Community Announcements - Cheritz

Mac version is now available. We apologize for the late release.

If you have an issue that the game doesn't let you type the name of your first doll at the beginning of the game,

1) Exit the game
2) Click on "Play" from the Steam launcher while pressing "Option" key. It will bring up a resolution dialog.
3) Try 1024*768 resolution with "Windowed"

You can change the resolution anytime with this method as well.

We thank you for your patience, and have fun!

맥버전이 출시되었습니다. 윈도우 버전에 비해 다소 늦은 출시에 사과드립니다.

게임 초기에 '첫번째 인형의 이름'이 타이핑 되지 않는 오류를 겪고 계신다면, 다음을 따라해주세요.

1) 게임을 종료합니다.
2) 스팀 런처에서 맥의 'Option'키를 누른 채로 플레이 버튼을 클릭해주세요. 해상도 다이얼로그가 실행될 것입니다.
3) 1024*768과 Windowed(윈도우모드)에 체크한 뒤, 플레이해주세요.

해상도를 게임 도중에 바꾸고 싶으시다면 같은 방법으로 하시면 됩니다.

고객여러분들의 양해에 감사드립니다.
Community Announcements - Fel
So I noticed some people were falling into an empty void on World 2, so I tracked down the source and fixed it. This also sets us up for better organization for further updates.

Things Fixed on Update

- Fixed falling in a void on world 2

- Rearranged map loading and fixed map names

So what are we working on next? We of course will always watching out for bugs, but we are also working on a couple of extra features that have been requested.

Features coming next;

- Will be able to edit controls to customize to your fittings
Community Announcements - Rayvolution
Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

InDev 12 Unstable 2 has been released, this build introduces the new Profile System, and a few bug fixes. If all goes well, Unstable 3 will start showing signs of a save system!

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. :)

InDev 12 Unstable 2 Change Log
- New Profile System, now multiple users can use the same computer and have their own settings configurations, save files, statistics and unlocks.
- Fixed bug that wouldnt allow burshes to cycle in the map editor with the hot key.
- Fixed transition module, it now fades out correctly in high-usage situations (Like Save and Exit in the map editor).
- Fixed a bug that was causing some of the settings buttons to be activated, even if the settings menu was not being displayed.
- Time of day is no longer saved in the map editor, and carried over to the play mode.
- Map editor now starts in Midday instead of Dawn.

InDev 12 Unstable 1 Change Log
- New Map, "Hunted"
- New Map, "Tiny Test Map"
- Settings Menu added, allowing you to adjust volume, change the interface scaling, toggle full screen, toggle v-sync and bind keys.
- Along with the new key bindings, many new hot keys have been added, including brush size adjustments, brush shape cycling and tab controls.
- Days cycle twice as fast. (5,000 ticks instead of 10,000 per full day cycle)
- Tweaked memory settings for windows machines.
Community Announcements - Remztan

Crafting and Holiday Skins are in!!! Earn drops by playing - craft drops into armor sets including the new Exclusive Holiday Elf Armor Set. Collect all 4 sets before they are locked away forever!

Yes, you will be able to use these exclusive skins when Ymil's Revenge is on Mobile/Console.

Also in the this update:
  • New Kill Screen
  • New Reward Screen with Item Drops
  • Improved targeting for Pyro and Shaman
  • Increased required damage to unleash your Epic Ability
  • Increased Rocket Jump Height
  • Fixed Labyrinth Crystal health bar issues
  • Fixed HUD Arrows for tutorial levels
Community Announcements - capbros
Fixed bug where treasure did not appear on right hand side of Wizard levels.

Special thanks to SoulSukkur for reporting this bug!
Community Announcements - BossConstructor
# 26.12.
Added small (1x2) and micro (1x1) ore containers. Shops now always sell at least two of each size.
Fixed a matrix stacking bug which caused graphical glitches on some graphics cards.
Fixed the image on the title screen having a border on widescreen resolutions.
Community Announcements - red51
Another update is available, it introduces the tree replanting feature (still work in progress, needs finetuning), as well as an setting to adjust the field of view (FOV) ingame.

This update also brings a gift object, which you can interact with ;)

Apart from that, the game now also works when Steam is in offline mode.

*Note for serverowners: You need to update the servers as well, download the latest version from our homepage*

  • [New] Option to adjust fov ingame
  • [New] Tree replanting, when chopping trees, they drop some saplings randomly. These can be replanted (work in progress!)
  • [New] Steam offline mode supported
  • [New] Ability to start dedicated server with launch parameters for max players and port (which override the setting in the config)
  • [New] Gift object, serves as a simple chest ;)
  • [Change] Changed default fov to 60
  • [Bugfix] Grass now gets also removed when placing multiple blocks in a line
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which prevented the game from starting when no language was selected
  • [Bugfix] Multiplayer setting to enable/disable pvp does work now
Community Announcements - Furiously Inactive Games
I just pushed out - this patch fixes the issue people were having with the 2nd dungeon in a session causing the game to freeze and become unresponsive.

Thanks to everyone that sent me their output logs and saved dungeon files, this helped a lot in tracking this one down!

Community Announcements - Artaani
Hello dear followers!

We have a feeling that there is no news from us, time to fix it! And as the title says, multiplayer will be available in the next update!

Actually, we are already working on it for a few days. Pretty complicated task, but we achieve a good progress. Still not sure how much time we need to finish it, may be a week or two, but not sure. We still learn a many things about multiplayer since we don't have much experience in this.

What to expect in next updates
Unfortunately for now we don't have an update for you. Since multiplayer in development, many core systems now in disassembled state, so we unable to make an minor update when the games does not work.

But probably we will implement some new things together with multiplayer. For example solar panels was improved. Their effectiveness is based on distance from the star and it will gain new model with correct collider of panels. Also we started to develop new interaction system which will allow you to set a hotkey for various actions, for example, deploy solar panels or disable some group of engines.

One month in Steam
And one more thing. We are one month in the Steam! Hm... Okay, 37 days. :) 7 days ago we was too busy in the development, but anyway. :) Seems like all going great! We made 9 updates during this time and seems like the game have a very good progress. It had greatly changed since our first trailer, now we have save\load and soon we will have a multiplayer. We were very afraid that people will say that we released the game too early, but all your reviews makes us really happy! Thanks you!

Christmas update?
Yes, we want to give you something special as a christmas gift, but since the game in pretty early stage of development, we not sure that we ready to add some christmas stuff. Multiplayer probably will be a better gift, but it still requires some works and we not sure that 5 days is enough to finish it. Anyway, we will keep you in touch!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer
“The first representative of half-track anti-air guns and excellently suited for battles in the “sandbox” – our low-level battles. The M13 is the first ground unit in the game without cannon armament. Instead of a cannon, it has dual large-caliber Brownings, and they pack a punch!”

Click here to see this vehicle in action!

Eduard Borisov, lead artist
“I love looking at this model in the 3D editor – it has a radio, there are ammo boxes attached to the cabin – boxes and not belts, for quick reloading. Here there’s a box with replacement barrels for the machine guns. The dual guns themselves are electrically driven, there’s a battery installed in the body.”
“There’s an interesting part at the front of the vehicle, a metal cylinder. This isn’t a winch; it’s a special roller for overcoming steep rises. That’s why the vehicle needs a fifth wheel!”

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