A cube of sugar escapes the factories to avoid the fate of being a cookie!
Дата выхода: 7 ноября 2012
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includes the Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory soundtrack.

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To celebrate greenlit, Sugar Cube: BF is 61% off!

19 мая 2014

Yeah, I know that '61' is a weird number for sale. Our 2nd commercial game '6180 the moon' has been greenlit in last week. To celebrate, Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory is 61% off now for a week!

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“Responsive and well-tuned, with one unique mechanic that makes it interesting.”
Play This Thing!

“It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s original.”
7/10 – darkzero

“Sugar Cube presents a short, sweet, mind-working, challenge”
77/100 – Indie Game Magazine

Об игре

A cube of sugar escapes from factories to avoid the fate of becoming a cookie!

Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory is a 2D platformer game that presents the story of a sugar cube. The background tiles of the game have two sides, namely, the front and the back. These tiles can be flipped for access to critical hints to solve different levels. They may or may not help you, so pay attention!

The game is the full version of IGF China 2010's winner, Sugar Cube. It includes 5 factory themes containing 90 levels and 2 endings. Also included is the full soundtrack of the game.

Note: Soundtrack will be located at -> Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Sugar Cube Bittersweet Factory -> Soundtrack

Системные требования

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:1.66GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX compatible card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:180 MB HD space
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6.6 ч. в игре
1. Оценка гафики: 9/10
2. Оценка музыки: 9/10
3. Оценка геймплея: 9/10
Если вы пришли сюда, чтобы найти игру на вечерок, посидеть, расслабиться и послушать приятную музычку, то вы попали куда надо. Ведь эта прелестная инди-игра про кубик сахара, которого поджидают опасности в пяти сладких мирах, как раз то, что вам нужно.
1. Графика здесь очень приятная, цвета яркие, но при этом не бросаются в глаза, милая рисовка окружающего мира и самих врагом не оставит вас равнодушным. С:
2. Музыка, как и писалось выше, очень успокаивает и позволяет вам играть в эту игру даже после тяжелого дня, можно использовать как успокоительное средство.
3. Геймплей незамысловатый, несложный, но почему то такой приятный и чарующий...
И так, оценка всей игры: 9/10
Всем приятной игры и веселых приключений в мире сладостей. ^^
Опубликовано: 23 марта 2014
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Обзоры: 7
3.5 ч. в игре
Покупайте Сахарок!( Эта игра не заслуживает ТАКОЙ непопулярности!
Она очень милая, красивая и такая спокойная! <33 Только по сложности так себе, но всё же есть некоторые места, где стоит подумать.)
Рекомендую всем, останетесь довольны!

9 из 10!
Опубликовано: 11 апреля 2014
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1.4 ч. в игре
Играем за конфетку, прыгаем по уровням. Сложности, как и интереса не вызывает :/
Опубликовано: 27 июля 2014
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1.6 ч. в игре
As you absentmindedly stir them into your morning coffee and sprinkle it on your grapefruit, did you ever consider that maybe sugar has feelings too? Not just feelings, but friends and families; a whole life that inevitably leads to a tragic ending. The sugar cubes in Turtle Cream's Bittersweet Factory have had enough of this grueling cycle, and thus look to you to guide them to safety...but do you really want to?

Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory is nothing if not original, but a delightful premise and strangely charming characters can only take a game so far. Something of a puzzle platformer, levels are built around a mechanic of flipping the background to reveal or make disappear platforms, buttons, and whatever other manor of device is for some reason sitting here with these anthropomorphic sweeteners, with the express goal of making it to the exit (and by extension, freedom). It's a solid mechanic on paper that I can't recall seeing used in quite the same way, but when executed boils down to a lot of blind luck and frustration.

As you are only able to flip tiles in a small area around you, you're often forced to awkwardly jump around to reveal tiles (most of which you have no way of finding without raw trial and error), which leads to an endless stream of inaccuracies. Because the grid around you that decrees what tiles you can flip is never quite constant, it's enough of a challenge to get tiles to flip consistently, which is to say nothing of the precision required in later levels. Difficulty through mechanical issues is never the right way to challenge the player, and this mistake is built into the foundation of everything Sugar Cube attempts.

Despite being most easily described as a puzzle platformer, there's a noticeable absence of anything intended to make you think or otherwise befuddle. Levels are decidedly straight forward from beginning to end, with rarely a spot of innovation or an interesting use of the game's sole mechanic. Haphazard and nondescript, each level bleeds into the next with a dull and tedious complacency, missing every halfhearted opportunity to do something inspired until you finally stumble upon the ending less than two hours later.

That ending is Sugar Cube's one redeeming quality, and not just because it means I can finally set it down and move onto better games. As the credits role, an upbeat track cutely puts into words just how sad a world it would be without chocolate. It's charming and catchy, and for a moment made me completely forgive the numerous mistakes that Sugar Cube otherwise makes. I couldn't help but love it and will surely have it stuck in my head and on my playlist for some time to come.

Unfortunately, the journey to get to that point is nowhere near as sweet and for a game about sugar left a rather sour taste in my mouth.
Опубликовано: 26 апреля 2014
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4.1 ч. в игре
Short puzzle platform game. The puzzles are simpler than, let's say, Toki Tori, yet you'll struggle with some stages.
You can beat it in 3~4 hours, but if you're going for all 20 achievements it will take you a lot more. The "no dying in a whole world" achievements are a pain in the ♥♥♥.
It's innovative, definitely a blow of fresh air to the platform video game genre. Cute and colorful, this game is for everyone.
The music is decent, but the credits theme/music video (which you can watch on the store page) is very nice!

Some people are experiencing problems with cutscenes not playing on full-screen mode. To fix it, go to options, switch to windowed mode, and switch back to full-screen mode.
Опубликовано: 6 февраля 2014
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