Join The Mobile Trench Brigade and protect humanity from the evil Monovision menace!
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Osta Iron Brigade

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Osta Iron Brigade Four Pack

Includes four copies of Iron Brigade - Send the extra copies to your friends

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Osta Double Fine Bundle 2015

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2. lokakuu, 2015

Multiplayer is now fixed!

OK! The disconnecting issues are a thing of the past. It took us a long time, sorry about that, we had a really tough time finding out what was going wrong! Thank you so much for bearing with us! The latest patch is live now.

Below are the patch notes of everything we fixed since the removal of GFWL.
We're going to celebrate with a live stream and play with the Devs session on Friday, stay tuned for more info on that!

* Fix for '?' character in Japanese
* Push-to-talk enabled by default
* Textbox resized/improved readability
* Localization fixes
* Fix for invalid text being entered into chat or pilot names
* Leaderboards store the BEST score, not the LAST score
* Saving when exiting the trench loadout
* 'Press Start' screen can be skipped with any key/click
* UI Textures not JPEG-compressed anymore.
* Fixing crash issue when player left lobby
* Fixed invalid sound categories
* Improved matchmaking search times
* Fixed the sound issue in Martian maps
* Enabled some Xbox 360 items on the PC
* Adjusted prices/availability of certain items in the shop
* Fix for the Game Authentication Error that has been plaguing matches with 3 or more individuals
* If you have modifications to Buddha.cfg, please put them in User.cfg (you'll have to create it, same directory). Buddha.cfg gets replaced with every patch, while User.cfg should remain untouched
* Steam Saves will now look in %appdata%\Doublefine\IronBrigade\{64BitSteamID} first, so multiple Steam users can have their individual settings/progress. What this means is that it should be safe to move your files into that directory. Please note that {64BitSteamID} is an actual number and not literally "{64BitSteamID}". You don't have to move your files to the new directory; new saves will automatically get put there. However, old files will NOT be deleted (and so, to keep things clean, you might want to consider moving them).

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Join The Mobile Trench Brigade and protect humanity from the evil Monovision menace in this Tower Defense Shooter from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions. Use a combination of mobile firepower and stationary defenses to turn the tide of war in our favor. Customize your trench with thousands of possible loadouts. March side-by-side with allies from around the world as you fight your way through Europe, Africa, and the Pacific.

After defeating the monovision threat across Europe, Africa, and The Pacific, continue your service in the mobile trenches with Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear. Face Vlad’s most horrific new Monovision Constructs in a brand new Martian Campaign. Unlock over 80 new pieces of loot to battle the Tubes in 4 defense missions, 2 survival missions, and an all new Boss mission!


    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, or 7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 at 2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 MB NVidia 8800+, ATI 3850+
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1800 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection.
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.2GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 at 2.2GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:1 GB NVIDIA 200+, ATI 4500+
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1800 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection.
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64.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 15. marraskuu, 2015.
This game is from 2011/2012, but it feels like brand new. I quickly snatched it on discount for under $4 during the 2015 mid year sale. Definitely worth more than that!

It's a wonderful coop experience. I'll never forget all the times the game crashed with authentication state error on each start-up when organising a game with sauce and trash. We'd all go crazy, revalidating Steam cache files, restarting Steam, restarting the PC. In some cases the game would crash sauce's PC. trash and I would be like, "sauce you still there?" as we watch his Mumble name disappear off the screen a few seconds later in dismay.

Sometimes we'd hit over wave 30 and for some reason sauce decided that it would be a good idea to unplug his Ethernet cable from the back of his PC. Who'd knew the game would be smart enough to detect that and show a message!? Meanwhile trash came up with this brilliant theory ... we must all press the ready button within 2 seconds of a mission launch in order to stop these connection problems. I guess ... sometimes it worked ...?

Essentially this game is a 3rd person mechwarrior (trench) tower defence genre. There is a levelling up system with item drops to enhance your trench as you progress through the campaign and survival modes. You can customise the chassis to standard, assault or engineer. The chassis differs mainly by how much emplacement (towers) slots you can take, the amount of weapons you can arm yourself with, the costs to build the emplacements and speed at which you move. All in all we figured out that for a team of 3 players, it's good to have 1 engineer and 2 assault.

There is some really classy Charlie Chaplin style humour with the characters. Dynamic lighting and weather. And a very generous amount of survival maps ... three in total. Thanks devs. Each map was fun whilst it lasted, but with all those tubes collected with the collection prongs, sad everything had to end at wave 100.

