차 클리어했을시 65시간 정도 플탐나왔습니다.

발더스게이트2나 네버윈터나이츠 같은 턴제RPG이며,

좋은평가를 받고 있어 많은 사람들의 구매목록에 있지만

플레이해본 사람들의 호불호가 다소 갈리는 게임입니다.

OST 좋고 , 그래픽도 깔끔합니다.

아~ 나는 게임에 시간을 아주 많이 투자할 수 있고 ,

느긋하게 오브젝트 하나하나 다 조사하고 돌 뒤 나무 뒤

또는 보이는 책 , 아이템들 다 예사롭지 않게 꼼꼼히 챙기면서 할거야

사소한 지문도 전부 정독해가면서 말이지!!!

그리고 아주 사소한 퀘스트 수행을 위해서라도

수차례의 삽질과 많은 시간투자하는게 아깝지 않아.

라고 하신다면 좋은 게임이 될겁니다. 강추

좋게 말하면 하나하나 단서를 찾아가며 , 모험을 해나가는 방식이니까요.

만약 그렇지 않고 시간낭비하는게 싫으신분들에게는

게임의 난이도가 상당히 높습니다.

몬스터들이 쎄거나 게임 이해가 안되서 어려운게 아니라 ,

퀘스트를 해결하는 자체가 수없이 많은 막힘을 유발합니다.

작은 서브 퀘스트를 수시간동안 시간허비하고도 클리어하지 못하는 경우

결국 포럼이나 공략을 찾게되실겁니다.

물론 공략안보고도 마구잡이 진행도 가능하지만

좋은 아이템을 놓친다거나 이후에 쓰여지는 단서를 놓고 간다거나

그런 두려움때문에 공략을 계속 찾게됩니다.

만약 놓치고 진행했다가 이후에 필요한 상황이 되면 난감하거든요.

그러다보니 공략보면서 하게되고 ..............

다들 아시겠지만 이게 게임을 하는건지 공략보고 따라하기를 하는건지

어느순간 게임의 목적성이 애매모호해지며

재미가 없어집니다.

그리고 자유도가 있다하여 NPC들 죽이거나 할 수도 있지만

이게임에서는 필드몹 조차 절대 리젠하지 않습니다.

죽여버리면 게임상에서 절대 안나옵니다..

가뜩이나 작은 세계관에 NPC없고 몹없으니

마을도 유령마을에 필드도 텅텅 비어버리게 됩니다.

게임 후반부 가면 필드는 텅텅 비어있고 마을에 NPC 몇 있는게 외롭기 그지 없습니다.

말하자면 정말 재미없는 자유도입니다.

또한 자유도 만끽하려고 마을에서 눌러앉거나 태평하게 크래프팅하면서

놀만한 컨텐츠가 있지만 즐길 환경이 안되어 있습니다.

퀘클리어 순서의 자유는 어느정도 있지만 결국은 직진 진행입니다.

멈춰서 여유를 즐기는건 쉽지 않습니다.

명작이지만 , 라이트하게 편한 마음가짐으로 하기에는 다소 어려움이 있는 게임이네요.

진입장벽도 높고, 사견이지만 엔딩보는거 외엔

동기부여가 전혀 없는 느낌입니다.

느긋하게 오랫동안 시간을 투자하면서 공략을 안보고

게임내 지문을 전부 정독하면서 풀어나갈 자신이 있으신 분에게는

좋은게임이 될거 같습니다.

시점문제가 있지만 이건 동일뷰방식의 게임이라면

같은 문제이므로 어느정도 감안해야합니다.

멀티플레이는 있지만 없다고 생각하세요 .
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
37명 중 35명(95%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
109.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 4일
올드스쿨 체계를 21세기로 끌어올린 장본인


+다채로운 상호작용
+서정적인 사운드
+뛰어난 전략성
+멀티 지원
+모드 지원


-용두사미식 구성
-진행할수록 점점 낮아지는 난이도


진행할수록 난이도가 낮아지므로 턴알피지에 익숙한 게이머는
하드코어 모드를 필히 설치하시길 바랍니다.

