Lead a party of runaway mages through the dangerous world of Rund. Discover alchemy. Master magic. Explore the land. Survive the challenges.
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Jogo com acesso antecipado

Comece a jogar agora e participe do desenvolvimento do jogo.

Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado não está completo e pode ou não sofrer alterações no futuro. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, aconselhamos esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

Por que acesso antecipado?

"We launched in Early Access because we were still developing the game at that time (2021). Early Access allowed us to develop the game in a transparent way, and incorporate feedback from players on the fly."

Por quanto tempo aproximadamente este jogo estará em acesso antecipado?

"Spire of Sorcery will remain in Early Access forever, because after shipping the 4 story chapters (out of 7) we placed the development on hold, permanently, to pursue a more ambitious vision of the same concept – with a different game designer, and as a new standalone game."

Como a versão completa será diferente da versão de acesso antecipado?

"We aimed to ship 7 chapters of Spire of Sorcery, but halfway through we realised that we could make it so much better if we made major adjustment to the vision: a stronger storyline, a much more scalable mechanics of encounters, and more exploration in the core loop. This ambition exceeds the capabilities of Spire of Sorcery, hence the freeze of this game – and the start of a new project."

Qual é o estado atual da versão de acesso antecipado?

"Everything that you read in the description on the store page is in the game: spellcasting, alchemy, equipment, exploration and discoveries, creatures and items and mechanics. What's lacking is that the game has 4 chapters out of a total of planned 7, so you never get to finish the journey – upon reaching the Dismal Marshes, the game ends."

O preço do jogo será alterado após o fim do acesso antecipado?

"The game is priced for what it is: an original TBS about mages, with about 4-8 hours of content."

Como vocês planejam envolver a comunidade durante o processo de desenvolvimento?

"We appreciate the feedback of all the players who completed the demo, or the EA version of the game, and who messaged us about the parts they loved and the parts they found boring. This helped us identify the direction of our new effort."
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Notas de atualização

Dear players:

We developed this version of Spire of Sorcery in 2020-2022 as a turn-based strategy about a party of mages traveling across the world of Rund. The version available on Steam features 4 story chapters. We do not plan any further updates. Please try the demo before you decide to buy this game, and please buy it only if you're looking for a party-based TBS about spellcasting with no expectations of further content. This version will not be updated.

In the middle of 2022, we experienced a burnout and considered closing the studio for good. After taking a break, we decided to give this idea one more try, making our best effort and giving it everything (time, money, passion):

We partnered with a veteran game designer (with millions of copies of his previous games sold here on Steam) to develop a dark fantasy story-driven game about mages in the world of Rund – with a much more complex, and scalable, system for spellcasting, crafting and exploration; and with a proper storyline (we have a full-time writer working on the project). It will be our "everything or nothing" moment: either we forget about Rund, or we succeed and you love the new game.

We aim to introduce this new game with a playable demo some time in 2024.

Meanwhile, we leave Spire of Sorcery available for purchase, as it features enough content to play for a few hours – and represents the original mechanics that we now develop further. It is not a bad game, and it shows the potential for what we currently build.


Sobre este jogo

On the western coast stretches the Empire, the last known shard of human civilization. Occasionally, a person with the talent for magic is born there. Hunted and persecuted, such people are confined to the Sanctuaries for the Corrupted. Under the watchful eye of the Inquisition, the mages are made to work for the benefit of the state.

Across the Great River from the Empire begin the Wild Lands. Once civilized, they are now roamed by predators, ghosts and demons. Dismal Marshes, Elderwood, Deceiving Plains: these lands are home to sentient non-human tribes. There is little contact and no sympathy between the Empire and these dwellers of the Wild Lands.

At the feet of the Blue Mountains, in the north of the Wild Lands, rests the Spire of Sorcery. For centuries this sentient citadel slumbered, yet now it is awakened by a dark threat coming from the east. The Spire sounds an ancient Call, summoning all mages to join its cause. Answering its bidding, dozens of mages attempt to reach the Spire, attracted by the promise of a new life with the citadel. But only three succeed in crossing the Great River…


At the heart of the game is the original system of tokens that stack, convert and combine – binding together the effects of spellcasting, alchemic potions and environments, as well as character traits and their special powers.


The world of Rund is dark and full of dangers: each chapter features new biomes and new opponents. Discover new locations and new resources. Uncover new recipes when cooking food and concocting alchemy, procure new equipment.


Complete the journey that takes the mages from the Empire and into the Distorted Lands. Encounter different tribes and fractions, unlock side quests, make meaningful choices that affect the way that the campaign plays.


Assemble your initial party based on stats, personal traits and specialisation of each mage. Upgrade their spellbooks, influence their mood, modify their looks. Find new party members. Expand the Spire with new rooms that unlock new mechanics.

Requisitos de sistema

    • SO *: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processador: Intel 2.3Ghz
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Intel Iris 5000
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Armazenamento: 1 GB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: Internal
    • SO *: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processador: Intel i5 / similar AMD or higher
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: GeForce 7XX / similar Radeon or higher
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Armazenamento: 1 GB de espaço disponível
    • Placa de som: Internal
* A partir do dia 1º de janeiro de 2024, o cliente Steam será compatível apenas com o Windows 10 ou posterior.

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