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Community Announcements - AxisGameFactory
AGF Users,

It has come to our attention that "some" of these problems that we are seeing from users on the forums are running "Windows" but we cannot duplicate the problem here on a comparable and sometimes identical machine. This is odd because most of our development for AGF is on Windows 7 and 8 machines.

When we look further into these issues with the users personally, we discover that they are running illegitimate non-updated versions of Windows.


We cannot offer any assistance to those not running a standard (official) copy of Windows as non legitimate versions have been proved to cause malfunctions in AGF and other software and drivers and as such we can't help these users until they have a legal copy to serve as a baseline for installation.

If you have an issue that we cannot duplicate on a comparable machine, on our legitimate and updated operating systems, we unfortunately have no other resource to help you.

If you do have an issue we cannot duplicate, it doesn't mean there isn't an issue.

We understand that these things will happen. We will however ask you to show us you running this app. http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate/ before we will help you find out what is going on with your installation of AGF.

I hate to have to go to this extent, but I will never be able to facilitate further development on AGF if my time and the time of our small team is taken up by us chasing ghosts in the (your) machine.

Running the validations app will ensure we are all fixing the same problem and not wasting each others time.

Happy Creating....



We did fix some bugs today too. Editor will now auto-save when an external player is chosen. Also automatically start the character in the center of the game area without a start locator present.. But you really should be placing start locators before you play.. The characters will start where you tell them to. So again, please, use the start locator.
Community Announcements - kouryuu9
We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Go Go Nippon now features Trading Cards and Steam Badges! Collect the trading cards to earn cool location emoticons from the game and badges featuring your two lovely guides!
Community Announcements - SM Sith Lord
- Added "over-the-shoulder" spectating for everybody. Just tie your live Twitch.tv stream into AArcade.
- Added a console command "set_twitch_id". Set it to your Twitch channel ID.
- Added automatic detection if your Twitch stream is live when ever you are playing a game inside AArcade.
- Added a Twitch icon over the heads of anybody live streaming a game inside of an AArcade.
- When a player starts live streaming a game, everybody automatically selects his cabinet to watch.

1. You must already have a Twitch.tv channel and know how to stream to it.
2. Use the following console command, replacing MyChannelName with your actual Twitch ID: set_twitch_id MyChannelNameHere
3. Launch any game from AArcade. Your live Twitch.tv stream will be displayed on the cabinet you are standing in front of.
3b. Make sure you are broadcasting to your live Twitch stream. As long as you're live, AArcade will detect it.
Community Announcements - Wicked Loot
So as some of you know, we been shifting more towards YouTube vids to showcase ongoing development. So check out some of the latest posts we made giving you some insight into what's coming soon to Spark Rising.

Here's the latest vids:



There's a bunch of other videos too. We are showing more of what life is like as an indie dev, good and bad! Enjoy!
Community Announcements - Scapes

ArcheAge is launching tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7)! With launch, our entire community will begin their journey in Erenor. Players who participated in our Open Beta or Head Start events will not need to redownload the entire game client. An small incremental patch to Version 1.2 Build 4.9 will be needed from the Open Beta client.

Head Start, our four-day pre-launch event for Founders, will transition to launch at 10:00 AM PDT. Players who are in-game will not be affected but all queues will be reset as our authentication server will need to be restarted as part of launch preparation. At this time, the launch build will be available to all players from Glyph. Please note that all characters and their progress will be retained between Head Start and launch.

We’re also excited to announce the addition two new servers as of Monday, September 16, due to overwhelming demand! Additional servers may be introduced at launch or beyond based on demand. The Auction House clusters for launch will be Aranzeb, Naima, Kyrios, and Inoch in AH1, Ollo, Tahyang and Salphira in AH2, Shatigon, Kyprosa, and Aier in AH3, and Eanna and Dahuta in AH4. Item listings from any server in a cluster will be accessible by all servers in that cluster.

North America

  • Aranzeb
  • Naima
  • Kyrios
  • Ollo
  • Tahyang
  • Salphira
  • Inoch


  • Shatigon
  • Kyprosa
  • Eanna
  • Dahuta
  • Aier

Not yet a Founder? Act now to gain access to the final hours of Head Start! This is also your last chance to claim special in-game loot available in the Silver, Gold, and Archeum Founder's Packs as they will no longer be available after tomorrow's launch. If you have more questions about ArcheAge, please visit our updated FAQ.

This marks the completion of ArcheAge's road to launch! To all of ArcheAge's adventurers and enthusiasts, we thank you for joining us on this journey. The world of Erenor is about to open and we’re glad you’re here!

Read the full article on the website.
Community Announcements - CumQuaT
Hi guys! So last update we outlined a plan to put out a major bug fix update and then move onto the next major content update (with the juicy new procedural magic system in it!)

