Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination. The game features many different game modes including Territory, where players fight to control key locations in the map; Holy Grail, where players seek to hold the holy trinket and use its powers against the other...
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Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II をプレイ



"(Mod) Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination."

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Captain Dismemberment Speed Painting

Watch developer Juicyfruit show off his painting skills in this time-lapse video of him working on the Captain's dismemberment model.


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Show us your #PVKshots!

Hey everyone!

We're holding a screenshot "contest." Post your favorite in-game screenshots for a chance to be featured on the http://www.pvkii.com website!

There are several ways to participate. You can post your screenshots to our Steam Community Page; this forum thread; or post them on our Facebook page or Twitter page using #PVKshot.

Any screenshots we deem acceptable for use will be featured on pvkii.com. Screenshots should capture the essence of PVKII, should be high resolution (1920x1080 with high graphics settings), and cannot feature offensive content.

So go out, play the game, and start creating some awesome in-game shots!

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"The rampant silliness and absurd title hide a remarkably robust and satisfying melee game." - PC Gamer

"I did have sexual relations with that game." - President Clinton


Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination. The game features many different game modes including Territory, where players fight to control key locations in the map; Holy Grail, where players seek to hold the holy trinket and use its powers against the other teams; Booty, where players fight to capture and hold chests of treasure; and more.
Play as the Pirate Captain with a peg leg and attack parrot, the Heavy Knight with a full set of armor and a powerful great sword, or the Viking Berserker whose lust for battle sometimes turns him into an unstoppable killing machine. Other classes included in the game are the Skirmisher, Huscarl, Gestir and Archer with future classes including the Sniper, Assassin, Swashbuckler, Bondi, Man-at-Arms, Cleric, Seio-Kona and 'Ealer.
Whether using the Keg of Gunpowder to clear out a territory full of enemies or the Javelin to pin your dead foes to a wall, you'll find this game to be both hilarious and exhilarating.
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This game has NO DLC, NO season pass, NO locked items or characters, NO experience or level, NO additional weapon skins, NO treasure key & chest, NO in-game store, NO promo items or exclusive class, NO daily quest, NO early access, NO premium account, NO item inventory, NO retail version.

You just need to kill your enemies, simple is the best. 10/10
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投稿日: 2014年10月29日
This is what I played before WOTR and Chivalry, I don't even want to look at how many hours I have logged on it; well over 1000. It actually has better melee still than both, better voice taunts, better designed maps. I would actually go back to it in a heartbeat; if only it had players. The problem is that the game has a high skillcap, which is 100% necessary for a melee game, but this means new players often get killed very quickly and easily by veterans and quit the game.
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One day, a wise man introduce me into this game. "it shall protect your virginity, my lad" he said.
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Killed a Viking with a parrot.

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投稿日: 2014年10月31日
Pirates, Vikings & Knights is a great multiplayer mod for Half Life 2.

Gameplay is simple; Choose your faction: Pirates, Vikings and .... well you probably couldn't guess but you can also pick Knights, then you pick one of the 4 classes and start killing each other. So you got 12 different classes, each with his own skills, strengths and weaknessess. The main game mode is trying to grab treasure chests and try to keep them in your base untill the time expires, obviously the other factions will try to steal them from you. Ofcourse you also got (T)DM if that's more to your liking.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II takes a funny approach to Multiplayer Deathmatches and it will probably enjoy you for many hours. Besides it's free if you own Half Life 2, so why not give it a try ?
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投稿日: 2014年11月20日
The best HL2 mod in my opinion.
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tl;dr - 9.5/10 game.


Media (Audio/Graphics/Programming):
The game is visually pleasing. There may be a few small clips or graphical problems, but the game runs very smooth, since it does not have fancy shaders or modeling. Audio is fine. Background music is satisfactory, and the sound effects are very good.

Idea (Mechanics/Balancing/Marketing):
PVKII is a VERY good idea. As the title states, it is a three team battle. Pirates VS Vikings VS Knights. All the teams have three classes, which normally are: Ranger, Melee, and a medium-ranged fighter. The game is well-balanced, with many counter attacks you can make against other players. The community is amazing! The developers are awesome!

PVKII is a FREE game. It's not filled to the brim with microtransactions like other "free" games. In fact, there is nothing to buy. (except HL2 to play the mod ) The game is very fun. Instead of your normal two team fighting game, this game is perfect for groups with multiples of three. If you have lopsided teams in other games, try PVKII with friends! All the classes are unique, along with the teams.

