Castle Clicker : Building Tycoon - kugala_bugala
The Easter Event for Castle Clicker is now here! Send out your Explorer Hares to try and build as many Easter baskets as possible before time runs out!
31 бер 2018
Blasted Road Terror - Tryzna

Hello everyone! Another sunday, another update and the game finally reached version 0.95! This update brings a lot of bug fixes, few additions and it push the game more towards finished product.

  • Vulture Valley location
  • Scavenger Facility
  • Blasted Road Leaderboard
  • Fixed most of the reported bugs
  • Added few new interface sounds
  • Reported grammar mistakes fixed
  • Enyclopedia updated

Work on this update was bit harsh couse of ending flu epidemy in europe and i unfortunately felt victim to it after resisting it for whole winter. That resulted in forced drop of few features that i wanted to have in 0.95 release, but i guess thats life and not everything go the way it was planned all the time. However i hope this update brings enought of new stuff to be worth of downloading.


I was afraid of adding this one to my games for years, as everytime i opened steam api documentation and looked on to leaderboard features i insantly got headache. Fortunately, i took another try on it why i was still in full condition and to my surprise, implementation took way less time than i expected.
Right now there is leaderboard for Blasted Road missions as its easy to measure who reached farthest and its the ultimate endgame mode that everyone should be grinding for best ingame items anyway.
Leaderboard can be viewed both on steam page and ingame. Ingame can be displayed if you mouseover scouts base and it ll pop up in a second or it is displayed each time you finish blasted road mission.

I know many of you wont be interested in this feature, but i belive it will awake competetive spirit a bit and will give all of the grindin and game progress some meaning.

Scavenger slot

Scavenger slot can be purchased in your base now! This slot can be used as additional storage slot for your vehicle, however car stationed there will depart each day for its solo mission. That means it will gain some experience and will bring few resources back to the base each day.
Meaning of this feature is to level replacement for your main squad in case you lost one of your vehicles, or bigger repairs are necessary and you dont want to replace it with fresh level 1 vehicle.
Sure, leveling while stationed in scavenger slot is a lot slower, but coupled with bit extra income from it, it makes "accidents" with your main group bit less catastrophic as you will have trained reserve waiting for assignment if managed properly.

Blasted Road Changes

Vulture Valley Oasis was added as one of the checkpoints. It can be visited by reaching terror 40 and making your way to next checpoint. Nomad trading caravan is stationed there and they will gladly throw permanent upgrades on to your weapons.
In addition spawn tokkens calculation for enemy spawner was altered so the encounters should be much shorter right now, even at higher terror levels resulting in faster runs.

Thats it friends! I know, this update is missing new loot and all that shiny stuff you are all after, but i promise, it ll come in next update!

Thanks for reading & with regards!

Heroes & Generals - Reto.McFly
We are extending our range of helmet paints in Heroes & Generals. You can now can get the very exclusive Easter Egg helmet paint jobs.

A select few of you have already had the opportunity to try out the new paint jobs on the Prototype Server.

Today they have been made available for everyone.

We will make the beautiful Easter helmet paints the default for all soldiers types – BUT since some of you went ahead and purchased helmet paints and covers for gold, these will of course still be available.

However, if you haven’t purchased any specific helmet paint or cover, you will per default enjoy the bright colors and beautiful patterns of the new Easter helmet paints introduced into the game today. 

Going forward we plan on having a whole range of mandatory seasonal helmets
  • The Christmas Antler helmet
  • The New Years Fireworks helmet
  • The Hallowar Jack O’Lantern helmet
  • The Tour de France bright yellow helmet
  • The Warlentine pink plush helmet

And as always you are more than welcome to contribute suggestions (or perhaps even mockups) for future seasonal helmet paints and covers 🙂

Note added 05APR2018: Just in case you did not notice the publication date of this blog post – it is an Aprils Fool!
31 бер 2018
Sentinels - Romanova
The FPS-only enemies have been implemented! Strike Forces, Enemy Medics, and Mauraders will now be encountered in all regular maps, not including tutorial. This is our first pass at these, so expect things to be a little rough, but please jump in and let us know what you think!

Strike Forces are flying enemies, and stun your turrets
Enemy Medics are also high flying, and heal enemies
Mauraders are ground based and will stun your turrets for 4 seconds with each shot.

