Community Announcements - Cipher Prime Studios
<img src= style=padding-left:10px;float:right; />Hey, Cipher Prime fans! The original music particle puzzler, <a href=""><i>Auditorium</i></a>, has finally arrived on Steam for both PC and Mac. We've also launched a Kickstarter to help fund the sequel, <a href=""><i>Auditorium 2: Duet</i></a>. It's going to be bigger, better, more beautiful, and -- most importantly -- it's going to be multiplayer! Check out the video, let us know what you think, and help us out if you can.
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ
<a href="" title="Spiral Knights by SEGA of America, on Flickr"><img src="" width="400" height="229" alt="Spiral Knights"></a>

Expansion missions have arrived!

Available today, now, for Spiral Knights, a special DLC add-on: Operation Crimson Hammer – face the mighty Warmaster Seerus of the Crimson Order, engage him in fierce and unequal combat, and then <i><b>take all his stuff.</i></b>

Operation Crimson Hammer is a new DLC pack available for Spiral Knights – tradable on Steam, you can <b><u><a href="">purchase it through Steam, currently 30% off, at just $3.95!</a></b></u>

<a href="" title="Spiral Knights by SEGA of America, on Flickr"><img src="" width="400" height="225" alt="Spiral Knights"></a>


You may remember the <a href=””>Roarmulus Twins</a> and the industrial menace of their home, the Ironclaw Munitions factory. Spiral HQ has now found the source of that menace – which seeks still to destroy the town of Haven and wipe the Knights off the surface of Cradle!

Warmaster Seerus is the evil master of munitions within the Gremlin's
all-powerful Crimson Order. Thought to be the true mastermind behind
the Roarmulus Twins and countless other gremlin weapons, he is the
Crimson Order’s creator and supplier for their diabolical engines of war.

Recon Knights under the command of Lieutenant Feron recently discovered
Seerus’s ‘Grand Arsenal,’ his development center and storage facility
for all his weaponry. Now, Feron himself is leading several squads of
Knights directly into the Grand Arsenal, with the intention of weeding
out Seerus and destroying his war machines.

<a href="" title="Spiral Knights by SEGA of America, on Flickr"><img src="" width="400" height="229" alt="Spiral Knights"></a>

Met with heavy resistance, Feron’s squads require reinforcements and
Spiral HQ is sending you in to assist.

<b><u>Key Features:</b></u>
<ul><li>Experience an all-new adventure in the world of Spiral Knights! </li>
<li>Challenge the mighty gremlin lord, Warmaster Seerus, in his terrifying
Grand Arsenal! </li>
<li>Includes unique mission rewards: the powerful Rocket Hammer and the
shadowy Dark Retribution bomb! </li>
<li>Includes a bonus craft-able helm, the Mask of Warmaster Seerus himself!</li>
<li>Ferocious New Monsters!</li>
<li>Face the explosive weaponry of gremlin Mortafires and the stealthy
blades of Ghostmane Stalkers! </li>
<li>Unlocks three separate versions of Operation Crimson Hammer for each
difficulty tier!</li></ul>
<a href="">Be sure to check here for full release notes</a> and info for this week's update!
Community Announcements - Cipher Prime Studios
Today is an exciting day for us here at Cipher Prime. <i>Auditorium</i>, after long last, has finally made its way to Steam! It's available now in the Steam Store for both PC and Mac.

But wait, what's this about a Kickstarter? We thought what better time to announce the sequel to <i>Auditorium</i> than with the release on Steam. Like with <i>Auditorium</i>, we're looking to our fans to help fund a portion of the development costs through donations. Instead of PayPal donations, this time around we've turned to Kickstarter. Watch the video, let us know what you think, and help us out if you can. For a more in-depth, behind the scenes look at Cipher Prime and our <a href=""><i>Auditorium 2: Duet</i> Kickstarter</a>, Joystiq has the exclusive.
<ul><li><a href="">Auditorium devs look to Kickstarter for sequel funding</a></li><li><a href="">Auditorium 2: Duet multiplayer wants you to make sweet harmonies with that special someone</a></li><li><a href="">The price of independence: What it really costs to be an indie developer</a></li><li><a href="">How one indie studio burns $15K per month (or: this graph looks like Pac-Man)</a></li><li><a href="">The Schafer stigma: How his successful Kickstarter went to your head</a></li><li><a href="">Auditorium 2: Duet raises the full $60,000 through Kickstarter</a></li></ul>
<iframe frameborder="0" height="336px" src="" width="450px"></iframe>
Community Announcements - Riley (hospital)
ZPS 2.2.1 patch now available on Steam; for more info visit:
Community Announcements - ISOTX Community
Let’s take a look at collection items: by now some of them will have appeared after doing quests, raids or smuggling missions and you might be wondering what exactly to do with them!

<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3181" title="anchorpoint_newshops" src="" alt="" width="519" height="353" /></a>

Head over to the Collection Trader in Anchorpoint where Alesta opened a brand new shop. Alesta accepts all kinds of collection items and will exchange Gold or Iron for them. But what if you are still missing some all-important items or you would like to sell off a few others?

In that case you can now visit Trader’s Bay (previously known as “Mortt’s Pub”). The Trader’s Bay chat room is available for all marauders to offer and request collection items!

Good luck gathering collection items and earning some additional resources!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Three weeks ago we started a campaign of information dealing with upcoming (often work in progress) changes coming to Red Orchestra 2. We have covered the additions of RO Classic and Multiplayer Campaign, the new map Mamayev, and <a href="">upcoming</a> <a href="">refinements</a> <a href="">to the game</a>. This is all culminating in the reopening of the Red Orchestra 2 Beta for all players to help us test and give feedback on these changes and additions!

To read the full changelog of the first beta update head over to the <a href="">Red Orchestra 2 Front Page!</a>

Additional information about what is in the beta, what isn't, and servers can be found in the <a href="">beta section of the forums.</a>
Community Announcements - Alden
While we’ve all been busy trying out the impressive array of new Skyrim mods that have appeared in the Workshop since the release of the Creation Kit, we seem to have overlooked another developer that has been hard at work on his own integration of Workshop. Indie developer Garry Newman has put out a slick <a href="">video</a> showing off the integration of Workshop into the next version of <a href="">Garry’s Mod</a>.
Feb 24, 2012
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ
<a href="" title="Spiral Knights by SEGA of America, on Flickr"><img src="" width="400" height="209" alt="Spiral Knights"></a>

It's a special weekend Energy Boost sale for Spiral Knights!

<li>What: Get a BONUS 15% more Energy with any Energy package purchase</li>
<li>When: Now through February 27th</li>
Please note, offer excludes gift-able energy packs.

Enjoy the boost weekend ... and the new <u><a href="">Missions update!</a></u>
Feb 24, 2012
Community Announcements - Brawl Busters
<img src="" alt=""/><br>
Do you like to show off? Do you think you got swag in your game? Let's see! Create a short video clip of your best Brawl Busters gameplay moments and upload it for the world to see! The video with most YouTube views wins! <a href="">Details.</a>
Community Announcements - Berek
<img style="margin-left:10px;" src="" align="right">All potions in the game store are 50% off their normal rates, for this weekend only! Ends Sunday, February 26 at 11:59pm PST. Happy XP/PP potion shopping Immortals!

<a href="" target="_blank">Visit the forums</a> to discuss potions and your latest Immortal strategies.

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