Gloria Victis is a MMORPG with an emphasis on realism, set in a low-fantasy medieval open world. Enjoy MMO with skill-based non-target combat, open PVP with territory control, deep crafting system and player-driven economy – all that served with beautiful graphics and immersive atmosphere.
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Release Date:
Jun 9, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“2 years after getting Greenlit, thanks to the intensive full-time work of our team, Gloria Victis finally moved to Steam Early Access. We have waited with launch until now to make sure the game will be polished enough to meet your expectations. However, we know that we can achieve a lot more together, so we encourage the players to discuss the game and its core features, as well as the recent progress and future development plans.

Early Access gives us an invaluable chance to increase the development pace and make sure that the final game will be polished as much as possible. Thank you very much for your priceless support and giving us a chance to bring our dream to life!


Please remember that the game is currently in alpha stage and you may experience some issues or some of the features may not be implemented yet. We recommend supporting us only if you want to help us develop the game!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Thanks to the Steam release we will hopefully be able to expand the development team and release the complete game as soon as possible.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“While in Early Access you receive a solid foundation of what Gloria Victis is and will be, some of the awesome features (in big part designed in co-operation with our Community!) are still being under development and will be implemented in future updates. Our plans for future development include:

– Replacing the character’s model and hiring the motion capture studio to rework animations, particular for combat [DONE]
– Implementation of the playable female characters [DONE]
– Continuous increasing of the servers capability, until there is only a single server per supported region of the world (since then you can freely switch between current servers) [DONE]
– Implementation of siege engines
– Implementations of sailing and naval combat
– Implementation of mounts and mounted combat
– Implementation of housing system
– Implementation of dynamic events dynamically changing the world according to the players’ actions [DONE]
– Implementation of new playable factions [DONE]
– Developing the available world [DONE]
– Numerous minor features, including fishing, gambling and emotes [PARTIALLY DONE]”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Early Access of Gloria Victis includes most of the core features planned for the final release. Some of them are still being discussed with our Community, improved or developed.

Non-Target Combat – Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter! Prove your skills and earn fame as an undefeatable duelist, eagle-eyed archer or respected commander inspiring your allies in battle! With the income from Early Access we are going to greatly improve the animations and overall combat experience, as well as to implement mounts and siege engines.
Open PVP – Fight to the death in tournaments, towns and castles sieges and epic wars where entire armies collide!
Territory Control – Conquer the lands, siege non-instantiated towns and castles and develop fortifications to earn an advantage in the everlasting conflict of the realms! In future the player guilds will be able to control and develop towns and castles with surrounding keeps, farms and mines, to forge alliances and declare wars to the other guilds.
Innovative Partial Loot System – Defeated your enemy? Take your reward, selecting which specific items you would like to loot – but hurry, the clock is ticking!
Fame and Disgrace – Be a part of a living feudal society, establish your reputation and move up the feudal hierarchy, leading your allies to victory under your guild’s banner – or run and hide as an outlaw! In the final version you will even get a chance to become the ruler of your nation or the public enemy.
Complex Crafting System – Look for the best resources and materials, use crafting workstations and co-operate with others to increase your efficiency and achieve mastery in one of 8 different realistic crafts. The economy is in your hands – swords don’t drop from wolves but are forged by the blacksmiths!
Class-less Progression – Become who you want to be, shaping your character without artificial classes and fully customizing your equipment using hundreds of available items! Thanks to income from Early Access we will be able to add playable female characters!
Open Living World – Seamless, breathtaking, unpleasant, dynamically reacting to your actions – the diversified and overwhelming world of Gloria Victis awaits you!
Low-fantasy Setting – Explore the lands based upon medieval Europe and Middle-East, discover ancient secrets, seek for forgotten treasures and face creatures designed after medieval tales!”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“No, since the price is calculated to cover the costs of the constant development of Gloria Victis, upkeep the servers and supporting the game after release. If a free-to-play option ever becomes viable and necessary for us -- which will be something that may only happen long after the official release -- we will make sure that the players who bought the game for the original price will receive much more than what they paid for.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We are continuously looking for insightful feedback and brilliant ideas from our Community, often discussing them and applying the best ones to the game. We also invite the most active players to check the latest features and changes during internal tests before they are released in the official updates.”
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Recent updates View all (206)

February 21

Quality of Life update (Update v. – Steam Patch 163)

Hello warriors!

New weekly update is live! Last week we added movable catapults – this time we focused on quality of life changes. This update introduces tons of gameplay improvements, balance tweaks and bug fixes. Check them on your own!

See you in battle!

