Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination. Whether using the Gunpowder Keg to clear out a territory full of enemies, or the Javelin to pin your dead foes to a wall, you'll find this game both hilarious and exhilarating.
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Data de lançamento: 12 Fev, 2010

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Jogar Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II


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"(free) Pirates, Vikings and Knights II pits three teams against each other in a struggle for wealth, power and total domination."
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6 Setembro

PVKII Security Update

We have pushed a security update due to a recent SDK2013 engine exploit.

As a safety measure, the sprays have been disabled and custom file downloads are turned off by default.

These features will be enabled again when Valve releases a fix to the engine, we apologize for any inconvenience.

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4 Setembro

[IMPORTANT] SDK2013 engine file upload and execution exploit

Hello everyone,

It has come to our attention that a new exploit for Source SDK Base 2013 (the engine PVKII is running on) has been discovered. (more info)

We heard that the exploit seems to use a glitch with sprays/custom sounds. The vulnerability allows the attacker to run malicious files on your computer.

Use this workaround to make sure you are safe from the exploit:

  • Open console
  • cl_allowdownload 0
  • cl_allowupload 0
  • cl_customsounds 0
  • Disable sprays (cl_playerspraydisable 1)
  • Disable downloading of custom files (cl_downloadfilter none)

We will keep this post updated with new information as we receive it.

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"The rampant silliness and absurd title hide a remarkable robust and satisfying melee game..."

"The graphics still look amazing. The maps are the best I have seen on the Source engine..."

"One of the greatest Half-Life 2 mods to date."
- Mod DB

"I did have sexual relations with that game."
- Bill Clinton

Acerca deste jogo

'Pirates, Vikings and Knights II' (Piratas, Vikings e Cavaleiros II) coloca três equipas numa luta por riqueza, poder e domínio total. O jogo inclui vários modos de jogo, incluindo 'Territory' (Território), onde os jogadores lutam para controlar localizações importantes do mapa; 'Holy Grail' (Santo Graal), onde os jogadores tentam obter controlo do cálice sagrado e utilizar os seus poderes contra as equipas adversárias; 'Booty' (Tesouro), onde os jogadores lutam de forma a capturar e defender arcas de tesouro, entre outros.
Joga como Pirate Captain, com uma perna de pau e um papagaio de ataque, ou como Heavy Knight com um conjunto completo de armadura e uma poderosa espada larga, ou ainda como Viking Berserker, cuja sede de batalha por vezes o torna numa máquina de morte imparável. As outras classes disponíveis são o Skirmisher, Huscarl, Gestir e Archer; futuras classes incluem o Sniper, Assassin, Swashbuckler, Bondi, Man-at-Arms, Cleric, Seio-Kona e 'Ealer.
Quer seja utilizando um barril de pólvora para limpar um território repleto de inimigos ou uma lança para pregar os teus inimigos mortos à parede, verás que este jogo tem tanto de hilariante como de entusiasmante.
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Publicada: 7 Julho
This game is good but it was best if they take off the pirates and put castel rush mode
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Publicada: 12 Maio
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Publicada: 5 Junho

Really good voice acting for a free mod.

Lots of unquie classes, each team has a unquie class instead of being re-colours like in TF2.

A lot of gamemodes.

Lovely maps and are well designed.

Achievements can sometimes give you Parrot colours and titles! Like for an example "Joe The Brave" or "Fred The Coward."

The Sniper classes are easily some of the most balanced in gaming, their attacks are effected by gravity and are very vulnerable to attacks.

Lots of maps and custom gamemodes from the community!

Easily the best free mod on steam.


Source Engine, hitboxes are awful as usual, however PVK2 has the best Hit detection of all Source Engine multiplayer games. Still it's unfair when the Skirmisher's pistol can't hit sh*t when shooting someone 1 foot infront of you while an axe slashes your head off 200 miles away.

Due to how hard it is to learn this game and how unknown this game is, the playerbase is rather small, unless a Major update comes out.

Teams can be horribly unbalanced depending which map you play on, in an area where there are lots of Pitfalls, Vikings will dominate, while more tighter areas make Knights very deadly, the only map where this doesn't happen often is Bt_Island which is one of the most played maps in the game.

Updates are slow because the Dev team is small and works on a game FOR FREE! Look at TF2, makes millions a day, the newest update either butches any weapons that are added, turns updates into cashcows like the EOTL update or don't do anything... and people wonder why I hate the TF2 devs sometimes.

Overall it's a very hard game to get into, but it's fun.
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Publicada: 10 Abril
this game helped me over come severe depression, when the intro music hit i felt no pain at all
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Publicada: 21 Abril
It shivered me timbers
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