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The Fallen Enchantress seeks to destroy the civilizations that have risen from the ashes of the Cataclysm.
Data wydania: 22 Maj 2013
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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes 1.7 BETA Now Available

10 Lipiec 2014

Arguably the biggest patch to date for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is now available for opt-in beta testing. Frogboy has made huge improvement to many areas of the AI, Commanders get new class-specific items, rival sovereigns are a lot chattier, and balance has gotten a hard look across the board.

Patch notes can be found here: http://forums.elementalgame.com/455808

LH 1.7, like all of Stardock's patches, will be free for everyone who has purchased the game.

To download the beta, do the following:
Log into your Steam client.
Right-click Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes and choose Properties.
Select the BETAS tab.
In the drop-down menu, choose "1.7 Beta".
Close the Properties window.

Steam should automatically download the update.

Note that saved games from previous patches will probably work with the 1.7 beta, but will be missing many of the balance changes. Start a new game to check out LH 1.7 the way it's meant to be played.

Please report any bugs or other issues you encounter to the LH Support forum so that we can make the 1.7 release the best it can be.

Thanks as always for your support, and happy conquering!

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Leader Pack DLC Now Available

24 Kwiecień 2014

Stardock released today the latest downloadable content (DLC), the Leader Pack, for its critically acclaimed turn-based fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The Leader Pack is available now through Steam for $4.99.

The Leader Pack adds an all-new sovereign to each of the game's 10 factions. These leaders provide fresh gameplay experiences with new abilities and items. Prove might makes right with the hardy but magically impaired General Tarth, bring death magic to the kingdoms of men with Sanjo of Gilden, or absolve Lord Relias' mistakes by leading Altar to glory as Shirayn.

Players can also customize their own sovereigns with additional traits and equipment. Treasure Hunters have supernaturally good luck at finding loot, leaders with Lifeblood heal their own wounds with every spell cast, and anyone wielding powerful Ruvennan Bracers is destined for glory on the battlefield with their dramatically boosted combat capabilities.

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“This standalone expansion is a wonderful fantasy strategy game in its own right...”
4 out of 5 – The Escapist

“Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a terrific 4X strategy game that builds upon the good work done in its immediate predecessor last year.”
8.0 – GameSpot

“You don't have to be any kind of strategy savant to appreciate what this exceptional release has to offer.”
8.5 – Game Informer

Informacje o grze

The Fallen Enchantress seeks to destroy the civilizations that have risen from the ashes of the Cataclysm. Fortunately, your fame has spread and great heroes have been drawn to your banner. With your new champions, you will confront new horrors like liches, brood hunters, banshees, and the dreaded hergon.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is the new standalone expansion to Stardock’s turn-based, fantasy strategy game. Players will forge a new empire in a world sundered by powerful magic, fight against terrible creatures, complete quests and rediscover lost secrets in their bid to rule the world of Elemental.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a standalone expansion. No prior games are required to play.

Key Features

  • Gain Champions Through Fame: Champions are no longer simply found, instead, they seek you out based on the amount of Fame your kingdom has generated. And not all of these legendary heroes were Men or Fallen…
  • New Leveling System: Your sovereign and champions now evolve through a skill tree that visually allows you to plan what kind of hero you want him or her to be. Make your mage into a powerful Necromancer, or train your Assassin in special attacks that bleed the life from your enemies.
  • Updated Tactical Battles: Battles are now more intense with additional special skills, combat mechanics, spells and new maps.
  • New Monsters: The legendary heroes didn’t reach our lands alone. The events of the Fallen Enchantress have raised the dead and caused forgotten creatures to return to the surface of the world.
  • More Magic: New spells like ‘Lightning Form’ and ‘Raise Skeletal Horde’ add new options and dangers to battle.
  • Larger Maps: A new gigantic sized map delivers truly epic games.
  • Updated Graphics Engine: An improved graphics engine delivers stunning new visuals while improving performance on older machines.
  • And much, much more!

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant Video Card w/Pixel Shader 2.0 (Radeon x1600 / GeForce 6800)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional: To activate this game you must create a Stardock account while launching the game on Steam.
Pomocne recenzje klientów
2 z 3 osób (67%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Produkty na koncie: 50
Recenzji: 3
24.7 godz. łącznie
Nie byłem nastawiny na tą grę, ale pozytywnie się zaskoczyłem. Gra mimo wielu bugów potrafi wciągnąć na długie godziny.
Zamieszczono: 14 Luty 2014
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3 z 5 osób (60%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Produkty na koncie: 40
Recenzji: 8
14.0 godz. łącznie
Bardzo, bardzo, bardzo dobra gra. Z resztą co ja się tu będę rozpisywał - przeczytajcie recenzję...

Zamieszczono: 12 Marzec 2014
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330 z 415 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Produkty na koncie: 111
Recenzji: 4
61.4 godz. łącznie
This game... I was really excited to play Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. I'm a big fan of tactical and turn-based strategy games and I couldn't wait to dig in. On paper, this game has pretty much everything a strategy fan could ask for. Your developing kingdom or empire has a lengthy tech tree with three distinct branches. You can engage your armies in tactical combat, controlling each troops movements a la Tactics:Ogre or just let the battle play out automatically from the overworld. You can use your sovereign to cast tactical and strategic spells, decimate enemy armies, and tame dragons to fight alongside your army. You can even customize your avatar, kingdom history, racial traits, and design all of your units.
The list of things to do in this game is just about inexhaustible... which is likely where everything went wrong.

