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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy を購入する



"The fast paced RPG that asks the question: Can you save the world in 30 seconds? Fast paced action, multiple story modes, and 4th wall jokes."

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Get this game free.

You can get this game free by buying the sequel!!

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  • A free copy of the first game: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy!
  • The complete soundtrack for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming!

You will not receive extra copy of HMH:SMNCUB if you already have it in your Steam library

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HMH 2 on sale! LATE ACCESS!

From August 25th until August 31st, purchase the Half Minute Hero Bundle at 33% off and receive:

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“...never stops being funny.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“...a fantastic and unique game worth experiencing.”

Get Half-Minute Hero free!

You can get this game free by buying the sequel!!

Buy HMH2 and you will receive:

  • A free copy of the first game: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy!
  • The complete soundtrack for Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming!

You will not receive extra copy of HMH:SMNCUB if you already have it in your Steam library

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(30… 29… 28…) クエストを始めて、助けが必要な人々に会い、悪と戦い、お金を稼いで自分の装備を整えてレベルアップを図れ!

(30… 29… 28…) 一世を風靡したアクションRPGが完全版となって帰ってきた!前作と前々作の要素が全て盛り込まれている上、さらに!(21… 20… 19…) Xbox Live版で好評だった「勇者300」を始め (11… 10… 9…)、「騎士30」、「勇者30」、「王女30」、「魔王30」までもプレイできる!

(30… 29… 28…) 60以上のミニRPGが収録されており、それぞれにランキングが備わっており、友達や見知らぬユーザーと競うこともできる!8ビットのレトロ感満載のグラフィックは君のノスタルジックな気持ちに染みこんでくること間違いなし (19… 18… 17…). !たった30秒しかない制限時間の中(9… 8… 7…)、クリアするスリルが中毒者を生み、メタスコア84%を記録!さあ!もう一度挑戦しよう。

全要素・全ゲームモード 30秒ルールのゲームを開放せよ!


    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB (includes Direct X files)
    • Video Card: GeForce FX 5700 or equivalent card with 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX 9 compliant audio card
    • Additional: Gamepad or controller recommended
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Half Minute HeroなのにHalf Minuteで魔王を倒したときなど無いに等しいです!!!詐欺ゲーです!!!
それにSuper Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boyなんて盛りすぎです!!!せいぜいMega Boyくらいです!!!詐欺ゲーです!!!
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いい性格した時の女神様を筆頭に魅力的なキャラいっぱいでシナリオもわかりやすくてゆる~い感じ まあミニゲームの集まりみたいなものだしね
と思っていたら終盤にはしっかりとRPGになっていて 積み重ねのすごさを思い知った



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30秒クッキング!!(テレレッテッテッテッテッ テレレッテッテッテッテッ)

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Click for Gameplay Trailer - Preview
I Like:
+ incredibly sympathetic humor
+ incredibly motivating short-term gameplay
+ demanding bonus objectives to tactics and toss
+ excellent retro music
+ short but funny multiplayer
+ cool insider allusions
+ short loading time

I Dont Like:
- the main objectives of the quests too easy

By the time you finished reading the name of this title, you would have wasted a great deal of time which could have been spent saving the world. Time is the central theme in this game, with everything centering on the precious seconds wasting away. The Time Goddess has chosen you out of countless others to save the world, which you must do in a mere 30 seconds; otherwise, the Spell of Destruction cast by the local bad-guy will release a cataclysmic event upon the world.

Half-Minute Hero revels in its clichés, and its story holds up for this reason alone. There is a terrific feeling of satire in every line, and pop culture references and genre in-jokes pervade the text. The terrific 8-bit visuals only add to this, particularly the blown up, super-pixellated sprites.
The entire game is an homage to the classic RPG formula that we've grown accustomed to over the years. Even the music has an 8-bit charm to it, but manages to avoid the tinny, ear-splitting quality of the old days, providing the perfect atmosphere for the wacky adventures that occur every thirty seconds.