So far we've been plugging away MASSIVELY at bugs and fixing them left, right and centre as you may have seen on the Trello board. But we've got so many significant bugs in our sights that the hotfix has a lot more work involved than we thought.

So, rather than make you wait, we've decided to break the bug fix update into multiple parts (two, possibly three) so that you guys can get the benefits of the bug fixes sooner rather than later. You'll see the first one sometime next week :)

It feels really good to be back on top of things after my recent crises. I've been cutting down bugs all over the place and really making some significant progress, so keep an eye out for the hotfixes and watch as the game gets more and more bug-free!

I'll put out an update outlining the contents of each hotfix as they come out :) until then, keep on rocking!
Community Announcements - Corgipede
Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying playing the Beta. We’re super grateful for all the feedback and bug reports that have been pouring in - you guys are totally awesome! You also did a fantastic job working together to identify potential causes of a couple major bugs, which helped us track them down and resolve them a lot quicker.

This first update addresses the biggest issues you guys reported, fixes various miscellaneous issues, tweaks balance, and extends a couple of features.

Here’s what’s new and/or improved in this build:

  • Fixed save corruption issue - this was related to save data for AI behaviors being doubled with each save. This should also fix some reported character combat lag.
  • Fixed return to shelter crash - thanks to the community, we discovered this was time zone-related and the game now uses its own internal clock independent of PC clock.
  • Adjusted lootlists for balance.
  • Added additional Leadership commands.
  • Added new AI behaviors and AI behavior fixes.
  • Memorial Wall can now be unlocked (but it only shows placeholder entries right now).
  • Suggestion Box can now be unlocked (but it only shows placeholder entries right now).
  • Added AC bonus from Vigor stat.
  • Fixed various dialogue issues.
  • Added various new dialogues.
  • Fixed blocking issues and exits for several levels.
  • Performed loot passes on motel levels.
  • Fixed various misc. art issues.
  • Implemented perk selection GUI art.
  • Implemented various shelter-related GUI art, including art for the shelter return summary and time passage on job board.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t max out weight through group trade interface.
  • Fixed a bug where damage resistance reported negative numbers.
  • Fixed a bug where the GO! command removed characters from the combat queue.
  • Added chainsaw sounds.
  • Added a few new levels and a couple new allies.
  • Finished the Allies portion of the Goals screen so you can now get more information - some data is not fully implemented yet, however.
  • Added pepper spray miss sound.
  • Fixed and “softened” level borders so that camera is less likely to get stuck behind them.
  • Added undead mobbing functionality - you’ll find the undead are scarier in groups now.
  • Added fishing pole item and fixed fishing bug - now you can catch all the fish your heart desires!
  • Added location unlocks from listening to the radio - I hope you’re tuning in every day...
  • Fixed an issue with the undead continuing to feast after a character stood up.
  • Fixed some issues with wall line-of-sight and wall positioning.
  • Tall fences now block LOS and attacks.
  • Fixed issues with dialogue overlap in crisis events.
  • Fixed some issues with existing perks and perk functionality.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to address game-breaking issues as top priorities, as well as add some new features, address problems with existing systems, add more critical path content, and continue loot passes, combat passes, and scripting on existing levels. Let us know what you’d most like to see in an upcoming patch and we’ll see what we can do!
Community Announcements - Dinosaur Polo Club
Beta 5 is now live on Steam.


  • The way locomotives are placed has been reworked and allows more accuracy.
  • Carriages are now attached to the nearest train.
  • The city generation has been slightly modified for each city.
  • An option is now available to skip menu transitions.
  • New assets in Scenic mode are now unlocked when efficiency milestones are reached.
  • The score widget in Scenic mode has been changed, and now shows you how far you have to go until you reach the next efficiency milestone.

The next major feature we're working on is the long-overdue reallocation of locomotives and carriages.
Community Announcements - castewar
With its initial release as a Steam PC title, Kerberos made it clear they would be porting Sword of the Stars: The Pit to Mac and Linux as scheduling allowed.

While the Mac version was added earlier in the Summer, Linux is now included, making The Pit: Gold a Steamplay title!

Those who have previously purchased The Pit will find they now have the option of installing the two additional formats on their Mac and Linux machines.

"We appreciate the patience of our fans as we worked towards including the Mac and Linux platforms. We've used this opportunity to improve our development, by keeping Mac and Linux in mind from the start, which is why Ground Pounders launched as a Steamplay title." said Kerberos Producer Christopher Stewart. "We look forward to all our titles being Steamplay titles."
Community Announcements - JanKavan
Hello Earthlings!

I've just pushed another update which basically fixed some minor textual things, but also now it should be possible to correctly achieve "Methodical" and "Real scientist".

You can try if you are brave. Also I did some nice progress with Mac OS version so this one will be probably available quite soon.

[transmission ends]

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