Community Announcements - Dman757
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The patch should already be live on steam and desure just launch the game to update! <a href="">Check out the announcement post here!</a>

As an added bonus be sure to check out the Official Contagion Online Comic "Contagion: Arrival" created by Monochrome's newest artist Joseph "SickJoe" Arthur

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Community Announcements - [TE] iamisom
Find out how to be a beta tester for our next project in this week's <a href="">Digest!</a>

Community Announcements - SZ
As of 12:00AM GMT today and for the next two weeks, we are <b>now accepting submissions</b> for the Second Annual Saxxy Awards! <a href="">Click here to find out how to submit!</a>

<a href="">Read the blog post here</a>

Community Announcements - Riley (hospital)
We have a news post coming up for this but here's a quick changelog

=====2.4 (10-31-2012) =====

+ Added zpo_aquatica.

+ Added zpo_haunted.

+ Updated zpo_tanker.

+ Tweaked spawn systems.

+ Improved loading screen.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Without further ado, the top 3 in the "Best Original Level" category are:
<li>Bridges of Druzhina - wins $2,500, an Intel Motherboard DZ68DB and a Core I7-2700k CPU</li>
<li>Coldsteel - wins $1,000</li>
<li>Univermag - wins $500</li></ul>

The other category was for "Best Remake". Here we were really excited to see which of the old maps from Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and even the Red Orchestra mod days would be brought forward. The winners are:
<li>Gumrak Station (a remake of the original Basovka) - wins $2,500</li>
<li>Arad 2 - wins $1,000</li>
<li>Ogledow - wins $500</li></ul>

We want to see more of the old favorites appearing!

So far, that is $8,000 in cash given away, plus hardware. Breakout, Phase 2 of the contest, is on now reaches its' conclusion on 30th November. Many of the first round maps have been heavily updated - and many new ones have appeared. This time, there is $15,000 in cash prizes, a top-of-the-line Origin laptop, custom painted and a whole bunch of other hardware to give away. To the mappers - make sure you get your entries in on time! And for all the rest of us, go play the new maps out on the public servers and let us (and the creators) have your feedback. Soon, you will be able to grab new maps and other content through the Steam Workshop for RO2!
Community Announcements - Alden
November 30th, we'll be announcing the next set of titles to launch via Steam Greenlight. At that time, at least 10 game titles are expected to be offered worldwide distribution agreements via Steam.

In addition, we hope to announce Greenlight’s first graduating class of Software titles, with at least five Software titles targeted for inclusion in this group.

So keep up the voting and help pick the next games you want to see made available via Steam.

In the meantime, join the <a href="">Official Steam Greenlight Group</a> for the latest news and announcements.
Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
Happy Halloween! Holly made some spooky TOM Steam avatars just for the occasion but they'll only be up for today!

Also, tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary! So we may be celebrating with a really great deal...
Community Announcements - Tenebrious
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We're elated to launch <a href="">The Ship: Full Steam Ahead on Kickstarter.</a>

Now's your chance to take part; view our entertaining and distinctive Kickstarter video and see the rewards you can reap for supporting the game. Any great ship needs a successful launch and your help to fund this project, however big or small, is invaluable. Become a member of The Royal Society for the Proliferation of Steam, support the project, tell all your friends, and join us to complete with the finished game.

<a href="">Join us, pledge the project, and get set for new adventures as we go Full Steam Ahead!</a>
Community Announcements - MicroVolts
<img src="" width="450" height="160"/>

It's Halloween and this latest update has plenty of gear for all your Halloween triggering and treating!

<b><u>NEW WEAPONS</b></u>

The "<font color=#FF6600>Magical Broom</font>>" in the Shop (MP) will cause a bigger mess on the battlefield than it can clean! Or perhaps you prefer to blast away enemies with your new <font color=#FF6600>Pumpkin rocket launcher</font> from the Capsule Machine! There's also a new <font color=#FF6600>Brilliant Halloween Hammer Box</font> to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Skull Melee!

<b><u>NEW PARTS</b></u>

Dress up as a cutesy witch, a mythical fairy, a grimacing jack-o-lantern and much more! Each and every character has new <font color=#FF6600>Halloween Bundles</font>! Check it out in the Shop > Parts > Package.

You'll also notice that new Halloween MP Parts now have higher Run Speed/HP stats to help you out on the battlefield while new RT Parts now have added +5% MP Bonuses!

<b><u>NEW ACCESSORIES</b></u>

There are a ton of new MP & RT Accessories for Halloween also! Run around with the new <font color=#FF6600>"Goblin" or "Bogle" Mask</font> for C.H.I.P. or swarm your enemies with new <font color=#FF6600>"Demonic" or "Devil" Wings </font>for Naomi and Pandora!

All (old and new) MP Accessories now have equal stats to RT Accessories but you'll notice that all RT Accessories have a +5% EXP bonus for faster leveling-up!

Have a Happy Halloween, MicroVolters!
Community Announcements - Alden
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="width: 100%"></a>

Natural Selection 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular Half-Life mod, is now <a href="" target="_blank">available for purchase</a> on Steam and includes support for its own modding and Workshop right out of the gate.

While the game itself released only hours ago, the <a href="" target="_blank">Natural Selection 2 Workshop</a> is already populated with over 75 mods and maps from the game's early beta testers. Jump in and check out all the custom content and when you're ready to get started creating your own mods, head on over to their <a href="" target="_blank">wiki</a> for an introduction.

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