This game is an incredibly un-polished experience, so much so that I wonder if the devs even test-played it, as this very much feels like a game that is still in late beta stages. In my opinion, this is because there's just so much going on, that the developers were incapable of playtesting everything thoroughly. I ran into more than a few save bugs and stability issues, and late game lag is incredibly common, even on a very high-end rig. While the environment art is pretty exceptional and overa-all enjoyable, I found the character models to be among the most hideous designs I've ever seen. They are amateur at best and downright ugly at worst. While not a core component, I did feel like something was lost in the customization when no matter which outfit I picked, my sovereign still turned out to be an eyesore.

But, due to the insane levels of customization and depth of gameplay, all of these foibles could be easily overlooked if not for one glaring, inescapable issue.

The AI in this game may be the worst artificial intelligence I've ever encountered in a game of any kind. There are extremely limited diplomacy options, which basically boil down to: pay money, or be paid money for peace, neither of which are very fun or exciting. While more are unlocked later in the game, you're unlikely to ever see them before going to war. The AI seems to have one goal and one goal only: to declare war. It might declare war in the first five minutes of meeting you, or it might wait for five hours, but you can be damned sure it's going to happen.

The way that the AI decides friend from foe is a complete and utter mystery to me. More than once, the enemy AI went from being my best friend (green happy face) to being at war with me the next turn, which was completely baffling. Once at war, the AI will throw every platoon it has at you. It will send all of its troops straight to their death, over and over again, never adjusting its strategy, until it has completely exhausted all of its kingdoms resources and must surrender to you.

At the end of the day, I want to recommend this game so badly, because there is just so much going on that begs to be explored. But no matter how great the rest of the game is, there is just no way around the AI.
Zamieszczono: 15 Styczeń 2014
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46 z 58 osób (79%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Produkty na koncie: 345
Recenzji: 8
32.9 godz. łącznie
If you had me describe my "dream game" it would likely involve grand empire management Civ style and battles would be turn based "tactics" style. While no game has really encompassed the rest of the details of this dream, this game does get a lot of it right. I've enjoyed playing this game and seeing it evolve even since Elemental. I do not think it's a perfect game by any means, but it's a lot better than what it started from. The problems that it suffers from aren't anything major. It's just a lot of little stuff here and there that tends to add up to an experience that feels slightly flawed but not in the context of a flawed gem. It's rather difficult at times, and given my experience with the game I can't always say it's been my fault either. There is a strong "rogue-like" vibe with some of the monsters that roam the map and I'm certainly not complaining about this. You have to pick and choose your fights, but often this is a bit deceptive in that I'm sure I THINK I could beat this whole nest of spiders because they are close to my army's power. It doesn't mean however said spiders won't shoot webs all over the tactical map so my melee units can't even move, then pick everything off with poison. Then other times you just romp over them like sewer rats. I'm not 100% sure I love random in my strategy games, but I do love it in my RPG games. That's kinda where this game stands too. It's half strategy and half RPG. I don't feel like it does either amazingly well, but there's just not many games that put these things together and have it cohesive. There's times where I'm not even sure if I'm playing the game right and I still have no idea what I should be doing. The point is though: It's fun to try.

Any fan of Civilization that doesn't mind trying to defend their nation from literally being eaten by dragons should check it out. If you want a relaxed city-building experience, then look elsewhere as the game isn't catered towards pacifists and fighting is largely the entire point of the game with the empire building not quite in the background, but most certainly second stage.

Another note: the developer has added a ton of content and balancing to the game on a regular timeframe. A larger "2.0" update is incoming as I write this as well as another expansion of sorts. I'd much rather see a company funded that has the idea that they will refine their game until they can justify paid content, over one that just sidecars new DLC every 3 months because they can. The DLC for this game is 100% not needed for a great experience and there's some rather large MODS that completly change the game's dimensions if you are into that kinda thing. This is a true PC gaming , strategy experience in my eyes with depth, customization, external support and so forth.
Zamieszczono: 16 Marzec 2014
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36 z 46 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Produkty na koncie: 287
Recenzji: 27
42.1 godz. łącznie
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heros is best explained as a Civilizations type genre where you build up an empire with cities and develop them while fielding troops to protect your piece of the world as the A.I. competes against you. You are given the freedom to choose from the individual races included or customize everything you want from your living avatar to the lowely footman securing your borders. In addition to maintaining your empire as it grows you use your avatar to search for new resources to conquer and complete quests to grow in wealth and power. The world also grows with you in power, monsters that litter the landscape will reposition and gain in levels if unchecked, becoming fearsome legends in time. Should you take care of them earlier on or risk everything and wait for a bigger payoff? It is a turn based game and large world games can stress lower end computers in the late game but smaller or medium worlds are stable. I would recommend having at least the higher end computer requirements if you wish to play the largest settings.
Zamieszczono: 16 Styczeń 2014
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