Ever since the ancient wars of mages, the world has been a dark place. As to the Distorted Lands, regular folk avoid them like plague. Yet this is now your new home. Your magic powers bid disciples from all over the land to come look for you. Other forces are looking for you, too – and their intent is much darker.
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Q2 2019

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Uzyskaj natychmiastowy dostęp i zacznij grać; zaangażuj się w powstawanie gry.

Uwaga: ta gra, która jest oferowana w formie wczesnego dostępu, nie została jeszcze ukończona i do momentu pełnego wydania może ulec zmianom. Jeśli gra w jej obecnym stanie nie interesuje cię, sugerujemy poczekać, aż prace nad grą zostaną ukończone. Dowiedz się więcej.

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Dlaczego wczesny dostęp?

“With our previous game (Gremlins, Inc.) we already went through 6 months of Early Access ahead of the full release – and we loved it! The community feedback that we received, lead to new features and improved balance of the game.

With Spire of Sorcery, our plan is the same: we will release the game, publish the development roadmap, and then will adjust our development plans according to the feedback that we receive from our core Steam community – with frequent updates and regular blog entries.”

Mniej więcej jak długo gra będzie w fazie wczesnego dostępu?

“We plan that Spire of Sorcery will be in Early Access between 6 and 12 months.

However, as with our previous Steam release, we plan to keep updating Spire of Sorcery for many months (and even years!) after the full release. The day of the full release will be the day when we're confident that we arrived at version 1.0 of our game design objective; and then we will just continue updating the game as usual.”

Czym różni się zaplanowana pełna wersja od tej z wczesnego dostępu?

“In terms of content, the full release version of the game will have the bells and whistles that the Early Access version will not have at its launch date: unique icons and illustrations for different types of events and items; more music and more sound effects; more events in general.

In terms of game mechanics, the full release version of the game might have advanced levels of gameplay built on top of the core mechanics – depending on how we progress with the balancing of the overall player experience, and whether we find these extra layers of gameplay necessary.

In terms of user interface, the full release version of the game will definitely have multiple improvements based on what we discover during thousands of games completed by the community during the Early Access period.”

Jaki jest obecny stan wersji z wczesnego dostępu?

“When Spire of Sorcery launches in Early Access in 2019, the game will be fully playable at its core level: recruit disciples, teach them and discover their personalities and traits; upgrade your spire and manage your resources; send parties on quests across the global map of the world and receive reports; conduct research and otherwise manage your mage's time. Finally, the game will already have a final stage and you will be able to win (or lose) the main campaign.”

Czy cena gry ulegnie zmianie podczas i po wczesnym dostępie?

“Like with our previous project, we plan to increase the price once the game transitions from Early Access to full release.”

Jak zamierzacie włączyć społeczność w wasz proces tworzenia?

“The close involvement of the Steam community is the sole reason behind our decision to launch Spire of Sorcery first in Early Access. During the Early Access period of our previous game, we already developed the tools that allow us to process player feedback and synchronise our development priorities with what the community feels might benefit the project the most – in a transparent way. We are used to releasing updates as often as every 2 weeks, in order to keep up to speed to the community feedback.

Our first game would not be the same without the many contributions (large and small) of dedicated players from different regions around the world. We know that we can design, develop and deliver a great original game – but we also know that we cannot predict all of the aspects that will make it truly enjoyable experience that will give players 100+ hours of terrific player experience, and this is where the involvement of our community is truly irreplaceable!”
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22 marca


The last few weeks have been pretty crazy here at the studio – in a good way. First off, we just expanded Spire of Sorcery’s dev team with one more person!

Being a small studio, this is big news for us. We typically grow by one developer per year because our requirements are somewhat special: we don’t understand how to “manage” people and we like to iterate a lot, relying on teamwork and internal feedback as our main tools of progress. Which means that to enjoy working at Charlie Oscar, you need to be (get ready for it!) a self-driven cross-disciplinary multi-lingual person who can handle a lot of communication traffic to stay up to date – a pretty rare profile!

Alexey Bokulev, game designer of Spire of Sorcery (previously: Eador. Genesis and Gremlins, Inc.)

Our new colleague’s name is Nikita and he’s going to move to Vilnius Old Town in early April. His focus will be on helping our game designer, Alexey Bokulev, to move faster with the design and the implementation of game events, which are the real “meat” of Spire of Sorcery. We think that having Nikita on board will significantly improve our ability to produce great content faster (yes, faster!) and we’re certain that with Nikita’s help, we’ll be able to ship a better game overall.