Changelog v

Quality of Life improvements:

– Improved synchronizing the player’s server- and client-side position in some edge-case scenarios, i.e. being stunned
– Improved detecting the terrain’s angle when walking up the slopes
– From now on, holding the walking key sprinting on autorun effects in moving with walking speed without losing stamina
– Updated the male character’s body width
– Improvements to the Deadly Harvest world event’s interface
– Added idle animations for vendors in a fort in the Ismirean starting quests area
– Minor improvements to the announcements panel displayed in the main menu
– Added animation to reviving a player
– Reduced duration of the “New resource node” event, also from now on it will start again in another location once the previous instance ends
– Added a missing option to the last question in the character creation process for Ismirs
– Added displaying damage dealt to the shooting targets with a bow
– Updated the Non-looting zone status icon
– Added new skin for the top light armor helms (Karleonian Padded Hood, Black Guard’s Padded Hood, Praetorian’s Padded Hood) – Emissary of the Death's Mask

Crafting/economy balance:

The latest update which solved some crafting balance issues but it also effects in higher demand for Dziwer bars. We made some changes in response to the Community feedback in order to allow players to acquire of Dziwer bars easier, which is especially important for the underdog factions which can’t hold the top-tier locations and access materials required for high-grade equipment and have issues with leveling important crafting professions.

– Added new Sulfur, Quartz Crystal and Calcite Crystal nodes in the central areas of each link, between middle flags (Rodrock Fort and Tenebrok, Greenport and Scarsdale, Ulfgard and Seaclaw)
– Added 1 node of rare materials (with changing spawners which swap after depleting an existing one) to each mine near a nation’s capital
– Added Sulfur to the drop table in “Defend the Spy!” dynamic events taking place in the central part of each link
– Added Sulfur and Calcite Crystal to the drop table in “Affair in the port” – optional stage of the “Sea Wraiths” world event
– Added a chest which can contain Sulfur, Calcite or Nitrite to the rewards in “Sea Wraiths” and “Volcano” world events
– Removed remaining materials formerly used for crafting Maille: Small Steel Rings, Big Steel Rings, Thin Steel Wire, Thick Steel Wire
– Removed Buckle, Strap with Buckle and Fibula which used steel wires because they were tedious steps with little added value – they have been replaced with Steel Bars or with a compensate item; this change was done to improve the crafting convenience


– Fixed an issue causing that an attack would hit the target player in its’ first frame, preventing the defender from reacting to an incoming attack
– Fixed an issue allowing to place a free token on a guild location
– Fixed an edge-case issue allowing to purchase more than 2 guild tokens
– Fixed an issue preventing players from capturing a guild location if the flag was neutral at the end of the Final Battle
– Fixed an issue with converting the local time to UTC which caused not validating the State of War time change in the guild window
– Fixed an issue causing that officers couldn’t purchase tokens in the guild window
– Fixed an edge case issue allowing to lose items from a bag by splitting items
– Fixed an issue causing bugging out the player’s inventory by going out of the water after attempting to unequip items by dragging them on the inventory bags while swimming – in effect a player couldn’t use the hotbar or equip/unequip items
– Several fixes to visual bugs appearing after removing items from deposit, i.e. icon of a reinforced item would remain in the deposit destroying at reinforcing
– Fixed an issue allowing to consume crafting materials if they were put into the hotbar slots – they disappeared after using them
– Fixed an issue causing that bags were invisible until relogging after attempting to move them from deposit to inventory by double-clicking LMB
– Fixed an issue causing that some shields were invisible from one side on minimal settings
– Fixed an issue allowing to accept reviving a minute after receiving the revive offer which allowed to revive already dead players
– Fixed an issue preventing players from joining the Valley of Death tournament when it already started if any nation has already reached the team’s size max limit
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that when a player left the Valley of Death tournament, no player was added from the queue as a replacement
– Fixed the quests requiring capturing a location which take place on farms and mines
– Fixed an issue causing that campfires were applying a debuff to damage dealt by a player who walked into it – from now on, the campfire will deal small burning damage over time
– Fixed moving a player to the ranked duels arena from the training arena if the player chose to spectate a fight
– Fixed an issue causing that the fast travel options in the map were disabled after discarding the travel target selection
– Fixed a visual bug causing displaying cancellation of any action twice
– Fixed position of gloves in the player looting window
– Fixed an issue causing that some parts of the Supporter Shop’s interface were rendered below other windows
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February 14

Deadly Harvest update! (Update v. – Steam Patch 162)

Hello, warriors!

We have something special for you for Vallentine’s Day: movable catapults! Although it’s the first iteration of this system, we’re excited to see the sieges even more thrilling. We’ll be gathering your feedback and suggestions, as well as data from our servers and continue improving the siege engines. There’s also a brand new open world PVP event, another improvement to the crafting system which streamlines many processes and tons of gameplay improvements and fixes.

Happy Vallentine’s Day and see you in battle!

Changelog v.

Siege Engines update:

We soft-launched the 1st iteration of movable catapults. We’re aware that they’re not perfect yet and there are bugs but we’ve reached the stage when we need to see them in action to gather data for further improvements, which will be done in the nearest updates.