Currently there are voice callouts for when they spawn, and their path will glow red. We're planning on making the path more obvious. Strike forces and medics will fire their missiles and then leave - Mauraders will continually stun your turrets until defeated.

We're really excited with these guys - it feels like there's a better balance of the highs and lows now that you don't have to compete with your turrets to take down enemies. Like we said earlier, this is still very first pass - much tweaking still needs to be done to get this really running smoothly. (Your feedback would *really* help us :)) Thanks for reading, see you soon for the next patch!

Other changes:

Increased Automated and activatable damage
Updated killstreak text
Fixes and improvements for autofire mod
Updates to paths in Speed Trap
Improvements to Doubleback
Modified killstreak to allow for better ability to exend killstreaks intentionally

Note: There is currently a bug in Sierras that does not let you continue the level. If this is your first time playing the game, please do not join the beta or play Sierras until fixed. Thank you!

(For instructions on how to join the beta, click here.)
Elevator Ritual - SATRIA_GAMES
Simple and complete walktrough for Elevator Ritual is here now!
This walktrough will help you to play and finish the game.
Check it out on Guides!
Link below :
No More Room in Hell - justaw0rm

SufF3R here, with a Spring update from the NMRiH2 teram.

As we're continuing to ramp up for the year, we'd excited to share with you an update from our dev team and the progress we've made in the past few months. Below we have a few updates, screenshots, animations, and a few tracks to share. Please keep in mind, that what we're sharing is again, a work-in-progress, so there's much more refining and smoothing-out that will happen.

Starting us off, we have MZK sharing his progress of the animated Sako 58.

Hey! I'm Parker, one of the animators for No More Room in Hell 2, and I have some animations I wanted to show off. I mainly wanted to show the "unload" and "single cartridge insert" animations, with the Sako 85 being a great example of taking from. Hopefully, these unload animations will immerse the player more than the original system in the Source game, which had no animations whatsoever. That certainly confused me the first time I found the key and found the slide of my handgun instantly locked back, but hopefully, this animation system should make things clearer in the sequel! I'll see you all soon, with more to show off by then!

Maxx, sharing some interior shots and development with the Brooklyn Heights map.

Maxx here with an update on various art things, in particular, my work on Brooklyn Heights. Last time I did a progress update on here I was working a set of apartment interiors. This time around I'll be showing a couple of shots of a new office building interior Work in Progress. The lighting here is only for testing purposes and is on low settings. I have been continuing the work of building the pieces necessary to complete these new interiors. The goal as always is to build a space in an efficient manner where I can get the most out of each part I make. In the case of a building like this, I can model things like wall panels, ceiling overhead light boxes, decorative doorways, etc. and reuse them with each subsequent addition to the interior. This cuts down on the manual work I need to do which frees up time used for creating new assets and dressing an area. When an area is "dressed" with props and decals, it's often done in passes. A pass usually starts with the large pieces like props used for cover, or large pieces of furniture, and it works it's way down toward small decorative things like a calculator on a desk, a cutting board on a kitchen counter, a calendar on the wall, etc. I can, however, take the props we have and put together ready-made pieces like a desk with a computer, some papers, a telephone, and I can simply drag and drop it wherever I’d like. Often I take an area, and I'll start to define a couple of rooms with more props to "sell" what the intention is. At a later date, I loop back around to some of these areas and continue that motif with all the new props, textures and decals that I have made to support it. This all starts with me finding some interesting examples of interiors and design styles on Google or in books, and then I see where my creative instincts take me. It’s one of the best parts of being an environment artist!

Dman with a logo design for the Homeland Emergency Response Agency (HERA) inspired by the US Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

David ‘Dman’ here, I wanted to share a little bit of insight into our ‘HERA’ logo you saw on our first story document released a while back. HERA is largely inspired by the real-world homeland security/FEMA logos but also a hint of the old lesser known US Civil Defense insignias from WW2 era. As an agency in our universe, their designs will have a strong color palette with minimalist logos that are sharp and clear, keep an eye out for future story docs and later on in the game!

Thought, sharing an audio soundtrack sample and some ambient noise for the Night of the Living Dead map. Make sure give this track a listen with headphones on.


I think what fuels my direction when composing music for NOTLD is the sheer sense of beauty all around the player when in the environment. The trees sway in the night breeze while the moon illuminates the corn fields. Leaves are falling off the trees, and you get a sense that it's a beautiful fall night. It's deceptive how peaceful it can be at times when you stop to appreciate it, which is what I try to capture in the ambiance. Even while experiencing something as horrific and terrifying as zombies chasing you, any moment of rest or seclusion is to be capitalized upon, and that's where I come in.