Global map concept: farmlands.

Next, some more good news: we just started our collaboration with Josué Monchan, a games writer and a veteran of the games industry. We know Josué for years (he contributed to Gremlins, Inc. as the game’s Spanish translator) and we’re pretty excited to have a proper writer working on Spire of Sorcery now!

Josué Monchan & Alexey Bokulev

What will Josué do? He’ll be fine-tuning character biographies, suggesting new game events as well as writing down all the lore that we’ve been discussing for the last couple of years. With everyone on the core team so focused on the actual game design and user experience, we never really had the luxury to add to the game all the smaller stories that give you a better understanding of the world of Rund.
  • How does one procure a Cyclops’s eye, which is a valuable alchemic ingredient?
  • How did the Mermaids come to exist?
  • What happens when you accept a disciple that runs away from her creditors?
The questions above are just a glimpse into the discussions that we started to have once we realized that we have a real writer on board. We have high hopes that we’ll deliver to you a game with significantly better writing, as the result!

Because of all of this happening, the last issue of our blog was a bit delayed, for which I apologize. The next week’s blog should be on time, though. There, we’ll talk about the Caves of Rund.

See you soon!


:summer_magic: Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator (Steam)
:summer_magic: Official Discord server
:summer_magic: YouTube recordings of the development live streams
:summer_magic: Twitter (game updates)
:summer_magic: Facebook (game updates)

:malice: Official Discord server
:malice: Twitter (game updates)
:malice: Facebook (game updates)
:music: Original Soundtrack on Spotify

:notebook: Charlie Oscar’s developer page on Steam
:notebook: Twitter (studio news)
:notebook: Facebook (studio news)
:notebook: "Behind the scenes" Instagram
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18 marca


Earlier in the week, we celebrated the third anniversary since the release of our studio’s previous game, Gremlins, Inc., on Steam. In that time, we released nearly 100 updates with new content and new features for the game, as well as posted over 300 news stories.

With Spire of Sorcery, our plans are no less ambitious: we see the future launch of this game in Early Access (current expectations: some time before or around June 2019) as the beginning of the way rather than as the end of our development process.

As a somewhat seasoned developer (Charlie Oscar turns 5 years this year!), we have the knowledge and the skills to shape the game according to our game designer’s vision. But we also understand that with a complex design like that of Spire of Sorcery, there will be many more surprises and discoveries once the game is in the hands of players.

We’re pretty certain that a lot of truly great ideas will arrive only after the game enters its Early Access period, and we really look forward to that time!


The Cataclysm that marked the end of the Age of Mages, destroyed most of the civilization on the planet: cities turned to ruins, roads disappeared under the fallen ash. As the world lay abandoned, new forests took over any space that they could reclaim.

A few hundred years later, as the young Empire started digging itself out of the rubble and slowly expanding its reach to the west and to the east, it found these new forests useful for foraging and lumbering.

As to the forests that existed prior to the Cataclysm, they proved to be too difficult to traverse and too dangerous to explore. From the non-human dwellers of the past that still reside there to the century-old traps still set around ruins and monoliths, these ancient forests still keep – and protect – their secrets really well.


This very first sketch of the Regular Forest biome.

Regular Forests cover most of the central part of Rund. Some of the larger animals that live in these biomes are Tasljuks, Forest Cats and Gigglers.

As we developed the concept of the Regular Forest biome, we experimented with different shapes and colors.

While Regular Forests may contain Monoliths, Idols, Ruins and even Sources, the chance of discovering such objects is quite low.

The final version of the biome that you will see in the game.

Regular Forests are a good source of berries and mushrooms, as well as of wood. Small and mid-sized game can be hunted for meat, hides and fur. Of the specific plants, one can find here belladonna, amanita and demon mushrooms, as well as hemlock, burnet and snakehead. All of these are useful alchemic ingredients.

These are some of the resources that you can collect in the Regular Forest, as well as some of the creatures that you may meet there.

Disciples of the Spire who travel through Regular Forests have a risk of encountering parties of hunters and lumberjacks, who may identify them as runaway mages and subsequently report them to the Inquisition in their home villages.


Some of the first sketches of the Ancient Forest biome (here they also show a dwelling of Mushroom-eaters).