이런 분들에게 추천합니다.

명작 턴알피지를 플레이하고 싶으신 분
성공적으로 올드스쿨 체계에 입문하고 싶으신 분
주제에 대해 이야기하며 할 게임을 찾으시는 커플 혹은 친구

이런 분들에게 비추천합니다.

올드스쿨만의 귀찮은 컨텐츠들이 싫으신 분
다른 커플의 사랑 이야기는 진저리나시는 분
복잡한 스토리나 주제가 거슬리는 분
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
10명 중 7명(70%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
82.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 27일
각종 오브젝트와의 상호작용, 어떤 방식으로 플레이를 해도 거의 해결이 가능한 퀘스트. 이 모두를 뭉뚱그려 게임의 자유도라고 칭할 수 있다면, 이 게임만큼 자유도가 높은 게임은 아마 드물다고 할 수 있겠습니다. 자유롭기가 마치 갓 잡아올린 잉어킹 같네요. 팔딱팔딱.

올드스쿨 rpg자체를 해본 경험이 없었고 턴제 게임을 상당히 싫어하는 축에 속합니다만 단언컨대 이 게임만큼은 그런 제약따윈 아무런 의미가 없습니다. 물론 올드스쿨 rpg라는 장르와 턴제전투 시스템은 게임의 진입장벽이 될 수는 있겠죠. 하지만 그 장벽을 넘는 순간 마치 활성화 에너지 언덕을 넘어버린 입자마냥 그 재미는 사방팔방을 휘젓습니다. 아이씐나.

그래도 망설이시는 분께는 한마디만 해드리고 싶네요. 일단 한번 잡솨봐.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
7명 중 5명(71%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
22.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 18일
처음에는 불친절함 덕분에 접근성이 조금 떨어졌었는데, 하면 할 수록 빠져드는 게임!!
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
7명 중 5명(71%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
82.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 28일
일수로 2일 플레이 했을 때

플레이타임이 30시간이었다..

턴제 RPG를 좋아한다면 반드시 해봐야할 게임
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
4명 중 3명(75%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
5.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 4월 16일
인퀴지션 하다가 이거 하니깐 별로 재미가 없습니다. 손이 안가요..만약 인퀴도 같이 구매한 분이라면 먼저 이게임부터하고 인퀴지션 하세요. 맛있는거 먹다가 좀 덜 맛있는거 먹으면 혓바닥이 짜증을 냄..
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
1명 중 1명(100%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
57.0 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 20일
스카이림 이후 처음으로 나의 팬티를 갈아입게 만들었다.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
114.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 20일
2014년 최고의 갓게임
디비니티 오리지널 씬

공략을 보지 않고 하는것을 가장 추천하지만, 공략을 보고 하더라도 재미있는 게임.

여태까지 나온 턴제 전투 rpg중에 가장 쫄깃한 전투를 선사하지만
전투가 아닌 부분에 시간을 더 투자해야 하는 게임.

매력 수치 등으로 실마리를 더 얻을 수 있는 발더스 류와 가장 크게 다른점은
게임 내 캐릭터가 아니라 실제 플레이어의 머리를 굴려야 한다는 것이다.
퀘스트를 해결하는데 정말 다양한 방법을 동원할 수 있다.
정상적인 수사와 정의로운 해결방법을 비롯해 가택 무단침입, 도둑질, 강도, 도굴, 협박, 회유, 살인 등등..

내가 하는 행위는 게임 내의 세계에 영구적인 영향을 끼치며, 게임 내의 모든 오브젝트를 사용가능하고, 이 세계에 무엇이 있는지 탐험하는 재미를 주었던 고전 RPG의 매력을 그대로 갖고 오면서도 현대적인 게임의 요소들을 접목시켜 새로운 RPG의 시대를 열었다고 감히 평가할 수 있겠다.

잠깐 네버윈터 모듈을 만들어봤던 경험으로 이야기한다면
플레이어가 겪을지 아닐지도 모를 이런 인터랙티브한 요소들을 중첩해서 배치한다는 것 자체가 상당히
스트레스를 유발하고, 개발기간과 비용을 늘리면서 생색은 내기 힘든, 만드는 입장에서 엄청나게 힘든 작업이다.