You'll start as a simple blond boy who gets charged with saving the world. Seems an evil dude has been wandering the countryside giving slightly less evil dudes a spell that destroys the Earth in 30 seconds, and it's up to you to stop these plots. Along for the ride is the Time Goddess.
Aside from briefing you on the situation every time you start a quest, the Goddess will also give you a fresh 30 seconds every time you pray to one of her statues. The catch is that praying costs money, and the price of prayer goes up each time you use it.
The game also generates a brilliant sense of progression. While your level will return to one in each stage, your entire inventory transfers from its previous point.
So not only do you get the feeling of becoming bigger and better during each stage, but watching as your hero turns from a weedy sprout in plain clothes armed with a stick to a mighty warrior in full armour and an axe bigger than most of your enemies results in a particularly proud feeling.
Coming in a close second on my favorite modes of the game is Princess 30. Here, the King has fallen ill and it's up to the Princess to venture out into the unforgiving world and find items that could save her dad. Of course, it turns out the Ultimate Evil has a hand in all this, but no one knows how. With fear afoot, the Queen is only willing to leave the castle door open for 30 seconds so you have to get out there, get past the monsters, get the item, and get back.

If all four modes are completed, the game will be the final available: Hero 300. This game mode is identical to hero 30, with the exception that there is only one map, 300 seconds instead of thirty you have, and the timer can not be reset. For those who is still a crazy challenge an optional mode available on completion of the game, with the title Hero 3. I'll leave that one to your imagination.

Half-Minute Hero also comes equipped with multiplayer which, like the rest of the game, is also very simple to understand but also very enjoyable to play. You choose an area and then you and someone else have to go around and complete the quest in that stage.
Interaction with the other player is actually minimal, you might occasionally stray into their fight or see them shopping as you are leaving the village. The multiplayer is enhanced by the way that it has the same timer for both players, forcing the players not only to compete against each other but work together for mutual gain. The more you pray the more it costs to reset the timer, so it becomes a very thrilling event as the timer closes on zero and you’re both unwilling to foot the bill for the reset.

Overall, Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a very nice game with fantastic characters. The parody of an RPG is great and the jump to the 8-bit style is awesome.
If the music had a bit more variety and if minor tweaks were made to the graphics, the game would have been slightly more enjoyable. Its definitely worth the investment and you will get a satisfaction and longevity way beyond its price tag.

Score: 79 / 100

Sorry for my bad english. This is my review account, because the low playtime.
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Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a set of different campaigns each with their own playstyle. The first playstyle resembles a RPG, the second is a top down action game where you play as an evil summoner, the third is a top down shooter for lack of a better term. Each campaign has at least 30 lands (levels) that have a 30 second countdown with the potential to get more time. This is a dialog heavy game with a comedy slant if you couldn't tell from the Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy in the title. I'm happy there's a one button skip everything. I didn't need to read anything, because its all so simple.

The first campaign is the main appeal. In 'Hero 30' you have 30 seconds in each land to save the world. In the first land, you'll meet the Time Goddess. For a price she'll reset the timer back to 30 seconds. Each time you need her, she charges more and more. The only time the clock isn't counting down is in the towns. If you don't have enough money to reset the clock, the goddess will still grant you a reset, but she'll repossess your weapons and the timer will forever count down to 0 even in towns. There is a world map consisting of lines and dots where the lands are.

The little lands each have a few towns, caves, a castle and a boss. The only place to explore is the overworld. Towns, bosses and caves are all single screens. Combat is automatic, your character will bump into the enemies and do damage. When time is of the essence, you can run, but that costs health. When you die, you respawn with minimal health. Sometimes its quicker to die, respawn and use the Time Goddess statues in town than risk a game over from running out of time. You can also run from combat. When each land begins you start at level 1, but you can quickly grind your way back up with most battles giving you a level or two.

Before going into each land you can equip weapons and armor, but you won't be able to change them while in the land. You can only buy new things to equip them in a land. Each piece of gear has its own weight, making you slower, but preventing knock back from enemies. If you get knocked back off screen from an enemy, you don't die, but the battle has ended. So it becomes a push-of-war. If you buy equipment in further lands, the game will not let you use the gear in previous lands. Other equipment has special uses like the swimmers ring which does uh.... I forget. Some weapons are insta-kills against certain types of foes, the bug swatter, the demon slaying silver sword. It makes for nice choice when replaying a lands for the 30th time trying to kill a giant sub boss far tougher than the main boss.

