In the Action RPG, Bound By Blades, the desolate land of Ashmyr has become overwhelmed by bloodthirsty beasts. Scavenge materials, forge gear, and fortify yourself to confront the ferocious foes that lie ahead in order to rekindle the last hopes of life.
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Kickstarter this September!

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Planned Release Date: Kickstarter this September!

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July 31

The Planned Features for Bound By Blades

In this post I want to list out all of our planned goals for the final release of BBB. Our demo works as a solid proving ground of the combat system and core gameplay, but there is so much more we want to build – and I’ll explain them all here.

I’ll be going through all of this in detail in the upcoming Kickstarter launching this September, but I want to give everyone a hint now of what we’re aiming towards. First simply listing out what we already have implemented and playable in our demo –

What’s in the Demo now?

  • We’ve built out the Four Corner Battle System with 3 unique bosses, and challenging variations for each of them, along with a rating system to give some replayability in the demo.
  • The Town of Tumbra has Eldros and Finny to talk to, while not fully story realized – this does show how the story will be told.
  • Harvest materials and potions in Dreamland with a precision system to time for more materials.
  • Blacksmith with crafting and upgrading, including 3 sets of unique gear and runes to choose from.

List of the Upcoming Features
  • 2 Player Co-op Multiplayer
  • AI Partners and Friend Cards
  • End Game Dungeon System similar to FTL/Slay the Spire map combined with Diablo 3 Greater Rifts randomization and progression system
  • Equipment with Crafting, Upgrading, Enchanting, Stats, and Set bonuses
  • 3 Playable Characters with their own play styles
  • 10 Unique bosses and 10+ challenging and new variations
  • Light Story
  • Battle Broods (Pets)

2 Player Co-op Multiplayer
This is my favorite feature I have planned, for me an Action RPG can go to so many levels of enjoyment with a friend in co-op that it’s necessary to add. After Kickstarter, this is my main focus to develop and build out first.

The game will work online, through a peer to peer system, most likely working with Photon for Unity to help all platforms work smoothly. We’ll be looking into cross platform support as well, but it’s not something we can promise to deliver on until we prove it out first.

I feel that disconnecting online may be a concern for when playing multiplayer on the go, so we’re creating AI to both play with while offline, and to take over for a friend if one of you gets disconnected!

AI Partners and Friend Cards
Not only can you bring along AI partners of the NPCs you meet in your journey, but also exchanging Friend Cards with your friends will let you bring their character into battle with you while offline!

End Game Dungeon System
The real focus of Bound By Blades, designed to push many hours of replayability, player increased difficulty levels, randomized elements to keep you on your toes, and an assortment of materials to craft and upgrade your gear with. This is where Multiplayer in BBB will shine, you’ll both need to endure the onslaught of battles to reap the rewards!

The end game system is a mix of the FTL/Slay the Spire map along with the player progression levels of Diablo 3 Greater Rifts. Choose your own path, battle random bosses, work your way to a quick break in town to restore potions or go right for the final boss! Survive and you’ll have the materials to craft and upgrade some new gear, and the next level unlocked to take on.


Our plan for gear is to add Set Bonuses for equipping full sets of a boss’s gear, and individual stats for each item. Combining these goals into the End Game system, we’ll be randomizing the stats you get, along with needing the right bosses to show in the dungeon to harvest their materials for the set pieces you most desire.

That’s not to say defeating dungeons without those bosses in it won’t help you – you’ll still earn upgrade tokens based on the dungeon level you clear, which allow you to push past the upgrade limit and help endure the fights to come.

We’re also planning to add an enchantress, whom will enchant your gear with buffs that you prefer to use. Adding this along with the runes which each have their own effects will help you customize your playstyle and builds to determine what you can push the highest with!

3 Playable Characters

Concepts for our second character, Guren

Teo is the only character shown in the demo, with a powerful, but slow weapon. So what about all the players who want to feel fast? Or the ones who want to play safe? We’ve got you covered, each with their own unique attacks and abilities.

Our second character is in concept phase now, an agile archer named Guren. And our third will be a tank character with weapon and shield.

10 Unique Bosses and 10+ Challenging Boss Variations
We’re aiming for 10 core unique Ilcyon and introduce those as your story progresses. The real fun is what the variations will bring – these are in no way just stat increases, but huge amounts of functional reworks to bring to life the challenging fights that really push our battle system to the limit.

Our end game system will rely on having a large variety of bosses, so we’ll do our best to not only have a solid amount on release, but to keep adding more over time.

Light Story

Story throughout BBB will be a lighter element, mainly used as a prologue to the End Game System, and introducing players to the state of the world. You’ll learn about the Ilcyon, the tribes, and the history of the land known as Ashmyr.

Battle Broods (Pets)
This is another lighter element to BBB, and will most likely be placed as a stretch goal on KS to ensure development is solid and polished for release of the other core features first.