그래서 개발에 상당히 자금이 많이 들어가는 요새 게임들은 다층적인 플롯과 선택의 자유를 배치할지언정 플레이어의 행동 그 자체에 대해 반응해 세계가 변화하게 만들지는 않는다. 엄청나게 많은 변수와 행동 방식에 대한 모든 부분을 준비해 놓아야 하기 때문이다. 하지만 디비니티는 그것을 해냈다. 플롯의 일직선 진행은 여기서 문제가 되지 않는다. 왜냐햐면 그것을 진행하는 방식에 대한 무한한 자유도가 주어지기 때문이다.
따라서 개발 과정에서 시간과 자금의 압박이 있었을 수 밖에 없었을 게임이고, 그래서 후반부 볼륨이 초반부에 비해 아쉬운 감이 있긴 하다.

하지만 이 게임의 성공으로 시간과 자금이 풍부해진 라리안에서 또 어떤 명작을 만들어낼지
매우매우 기대가 되게 만든, 게임스팟 선정 GOTY에 빛나는 2014 최고의 게임이다.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
68.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 17일
잠시 동안 게임불감증에 걸렸는데, 이게임이 그걸 치료해주었다.
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3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
70.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 8일
턴제 RPG와 추측과 탐색을 통한 문제 해결을 좋아하시는 분이라면 구매하세요.
즉 장소 또는 답을 주지 않는 게임 진행 방식, 아이템 및 NPC의 대화도일일히 확인해야 하는 꼼꼼함이 필요합니다.
라이트한 게임을 원하시거나 자신이 JRPG(선형적인 게임) 을 좋아하신다면 구매하시는걸 비추합니다.
상당히 게임 페이스가 느립니다.
전투는 이 겜의 핵심이라 할 정도로 재미있습니다. 턴제 기반이지만 한 턴 한 턴 신중히 생각해야 합니다.
엑스컴 전투에 + 지형 지물과 속성을 이용한 게임을 진행해야 합니다.
난이도가 노말 기준으로 초반엔 어려운 편입니다.
퀘스트 해결 방법도 가지각색입니다. 이건 직접 해보셔야 압니다.
예를 들자면 적을 공격할 때 그냥 닥공 할 수도 있고 은신해서 적 주변에 화약통을 놓고 터쳐서 게임을 그냥 끝내버릴 수도 있습니다.

그래픽도 굉장히 깔끔하고 코옵도 됩니다(해보진 못했습니다.)

단점은 일단 인벤토리가 좀 뭐 같습니다. 보기 어렵고 거래도 어렵고 정리도 안되고...
또 가위바위보를 이용한 설득이 있는데 .로드 노가다 느낌 납니다.

그리고 한글패치가 있는데 공개 번역이라, 각 해석마다 문체도 다르며, 글을 읽어도 이해 못하는 부분이 있습니다.
(게임 문체가 원래 그럼... 그래서 직역하다보니 내용 이해에 어려움이 동반함)

결론적으로 말하자면 이러한 단점을 씹어먹을 수 있을 정도로 게임이 오밀조밀하게 잘 짜여있습니다.
구매 하실 때 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

4월 9일 추가
평가게임이 가면 갈수록 점점 쉬워집니다.
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
63.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 2일
명작게임은 다르다
턴제 RPG라고 생각하고 답답할거라고 생각 하지말라
직업의 능력을 이용한 유연한 플레이와
스카이림과 같은 다양한 퀘스트와 모험들
섬세한 대사와 디자인은 나를 감명시켰다.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
53.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 9일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
2.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 5일
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
48.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 13일
적당히 어려운 난이도에 적당히 쉬운 퍼즐

