Pixel Game Maker MV – the latest entry in the Maker series – is now available on Steam Early Access!
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23 лип 2018

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Програми з дочасним доступом

Впливайте на розвиток цієї програми під час її розробки.

Увага: ця програма з дочасним доступом не дороблена, і надалі може як істотно змінюватися, так і ні. Якщо вам не дуже кортить користуватися нею в її поточному стані, то радше зачекайте, доки програма не прийме більш завершений вигляд. Дізнайтеся більше тут

Що бажають сказати розробники:

Чому дочасний доступ?

“We plan on gradually updating this tool in accordance with user feedback and suggestions. In its current state it can be used to create simple games, and so we decided to open it up to the public in order to receive and incorporate user feedback as early as possible.”

Приблизно, як довго ця програма буде у дочасному доступі?

“The official release is planned for sometime in 2018.”

Чим повна версія гри буде відрізнятися від версії для дочасного доступу?

“The full version will be compatible with Mac. We plan to improve the UI, Help, and Tutorial areas in order to provide users with the most comfortable and smooth experience possible. We also plan to add a wide variety of new functions and features, allowing for the creation of games not yet possible with the current build.”

Який поточний стан версії для дочасного доступу?

“Platformer, top-down view action, and shooting games can be created with the current build. Approximately 80% of the planned functions and features work, and there are still some environment-dependent bugs and functions which require further adjustment.”

Чи буде відрізнятися ціна програми протягом дочасного доступу та після його завершення?

“The price may be increased after Early Access ends.”

Як ви плануєте залучати спільноту до розробки гри?

“We plan to gather feedback and suggestions from users in the Steam Community and constantly update the development road map based on this feedback. We hope to receive as much feedback and suggestions as possible in order to provide users with a Pixel Game Maker MV that can truly allow "anyone to create games easily" once the game is officially launched.”
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20 вересня

Pixel Game Maker MV will be at Tokyo Game Show 2018!

Hi everyone,

We are incredibly excited to share that Pixel Game Maker MV will be at Tokyo Game Show 2018!

If you happen to be in Tokyo, from the 20th until the 23rd of September, join us and try Pixel Game Maker MV in Hall 9, booth number B09, at Makuhari Messe.

Besides the tool itself, you'll be able to try one of the sample games included with the purchase of Pixel Game Maker MV - CROSS X CARROT , an arena brawler type game, where four people can simultaneously play as girls who change into rabbits and have different abilities.

Watch a demo for CROSS X CARROT here:


Additionally, TGS 2018 attendants that visit our booth will be able to play a trial version of Steel Sword Story , a new exclusive game that will be included as a sample game in Pixel Game Maker MV at a later date.

Steel Sword Story is a side-scrolling action platform type game created by the experienced design team behind 1001 Spikes , 8bit Fanatics.

Even if you aren't able to visit us at Tokyo Game Show 2018, you'll be able to try the full version of Steel Sword Story soon!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for real-time updates!


Pixel Game Maker MV
Official Site
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13 вересня

Ver 0.8.6 Update (Open Beta)

The following bug fixes and updates are included in the Open Beta version.

Version 0.8.5 is not being released in the public branch due to some bugs that were fixed in this 0.8.6 release.

  • Added function for setting the default display direction for motions.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug causing menu priority to change when moving portals.
  • Fixed bug causing crashes when placing or selecting an object.
  • Fixed bug causing nothing to display when destroying/removing an object and generating particles.
  • Fixed bug causing objects moved via portal to multiply.
  • Fixed bug causing crashes when toggling the scene layout multiple times with the editor.
  • Fixed bug causing physics objects to stop working when repeatedly playing a scene.
  • Fixed bug preventing .ogg files from playing properly from the loop point.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when changing between objects that point to each other.
  • Fixed bug preventing play from ending once the time limit is reached in the pinball project.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when attempting to assign an unassigned Control Key in the Control Keys Management screen.
  • Fixed bug preventing changes to single-instance IDs from affecting variable reference/changes.
  • Fixed objects not being given unique instance IDs when placed into scenes or the menu scene.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect coordinates after moving via a portal for the first time.
  • Fixed bug preventing a child object from following the parent object after using a portal.
  • Fixed bug causing objects set in menu scenes to disappear after using a portal.
  • Fixed bug preventing some data from being reset to the default value when pressing the editor's test play button during test play.
  • Fixed bug causing images to fail to appear momentarily when opening a scene via Transition.
  • Fixed bug causing particle effects to stop generating new particles on child objects after using a portal.

  • Currently running test plays will also now close when a project is closed.
  • In user-built games, project data contents are no longer recorded in action_log.txt.

"How to switch to Open Beta"
1. Open "Properties" for Pixel Game Maker MV in your Steam Library.
2. Select "open_beta" and close Properties.

"How to switch to Default"
Please execute the following process to revert from Beta to the previous version.
1. Open "Properties" for Pixel Game Maker MV in your Steam Library.
2. Select "None - don't participate in any Beta programs" and close Properties.


Pixel Game Maker MV
Official Site
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Pixel Game Maker MV – the latest entry in the Maker series – is now available on Steam Early Access!

Create action games with ease - no programming necessary
You can now create your very own full action games without the need for any programming whatsoever. Compatible with JavaScript extensions, anyone from total beginners to seasoned developers can enjoy game creation to the fullest.

Create endless fun with “Multi-Viewpoint/Multi-Versus”
Allows for both top- and side-based views, as well as cooperative or competitive local play between up to four players. Works with any genre, so the games you can create are limited only by your imagination!

A simple way to create rich and beautiful game graphics
Using the graphic import feature, physics engine, particle effects, and multiple layer combination, you can create your own ideal game in exactly the way you want to make it, easily and without all the hassle.

Create action games easily without programming using six tools

  • Tool 1: Resources - Prepare and arrange image assets required for your game
  • Tool 2: Tiles – Create “tiles” necessary for map field creation
  • Tool 3: Objects – Provide characters and items with various gimmicks
  • Tool 4: Animation – Enliven and enrich your graphics
  • Tool 5: Scenes – Build stages using tiles and objects
  • Tool 6: Transition – Connect scenes to bring your games into shape

Also allows for functional expansion
You can use JavaScript to expand on and add to the pre-existing features. Master using these extended functions and add-ons to create even more complex and beautiful games!

Системні вимоги

    • ОС: WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
    • Процесор: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0GHz or better
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 4 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця
    • ОС: WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
    • Процесор: Intel Core2 Duo 3.0GHz or better
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 8 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU / NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 or better
    • Місце на диску: 1 GB доступного місця

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