As the catapults are soft-launched, their damage is quite low for now. Soon, when they’ll be more polished, we’ll increase both the damage dealt with catapults and ballistas, and durability of upgradable buildings and fortifications. Right now the catapults are placed at siege camps near the nation-controlled castles: Blackrock, Waterford, Volkvar, Skogar, Dimar and Haddah. Temporarily catapults are respawning 5 minutes after being destroyed or when they are left unused for 5 minutes. We will soon introduce more advanced spawning system for nation-controlled locations, which will also help balancing amount of siege engines in the open world while they will still be accessible for the attackers, as well as for guild territories.

So, we invite everyone to try out the movable catapults! We’re excited with this feature, especially that it’s a huge step towards introduction of other movable objects, such as wagons, ships and mounts, as it contains the same core mechanics: attaching a player to a moving object and directly steering the object itself rather than your character.

Open PVP update:

– Introduced the Deadly Harvest world event, in which all nations compete each other by capturing and controlling locations in the world – the event starts in the prime time of each server and lasts for 2 hours, during which even a dominating nation can’t gain more advantage than 20% over the next nation’s score; we believe that this event will encourage more open-world PVP battles not only during the prime-time but also before the event starts, as well as increase value of the player’s nation territories [please note that this event doesn't affect the loot and non-loot areas - it happens in the entire world as it is]
– Introduced a 2-hour long cooldown on the fortifications downgrading when a given location is being captured in order to increase the value of the player’s nation territories
– From now on, the Great Hunt event in the Ismirs’ area is located in the safezone instead of non-looting zone, as it is for other factions
– Added a river surrounding Leaktown to create the natural obstacle for catapults coming from the nation-controlled locations and to improve the landscape
– Updated areas of the nation-controlled castles (Blackrock, Waterford, Volkvar, Skogar, Dimar and Haddah), creating roads for catapults coming from siege camps
– Changed position of Dimar Lumbermill, moving it closer to Dimar Castle and updating the latter’s surroundings
– Updated positions of the siege event spawnpoints for attackers at Blackrock Castle, Dimar Castle and Rodrock Fort

Crafting update:

We introduced another iteration of streamlining the crafting processes, updating the flow of creating medium and heavy armors. List of changes:
– Removed Maille materials – there were 26 types of Maille which were of the same tier and required the same materials, so they were inconvenient to use; from now on, recipes require appropriate amount of metal bars for given tier instead of Maille
– Each player received steel bars in exchange for the removed Maille units – the ratio varies from 1:8 for 3in1 Maille to 1:1 for Dragonscale and Kings Maille
– Removed Small Rivets – each player received steel bars in exchange (ratio is 1:48)
– Updated recipes of all medium armors which require metal or Maille due to mentioned change done to materials
– Updated recipes of all heavy armors due to mentioned change done to medium armors, since many heavy armors require medium parts to be created and the top-tier medium armors are now more expensive to create
– Updated balance of medium and heavy armors recipes, so their levels now match required materials and the product’s value and tier
– Added possibility to use materials in heavy armors recipes as an alternative to required medium armors (i.e. when crafting a heavy chestpiece, you will be able to use steel bars instead of required chainmail)
– Updated the amount of fuel required in the armorsmithing recipes, so now it matches the recipes’ level
– Unified the workshops required by bows recipes
– Updated workshops required by Herbalism and Alchemy recipes
– Added bonus experience for crafting high quality items (not for crafting materials)

Quality of Life/Balance improvements:

– Client-side optimization which reduced the amount of required RAM and VRAM by 200MB – it will be especially noticeable for players using video cards with 1GB VRAM
– Reduced the bleeding effect’s max stacks from 15 to 12
– Improved the falling down mechanics – if a character will get stuck in the falling state while standing i.e. on the top of a wall, it will be unstuck within up to few seconds
– From now on, a staggered character moves with walking speed instead of marching
– Introduced the rewards threshold in selected world events: Brandon, Ragi and catacombs; if there are more players than the threshold, the amount of gold and Contribution Points received by a single player is reduced (but there’s no clamp); the change was done because these events could generate significant inflation of both gold and CP when done by large groups and rebalancing their rewards would be very negative for a single player – this way, only large groups will notice that the rewards are reduced
– Updated many models of helms and shoulderpads to fix models clipping through each other
– Temporarily, the furs with bear/goat heads disable displaying the character’s shoulderpads
– Added confirmation box for changing the account’s nation
– Added descriptions of available options when selecting the character’s origin
– Added missing minimap icons of the quest givers and food vendors
– Added notification displayed in the main menu if the player’s Steam client isn’t up-to-date – in such a case, the Steam’s restart is required to log in


