Castle Story is a creative voxel-based strategy game in which you can build castles one brick at a time using an army of little characters called Bricktrons. Your goal will be to design and build your own castles and expand your territory in a vast landscape in order to defend your Bricktrons against onslaughts of hostile creatures and...
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Utgivelsesdato: 23. sep, 2013

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Hvorfor Early Access?

“Castle Story is a game in active development, meaning there are bugs and missing gameplay mechanics. Purchase Castle Story if you’re interested in seeing a game get made but only if you’re not afraid of bugs, missing features and wonky gameplay.
Castle Story is a very ambitious project created by a small, independent team and backed by a great kickstarter community! We’re constantly working on improving the game and introducing new gameplay mechanics.

We’d love to hear your opinion on our game! If you find bugs or have interesting ideas to share, please let us know on our forums at”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i Early Access?

“We don't have a specific release date at this point. We'd like to continue adding content to the game and release it once we feel the project is complete.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen vil være forskjellig fra Early Access-versjonen?

“The Early Access version of Castle Story is in active development - additions and changes will occur as we consider the input of our community and as the game's design evolves.”

Hva er nåværende tilstand på Early Access-versjonen?

“The current Early Access version of Castle Story is already a blast. There are several different maps and gamemodes to play, including multiplayer support on Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally, we've recently introduced a brand new World Editor allowing the community to create their own maps, share them and play them in both single and multiplayer.”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter Early Access?

“The game may increase in price when it leaves Early Access.”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“We welcome all suggestions, bug reports and criticism on our forums at and on our various social media, including Steam, Youtube, Twitter, etc.”
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31. august

Marytron Answers! 3D Animator.

Hey hey heeeey! HEY!

We got the answers from Marytron about 3D animations!

Read the article there, it's super interesting and there were some awesome questions (and some not so awesome questions, please, stop asking us how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real, we don't know.)


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30. august

0.7.7 Hotfix - World Editor maps & Barrels fixed!

Hey, YOU! Yeah, you! Hi.

Last update accidentally broke maps newly created in the World Editor. We found the programmer that caused this bug and no one else will ever find him. Mwuahaha.

We also fixed the bug, so that's nice.

Also! We fixed several icky little explosive barrels bugs!

Read all the details here;

Enjoy! :D

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“Its promised blend of building and strategy looks great, the kind of thing to rekindle the very fondest of childhood memories...”

“... I’m having a nostalgia rush [...] Castle Story is the first new game that I shall be observing by means of a spyglass each morning throughout 2012.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Holy bags, Castle Story is looking amazing! I wish I had made it, haha. :D <3”

Om dette spillet

An epic adventure awaits you in Castle Story, a strategy game where you command friendly creatures called Bricktrons. Have them explore, carve, dig and gather resources from vast, spectacular floating islands, reshaping the voxel-based world to your desire!

Design and build any structure you can imagine! From mighty and legendary castles to sprawling Bricktron villages. Beware, your Bricktrons will have to take arms and defend themselves against mysterious creatures, the Corruptrons. Build catapults and hurl explosive barrels at the invaders, or lure them into strategically placed traps! The physics system will also challenge the sturdiness of your architecture! A tower whose foundation is destroyed will crumble to the ground realistically.

Castle Story is also a multiplayer experience! Challenge your friends to a round of Conquest or join forces with them to repel the enemies in the Co-Op Invasion gamemode. Of course, you can also group up in sandbox and build together!

The maps in Castle Story are meticulously hand-crafted by the developers and we’re giving you access to the same tool we use! Create your own worlds with our awesome World Editor, share them with the community and try out other player-made maps!
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1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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3.0 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 23. desember, 2013
this game sucks ♥♥♥♥
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1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
Ikke anbefalt
7.9 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 3. august, 2014
I was promised a rich and fun world where you built castles bigger and greater than you could ever imagine. I was promised a fun and fairly detailed survival mode with great AI and an amazing building mode. I was extremely dissapointed. None of this has been given. If you would buy this game now you would get the following:

- Horrible camera controls
- A plain boring UI
- Extremely stupid AI
- Very limited building blocks
- Bad graphics
- Bugs.... A LOT of bugs.

All promises has been decieved and I can't stop hitting myself in the face for being so stupid to buy this game. If I could, I would ask for a refund. EITHER FINISH YOUR GAME OR JUST GIVE UP
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
1 av 1 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
Ikke anbefalt
3.6 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 29. august, 2014
To me the game was bad. None of the workers did what i told them to do. I did not understand the game itself.
I think the game was a waste of money. Maybe i did something wrong, but i am not playing it anymore.

Sometimes the workers get stuck in the hill or they are just satnding there. when i try to make a mine they just digg some seconds and then they stop, even when i have a stockpile.
I dont know how to fix it, and i dont want to try anymore eather.
I dont blame other who like the game but i dont manage to work.
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
7.6 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 27. juni, 2014
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
Ikke anbefalt
0.1 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 20. mars, 2014
This game is so broken that even EA would NOT publish it!
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
20.2 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 22. desember, 2013
Et artig spill med mye potensial, men ganske mange små feil som burde bli fikset fortere. Utvikleren burde få litt fart på oppdateringen og gjøre spillet ferdig.
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
Ikke anbefalt
5.1 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 6. januar, 2014
I wouldn't recommend it, yet. The game has too much unfinished to be fun and graphics are terrible (images on steam are lying the game is not as good as it looks on the images), as well as builders AI. Turn graphics to the best setting and half the game won't work. I just don't see this game ever being completed because updates are not coming as fast as I'd like to. I've actually never even seen as much as ONE update.

Wait for a long time, either the game will be playable in 10 years or it will be an abandoned project.
Sorry dev's! Work hard and you might pull this off, though I really think you released this game too early! :)
Var denne anmeldelsen til hjelp? Ja Nei Morsom
Ikke anbefalt
5.1 timer registrert
Early Access-anmeldelse
Publisert: 26. oktober, 2014
Dead game walking..

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