LE FUTUR DE L'HUMANITE COMMENCE OU LE MONDE SE TERMINE... Après la destruction de la Terre en 2150, les survivants s'installent sur Mars. Mais ce nouvel habitat cache une présence dangereuse et depuis longtemps oubliée, originaire d'un monde lointain.
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Date de parution : 1 avr 2006

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1 octobre 2015

Mac OSX Version available!

we just released a Wine port for Mac OSX.

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“It may not replace "Star Craft" in terms of stature - but it’s damn close. The multiplayer matches are suitably intense, and the single-player campaign delivers everything in terms of both expectation and intention.”
90 – Gamer's Hell

“An extremely lengthy, deep, and beautiful strategy experience. From the very start, you'll find yourself drawn in and playing for quite a long time.”
85 – Worth Playing

“The super high learning cure will absolutely knock quite a few gamers out of their seats.”
87 – BonusStage

À propos de ce jeu


Après la destruction de la Terre en 2150, les survivants s'installent sur Mars. Mais ce nouvel habitat cache une présence dangereuse et depuis longtemps oubliée, originaire d'un monde lointain. Il vous faudra faire preuve de stratégie et de volonté pour mener votre peuple tout au long de cette odyssée qui comblera les attentes des joueurs les plus aguerris. Des mondes inconnus et surprenants à découvrir, des combats avec des ennemis tenaces à mener et même la trahison du gouvernement de votre faction. Etes-vous prêt à affronter tout ceci?

Acceptez le challenge... laissez ces jeux de stratégie vous propulser en l'an 2160... et VOUS déciderez de l'avenir de l'univers tout entier!


  • Graphismes en 3D dernière génération : Grâce au moteur Earth engine™ profitez du jeu le plus abouti visuellement de sa génération, de cinématiques en temps réel et une fonction PIP révolutionnaire!
  • Unique : 4 factions au gameplay complètement différent, chacune avec ses propres unités, armes et technologies!
  • RTS complet : construction de base, récolte de ressources, construction modulaire des véhicules et appareils, tactiques et combats à grande échelle!
  • Scénario immersif : 28 missions réparties sur 4 campagnes pour les joueurs de tous niveaux
  • Des parties excitantes : 16 cartes préconfigurées pour un mode Escarmouche et un mode Multijoueur jusqu'à 8 joueurs, en réseau ou sur Internet grâce au serveur EARTHNET™!
  • Grâce à un éditeur de niveaux (en anglais) : créer vos propres cartes et même vos cinématiques!

Configuration requise

    Configuration minimale :
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Intel/AMD CPU avec 1.5 GHz
    • 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique 3D avec 128 Mo de RAM
    • Carte son compatible avec DirectX
    • 2 Go d'espace disponible sur le disque dur
    • Connexion Internet
    • Clavier et souris
    Recommandée :
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Intel/AMD Core Duo CPU avec 2.0 GHz
    • 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique avec Shader 2.0 et 256 Mo de RAM
    • Carte son compatible avec DirectX
    • 2.5 Go d'espace disponible sur le disque dur
    • Connexion Internet
    • Clavier et souris
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Posté le : 12 novembre 2015
Earth 2160 est un jeu vraiment bien, de beaux graphismes, des unités custom à la warzone 2100, une super campagne, et un éditeur de choc, mais malgré cela, on y retrouve aussi, une securité trop exagérée, on nous demande une clé-cd, il faut encore la faire valider et tout et l'ia n'est pas si performante que ça, soit elle ne fait que des bâtiments défensifs, soit elle bourrine à crever, et ce n'est pas super jouable voir elle ne franchis pas une butte haute de 20cm...
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Posté le : 18 août 2015
Earth 2160 is the third game in Earth 21XX series, a polish RTS that tried to put small innovative features. It came out in 2005 and then got Steam release in 2006, quiet early stuff. Didn't get any expansion packs, unlike Earth 2140 and 2150.

So, let's get to technical part. Around half of negative reviews that you see over this game comes from people beliving that game requires full registration, with your name, adress and such, for it to work fully. Actually, what is required is "Activation", which is inputting CD-key and then authorizing it on Internet, while "Registration" is optional and can be skipped. It's like in old PC games where they would ask if you want to "Register Now" after insalling the game.
On bad side, some people on forum seemed to have trouble with CD-key itself. I don't know, I had no problem there, but maybe it's related to reinstallation on different computer.

Surprisingly, widescreen is supported and works as intended, so to say. Even interface looks fine. But widescreen will often show parts of game's cutscenes that weren't supposed to be seen. You will often see that space background is just textured wall that was placed over the ground of current's level, not helping immerison.

As for multiplayer, it's either local or Internet. And Internet option is possible only through EarthNet, which, from what I heard, was shut down a while ago. To be honest, I didn't bother to check past account registration for that. And I doubt that many people were playing it nowdays. But could be wrong. I, myself, count that multiplayer is dead there.

Story is that all 3 factions escaped Earth as it was about to be burned by sun. Lunar Corporation, an advanced faction of womans who lived on moon previously, came to Mars first. Eurasian Dynasty, soviet-like faction from Earth, arrived later and now tries to take it's place in solar system. In meanwhile there were no news about starship of United Civilized States, factions that uses robots heavily, even as leaders. And then some self-cloning aliens started to pop up.

