Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination. Whether using the Gunpowder Keg to clear out a territory full of enemies, or the Javelin to pin your dead foes to a wall, you'll find this game both hilarious and exhilarating.
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Releasedatum: 12 feb 2010

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"(Free) Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination."
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29 november

Play With Devs & Testers Today 1:30 EST / 6:30 GMT

Join Devs & Testers Today 1:30 EST / 6:30 GMT

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, and a big thank you to all of those who have played PVKII!

Play with us on:
Official Server 1 Vanilla Rotation Hosted By Mr. Agent
SBP Servers (Slammin' Butt Pirates!)
AMCoders Server
The House of Dr. O

Kill us with your PVKII skills, celebrate our latest update, or help us as we track down and squash bugs!

You're welcome to join us on Teamspeak at:

We'd ask that you please to adhere all server rules for the game and in teamspeak, and follow any rules enforced by server admins, developers, or testers throughout the event. Sounds easy, and we'll have fun!

See you there,
Octoshark Studios

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19 november

PVKII SFM Trailer - No Time To Waste

PVKII SFM Trailer - No Time To Waste

Best Commercial For Another Game (Special Mention)

Ferhod, the winner of the Best Overall 2014 Saxxy Award, is back and has brought all of us one hell of a surprise!

View our new SFM (Source Film Maker) trailer titled: 'No Time to Waste' created by Ferhod, below:


I you haven't already, subscribe to Ferhod's Youtube channel! You may know Ferhod from his previous works like Animation vs Animator, and Heavy Goes to the Store! Watch his 2014 Best Overall Award Winning Short below:


On behalf of Octoshark Studios, and PVKII Dev and Tester teams, we are forever grateful for Ferhod's contribution and hard work.

Be sure to share the video with your friends, and let us know what you think in the forum thread

Join us in congratulating Ferhod! The SFM team have announced the 2015 Saxxy Nominees and gave special mention of his trailer!

As usual, there are some specific entries that weren't nominated, but we felt were worthy of special mention, and here they are:

Audience Choice Award
Mechanical Mishap

Best 2D/3D Mashup
A Spark Of Life

Best Commercial For Another Game
No Time To Waste

Congratulations to all of the special mentions, nominees, winners, and the best overall winner!

Octoshark Studios & PVKII Team

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"De heersende flauwheid en absurde titel verbergen een verbluffend robuust en bevredigend meleespel." - PC Gamer

Over dit spel

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II zet drie teams tegen elkaar op in een strijd om rijkdom, macht en totale heerschappij. Het spel heeft veel verschillende spelmodi waaronder Territory, waarin spelers strijden om belangrijke locaties in de map te beheersen, Holy Grail, waarin spelers het heilige sieraad trachten te beheersen om zijn krachten te gebruiken tegen hun tegenstanders, Booty, waarin spelers strijden om schatkisten te veroveren en te beschermen, en nog veel meer.
Speel als Pirate Captain met een houten been en een vechtpapegaai, Heavy Knight met een volledige wapenrusting en een krachtig groot zwaard, of als Viking Berserker wiens begeerte naar de strijd hem soms verandert in een onstuitbare moordmachine. Andere klassen in het spel zijn Skirmisher, Huscarl, Gestir en Archer. In de toekomst zullen de volgende klassen toegevoegd worden: Sniper, Assassin, Swashbuckler, Bondi, Man-at-Arms, Cleric, Seio-Kona en 'Ealer.
Of je nou Keg of Gunpowder gebruikt om een gebied vol vijanden op te ruimen of Javelin gebruikt om je dode vijanden vast te spelden aan een muur, je zult dit spel zowel hilarisch als spannend vinden.
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Geplaatst: 7 oktober
i killed five pirates with their guns pointed at me, with one longbow special. burn, ♥♥♥♥♥es, burn... revenge feels so good...
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Geplaatst: 5 juni

Really good voice acting for a free mod.

Lots of unquie classes, each team has a unquie class instead of being re-colours like in TF2.

A lot of gamemodes.

Lovely maps and are well designed.

Achievements can sometimes give you Parrot colours and titles! Like for an example "Joe The Brave" or "Fred The Coward."

The Sniper classes are easily some of the most balanced in gaming, their attacks are effected by gravity and are very vulnerable to attacks.

Lots of maps and custom gamemodes from the community!

Easily the best free mod on steam.


Source Engine, hitboxes are awful as usual, however PVK2 has the best Hit detection of all Source Engine multiplayer games. Still it's unfair when the Skirmisher's pistol can't hit sh*t when shooting someone 1 foot infront of you while an axe slashes your head off 200 miles away.

Due to how hard it is to learn this game and how unknown this game is, the playerbase is rather small, unless a Major update comes out.

Teams can be horribly unbalanced depending which map you play on, in an area where there are lots of Pitfalls, Vikings will dominate, while more tighter areas make Knights very deadly, the only map where this doesn't happen often is Bt_Island which is one of the most played maps in the game.

Updates are slow because the Dev team is small and works on a game FOR FREE! You can donate at their offical website if you want to give a bit of money!

Also even though they take a long time to update, the actual updates are much higher quality then most games I play, they often add lots of new maps, balance changes, tons of bug fixes and more! Plus it's rare a new game changing bug is introduced, the only bad glitch I can think of is when on Island you can get into the Viking spawn, but even then that isn't as bad as other glitches since you or they cannot attack you. However what annoys me is when you compare this small awesome company/Dev Team to a larger company like Valve, look at TF2, makes millions a day, most updates are either g*mped of content like EOTL or massive cashcows like the Robotic Boogaloo update and even the best update of 2015 Gun Mettle which makes all the other cashcow updates look like nothing, plus TF2 is still full with glitches, so much infact that it makes Ride To Hell look polished sometimes.
Sorry for the rant, but like I said I hate it when I compare a small company which makes next to no money and makes a much more polished game, then a large company which makes millions and don't want to fix all the major issues with the game 90% of the time.

Well anyhow PVK2 is a very hard game to learn, however once you learn it, it's one of the best FPS on steam and I highly recommend this game to anyone.
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Geplaatst: 8 juli
Like a plant needs people, this game needs water
Wait I messed that up. Like a game needs water-
Wait thats not right, let me try this. Like a baby needs candy, this game needs a plant-
No wait, I'm mixed up. Like this game needs people, a baby needs plants
NO. like a plant needs a-
baby candy-
water game and a people-
people needs a baby plant-

11/10 would try to make an analogy again

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Geplaatst: 11 september
I will never abandon this game. Yes, pvk makes me believe in marriage.
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Geplaatst: 9 juli
Ive played too much of this game, and have to say its probably the best mod of Hl2 today, but it probably isnt a mod anymore.

It has a great balance system, the community is fun and silly (some people are racist though, but to be expected)
the sdk engine is great as always, the modes are perfect and the community generated maps are so fitted for this mod.

It doesnt matter how great of a PC you have, this mod will guarantee good fun for everyone at all ages.


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