Amazing, truly FREE game. Very fun three team fighting game! Developers are cool, and the game is amazing! The game itself runs very smooth, with a sacrifice of polycount. (but in an intense fight, you wouldn't care, and it's not THAT noticable as other games)

Buy it when it goes on sa-... wait... it's free! If you do not have the original game (HL2), BUY IT NOW. Play HL2 through, and then play PVKII.
The only drawback is the small community. Otherwise, this game is perfect. You probably want to play with friends though, so you can find people to play with.
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投稿日: 2014年11月15日
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投稿日: 2014年12月25日
You can kill enemys with a parrot. 10/10
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投稿日: 2014年11月15日
Everyone loves a three-way.
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投稿日: 2014年11月4日
Must have 10/10 Best Game with great balance favoring Viking
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投稿日: 2014年11月27日
Honestly a great game to play (regardless of it mostly being a fight between the pirates and the vikings), although it has one major issue. NO ONE plays on it anymore, logged on a few months ago to maybe two servers running with about 6 players. Sad that it's dead.
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投稿日: 2014年12月19日
Are you tired of dying to tryhards who's only excuse is to exploit every long range/ high damage weapon possible in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
Are you tired to make one mistake and get your head chopped off due to a feint in the said game?

Are you unsure if you'll manage to handle the largeness of Mount and Blade large-scale battles?
(Actually have no experience in that area, but what the hell. )

Anyway. This game, this booty-hoarding game, is a must for a sword clash loving player.

3 time-line dominator individuals thrown together and battling with unique weapons and classes.

Pirates are unfair and have guns and explosives, but they're frail, and are strongest when attacking together from alot of angles and causing mischief overall.

Vikings are, pretty much, vikings, they'll be the ones who'll attack the front and mostly kill, but their main weapons are slow and they're easy to dispatch one at a time if they get separated.

Knights are the most defensive based ones, having a fair share of close range weapons and long range archery, they gotta play together to survive, though, with the knights as the frontline and archers taking pot shots at the attackers.

All classes have their unique sides in their play, as stated. All also have a special meter that fills up when causing enough damage, which can turn the tides of battles. (Like shooting a cannonball through a blunderbuss into a room filled with enemies and pretty much destroying the party!)

Not the best review. 38 in-game hours don't say too much, but I learned some in my time cutting down enemies.

This game is a must if one wanna have sword game. And downloading it free pretty much says it all in that matter.
Oh, money, by the way. This game is full of instant aquirement. As soon you join a server you get all the classes and weapons to play with, ta-ta.

Only downsides right now is that some classes have a bit of unbalance.
And the game got a low amount of players, it'll be rare if you find a fully packed server, sadly.

Oh and the Pirate Captain class have a parrot for weapon.
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投稿日: 2014年12月23日
Three teams, tripple fun. You will enjoy alot while playing with friends (LAN or just random public server). We have pirates that are focused on ranged weaponry, Every pirate class have at least a ranged weapon. Then Vikings wich are focused on melee combat and crowd control. Yes, they do have ranged weapons but you will notice that all of them have at least one large melee weapon (husclar's axe/ gestir's spear etc). And lastly we have knights, who are a mix of both. Knight (AKA: Ironman) doesn't have a ranged weapon and archer is ranged specialist (no strong melee weapon). While Man-at-Arms is a mix of ranged combat and melee combat.

The game is being constantly updated with new maps, gamemodes and classes.Allthough the game is being updated like rain in the middle of sahara. Go get it, It's FREE!
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投稿日: 2014年11月6日
Most fun game ive ever played, glad to know there still updating it, have had some of the best and funniest moments, of which ive uploaded. As much as I rage, i still love the game.
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投稿日: 2014年9月23日
Good stuff, wish it was less like TF2 but I love AOC so I'm biased.
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投稿日: 1月23日
you know its good if a viking rated this
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投稿日: 2014年11月10日
This is awesome. it is so simple, pick a class and shoot the enemy. There is no purchasing AT ALL and you dont have to worry about confusing objectives. Best of all, its free. 9999999999999999999/10
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投稿日: 2014年9月19日
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投稿日: 2014年11月15日
Very fun if you like team v. team battles of absurdness
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