At the core, Earth 2160 is same old classic spammy RTS, which was getting old as W40k: Dawn of War came out year before. Classic because it still makes you build bases, command directly any amount of units you want and has limited recources, making you move around. Spammy because you want to have more many buildings to produce many units to send into battles. You would even want to have no less than three research centers, otherwise you will not be able to research everything needed even in a hour. It did introduce population cap, but it means that you have to build lots of storages.

It takes some features from Earth 2140, some from Earth 2150 and doesn't forget to bring it's own. From Earth 2140 it got Infantry. Doesn't play with idea of any kind of friendly general AI this time around though. In all honesty, I didn't find Infantry useful outside of early Skirmish games. They die very quickly and don't seem to be cheap enough by comparison to spamming light mechanized units. They can capture the buildings or something, but base defences in this part are too strong to allow that.

From 2150 it keeps customization of non-infantry units. It kinda improves, as you get to choose a bit more. Though, some chassis allow only some kind of weapons, but seeing how you get to choose from 4 types most often anyway, it's still awesome. And yes, it's built with counter mechanics in mind. You want to put armor against what your opponent uses and put weapons that will counter his units. 2160 is quite focused on countering: if you try to use laser weapon on unit with reflective armor it may take half of a minute to destroy it, while with counter it would have took just few short seconds. Goes same for base defences, you either use artilery or die.
No, they didn't keep those clunky tunnel mechanics and basic terraforming it had. It's already overwhelming with all features that 2160 got.

And 2160 adds Aliens race and makes the 3 factions from 2150 even more unique to each other. They also gave us aircraft that you have to manually call to attack something from airbase. Sadly, they are bad. They have to see object the whole time that they get there. As soon as, say, your soldiers get destroyed around turrets and fog of war covers it, they will immeditly turn back around and will refuse to bomb anything until they return.
And they added Virtual Agents. In campaign they are heroes who have inventory. Outside Campaign they are powerful units, who give passive benefits to your base, while being strong enough to possibly turn the tide of battle early in the match. The interesting part is the way you hire them when they randomly pop-up: it works like auction between all players! The highest bidder get them. Is it worth chasing after the increasing price? Or maybe you want to increase price for other players? Or maybe you are just trying to stale time while you are winning the battle? Fun addition. They also bring in a bit of personality, each with it's own car and even recognising and chatting with each other.

Races are mostly different in the way that they set up a base. As well as many smaller changes in units. Or the way that they use only two recources out of three available. It's a good fun to learn them all.
ED connects buildings around colony base with pipes. They can also build walls with wall turrets they can slide around freely. LC build tall towers, placing additional buildings on top of a main base. UCS feel mroe traditional by comparison, but they put 6 of basic buildings into field and then build additonal upgrade-buildings on sides of them. Aliens just clone and upgrade, sucking nearby needed recource.
Hm, I remember reading interview where developer warned that LC towers shouldn't be built too close together as they may fall onto each other if root building is destroyed. Sadly, no physics feature made it into final game. The only physic thing that remains are rocks that you can shoot at in campaign.

It has a campaign which is nice on theory, all four races being connected by ongoing storyline, while game slowly introduces you to game mechanic. But it's flawed kind of RTS campaign, where each mission drags on slowly, with times when you don't have anything much to multitask or to even do. And sometimes it's also difficult in such way that you will have to replay it. Like, in the last mission of ED the heavy weapons of tanks get disabled and you have to find traitor, who spawns in only when that happens. And you don't know where traitor. So you better restart mission and pre-place units in location where traitor will spawn, otherwise waves of Alien forces will overwhelm you. And well, I gave up on campaign at that point, kinda was too bored in some spots.

Skirmish is quite intense and fun by comparison. Don't expect AI to ever let you space to breath after five minutes or so. Now, he is weak if you expand early and take all recources for yourself, but if you let him have some bases for itself, he will not be so weak. He may even wreck you good. If at one moment you will be destroying his army with laser weapon, then in next moments you will be facing laser-resistant army that will be destroy yours in seconds instead.

It's a shame that audio-visual enjoyment is a bit more lacking when compared to 2150. That game had different soundtrack for each faction, shame that 2160 uses only one for everybody. While graphics were spectacular when it came out, with bump-shading even on infantry and cool special effects, I felt that more atmospherical effects were lacking. Like explosions on ground. Or lighting during night. In 2150 it was looking great to see bases slowly activating red and white colored lights. Kinda weak here.

So, it's RTS which is usual at core but tries to be unique with it's own features, not unlike other Earth 21XX games. It's a bit clumpsy, a bit too spammy. Still joy to try all factions.
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Posté le : 5 décembre 2015
They make you register when you first start the game. Don't write the return code down, you won't ever play the game again.

I know why you're here. You got a 90% discount on this like I did, didn't you?
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Posté le : 3 octobre 2015
Great Game, Fun Gameplay, Reminds me of Halo Wars :)
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Posté le : 30 novembre 2015
10 years after initial release and the game is still amazing. 4 different factions to play, one with extremely different technology then the others. The three primary factions have serious differences beyond what you see in similiar RTS games from the last ten years. Played this game not only on Steam but also via CD and DVD versions. Only flaw in the game was too small an advertising budget. After many hours of playing I discovered the first person view for your units, pretty cool in an RTS. Even more features remain to be discovered in this gem.
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