전투가 꿀잼

rpg의 향수를 느끼고 싶다면 추천!
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2명 중 1명(50%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
56.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 29일
발더스게이트를 기억하는 유저라면 반드시 해보길 권합니다.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
53명 중 36명(68%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
92.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 1일
Don't you miss out on this masterpiece. Seriously, don't. It's a crime to not buy this game at its current prize! This game adds so many countless of hours which you can just soak your tiny head into like a gigantic sponge... So many hours and so much replay value, it would be a shame to see you waste your money on a mindless shooter when this game is at your doorstep, begging to get in. If you love old-school RPG's like me, then this is definitely a must-have.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
37명 중 27명(73%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
128.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 30일
This game is wonderful. In a year otherwise flooded with terrible games and inexcusable moneygrabbing plain awfulness, Divinity: Original Sin stands out. The developers loved it and listened to the community and it shows - A passion for RPGs and a love for the setting is poured into this game. More specifically, this game has the best combat seen in an RPG ever. Ever. Character development is interesting and every combat is tactical enough that it always feels like it matters how you play. Did you die in a combat and have to reload? Try a different tactic, some different spells and different movements and even the thoughest enemy can be beaten. To clarify, what makes it so beautiful and awesome to play is that it manages to be tough and challenging without being unfairly punishing.
That said, the story is so-so - A half-bad fantasy novel with a run-of-the-mill story. It's not terrible or anything, but you will soon forget what you were doing in favor of just finding another exciting battle to put your sword in.
이 평가가 유용한가요? 아니요 재미있음
31명 중 23명(74%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
440.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 3일
Divinity: Original Sin (D:OS) serves as a testament to counter the culture of modern gaming. Larian allowed nothing to hinder their vision for their creation; their love for games and the players who enjoy them serves as the greatest foundation in the making of D:OS. From gameplay, design philosophy, dedicated patches post-launch, Larian has such confidence in their product because they have faith that their players would appreciate their steadfast, dedicated approach than cave in to the poison of modern culture.

Whether you love or hate Divinity, one could not deny the amount of love, respect, and effort Larian put into this game. It's an example that anyone should be following in their daily lives.

As a result, D:OS performs marvelously on all fronts.

Graphics: It's a CRPG, so let's set the bar realistically. Rivellon in D:OS is simply gorgeous. The colours and art bring out the atmosphere of the locations. Weather effects are sharp and clear. Spell and weapon effects are a charm to behold. The attention to detail and polish makes this play like a modern game.

Sound/Voice Acting/Writing: The sound effects are solid. There is nothing I do in game where the sound effects were inappropriate or unconvincing, from combat to walking through different weather terrains. Not all NPCs are voiced, but when they are it is definitely well written and acted out convincingly. Voice acting was always a strength when it came to Larian's games and I really did wish that there were more of them in D:OS.

Writing is another one of Larian's strongest skills. Taste in writing is subjective. The two previous games share this trait and D:OS doesn't escape this formula. Unlike them, most of the writing is read rather than voiced. It doesn't make the writing any less effective, yet the voice acting in the previous games also displayed the skills of the voice actors and how Larian will not attempt at anything less than stellar.

Music: Although taste in music is subjective, you cannot accuse Larian for doing their soundtracks poorly. The quality is excellent.

Story Progression: The beauty about how this game works is the content comes to you the more you talk to people. The more people you talk to, the more quests you get, the more variety of solutions to solve quests open to you. Character abilities could be enhanced through dialogue. It also gives you the freedom to kill quest givers, emphasizing on the lack of hand holding in this game. For those who complain about the main story progression is in reality linear and how it is pretending to be open world, I might need to remind you that Dragon Age: Origins was also linear in spite offering 5 factions to recruit. In addition, in Fallout: New Vegas you were not advised to take the shortest path to get to Vegas from the beginning. I loved both games and they both failed at attempting to make the main story feel non-linear.

Combat: Combat is turn based, and that is subjective. The use of environment as a key addition to your tactics, however, is worthy of praise. The game encourages you to make good use of all the elements at your disposal so you are capable of winning a battle you would not otherwise win by capitalizing the terrain. If the terrain is not in your favour, the option of making your own environment is there. The doors of variety are open, making every battle a different one.