Battle broods are pets you can feed your extra boss materials to, raising them into 1 of 3 forms, each with their own little animations, a simple attack and ability to help support you in battle. Feeding them more materials will increase their levels and stats for extra support.

In Battle they’ll follow along with you similar to how Phantasy Star Online mags work, but also adding in an attack and support ability for a direct bonus as well.

Demo and Community Challenges!

If you’re interested in checking out the demo make sure to join our Discord to sign up at

And you can compete in our latest Community Challenge to get in as well! Community Challenge Post

Check out more on our site: Bound By Blades Website

Follow us on Twitter
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July 7

Developer Update 16 – Ambient Animations, Mittux VFX, Music And More!

Watch the Dev Update Video Here

Updates and Changes
  • Title Screen animated
  • Lamgi animated in town and dreamland, they run, prance and jump
  • Finny now animated in town (Eldros coming soon!)
  • Wisps moving around on the edges of the battlefield
  • Particle effects for Teo added in Battle for dash, dodge and charge attacks
  • New Epic Music for Battles past the training phase
  • New Loading screen
  • New Transitions, now instant (with Teo running across) for all areas other than into battle where loading takes effect for each boss
  • Mittux VFX added in
  • Mittux mini optimized to avoid lag spikes caused when new ones are spawned
  • Polish and adjustments for player feedback from DreamHack
  • Teo’s charge attack now always resets if mid combo, this allows a consistent dash across the screen every time you do 3 charge attacks in a row
  • Movement in Town/Dreamland made a bit easier to avoid overrunning your goal too quickly

Our Goals Now
Our launch date for Kickstarter is aimed around September, so our focus now is on that.

We’ve just started preparing our Kickstarter page and will work on it up through our launch. We’re looking into finding a trailer creator that can make us something awesome to show what BBB is capable of.

Our work on the demo slows down a bit more as we progress as it’s in a solid state so we’re focusing on polish for it now.

Sign Up for the Demo
The demo is already being shared to some through our Discord where you can sign up for an early look before it opens up to everyone on Kickstarter.

The demo is in the polish and bug fixing phase now, so we’re able to fix up bugs and add some small polish as people run through it and give feedback to improve the game!
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Heading to Kickstarter this September!

We’re aiming for Kickstarter this September and we need all the support we can get to succeed!

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter on our site here
The most updated source and a way to communicate with us directly is our Discord here
For art check out both our Twitter and our Instagram

About This Game

Bound By Blades is a Four Square Boss Hunting Action RPG, fight alone or group up with friends to slay the Ilcyon overrunning the lands of Ashmyr.

Features of Bound By Blades

  • Select from 3 unique characters with their own combat styles to start your journey
  • Cooperative boss hunting gameplay from the core 10 unique Ilcyon to their vicious variations that will challenge you with their new abilities
  • Join with a friend in 2 Player Co-op or play solo with their character's assistance
  • End Game Dungeon System combining FTL/Slay the Spire's map with Diablo 3 Greater Rifts progression system for large amounts of replayability
  • Craft new equipment and upgrade it to overpower your foes
  • Choose your unique runes that suit your playstyle, strengthen your offense or bolster your defenses
  • Learn the lore of the lands of Ashmyr and tips through various NPCs in town
  • Hatch and raise battle brood pets and bring them into battle to assist you
  • Harvest materials and interact with your pets in Dreamland

Inspired by the Monster Hunter series

Slay large monsters, harvest loot and craft upgrades to take on the next massive beasts. Join with friends or tackle the challenges alone. But even alone you can bring friend's characters as NPCs as well as your own battle pet to assist you for the toughest foes that lie ahead.

Intuitive Controls and Unique Combat

Controls are built to be comfortable and intuitive for all control schemes. Play with a controller, keyboard and mouse, mouse or even just a keyboard. BBB is built for players of all types and is meant to allow any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. The combat system is vast in allowing a variety of attacks like Quick Attacks, Strong Attacks, Combos and Unique Combo Finishers. But you'll need to survive too, so you'll need to master Blocking, Dodging, Running and Healing using potions in the midst of battle. The game may look simple, but it opens itself to a wide dynamic of gameplay and challenges through the bosses' abilities and the necessity to master your own.

Learn the Lore of the Lands of Ashmyr

In-between battles talk with the NPCs in town to gain insight on where the Ilcyon came from and the stories of each one. Gain knowledge from the village elder, Eldros as he helps give tips on tackling each battle. And learn the lore of stories told within the world from Finny, the "magical and real heroine" of Bound By Blades.

And Watch the World Grow

Bound By Blades is an indie game, and is being developed for all the players who love RPGs. The game will grow with all the feedback given, from now, to the release and hopefully through the future as well.

The Next Step For Bound By Blades

Bound By Blades is headed towards Kickstarter this September we'll need all of your support to help ensure the game can be developed!

Join our Discord to sign up for an early look at the upcoming demo!
Follow us on Twitter or Instagram @BoundByBlades or subscribe to our newsletter on our site for the most up to date content.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+
    • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support.
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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