Product Update - Valve
Oct 30, 2015
Try Grimoire: Manastorm for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1 PM Pacific Time. During this time Grimoire will also be available for 25% off!

Grimoire: Manastorm is a fast paced multiplayer shooter featuring magical tactical combat and six unique classes. In Grimoire ammo and cover systems have been replaced by genre-blending mechanics that reward clever play as much as reaction time. As a powerful wizard summon immovable objects and unstoppable forces- then watch them collide in spectacular arcane explosions. Travel instantaneously or turn your skin to impenetrable stone when enemies call down storms of meteors, summon deadly blizzards, and rip apart the fabric of space and time itself to destroy you. Use every trick at your disposal to lure opponents into deadly traps and your own devastating sorcery.

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