Towns consist of single screens with many NPCs. Each land has at least two side quests. The world map highlights the name of each quest to give you a vague hint. Some of which unlock other lands. Its not that difficult. Most if not all lands can be finished in under 2 minutes. The tricky part is the two extra quests and fitting them in while beating the boss before you run out of time or money. Hero 30 makes use of time, because the 30 seconds are an entire day, so different events happen at different times. You may see the tide come in and block a path or a destructive fire destroy a town. Its a nice touch. After each land, the credits scroll by. Every time! Like you've just watched a 30 minute episode in under a minute! Then you are taken to a hint screen where four people don't ever have much to say unless you missed an extra path to a hidden land. Some of the lands are setup in such a way that even if you beat a level your path doesn't continue without completing certain quests.

There is a multiplayer where you can compete with people online on different lands to see who is the fastest. In a fast paced game, it makes it even faster. Plus there are leader boards for each land of the Hero 30 campaign. The game will also notify you of where your Steam friend was where you are in each land. To keep pushing the pace, your friend will beat the land in 3 2 1. It will even show you their recorded ghost in the land or your own depending who was faster.

The second campaign, 'Evil Lord 30' is a top down action game that feels more enjoyable and deeper than the Hero 30. You have three spells that summon different types of creatures. Ranged creatures, brutes that bluntly melee and nimble which dodge attacks from enemy supporters. You also have the ability to push them into battle, but I never used it. Around you is a magical set of circles. The larger your outer circle, the more powerful the creatures are. The inner circle is your current magical power to make those creatures. If you get hit, the outer maximum circle shrinks. The time goddess can restore the size though. This time the goddess hides in golden barrels and takes all the money you have each time you use her. Luckily each enemy drops coins. The goal of each land is to kill, destroy or touch something.

The third campaign 'Princess 30' is the top down shooter. You are a princess surounded by your soldiers and can shoot north, south, east and west. The longer you shoot in a direction the more focused your arrows become. When you take a hit, you lose some of your soldiers, which is your firepower. When you leave the castle you dash one direction, then collect an item at the end or defeat a boss. Then you dash back. All with the 30 second timer ticking down. If you run over a red carpet, you gain time. There are even fairies to pick up for additional firepower. It felt like a fun minigame, but it was the same every time, just with different enemies. In fact all of these feel like minigames turned into a campaign. Its perfect for on the go like a PSP or DS.

'Knight 30' is a top down action strategy game where you are a knight defending a sage against monsters. This fourth campaign needs to be unlocked. It can be more difficult than the others. When the mage is standing still on her own, the 30 second clock will count down to 0. Once it reaches zero you complete the area. Control wise you can grab and use the sage or other objects. You can dash, call the sage over to you and set traps such as fences, spikes, bombs and scarecrows to bait birds. When you dash it will drain your stamina. Without any stamina you put down what you're carrying. If you die, your spirit rises and will need to touch the sage before you can do anything else. If the sage dies, its game over. It is more difficult than the other modes since there is a lot to keep track of. Its interesting and employs strategy.

Overall, everything feels very easy even with a 30 second timer. I never ran out of time in all 30 lands of Evil Lord and Princess. They were a breeze. For the hardcore out there, you can unlock Hero 300 and Hero 3. The 'Hero' campaigns all have a good dynamic of gold vs time, forcing you to complete each land before you can't earn enough gold to reset the clock. The non Hero campaigns feel more fun than the Hero campaigns even if they end quickly. I also have to question why the game says the 360 controller is the Ultimate way to play and then has keys for everything on screen instead of buttons.
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If you've played many RPGs from the NES and SNES era (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Breath of Fire, Lufia, etc.), then you'll probably find this game hilarious. I know I did. In each level, you have 30 seconds to defeat the local evil lord before he casts the spell of destruction and destroys the entire world. Like, 30 actual seconds, so the gameplay can be quite fast-paced. You fight enemies for gold and xp/levels, buy stuff in towns, talk to people and do sidequests all in this short time limit, but you can turn back the clock by paying the time goddess increasingly large sums of gold. Very fun game, almost like a fast-paced puzzle game dressed up as an oldschool RPG. The levels are short and varied, which made it all too easy for me to lose large chunks of time to the game without noticing.