Had great fun figuring out the strategies cooperatively. There is some history to be dug up in the very tiny community. You'll find tips and tricks like knob traps, tactics and the best loadout for your trench. I would rate this game something like an 8.3 out of 10. All dem crashes was worth the pain.
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8/12 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
35.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 26. elokuu, 2015.
An amazing mix of FPS and tower defense. No more GFWL so it actually works. Pick it up and grab a team of four. I know you wont regret it!
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3/3 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 10. tammikuu.

If you like the Mechanized Titles Like:
Front Mission: Evoloution, Lost Planet, Natural Selection
Then chances are you may be drawn to this game!

Game has a moderate amount of content for a $15.00 2-Gig Game.
While there are some games out there that are just as interesting that are
cheaper, it's hard to find a good Mecha game on steam (I've Tried) it's even
harder to find one that you can play with your Mecha Finatic Friends.
The game ran decently well on a 4-Year Old Gaming Laptop.
You can use WASD+Mouse or Joystick if you like, Reccomend (Thrustmaster)
There is a lot of subtle but very amusing humor that helps push the story along.

$15.00 is kind of up there for a 4-Year old game, so if you can catch it on sale
like I did (90% OFF) and get it for you and a half dozen of your friends that's great!
Sometimes the Multiplayer Aspect does experience Lag or a Disconnection but I have
friends all around the world, so that is subjective to my situation possibly.
You can't fight each other in the Mecha, only help each other out in the Storyline,
similar to the same concept as in (Borderlands).
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4/5 (80%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
10.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 9. syyskuu, 2015.
A fun tower defence game. Customize your mech (known as trench) and go out into the field to defend the objective. Iron Brigade combines the 3rd person shooter combat with the classic tower defence gameplay of strategically placing turrets of various kinds to help you make a stand.

There is a large variety of enemies, which are introduced bit by bit throughout the campaign, ranging from fast fliers to slow yet durable Big Willies, to suicidal Blitzers, and hordes of spiky balls known as the Knobs. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore you are required to outfit your trench with optimum weaponry for each mission in order to be effective. Most of the enemy designs were pretty creative and had a sort of personality.

I've played throughout the whole game solo. The early missions are fairly easy, but latter ones do pose a substantial challenge and might require several tries to get your strategy up to perfection. It's fun if you like a challenge. The game also has a handful of boss fights, so to speak. They do feel kind of different and out of touch with the rest of the gameplay though, especially the final boss of the original campaign.

There were some small annoyances, like there being too little time in between the waves and cutscenes/dialogue not being skippable (not that I've found anyway), but other than this, it was fine.

I didn't realise there was also an expansion act to the game, called 'Rise of the Martian Bear'. After playing the first mission, I'm a bit disappointed with it. It seems co-op play is encouraged much more here than solo play (so I might have to try them out on co-op), not to mention a strange lag that wasn't present in any of the previous missions. You also get some survival missions where you fight an endless horde of enemies.

Overall it's a fun game. It has a nice sense of humour to it with a hint of silliness, but it certainly works and can often give you a good chuckle. So if you like tower defence games, you should find Iron Brigade worth playing.
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3/4 (75%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
25.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 9. tammikuu.
All in all a very nice game and I can really recommend it for everyone who likes a 3rd-person-shooter towerdefens game.

About the game:
You are a marine standing in a big ♥♥♥ walking killer machine fighting on different maps against all kinds of electrical aliens defending your base or bases. On some maps you also need to attack the aliens and kill a boss.

Between the missions you are on the ship modifying your trench (the thing you are walking around with), adding friends to your game/joining other games and choosing your next mission.

Modifying your trench:
There is a level system which grants you to use specific items. There are a lot of items like many different types of legs, chassis, weapons and towers. All of them are also available with different abilities. Of course you can also change the color and the look of your trench and your marine.

Adding friends/joining other games:
The multiplayer system works good. You can add your friends on steam and join random games. You might join games with people on a much higher level so with much more difficult missions. And from time to time (maybe once per hour) the game looses the connection to the lobby. The maximum number of players in a lobby is 4.
When you are in the lobby you can see the other players and their trenches on the ship and together you can discuss the next mission or whatever.

Choosing your mission:
There are different areas with different maps you can choose from. Furthermore there are some survival maps where you fight as long as you can. But all in all I would like to have more maps in the game.

Like there are many different enemys (fast and small, flying, heavy) there are also items effective against the different enemys. So you always need to check the equipment you and your teammates are using for the missions.

I bought the game when it was on christmas sale and I do not regret it at all. ;)
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