Along with Thoughts track for the Night of the Living Dead map, Erickanni, our newest member of the team has already made progress with some props.

Hey! May as well give you a quick update/content as I just joined and all — my names Eric, and I've just joined the NMRIH2 dev team for prop/environment art! So far, I'm just going to be helping create and push environmental assets out, and later build some more focal props down the line. Started tackling Night of the Living Dead assets, mainly the gas station area - Modeling/UV'ing some vital environmental props such as gas pumps, light posts, various signage, and typical environmental clutter.

Tom with a summary of developing our dynamic music system (DMS).

Recently I have been developing fundamental systems to house the Dynamic Music System (DMS)in No More Room in Hell 2. In modern titles, adaptive music is fairly common, but the original No More Room in Hell was one of the earliest games/mods to take advantage of combining game states and music, dynamically. NMRIH2's adaptive music system improves on the original game's music system in many ways; using a very advanced audio engine (Wwise) we can mix music on-the-fly, applying seamless transitions between Low, Medium and High-intensity pieces of music without disrupting the flow of the soundtrack. The music in the original game was a big contributor to the feel of the game, so it has been very important to expand on this while maintaining the mood that it provides. One of the issues with the original DMS was that when the gameplay changed intensities, the music engine would select a new piece of music with the appropriate intensity at random, then play it from the start. This meant that when the gameplay intensity was changing frequently, the player would hear the start of the same piece of music over and over again, never reaching the end. Wwise has a feature called Random Entry Cues, which means we can place many cue points throughout a track. Wwise will randomly select a cue point when it returns to that track, meaning that over the course of an entire game you should hear an even distribution of each section within a piece of music.

nay0r and an update on the Stockades mall map.

Hey, guys nay0r here, just a quick update on what’s been happening recently. I’ve continued to work on our 3rd map the Stockade mall, which is going tremendously well. Since our last update, I have made tremendous progress on the layout, which includes an exterior/corridors/shops and an underground car park. Working on this map on my own I feel like progress has gone super well, over the coming weeks I plan to keep on adding size to the map's layout, then shortly after it will set dressing and working on lighting.

Cenelder showing off complex animations of zombies in "pursuit" mode.

Lately, I've been trying to get a lot of the more complex animations for our zombies ready. Once a zombie spots you in NMRIH2, their arms will be raised in "pursuit" mode. The animations will be a more natural way to identify if the zombie horde has spotted you! We've also made some attack animations to be blended into zombie movement, meaning that zombies can now walk AND attack which should make it a bit harder to abuse their AI. I've also been focusing on adding level-of-detail meshes for the zombies for performance so we can stress test the max number of zombies we can get on screen before a negative performance hit.

And finally, Xenon with an update on our zombie AI.

Xenon here again with a small update from the AI side of things. So the AI timeline has looked something like this in the last month and a bit. Work on first pass player zombification when infected and death by infection or other causes. Next was some minor code changes/reworks for internal use. Then finally we come to what I've been working on recently which is the second pass on the zombies. This has mostly been adding new functionality to characters such as a buff/debuff system and an attribute system to manage stats of the characters/items. Things that I've yet to get to, but is on the chopping block are improved zombie pathing and a second pass of the stimuli system for more consistency. Plus a second pass on our soldier AI, as well as a second pass on our gore system!

A quick reminder again that the content shared is only a glimpse of what the game may look like in the future. There's much more for us to build and learn as we go.

Thanks for taking for joining us for this team update and we're excited to continue to share more progress in the near future.
31 бер 2018
DCS World Steam Edition - NineLine

Dear All,

We’d like to wish you all a very happy easter weekend!

Since our last update, we’ve been working hard on finalizing several high level systems and fulfilling major milestones due in March.
We’ve reached many of our goals, but full completion of our March roadmap was hampered by a variety of factors, and a higher than expected non-development task loading.
None of these really come as a surprise in a dynamic development environment; but it does mean that we’ve had to burn the midnight oil and have had to spend much less time than expected on updating you on our progress - and especially so with fancy eye candy.