This edition of the game has two graphic modes, an "anime" style, which looks really amateurish and terrible IMO, and a "retro" style, which looks like a SNES game and is nostalgic and awesome.

The other game modes are fun, too, especially Princess 30, which plays mostly like a scrolling shmup. Hero 300 is pretty epic, too.
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Best 30 seconds of your life! this game is so intense it keeps you on your toes in all game modes. You never get to rest (unless you go in cities). All in all it's a really great game for the adrenaline seeker (cause if you didnt ask for adrenaline you'll get too much) lol. It's a def must get imo.
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A fun and unique take on JRPGs, Half Minute Hero doesn't overstay its welcome and it ends before its formula gets old. Right now you're best off getting the sequel because you get this game for free with it and it seems like 2 improves on 1 pretty well.
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Run around, times up. God gave me more time, run around somemore and BAN! I beat the game. 10/10 would do it again.
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Have you ever wished you could combine traditional RPG gameplay with incredibly fast-paced action? This is the game for you. It's silly as all hell, and great casual fun. There's a LOT of content there, too - make sure you set it to "original graphics mode" to access the completely different princess and evil lord campaigns.
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For a pick-up-and-play adventure RPG, this one hits a great formula.
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A chief gave me comfy sandals for saving the world from mass destruction from a really pissed off tree.
10/10. Would save again.
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Do you enjoy managing things? Puzzles? Witty writing that makes you smile a little? Then give this game a shot. Like the title states, you only have 30 seconds to save the world because some idiot continues to tell evil lords a magic spell that takes 30 seconds to cast. That's right, the game isn't 30 seconds long. Each evil lord is considered a "level" and you have 30 seconds to defeat him (there are exceptions. Each level has a statue you can use to turn back time in exchange for your hard earned in-game coin. There are no micro-transactions, if that wasn't clear.) You need to level up, find the right equipment, and get to the evil guy. leveling up is quick, yet you start over at level 1 each time you start a level. This game even has branching paths depending on how you beat the level. It's a clever little game. A clever little game indeed.
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Great fun when playing in the same room
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Gobba go fast
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Great puzzle game with RPG mechanics. Have fun optimizing your route + equipment to get the lowest time. Play the retro mode because cartoon mode looks like ♥♥♥♥.
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投稿日: 2014年8月2日
swap to retro mode right from the start.
you'll have an amazing game with lots of humor, great graphics, awesome music and a very original, albeit familiar, gameplay.
so good
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If you want a bit of mindless fun then this game is great for that, there doesn't seem to be a lot of skill involved other then good time management but the games still good for some laughs.. wouldnt pay full or half price for it but if you find it in a humble bundle or for 75% off id pick it up.
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Back in the days before DIablo and The Elder Scrolls ruled the land, Japanese RPGs were king. Run throughout the land, gaining levels and equipment until you meet the biggest, baddest, eviliest cliche' in the game and kill him. No stat and skill trees to master, no pointless customization, just you on a quest to vanqish an evil that's almost always different than the one you originally set out to defeat. Just you and your countless hours spent grinding away.

This game is all that, except each nefarious fiend must be killed in less than 30 seconds. While this sounds impossible and at least somewhat silly, the way the game presents itself makes it one of the best JRPGs I've ever played.

The game is basically seperated into over 100 mini RPGS with a small overworld in each where you run around and defeat monsters to gain enough power to defeat the resident Evil Lord before it casts its world destroying super evil spell of evil, in 30 seconds.

Since it is basically impossible to even get to the baddie in half a minute, the benevolent Time Goddess will reset time for you at any point, for a fee of course, giving you another 30 seconds to level up, make it to the boss, and kill him. Along the way you gather new equipment that you can keep across stages, although your level resets after every boss,

This all may sound overly simplistic, but there is a lot more under the hood than it seems at first glance. Beat the game and you unlock new modes to play. Complete challenges and sidequests in each stage. Multiplayer, anyone? There is a lot of content for a game that expects you to save the world in 30 seconds!

If you liked the old-school JRPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, this game will make you smile so wide it will connect in the back and your head will fall off. If you just need a quick game to play on break or whenever you have a few minutes to kill, this is better than most.
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