– Fixes to bugged or locked State of War tokens
– Fixed an issue allowing to trigger the State of War the same day the token was placed
– Fixed calculating the guild’s activity in the guild recruitment offers
– Fixed an issue causing that the non-loot zone created by the Frontline Battle would sometimes appear in the wrong position
– Fixed displaying translations in the permissions dropdowns for guild territories
– Fixed updating the State of War time in the upgrading overview
– Fixed an issue causing that the notification about the State of War change cooldown was always displayed, even if the change was done immediately
– Fixed an issue allowing to type higher price than it should be possible when creating an offer in the Market window, which bugged the Market window
– Fixed an issue causing that the wooden spawn building in player-controlled locations (minor flags and forts) was disabling displaying the exterior
– Fixed server-side collisions of doors in the wooden main buildings
– Several fixes to the events and quests mechanics, including reported problems with completing events and quests requiring capturing a location
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that the NPC enemies from Brandon’s world event starter used to spawn in the wrong position
– Fixed an issue causing that the siege event invitation was appearing even for players below level 30
– Fixed an issue causing that after obtaining a new quest, its’ icon didn’t appear on the map until relogging
– Fixes to missing translations of some bows
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About This Game

Gloria Victis – A medieval MMORPG where Mount & Blade meets Planetside 2! Explore a breathtaking and atmospheric open world designed by lovers of the Witcher and Gothic series. Be part of a living society and become a soldier, knight, archer, assassin, swordmaster, berserker, huntsman, blacksmith, builder, merchant, farmer, healer, and more...the choice is yours!


Non-Target Combat & Epic PVP
Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter! Show your warrior spirit and earn fame as an undefeatable duelist, eagle-eyed archer, or respected commander inspiring your allies in battle. Compete for territory in the open world, and fight to the death in tournaments, castle sieges, and epic wars where entire armies collide!

Challenging Territory Control
Conquer land, siege non-instanced towns and castles and build advantageous fortifications in the everlasting conflict of the realms. Fight for glory in one of three nations or claim a castle for your guild and rule your lands!

Innovative Partial Loot System
Defeat your enemies and take your reward by selecting which specific items you will loot – but hurry, the clock is ticking!

Player-driven Economy
Look for the best resources and materials out in the world, and capture resource nodes. Use workstations to craft high quality items, and cooperate with others to increase your efficiency and achieve mastery in one of 8 different realistic crafts. Plant your own seeds, tend your crops, and keep them safe from pillaging enemies! The economy is in your hands – swords don’t drop from wolves, they are forged by blacksmiths!

Class-less Progression
Become who you want to be! Build your character without artificial classes, and fully customize your equipment using hundreds of available items!

Forge Your Legend
Establish your reputation and move up the feudal hierarchy, leading your allies to victory under your guild’s banner. Mark your way to the top with the blood of your enemies – become a hero and make them fear you!

Living Open World
Seamless, breathtaking, challenging, dynamically reacting to your actions – the massive and diversified world of Gloria Victis awaits you!

Explore the vast world and face various challenges – go solo and complete quests, or group up and take part in massive PVE events including open world dungeons! Or, gather materials and focus on crafting and trading. Or, leave it all behind and unleash your warrior spirit in huge PVP battles. The choice is yours!

Low-fantasy Setting
Explore lands inspired by medieval Europe including frosted mountaintops, deep forests, swamps, ruins, and rocky, arid plateaus. Discover ancient secrets, seek forgotten treasures, and face mythical creatures inspired by medieval tales!


Please remember that the game is currently in alpha stage and you may experience some issues or some of the features may not be implemented yet. Read the "Early Access" section above for details!
We are continuously improving and expanding all the described features according to the Community voice, while the others are under development or on our to-do list.

Features which will come with the future updates:

Mounts – Tired of walking? Get on a horse, take your lance and charge the enemy – or prove your incomparable skills in mounted archery!
Full-scale Sieges – Rams, ballistae, trebuchets, and catapults – medieval warfare in all its beauty and glory!
Sailing and Naval Combat – Build a cog to deliver goods to distant realms, lead your fleet in naval warfare or make your mark as a world-known corsair!
Housing – Build your own house, develop and decorate it – home sweet home!
Freedom and Immersion – Want to rest for a while? Enjoy numerous side-activities, such as fishing, gambling, and the beer drinking contest!
Mature storyline – Choose one of three playable nations based upon the old powers from medieval Europe and the Middle-East – Midlanders, Ismirs, and Sangmars – and enjoy an epic adventure to discover their rich culture, history and an own beliefs system!

We are currently hosting servers for following regions:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • South East Asia

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 Sp. 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II X4 with at least 2,7 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GeForce GT 740, Radeon HD 7750 - at least 1GB GPU memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 15 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Game requirements may change in time (optimization).
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X4 with at least 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 760, Radeon HD 7950 - at least 2GB GPU memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 15 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Game requirements may change in time (optimization).

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