In detail, some of the progress made in March revolves around the following areas:

AN/ARC-182 & AN/ARC-159 Radios:
While these have been partially done for a long time, we’ve now gone back and brought these systems to full completion. Specifically, we’ve added:

  • The ability to read channel presets from mission settings and set these presets in the cockpit.

  • Synchronized remote displays between front and rear cockpits (each crew member only controls one radio, but receives readouts for both).

  • Completed the intercom and audio warning system, including four independent sound amplifiers and volume controls for different sound sources. Not all tones are generated by default at both stations, but a crew member can listen to the tones from the other cockpit by selecting different sound amplifier.

  • New failure states for each radios and associated transmission/receiving equipment.

One important aspect of DCS multiplayer is communication, and we decided to invest time into making the F-14 radios fully Simple Radio capable out of the box, with ICS, Radio transmission/receiving, pre-defined channels and KY-28 encryption all integrating with and communicating with SimpleRadio. Hot and Cold mic positions are supported for the intercom systems, and the SimpleRadio plugin functions are fully controllable through the F-14 cockpit.

Our hope is, that those of you running SimpleRadio in our squadrons and multiplayer environments will find the experience of transitioning to the F-14 smooth and painless, especially on the communication front. Special thanks to Ciribob, the creator of SRS for being supportive in ensuring smooth F-14 SRS support!

New F-110 Engine Model:
[INDENT]In late February, we revealed that we’ve been working on an entirely new, modularized jet propulsion model for the F-14 and future projects. If you haven’t read that update; you can find it here:

Since then, we’ve continued work on our engine model and integrating it into the F-14.

Minor engine updates include improvements to the afterburner fuel control and additional AFTC functionality.
Over the next few weeks, AFTC functionality such as RATS and Asymmetric Thrust limiting will be completed, as well as implementation of the last minor engine-related cockpit animations such as warning lights. After that, off-nominal cases such as flame out, compressor stall and battle damage will be added, essentially bringing the engine model to a fully complete state.

Major updates completed include implementing inlet spillage and lip suction (haha) drag effects based on real F-14 inlet wind tunnel test data.
This spillage drag/lip suction effect can be thought of as the force generated by air that the engine/inlet cannot ingest and must be “pushed” out of the way or around the sides of the inlet cowl, the profile drag of the cowl itself, and the friction drag of the air passing through the inlet duct and its interaction with the AICS ramp surfaces. Inlet drag is a function of mach, streamtube capture area, engine air mass flow (aka power setting), and AICS ramp position.

This drag data allowed the team to compute highly accurate installed net thrust, which in turn revealed that some previous FM drag tuning which slightly deviated from wind tunnel data was no longer needed. Level flight acceleration, fuel burn, and top speeds are now very close to published values.
Thrust is at the heart of any fighter jet - and ensuring accurate engine performance within a few percent of stated values is incredibly important to us.

We’ll go into much more detail on our engine simulation in upcoming videos.

New Kneeboard Functionality:
In order to facilitate the changing of various aircraft parameters while on the ground near ground crew, we decided to implement an “interactive” kneeboard to help you tweak these settings in a multiplayer environment. In particular; you can configure things like laser codes, M61 Vulcan gun burst lengths and KY encryption keys.
These settings will only be available near ground crew (or on the carrier) - and of course in the mission editor.

During the last month, we’ve entirely revised our modeling of the F-14’s INS (Inertial Navigation System) and associated subsystems.

This includes an overhaul of the INS (AN/ASN-92) and associated AWG-9, CSDC, AHRS and CADC functions.
In particular, we’ve also created an entirely new model for the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) which will offer a far more authentic simulation of limited precision of the INS.

We’ll be elaborating on this system next week.

Tying in with the Navigation system is a lot of finalization work on the navigation features of the RIO-centric user interfaces in the rear cockpit.
The F-14 includes plenty of complex and useful navigational functionality that will allow you, together as a crew, to better strike targets and fly your missions.
Much of this work mirrors functionality found in e.g. the Viggen; but turned up to 11 and involving many more subsystems (such as A-A radar and TCS).

As the Artwork development process for the F-14 begins to draw to a close; we’ve now begun the process of designing the final soundscape of the F-14 module, starting with the F-110 engined F-14B.

Both the F-14B and -A will use fully authentic sounds, recorded directly from the appropriate engine type.
We’ve also sourced real, in-service F-14 sounds for everything from canopy sounds, engine starts, avionics and anything else you can think of giving off audible cues during aircraft operation.
While scanning and researching the F-14’s we had access to in the United States, we took the opportunity to record practically every single switch, level or control in the cockpit.

