A minimalistic sci-fi platform racing game that challenges the players to think in both horizontal and vertical perspectives.
Data de lançamento: 31 Out 2011
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Acerca do Jogo

InMomentum é um jogo de corridas e plataformas "sci-fi" que desafia os jogadores a pensar tanto horizontalmente como verticalmente no decorrer das corridas contra outros jogadores, ou a contra-relógio num ambiente parecido a jogos de puzzle.

InMomentum dá aos jogadores a possibilidade de explorar um mundo visualmente único graças ao detalhe minucioso dos objectos e uma atenção especial na estimulação visual através do uso de cores e formas. O estilo do jogo constrói uma ligação forte entre os visuais e o jogador, fornecendo assim uma experiência única.


  • Modos de jogo: Corrida livre e Contra-relógio para um jogador
  • Corrida de Power-ups Multiplayer e Modo corrida – Corre contra os teus amigos!
  • 12 Níveis com várias formas de resolução
  • 4 Modos de dificuldade para cada mapa e modo de jogo
  • Descobre e usa modificadores de nível e power-ups para ganhar velocidade!
  • Proezas para poderes gabar-te com os teus amigos
  • Tabelas de pontuação online - Sê o primeiro na classificação mundial
  • Funciona com Unreal® Engine 3

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Single-Core Processor (2,5 GHz)
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
    • Video Card: ATI X1900 or nVidia 8800 GTX with 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: Direct X compatible
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A game all about going fast. Really smooth movement system and a variety of levels to get you going. I've had a lot of with this title. If you're the kinda of person who like to go for highscores pick this up.

- Good sense of speed
- Gives you that "one more run" feel
-Most levels have good flow
- Limited amount of levels. Good potential for user generated content. Shame there isn't much.
- Dead multiplayer. Still fun with friends though.
Publicada: 10 fevereiro 2014
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I've had dreams like this game. If Oculus-Supported in the future, then a definite must-have. If anything, just freerunning in the Freestyle level.

Want this game to be easier, or Freestyle to be more fun? Play some AAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaa!!!! (For the awesome) and learn how to fall (as in, learn how to aim your falls, especially at/beyond terminal velocity); and achieve the highest Ninja achievement in this game (the first level helps to learn), and it'll be a level you'll lose track of time in (didn't realize an hour passed while inside Freestyle until I wrote this review/recommendation, and saw the in-game clock).

Being a 300/kph ninja that doesn't hit the ground? It's possible, and fun as hell. I can't wait for Oculus-Support for this. This is a pretty underrated gem.

As a suggestion to the developers (if still active), we need the ability to make maps. Although the vanilla set is fun and all, I want to check out other maps others would make, or come up with my own crazy-♥♥♥ parkour maps.
Publicada: 29 janeiro 2014
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The controls are awkward, unusual, inadequate, badly implemented, and nearly impossible to use properly. Even if you rebind the keys, there is simply no way to execute multiple commands while using both the mouse and keyboard to move about the game world. Sometimes it is necessary to use power-ups, and having five fingers in each hand is simply not enough for inMomentum. I am certain that after excessive amounts of practice, it becomes possible, but I am not sure if the trouble is worth it. There are barely any sound effects of any kind. You will hear the occasional beeps and bloops every once in a while, but that is all besides the continuous uninspired music. The game does not give you any indication that you are actually running around and jumping. There is no feeling involved with the movement and game physics. It is as if you are gliding from place to place, then floating, gliding some more, all with odd physics that do not blend well with the game's setting or anything that makes any sense at all. Timing your glides and floats so that you land on the platforms requires mostly luck, as the controls are incredibly imprecise, and do not allow for the player to develop any real skills or techniques in order to accomplish each level rapidly and properly. inMomentum does not have any story or introduction as to why you are doing this gliding and floating around on platforms collecting orbs and doing time trials. There is no campaign of any kind to speak of, and the only aspect of the game that provides feelings of accomplishment are found in online leaderboards for the two limited game modes available. The game is so bare bones, in fact, that you will wonder if it was actually finished, and if the developer should actually be expecting money for it. inMomentum is a cheap, unfinished, unpolished, bore. Play it every once in a while for five to ten minutes at a time in order to maximize your fun with it.

inMomentum is mediocre.
Publicada: 20 março 2014
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Really fun game. Bought it when it first came out and even now I still find myself playing it from time to time. Great soundtrack and awesome graphics.
Publicada: 26 abril 2014
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Publicada: 21 junho 2014
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There's a neat concept here, but sadly no content to use it on. The game has a very limited stock level set, unfulfilled promises of a level editor, and absolutely barren multiplayer servers. At the end of the day, even with its intriguing visual style and gameplay concept, it's just not worth it.
Publicada: 8 dezembro 2013
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