Ancient Forests cover the eastern part of Rund, from north to south, ending only where Distorted Lands begin at the very edge of the world. Besides Tasljuks, Forest Cats and Gigglers, Ancient Forests are home to Blackpaws, Weepers, Bleeders, Weavers and Mushroom-eaters.

As we developed the concept of the Ancient Forest biome further, we experimented with different shapes and colors.

Ancient Forests hide Monoliths, Idols, Ruins and Sources.

Here you can see how we fine-tuned the colors in the final version of the Ancient Forest biome; the last image is what you will see in the game.

In addition to all the plants available in the Regular Forests, in Ancient Forests one can also find raven’s eye, hidden root, eye-flower, clathrus ruber and the deathflower tree.

This illustration shows some of the resources that you can collect in the Ancient Forest biome as well as some of the creatures that live there.

Traveling through the Ancient Forest takes significantly longer than traveling through the Regular Forest. There is a higher chance of accidents as well as the risk of encountering poisonous flora. Finally, disciples of the Spire who travel through the Ancient Forests may encounter not only non-human dwellers (who could be neutral or aggressive), but also parties of adventurers that are not bound by any laws of Rund and can take advantage of a weaker party.


That’s it for today! As always, for updates on work in progress, please check the game’s official Discord server.

:summer_magic: Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator (Steam)
:summer_magic: Official Discord server
:summer_magic: YouTube recordings of the development live streams
:summer_magic: Twitter (game updates)
:summer_magic: Facebook (game updates)

:malice: Official Discord server
:malice: Twitter (game updates)
:malice: Facebook (game updates)
:music: Original Soundtrack on Spotify

:notebook: Charlie Oscar’s developer page on Steam
:notebook: Twitter (studio news)
:notebook: Facebook (studio news)
:notebook: "Behind the scenes" Instagram
:notebook: YouTube
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Spire of Sorcery has its official Discord server, where we share our work in progress on the project. Use this link to join the community – or click on the image above!


Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator, a free standalone companion tool for the game, is already available on Steam! Download it here, create your own characters – and share them with the community!

O tej grze

In this original mix of strategy and RPG designed by Alexey Bokulev (author of turn-based strategy Eador. Genesis and digital board game Gremlins, Inc.), you will:

  • expand and upgrade your magic spire, balancing the needs to research, craft and defend;
  • choose and teach your disciples, discovering their personal traits and collaboration capacities when matched in parties and sent on quests;
  • explore the vast open world stretching from the Empire to the Distorted Lands, seeking new knowledge, resources and sources of power – as well as establishing relations with the locals.
But above all else, you will try to survive: the troops of the Inquisition are roaming the land, hunting for runaway mages; and dwellers of the lawless wild, human and not, are on the lookout for easy prey.

Yet your most powerful enemy is neither of those. It is the time itself – the approaching death from old age. Only one thing can save you: the elixir of youth. Several ancient manuscripts mention it in passing... There must be a way to learn the formula. There must be a way to obtain the ingredients... Before it's too late.


A long time ago, powerful mages ruled these lands. They moved rivers, they summoned monsters, they created new races of non-human servants for their own needs and pleasures... They also waged wars. It is one of these wars that brought the whole world to the very brink of collapse. Whole regions burned and mountains melted as thousands of souls screamed in torture. In the end, the great mages completely destroyed each other, and as they died, their final curses tore the land apart, creating anomalies that we nowadays call the Distorted Lands. Places that a few dare to visit. Places where abnormal is the norm.


The suffering of the people following the last war had been so great that once the world cooled down from the violent storms, one of the very first groups to rise from the burning ruins was the order of the Inquisition. Said to be more powerful than the Emperor himself, this order is focused on controlling each and every person who possesses any magic powers – and on hunting down those runaway mages that seek to practice the forbidden skill. To the Inquisition, magic powers are a curse, and any practice of these outside of the strictly licensed guild is a sin punishable by torture and death.


As the troops of the Inquisition were making the first arrests, a new state – the Empire – was proclaimed in the part of the world least touched by the war. Officially, the Empire stretches from the coastline and to the mountains, and, with a number of strongholds, provides protection to the population otherwise besieged by all sorts of rogues. Unofficially, the Empire's influence starts to fade even before you leave the capital's gates, and by the time you're in the wild lands, the decisions of local lords always count so much more than anything that the imperial court may try to impose.


Until recently, you were an ageing mage casting simple spells under the strict control of the Guild. As years passed by, this satisfied you less and less. You started to look for books that held secret knowledge, studying them when no one could see you... until the day of the surprise search in your rooms. Ever since, you've been on the run, escaping the Inquisition by moving to the only region which even they avoid: the Distorted Lands.