While we’re fairly satisfied with the audio design in the Viggen module (bar some bugs!) - we believe we can do much better, and we aim to make the F-14’s soundscape, both inside and out, the best yet.

Here’s a quick, heavily work in progress video of the exterior soundsets!

One of our main objectives in March has been to complete the tuning and tweaking of our Flight Model.
March has seen great focus on refining our low and high speed handling, and coaxing out unique flight characteristics at the edge of or beyond the standard flight envelope, such as aileron rolling reversal at appropriate angles of attack and lateral rudder usefulness at similar flight envelopes. It sounds like we’re repeating ourselves, and that’s because we are.
Tweaking and tuning a flightmodel is an incredibly time intensive and long process - hence it will likely continue right up until the day of release.

Getting the unique characteristics of the F-14 just right has required us to work closely with F-14 subject matter experts.
To date, we've had the pleasure of having worked with three F-14A pilots, one F-14B and D pilot, and three F-14 RIOs, in order to cover all of our bases.
Last year, we even flew over to the United States, to give a US Navy commander a hands on session with our F-14. The latest round of changes have been heavily based on feedback from our SMEs, and we have to tread the careful ground between maintaining performance figures reflecting the published documentation, as well as recreating the characteristics as described by our expert contacts.

Another big item on our list that has been worked on in March has been appropriate aerodynamic damage effects on the flight model.
Generally this is fairly straightforward - flight surfaces can be damaged or fall off, and the ensuing effects need to be appropriately modeled.
While straightforward, it is still time consuming, and this will continue to be worked on as we head into April.

In general, however, we consider the flight model to be practically release ready. This represents a massive milestone for the project and is the “beginning of the end” of 3 years of intensive flight modeling work. Strip away all of the avionics, radar, weapons systems, and graphics - and you’ll still be left with what can easily be called the crowning achievement of our F-14: the flight model.

The footage below is very raw and rough. It was originally intended to be a part of Episode II of the flight model highlight - but we’ve decided to just put it out as is instead due to a lack of time.
The aircraft is an F-14B equipped with our new F110 engine simulation. Enjoy a very dirty (Ew, Chromecat) look at how powerful the Tomcat really is, and some quick footage of low speed high altitude handling and subsequent acceleration:

Concurrently with everything else, work continues on the heart of the F-14’s combat capability; the AWG-9, TID and associated systems and subsystems.
There really is practically too much to list here, with work progressing on both AA and A2G functionality (though, the former, is practically complete from an early access standpoint).
Everything from targeting systems, HUD/TID/ECMD modes and readouts, datalink, radar, RWR, ECM, weapon combinations, LANTIRN, pylons/adapters has been worked on in March.

We’re again, confident in the F-14 launching in a very complete state. As ‘boring’ of a conclusion that is in an update like this - the depth of our simulation come release shall be excellent.

Much of the current work is also tied in with the aforementioned updates to our navigational systems and logic.
In the context of weapons systems, this is mainly relevant to datalink and target waypoints.

All in all - the F-14 as a development process is beginning to wrap up.
We’re late, but making the tough decisions last year to not only rebuild all of the artwork, but also to invest more into adding authenticity and breadth to the avionics and systems is paying off in spades. The extra time has allowed us to source new and exciting documentation that has filled any and all remaining gaps for us.

To give you an unfiltered insider’s look into just how much work goes on behind the scenes, here’s a look at just the F-14 code repository alone over the course of 10 days:

Major items remaining prior to release currently are as follows:

  • Completing the new cockpit and exterior, and the merge of the release branch of the Tomcat (and deprecating the placeholder Chromecat - we won’t miss it!)
  • Finalization of the new engine model, navigation systems and some other (relatively) minor parts; such as the ALR-67.
  • Final tuning of flight model.
  • Bugfixing!
  • Brushing the dust away and preparing for the rise of the Phoenix by stocking up on champagne.

We presently believe that the next 90 days will see most, if not all, of these major and minor items to be resolved, leaving us within touching distance of launching.
We’re keeping our fingers crossed and our coffee pots plentiful.

