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¡Alumbra el mundo! En el papel de Plug, eres el encargado de restaurar el gigantesco Amp-Tree-System, frustrando así los planes de un enigmático intruso.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 22 Feb 2012
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Acerca del juego

Light up the world! As Plug, you are charged with restoring the expansive Amp-Tree-System, and thwarting an enigmatic intruder. Solve puzzles and explore in 1000 Amps!

Key Features:

  • Illuminate the darkness by lighting up whatever you touch.
  • Teleport into any un-occupied space with a simple mouse click.
  • Explore the expansive and labyrinthine Amp-Tree-System, finding new power ups strewn throughout.
  • Tackle challenges in whatever order you like, thanks to the open world design.
  • Over 150 rooms to complete and explore.
  • Save anywhere, at anytime.

Requisitos del sistema (PC)

    • SO: Windows XP o posterior (versión de 32 bits recomendada)
    • Procesador: 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 6 MB de espacio libre
    • Adicional: Flash Player 10

Requisitos del sistema (MAC)

    • SO: OS X versión Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 o posterior
    • Procesador: Intel a 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB
    • Espacio en Disco Duro: 12 MB
    • Adicional: Flash Player 10
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In 1000 Amps you are a little roboter. "Robo" is searchicng for power nodes in rooms to gain more energy for his special abilities. In the beginning everthing is hard. You cannot jump high or teleport. But if you never surrender the labrinth of rooms you will find some very useful powerups that give you the possibiliy to complete the map 100%.
One central question: Is it joyful, to play an indie platformer game in just black and white color? Yes it is! The graphic elements are simple and good working. It looks great when elements glow up and backgrounds have organic forms. And the sound effects makes it even more atmospheric. On the other side you "loose" some rooms again and again if you drop out of the border or accidently jump too high. It can be annoying during the attemps. But in the end there is a challenging boss which you hopefully can beat.
Publicado: 1 agosto 2014
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1000 Amps is a deceptively challenging platformer; you control Plug who can move and jump with the goal of each room being to touch all the lights. Spread out at the far edges of the "Light Tree" are rooms that give you special abilities that make it easier for you to jump, move or turn on lights. Hell technically you don't even have to light every single room up to advance if you can find the exit.

There's not much else to really add. Personally I found it really fun: it was the game I would load up when I had less than half an hour to kill and while there are a few rooms that require you to basically smack your head against the wall until you get the perfect jump or teleport it's not particularly frustrating. The biggest negative I can think against it is that backtracking can be extremely tedious and the map was of little use since it just shows you what rooms are lit up and no actual details.

Overall the game was extremely well designed and the simplistic aesthetics are a neat touch. It's not a must have game, but if you enjoy open puzzle/platforming games you will get a kick out of it.
Publicado: 16 julio 2014
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At its core, 1000 Amps is somewhat similar to VVVVVV - you've got a whole bunch of interconnected rooms to explore, and will spend most of your time figuring out how to get to them all. That said, there are a couple of things going on here to help separate this one from its "metroidvania" peers:

- Right off the bat, there's the graphical style, which is built almost entirely on sharp, grayscale squares; it might come off as dull at a glance, but for a world built with such limited materials it actually looks pretty nice. The simple black, white, and shades in between are pleasant and clean, not to mention spiced up by the lighting, which I'll get further into in a moment.

- While most platformers of this ilk immediately reveal the full layout of each room you enter, in 1000 amps the power has been cut across the entire map, so you have to feel your way around in total darkness and touch various blocks as you go to render them visible. The most important of these are "light-up" blocks, since if you find all of them in a single room the power will be permanently switched back on and that room will be "solved"; moreover, each one you find charges your battery, which enables higher jumps and the use of special abilities, so you'll often need to plan your route to complete the circuit. At this point I'll also note that there's no music to speak of until you solve a room, which prompts some manner of synthesized bell tune to pipe in; I can't say I was humming along to most of the music, but the overall effect suited me fine.