Here, on the edge of the wild lands, you cast the forbidden spell for Spire of Sorcery and, tapping into the source of power, erected your new home: a magic fortress bound to you alone. You and the spire are connected so close that when one falls, the other follows. This is the domain that you can never leave. Yet from here you can still explore the whole world – with the help of your disciples.

Build, upgrade and customise rooms of the spire: libraries and herbal gardens, classrooms and prisons, living rooms and monster kennels, laboratories and warehouses, treasury and caverns, observatory and watchtower – your priorities define the capabilities of your spire and shape your strategy of exploration and survival.


As you develop your spire, disciples start to arrive at your door. Some heard your magic Call; some just heard about you from their friends. At first, you don't know much about them except for their looks and what they choose to tell you. With limited number of living rooms in the spire, will you prefer to accept a farmer's daughter distressed by her own magic powers – or a dedicated student of arcane who yearns for new knowledge, even though his skill is on a lesser scale?

Some of these disciples come to you to escape repressions. Some seek the light of wisdom. And some come in the pursuit of greater personal power. As you accept and teach them, you will discover their true personalities and find them fitting roles in your spire. One will become a great explorer, traveling fast and surviving any hardships. Another will become a gifted gardener, and secure your supply of the rarest ingredients. Yet another will become a traitor, trying to poison you.

Select, teach and direct your disciples on the quests inside and outside the spire. Your choice of strategy may yield a few powerful young mages focused on deep research into the elixir of youth – or an army of simpletons excavating artefacts all over the land, looking for the books lost in the ancient wars.


Legends claim that back in the days of the powerful mages, there were spheres that could show you what happened all the way across the mountains – and that through them, you could even converse with others. Nowadays, one hardly knows what happens across the river, as the wild lands are overtaken by rogues and monsters. But perhaps one day you will re-discover these long-lost magic artefacts of the past?

With disciples ready to depart on the quests of your bidding, ancient ruins and abandoned mines will reveal their mysteries to those who survive the expeditions. By sending parties and setting their goals, you will map dwellings, points of interest and sources of power. Your disciples will meet rogues and vagabonds, settlers and lords, animals and monsters. Through the eyes of your students, you will discover the non-human races of the past as well as the few ancient creatures from the pre-war era who continue to prowl in the wild, accumulating greater and great powers.

Explore the open world created anew each time when you start the campaign, charting new lands and deciphering new secrets. Maybe your brightest disciples will go missing in the Distorted Lands, lured by the innocent-looking fluters; or maybe they will befriend the many-handed Librarian and unlock his treasure trove of manuscripts? The story of the campaign is yours to write.


Here in the wild lands, bandits and gangs are a fix of the local landscape. Looking for the weak, they will move to an easier prey once you step up your spire's defense. As to the local dwellers, not everyone appreciates a mage moving in, and quite a few may try to claim the contents of your cellars. Not to mention seasoned adventurers on the mission to raid a castle or two (and make it off with the artefacts).

As your spire gains notoriety, it will start to attract more visitors, including stronger private armies – as well as the troops of the Inquisition, who never forget or forgive. And as your disciples travel the world, other dangers will loom: from illnesses contracted far away on a quest and brought back to the spire by the returning disciples to dangerous spells triggered by the explorers, which can range from having a few ghosts to having to battle a full-blown death curse. Your old age is approaching, too, rendering you fragile... until one day you become too weak to defend the spire.

Survive the immediate dangers while looking for the formula and ingredients of the only thing that can offer you the truly lasting power – the elixir of youth. Whether you find it, craft it or trade it, this is the item that will decide the ultimate success or failure of your campaign!

Wymagania systemowe

    • System operacyjny: Windows 7/8/10
    • Procesor: Intel 2.3Ghz
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Intel Iris 5000
    • DirectX: Wersja 9.0
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie internetowe
    • Miejsce na dysku: 1 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Karta dźwiękowa: Internal
    • System operacyjny: Windows 7/8/10
    • Procesor: Intel i5 / similar AMD or higher
    • Pamięć: 8 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: GeForce 7XX / similar Radeon or higher
    • DirectX: Wersja 11
    • Sieć: Szerokopasmowe połączenie internetowe
    • Miejsce na dysku: 1 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Karta dźwiękowa: Internal

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