As always, thanks for your support and patience. Apologies for this update dropping so late in March and still being based on the Chromecat branch; but we’ve had to prioritize hitting development milestones over sticking to our planned PR roadmap. We had hoped to update you before the very end of the month. I’ll leave you with one more video; this time of a simple valley run and CCIP (Or, Computer/Pilot as it is known in the F-14). Featuring your first few glimpses at Jester AI!

Enjoy the F-18 livestream tomorrow!

HB, F-14 Team

31 бер 2018
Keen - Cat Nigiri
For all our fans waiting for us to complete the game, we are adding yet another milestone to Keen’s true multiplatform setup. Available soon for PC, Mobile, Console and now: The Board Game.

  • Take the battle to your dining room!
  • Non-stop 1 player action!
  • Make all the calculations yourself!

Players will have access to the special image folder, where they’ll be able to print, cut and mount up all the characters and scenario objects along with the extensive set of rules that we have implemented in the game.

Now you may play the game turn by turn, calculating every movement the character and the enemies take, as well as calculating damage –– just as the computer would do!

Einlanzer - Oreo
Welcome to Einlanzer version 1.212!

Foolish Fool's Day calendar event
Riddari's annual Foolish Fool's Day Festival is here! A brand new foolish event has been added for this year's holiday with unique rewards that are ONLY available during THIS YEAR'S event! Next year will have new unique prizes.

The event ends at midnight EST on April 8th, so go talk to the jester in Riddari to play before this calendar event is over!

Updates with v.1.212
You spoke and we listened! Based on player feedback, there are several gameplay updates with this patch. Every change is detailed below.

New Sidequest and items!
There is a brand new side quest available in the town of God's Grove. Go in the building on the north side of town to begin the quest. The reward will be a brand new purchasable, usable item type that could potentially drastically change your strategy in battle!

I have another sidequest in the works right now that will take you to an ancient, buried Fusilier fort. Expect it to be done around mid-April. Players said they wanted more side quests! :-)

Quick World Map Button
Einlanzer now has a button/key that lets you instantly look at the world map (Lanzer's realm) without having to fumble with the menu and key items. Thank you player unknown_zzz for the suggestion!
  • Steam Controller/Keyboard version: the letter V or TAB on your keybard, or the < button on your Steam Controller.
  • PC Gamepad version: the letter A on your keyboard or button 4 on your pc gamepad by default.
Also, a couple lines of text are added through the early part of the game to let players know that they can use the quick world map button. These happen when you first get the world map from the blacksmith in Sea Breeze, when the shipbuilder sends you off to Riddari in Elnae, and when you first get your sailing ship. Also, The controls graphics you see when you start a new game have been updated to show the new "Instant World Map" buttons/keys.

Stat Explanation screen
One player on the discussion board said they wanted a detailed explanation of all the stats from the menu. I agreed this was an excellent addition, especially for how RP, percentage stat increasing items, and the Luck stat works.

Full Heal spell buffed
Alice's spell "Full Heal" had little use before. It seemed to always make more sense just to cast a strong "Recovery" spell. Now, "Full Heal" will not only give the target 100% of their HP, but it will also heal most status effects! It's not *quite* as thorough as a "Cure II" spell, but it does eliminate most status effects.

Status effects "Full Heal" cures: Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Paralysis, Stun, Immobile, Arm Injury, and Strong poison. Notable exceptions are Stone, On Fire, and Confusion.

Options Screen (change window color, volumes, autorun, etc.

The final update to Einlanzer in this patch is an expanded options screen. Many of these features (especially autorun) were asked for by many players in the discussion board.

This replaces the bottom menu option that let you quit the game. The option to end the game or return to the main menu is now at the bottom of the new options menu.

New in the options menu:
  • Customize the window color
  • Adjust music, background sounds, and sound effects volumes
  • Allow for auto dash (highly requested in discussion board - I hadn't implemented this before because I needed to do extensive playtesting to make sure it didn't mess up scenes throughout the game)
  • Allow you to make text appear instantly

    That is all of the updates for this patch! Remember, the April Fool's Day calendar event ends after only one week, so take part in the festival while you can!

    As always, thank you for all the support, encouragement, suggestions in the discussion board, and reviews. If you can spare just a couple minutes of your time, writing a review of Einlanzer helps tremendously.