- If you're looking for combat you'd best look elsewhere, since there really aren't any "enemies" wandering around in the traditional sense; actually, there aren't any dangerous obstacles here either, or any way to "die" at all. About the worst that can happen to you is that you unintentionally pass through a non-solid floor or wall into a different room and lose your progress in the one you were working on; this can be frustrating, as there's no way to tell what's where when you first enter a new area (at least until you get the Sonar, one of a few upgrades you'll need to progress past certain points), but it usually doesn't take too terribly long to get back where you were, especially if you've already solved some of the surrounding rooms and can pass through them quickly.

So there you have the game's most distinguishing features; now, how do they all fit together? For the most part, pretty well: control-wise all you need are the WASD/arrow keys to move and jump around, plus the mouse cursor to guide the crucial "teleport" ability, unlocked early on. There are a handful of technical "tricks" to discover as you get more comfortable, which are essential to giving yourself that little extra boost you need to sneak over a wall or graze past a remote light-up block; the game doesn't present too many overt hints to this end, but I'd wager that players familiar with platformers in general should be able to figure them out without too much trouble. On the whole, that's pretty much all there is to know about 1000 Amps, which is fine: you explore, you experiment, you light stuff up and fill in the map a bit at a time.

Puzzle-platformer fans should enjoy themselves on the whole, but there are a handful of caveats. First and foremost, the creator's total devotion to the black-and-white art style can sometimes hamstring it: in certain situations you have to look closely to spot a less-than-obvious doorway or other element, and you'll be squinting particularly frequently at the (also grayscale) in-game map as you attempt to visually determine whether or not you missed a particular tiny passageway from way back when...and there's no way to mark or annotate it either. I can understand and appreciate sticking to one's guns artistically, but in this case I'd call it more of a hindrance than it's worth - I managed to get the completion percentage to 99% before finally giving up on figuring out which slightly-darker-than-the-rest speck on the map I'd overlooked.

Also be aware that there's no genuine transporter hub or other means of "fast travel" here: granted, the map isn't super-huge and can be traversed fairly quickly once you're breezing through solved rooms, but there are more than a few lengthy routes which can only be completed in one direction, so if you need to retrace your steps you've got no choice but to slog your way to the starting point (which can, again, be tougher to determine than it needs to be thanks to the map's deficiencies) and begin from square one. This is compounded by a couple of rooms that are particularly easy to fall out of by accident until you've turned all the lights on, and a few others which require some fairly precise tapping and clicking to clear; most of the time things feel fair and forgiving without being condescending, but there is some grumbling to be had here and there.

Hopefully at this point you've got a decent idea of what 1000 Amps has to offer, and what it doesn't: it's only a couple of bucks to acquire, should only take you a few hours total to finish your first time through (though I'd imagine it's ripe for speed-running once you know where you're going), and for the most part delivers on its simple, pleasant concept of a visually-sound, non-violent exploratory puzzle-platformer. If that summary appeals to you, by all means save this one a place in your Library.
Publicado: 2 agosto 2014
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I picked this game up on a whim a while back, played about an hour and didn't touch it for a long time. My first impression was that it was mediocre, kind of confusing on how you're supposed to play it and not very fun. I recently came back to it and decided to play it through to the end, and having done so, my opinion of the game has changed considerably.

The one big flaw with 1000 Amps is that the basic mechanics and general structure of how the game works and is supposed to be played can be hard to understand at first. I especially found the mechanics of how the Teleport ability exactly works difficult to grasp and had to look it up. I'm pretty sure the game explains it, but obviously not clearly enough for some.

However, once you grasp the basics, the game starts to get pretty fun. When you understand Teleport, it gets a lot more interesting. And when you get the Sonar upgrade, the game really takes off. It's very Metroid-vania in that you're given an open world with areas you'll have to return to once you get a new ability. The game is actually very cleverly designed and is quite a lot of fun once you get into it.

Publicado: 26 julio 2014
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Amazing plateformer with loads of original features. Might look minimalist, yet it is really entertaining.
Publicado: 23 febrero 2014
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It's a nice, little, clever game.

Not too long, as it took me 9 hours to beat, though I spent some of it trying to get a 100% complete map.
My only complaint would be about the map. I wish it was more detailed, so to make it easier to understand where a missing room is located.

The art style is really charming and the background music fits really well with the light-based puzzle-solving gameplay.
Publicado: 4 enero 2014
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