CONTRAST es un juego de puzles y plataformas en el que viajarás instantáneamente de un fantástico mundo en 3D a un misterioso universo de sombras en 2D. Adéntrate en la atmósfera onírica y surrealista de 1920, inspirada en el cabaret y en el cine negro y mecida por una cálida música de jazz.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 nov. 2013

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"Black and white, or somewhere in between? We played Contrast for The Patch Game Club."
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“The interaction is stellar”

“It’s as if Limbo and Bioshock Infinite had a baby while watching Pan’s Labyrinth”

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Acerca de este juego

CONTRAST es un juego de puzles y plataformas en el que viajarás instantáneamente de un fantástico mundo en 3D a un misterioso universo de sombras en 2D. Adéntrate en la atmósfera onírica y surrealista de 1920, inspirada en el cabaret y en el cine negro y mecida por una cálida música de jazz.

En este universo, donde las fronteras entre el espectáculo, la magia, la intriga y el engaño se diluyen, controlarás a Dawn, la amiga imaginaria de una niña llamada Didi. Tendrás el poder de pasar de un paisaje surreal en 3D a un mundo paralelo de sombras en 2D. Ilumina esta historia sombría manipulando fuentes de luz en el mundo 3D para distorsionar, agrandar o estirar las sombras del mundo 2D. Tal manipulación y el paso entre la luz y las sombras serán los elementos clave para que resuelvas un sinfín de puzles, ¡que pondrán a prueba tu materia gris!

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.3 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
    • Additional Notes: La banda sonora original y el diario de desarrollo aparecerán en la carpeta CONTRAST de tu directorio de Steam: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Contrast\CONTRAST_Programme-OST
Análisis útiles de usuarios
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Publicado el 23 de junio
Contrast combina los puzles de luces y sombras mientras vivimos una corta pero bonita historia de mafia y cabarets acompañados de una excelente banda sonora.
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Publicado el 10 de junio
Constrast es de esos título inde que puedes terminarlo en menos de 3 horas algo que contrasta el precio que tiene, lo digo por que su precio es de 15 dolares.

El juego tiene sus toques únicos como contar una historia a base de sombras y su muy agradable banda sonora pero vuelvo a repetirlo, el juego no vale $14.99 por suerte yo lo compre a 3 dolares y puedo decir que me ha dejado una agradable experiencia.

Comúnmente cuando juegas esto tipos de títulos inde que no tienen una formula ya predefinida como los grandes juegos de la industria, siempre esperas que dichos juegos sean únicos como lo es Brothers a tale of two sons o papo & yo, juegos que demuestra lo que puede hacer un estudio inde y que se quedan en ti como un hermoso recuerdo de un hermoso juego, por desgracia Constrast no tiene ese mismo efecto, como dije es un juego que vale la pena jugar pero no como un juego para recordar.

Algunos fallos que puedo mencionar son los de la cámara, cuando entras en las sombras de vez en cuando la cámara te hace una mala jugada y sales de la sombra sin saber por que, por los demás el título tiene gráficos decentes o mejor decir ideales para la historia y tiene un toque abstracto en cuanto a su mapa.

Yo literalmente recomiendo el título pero si es posible, comprarlo en rebaja por que no es del agrado pagar 14.99 dolares por 3 horas de juego, no importando si el juego es una obra de arte.
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Publicado el 29 de agosto
Contrast is a curious combination of pros and cons...

The game has an amazing soundtrack that you can feel at the title screen, even before you do anything. It will be the first thing you will notice.

The second one is it great visual and art from the 1920s. Every character and level are beautiful and the light and shadows effects are pretty nice.

Them you get to know the story and, what a good plot it has, you will enjoy it even more when you get the collectibles and find the hidden pieces of information in the levels.

The problems start when you actually have to make that jump, mixing the 3D and 2D gameplay the game brings. The controls doesn't respond very well and, I must warning you, you will fall to your death many times...

There is only one thing that annoyed me more than fall a dozen times in a row, and her name is Didi. You have to do everything she says all the time, I mean, you must take care of her but Dawn could think a little for her own, it won't hurt.

There are only one or two moments that Didi actually helps you and, after that she is your boss and you must just do what she says. That was the negative point for me.

Contrast is a pretty short game, in about 4 hours you will achieve 100% on it. After all that I still recommend it for the experience, story and the great visual and sound it has, but not at full price, buy it on a special sale.
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Publicado el 13 de julio
We follow the story of a young girl called Didi, viewed from the perspective of Dawn, her imaginary friend. Didi’s parents have a troubled relationship to stay the least. Her father is constantly falling in with the wrong crowd, while her mother is struggling to make a name for herself as a singer. Didi takes it upon herself to mend their marriage, with a lot of help from Dawn. No one else can see her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist, as she has the ability to switch from the 3D real world into the 2D shadows.
It is a really interesting mechanic that has you relearning what you know about puzzle games, much in the same way that Portal did back in 2007, but sadly not to the same extent. There are some very clever puzzles to be solved here, but they are just not up to the same quality as Valve’s finest. Most of the game you will be moving physical objects around, or shining lights on them to create shadows. You can then run up to a flat surface and shift into it, and platform across the shadows as if they were physical objects.
There isn’t a great deal of variety though. In general if you can interact with something, you will know it needs to be used to solve the puzzle in some way. You gain a dash ability, which enables you to smash through real world objects, and more importantly to travel through solid shadows blocking your path, but other than that you will just be jumping. You can grab ledges and pull yourself up, but the game is very picky about which ledges you are allowed to grab. The platforming itself isn’t as precise as I would like it to be. Being able to clamber over the shadows of people as they are having a conversation looks really cool, but I was constantly slipping off or getting caught on little edges.
The first time I loaded the game up, I was about to hit New Game, as you would expect. But then I stopped. The song that was playing over the menu was so good, that I sat there and listened to the whole thing before beginning my playthrough. It wasn’t long after that I was supposed to follow Didi to the next area, but instead I stuck around in the Ghost Note, a cabaret club, to catch the end of a song through the closed backstage door. The soundtrack in collaboration with Laura Ellis is superb, I just wish there were more of it later in the game. And that goes for the actual gameplay too.
Visually it looks pretty good, with an obvious emphasis on contrast between light and shadow. Although the overall tone of the game is dark, there are some nice splashes of colour, and some really bright areas. The only character models in the game are that of Didi and Dawn, the rest of the characters are depicted only in shadow, a device used by much of the noir fiction that Contrast is based on. There are plenty of clichés from that era that the game falls back on, but it is never too cheesy. Despite the youth of the character that the story revolves around, the narrative is quite grown up, and definitely becomes more complex as it progresses. I got a very Bioshock Infinite vibe from it, although the storytelling and the world are not as in depth.
The games premise is one of the most original I've seen in recent times, but it’s just not quite fleshed out enough. I would still recommend playing it to see the clever ways in which you can interact with the environments, and the story is good enough to keep you interested throughout. I hope the ideas and themes can be perpetuated into a new game in the future.
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Publicado el 16 de junio
Contrast has to be one of my all time favourite games. The puzzles are very unique, making you think outside the box.
Working with shadows and lights, makes for a very different atmosphere and way of thinking. I am just absolutely in love with this game.
The only downside is the story line isn't as full as it could have been. But I know the developers were low on funds and time and had to cut a MASSIVE part of their plans out. Looking forward to their upcoming game :)
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