    Thank you,
    -Andrew Ryan Henke
    Nostalgia Addict Games
31 бер 2018
War for the Overworld - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Today we’re proud to finally reveal our next project, previously codenamed Project Aftercare. Now we know we’ve all been here before and it’s important we address the elephant in the room that is the now-defunct Virtual Dungeon Pet Management Simulation Game, Skargz.

When we announced Skargz we were extremely confident in the design we had for reviving the Virtual Pet genre and we know that there were many fans looking forward to it. Which is why we must apologetically confirm its cancellation in favour of our new project.

Press X to pay respects

Ultimately we felt that the Virtual Pet genre wasn’t a lucrative enough investment after all, and presented minimal opportunities to capitalise on the War for the Overworld IP, which conveniently brings us to our big announcement!

We’ve always said that we’ve wanted to continue exploring the War for the Overworld universe beyond the current scope of the existing game; and though we made it clear that Project Aftercare would not be a direct sequel, that didn’t preclude us from expanding the universe elsewhere.

To that end, we’re now expanding into the lucrative visual novel and dating sim space!

Introducing Dungeon Hearts™!

Dungeon Hearts™ is a Visual Anime Waifu Dating Dungeon Management Simulation Novel Role Playing Game (Or a VAWDDMSNRPG) that continues to progress our ambition to develop only the most genre-busting titles. In Dungeon Hearts™ you’ll assume the role of an Underlord joining the school of Kairos High, to build your harem of minions through a combination of social interaction, critical choices and good-old-fashioned dungeon management.

We know that our history with the now cancelled project Skargz leaves some room for doubt; so to assuage your concerns we have prepared a prototype! This is a proof of concept, as it were, which you can try out by clicking the image below:

Content warning! Contains: sexual content, violence, bad language


Compatible with: Google Chrome, Firefox and maybe other browsers

Upon reaching the page you will be presented with a black screen; please give the game a moment to load. Loading time may vary based on your connection and browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make better life choices.

If the game hasn’t loaded after a few minutes you can download an offline version for Windows, Mac or Linux via (The Mac and Linux versions may or may not work.)

Dungeon Hearts in the Future

It’s important to clarify that this is very much a proof of concept - a flex of our muscles - and will be used as a basis for future iterations, very much in the vein of War for the Overworld’s development. In short, this is a 30-minute experience to excite the loins.

So given this is just a proof of concept, here’s what can you expect from the final version - coming soon at an indeterminate date in the future!:

  • Explore the realm of Kairos like never before - Set in a parallel universe where Mendechaus’ long-abandoned thoughts of conquest have turned instead to thoughts of love. Explore a modern Kairos as an upperclassman at Kairos High.

  • Build your harem - Pursue dozens of unique minions or even heroes, such as Raven the Succubus, Agnes the Chunder, Brian the Cultist, or Pierre the Bard - all with their own personalities and stories to discover. Build their Dungeon Heart by appealing to them with gifts, dates and even casual conversation!

  • Manage a dungeon to keep your lovers - We know how that sounds but hear us out: in Dungeon Hearts™ you’ll be able to build your own dungeon filled with all the amenities to keep your sweethearts for years to come… wait that didn’t sound any better.

  • Experience a compelling story - With over 9000 hours told across 2500 individual episodes (MSRP £29.99/$29.99/€49.99 per episode) you’ll be able to play for the rest of your life. Especially if you’re a whale!

  • Turn the adventure on its head with Hero Mode - Rather than playing as a dungeon- keeping Underlord, instead explore the story from the other perspective with Hero Mode! This will be a day-one DLC for each episode (MSRP £15.99/$15.99/€99.99 per installment) which unlocks an accompanying dungeon-crawling RPG. Placed in the polished boots of Lord O’Thelove, you’ll need to overcome various minions with your otherworldly charms!

  • Bring your lovers to War for the Overworld - By popular demand, with the Dungeon Portal you can bring your fully-hearted-up lovers to War for the Overworld to act as unique elite units - provided you build them a special room via secret room layouts.

  • Date smart not hard with gifts from Kairos-1337 - Travel between the parallel worlds works both ways! In the hotly-anticipated v2.0 update for War for the Overworld you can now earn or purchase Warboxes, which contain sets of random loot such as maps, units, dungeon themes, and even gifts for your lovers in Dungeon Hearts! Pride and accomplishment never felt so great!

    We hope you enjoy the exciting prototype of Dungeon Hearts™ and that you drop by again tomorrow for more exciting news!


    – Brightrock Games Team

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