Community Announcements - alfred
We have released a Beta update for Counter-Strike 1.6.
Changes in this update are:
<ul><li>Fixed HTML MOTD not displaying properly if you did a resolution change and then joined a server
<li>Fixed not being able to enter utf8 names into the game console if quotes didn't surround the name
<li>Fixed mouse movements getting clamped if raw input is disabled and you moved a large amount (more than 100 pixels) in a single frame)
<li>Increased default cl_cmdrate value to 60
<li>Increased default cl_updaterate value to 60
Feb 28, 2013
Community Announcements - [Muse] awkm
As Follows:

Hwacha (Previously hot fixed)
- Decreased AoE (6 from something crazy like 14)

Rocket Carousel
- Reduced AoE (3 from 8)
- Increased Reload Time (6 from 4.5)
- Decrease Rate of Fire (2 shots/s from 2.8/s)

- Decreased Arming time (0.8s from 1.2s)
- Increased Muzzle Speed (275m/s from 250m/s)

- Decreased Reload Time (4s from 5s)
- Harpoon Duration Increased (15s from 10s)
- Max Harpoon Length Increased (600m from 450m)
- Decreased Pull (40000N from 60000N)
- Changed 2nd Dmg (60 Piercing from 100 Shatter)

- Flechette vs Armor Decreased (0.35 from 0.5) Data Entry Error in Last Update, this is the intended change.

Talk about it here,38.0.html
Community Announcements - ISOTX Community
This image is one of the mood boards for our new strategy game. Do you like it? When I look at this I imagine what Berlin must have looked like right after the war.
Tomorrow I will get you an interview with our art director and he can explain a bit more about the style of the new game!
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-5739" title="mood board strategy game isotx " src="" alt="" width="498" height="287" /></a></p>
Can you imagine you armies marching through this city?
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
Community Announcements - UWE.Strayan (NS2HD)
Community Announcements - FireSlash
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

There are two paths before you: one is buying <a href="">articy:draft</a> for 15% during its introduction to Steam. The other path is filled with notes on napkins, indecipherable sticky notes, headaches, and missed deadlines. The choice is yours.

articy:draft allows you to create interactive stories, characters, objects and locations in one highly visual and versatile game design tool. With a strong focus on non-linear storytelling, it makes writing for games blindingly easy. Build branching story or dialogue flows and at the same time manage dramaturgy and player experience. You can create mission trees, game state graphs, and skill or tech trees with our unique flow editor. articy:draft also allows planning your levels and game worlds, designing all the objects in your game and even export the data for further use.
Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Find out if there's going to be a new Map Contest in <a href="">this week's Digest.</a>

Community Announcements - alfred
We have released a Beta update for Counter-Strike 1.6.
Changes in this update are:
<li>Added support for localized player names, similar to the existing chat changes
<li>Fixed crash when using viewdemo commands on some hltv recorded demo files
<li>Fixed hitting A in the game console selecting all text in the game console
<li>Fixed mouse cursor being invisible if you toggled raw input mode at certain times
Feb 27, 2013
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

<ul><li> Team select menu now displays a message if a team is full<br />
<li> Fixed team kill forgiveness. Forgiving a team kill now all forgives all wound damage you have inflicted on that player. <br />
<li> Fixed single player maps auto completing<br />
<li> Fixed a confusing attack/defend message on the tactical view when issued an order from the Commander. ‘Attacking’ an owned objective will now always display as ‘Defend’.<br />
<li> Fixed the G41 playing the wrong shoot animation when hipped/shouldered<br />
<li> Setup the level 2/3 G41 sniper rifle to have the proper scope position and zoom<br />
<li> The cooldown for reusing an ammo resupply is now more reliable</ul>


<ul><li> Downloading Workshop files will now show download progress %<br />
<li> Added Custom map filter to the in-game workshop menu<br />
<li> Stock RO2 maps show up to the in-game workshop menu<br />
<li> Downloading multiple versions of the same file will no longer give an ambiguous message popup warning. Instead, older versions are automatically ignored.<br />
<li> SDK: Fix for workshop uploading the wrong version of the file (from MyGames)</ul>

Server Admins

<ul><li> When bAllowDeadRoaming is disabled, it’s no longer possible to use the roaming camera even if everyone on your team is dead.<br />
<li> DemoRec & Spectating players no longer open up extra roles on the server<br />
<li> Fixed bNoVehicles not working correctly in Barashka<br />
<li> Fixed OverrideMaxPlayers. This setting forces the map to play on a different sized version than that specified by MaxPlayers. Gameplay elements such as roles, reinforcements are unaffected.</ul>

There was a followup patch today that fixed an issue related to reinforcement counts introduced with the previous patch.
Community Announcements - Crazytalk
There's only one day left in our screenshot competition! Get your butt in-game and post your favorite screenshot for a chance to win your choice of any steam game up to $25!

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