DRM/Microtransactions: It has no reason to exist.

Free Companion DLC: This action is extremely pro-consumer and it speaks volumes of how Larian treats their players. These two members give your party a good mix up and adds variety to the game. Larian had no reason to do this for free, but they wanted players to have more experiences than less.

Kickstarter Success: Larian proved to us that they are very capable of not cheating money that came from good faith. Given the amount of abuse and horror stories from many developers that failed to create a game to live up to the expectations or simply scammed the contributors, D:OS is a beacon of example.

All said and done, no doubt this is a 10/10, right?

No. I adore the game and it's my favorite game of the year, but it's not a 10/10. D:OS does so many things right so well that it's all the more glaring when it does something wrong.

Character Customization: Due to how the character progression is designed in D:OS, hybrids can easily become mediocre if points are allocated wrong. This limits one's creativity and encourages pures to be made due to simplicity and efficiency. Despite that, pure builds also have a problem from the inaccessibility to crucial spells. The best example is the Two Handed Knight. Both AoE attacks are very limited in the game. One of them can only be selected through character creation. The other one comes very scarcely. Respec removes all abilities you have, thus you cannot make any errors on an AoE Knight. How could handicapping a build and punishing trial and error exist here? Players won't know any of this information unless they read up all the info before hand.

RNG: Although it's a necessary system, this makes an already slow game even slower. Players want all the legendary gear vendors sell and will reload the game over and over until they find the pieces they want. Vendors reset their inventory every level and thus this happens with multiple vendors on every level up. Any loot-able source that can drop legendaries will have the player reloading the game until a desired piece drops.

Crafting: As wonderful it may be to see that there is little hand holding and the abundance of freedom, I wish the crafting wasn't so overwhelming. It's annoying to be bombarded with so many different items and have little idea regarding how to use them. I don't want the game to be simple, but it would've been great if there was something to point players towards the right direction.

What do all have in common?

Time Consumption: The above factors all contribute to many very time consuming activities in addition to the 80 to 100 hours it requires to finish the game. The game is marvelous in its own right indeed, yet when it demands this much time from its players it's vital to make the experience as efficient as possible. Let's face it, we all have a limited of time each day to play games due to real life commitments, and Larian needs to figure out how to make the most use of our time when we offer it. It's frustrating to be engaged in a game for hours just to find yourself accomplishing little.

What's even more tragic is that Larian had no intention of doing this. They embraced all the ideas they wanted in a great game, worked so diligently to create a masterpiece, and yet in oversight their creation caused a dilemma that would've easily destroyed games of lower caliber. That proves just how powerful and brilliant D:OS is. When you're doing stuff it feels like DA: Origins. When it doesn't it leave you hungering more for what could have been if the pacing was more efficient. I believe it could potentially surpass DA: Origins with the last stroke of polish.

Regardless of these flaws, due to my adoration to Divinity, I'll be giving all the time that's required of me to experience D:OS thoroughly. However, not everyone will be compelled to give Larian such grace, and this notion hurts the presentation of the game. No one can justify why there's little to no progress in a game after putting hours of their free time into it.

I pray that there are upcoming DLCs and detailed patches that could remedy the issues. D:OS was ever so close to perfection.

Final Verdict: 8.7/10 (How I wish this was a 9/10)

This package of love, respect and care is only $40. Support Larian for what they do and there will be hope that their next Divinity game will outperform Original Sin. They are real risk takers, unafraid to make whatever they feel is fun, and have the integrity, talent, character and dignity to back it up.
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40명 중 26명(65%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
82.5 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 1일
it tries to do a lot and doesn't really accomplish it all but it's a really solid "old-school" rpg with lots of very interesting systems (moving boxes! crazy teleporter pyramids!), decent questing with fairly witty writing and a combat system that's pretty dynamic and challenging, tho inconsistently so.

overall a pretty fun game, one with a lot of shortcomings but also with enough interesting stuff to make up for it
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18명 중 14명(78%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1명이 이 평가가 재미있다고 함
95.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 18일
The best classic-style RPG since Dragon Age: Origins.
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