Feb 28, 2014
Community Announcements - chaosavy
Very quick update - a longer one will follow in the very near future with more info/details.

I just uploaded a new build - it has the majority of the new mission/story content (extending the game by at least an hour). To ensure you get the proper game play experience - reload a save game prior to entering the last gate.

This weekend I will be working on some of this content, though in mostly minor fixes and tweaks (the same goes for all other story/mission content and game play elements as we go through Early Access to Release) - I uploaded it now (while there eare still tweaks to do) because I'm greatly looking forward to your feedback on it (and it has a bunch of bug fixes). Along with tweaking the main story/mission game - I'll be adding at least two instant action scenarios that will feature the backstory of something you get during the new story content :)


Community Announcements - Echo
Voting and new blocks!

You can now vote on what you think we should add (click on the voting option from the main menu of the game). We will update and adjust the list over time- please let us know on the forums what you'd like to see!

Community driven features
  • New players permissions default to off. Press ENTER to ask the host for edit permissions
  • Reminder: Hosts can give edit permissions through the 'Z' social menu
  • Voting is in- you can get to it from the main or pause menu
  • Fireflies are back at night, and the desert has heat shimmer again
  • New Glass Block you can craft out of 5 glass panes
  • New skylights in each set (you can learn them from uncommon scrolls)
  • New Highborn and Desert chandelier (you can learn them from rare scrolls)
  • Added inner corner connections to the Desert and Highborn Shingles and Roof

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash preventing people from joining a multiplayer game
  • More performance improvements
  • Fixed flicker of grass on some blocks
  • Added in some logging to track down the invisible-chunk crash
Feb 28, 2014
Community Announcements - Kinifi
We are preparing for PAX East right now and the following changes are being made:

- Level Selection Screen for quick level changing. Since people at PAX will have different skill levels, I'm implementing a level selection screen that gives people easy access to switch from the Tutorial to the hardest level available at the time.

- Zero fade. Right now there is no fading between levels so someone only seeing the game for a little amount of time will be able to see/play as much as possible.

- Helpful Menu Text in the Bedroom

- Beginning of Steam SDK for Achievements and Leaderboards

- Xbox Controller Support

- Controller SDK Support for Xbox Controller, PS3, PS4

The full CC Build will have a lot more changes which will be coming later this week.
Community Announcements - Chris
Less than five days to go until Sacrifice of the Vaal goes live! We've posted its official trailer here and a full summary of content here.
Feb 28, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

We are thrilled to announce that you can now opt in to the new multiplayer first look, through a beta branch build on Steam!! This is to allow the players to help us track down the worst of the bugs, and be sure we have a good smooth build before we fully integrate it with the main build. Be aware, this build will be more buggy and will have things still feeling somewhat “under construction.” as we finish rounding it out. That being said, we’re excited to hear all of the feedback from the community as you get your first taste of the multiplayer experience!

To get started in multiplayer, follow this link: http://www.playedgeofspace.com/multiplayerfirstlook/
Community Announcements - Tatsur0

Today we will be returning to our "Friday Frenzy" series and Streaming Contagion where we will be revealing new content such as Pioneer Express and Barlowe Square maps.

These maps will be released in the upcoming weeks and will still be WIP as you will see during our Stream but completed and released with their other game-modes for Full Release with Polish and Balance sorted out.

Today's Stream is slighly delayed and will start in 20mins of this Post! (30mins delayed)

If you're interested in our "Friday Frenzy" and/or "Contagious Gaming" Stream & Giveaway you must partake in the http://www.twitch.tv/tatsur0 channel chat and be following the channel itself!

Official Contagion Twitch.TV Channel</center>

We stream our Official Contagion "Friday Frenzy" and/or "Contagious Gaming" via our Twitch.Tv Account at- http://www.twitch.tv/tatsur0 every Friday @ 7:00PM PST/PDT (GMT- 8:00) -Click here for current time- and will pass out one or more free copies of Contagion during the Stream!

For those interested and missed our "Contagious Gaming" Series where our goal is to play Early Access, Indie Games, and Zombie/Contagion related games while sharing our opinions and insights as both gamers and game developers we hope you enjoy Episode 1 & 2 of the Series below.



Look forward to sharing more and more of Contagion as we push towards our April 11th Full Release date!


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-The Contagion Team
Community Announcements - castewar
End of week two and the feedback continues to be awesome - thank you all. We've made some big changes this update, based on that feedback, and we're anxious to see people give them a whirl.

Here is an overview of the fixes and changes made to the build;

  • Units supporting an attack can now take damage.
  • Units take damage if outside of attack range.
  • Units can move multiple times until all move points are consumed.
  • Can now select a new unit when a unit already selected.
  • No longer able to give air units more readiness then they can allow.
Changes and Additions:
  • Added more info to back of unit card (can flip cards over).
  • Added phase stage icons that show the color of the current phase (to help with card understanding).
  • Can now create a transport daisy chain (can link transports to carry supply to a logistics unit).
  • Reactionary attack is random and free dice as well as it stops movement.
  • Display card effects on player.
  • Display a "ruler" for determining if a unit is in supply or not and how far out (supply line link is based in "hexes").
  • Supply zones have ranges, anything within the range gets supplied for free.
  • Supporting an attack causes reduced strength for non artillery and air units.
  • Better user feedback for highlighting/clicking hexes/units tutorial.
  • Current turn displayed.
  • Added button to toggle objectives list on/off.
  • Added ability to inspect units in wait phase.
  • Added combat layer cycling using '[' and ']' keys.
Beta 0.1.2556
Community Announcements - Will
The moment you've all been waiting for here at Code}{atch! v0.5.5 is live and ready for your downloading pleasure.

We worked pretty hard on this release, and spent a lot of time cleaning up bugs, optimizing the code and clearing up technical debt. This isn't just a back-end update however,

We've also designed and implemented some new content for you to enjoy.

We have included:

The New Tileset: It's sleek, mysterious, monolithic and practically iridescent, it's the "Alien Hull" tileset.

The New Utility: Colonists on Atlas are now fitted with Paint Lasers and are able to demarcate their bases, vehicles, other players, themselves and other non-block objects.

The New Monster: What mysteries does Atlas hold? Many, and one has been discovered by colonists recently that is as ferocious as it is fast! The Flying Eyeball, so known by many colonists, flaps its bat-like wings and is able to heat up the air between the colonist and itself, forming a ray of heat scorching its target alive. Be wary, while they may be small, they are often numerous, and quite pesky.

Check it out here with the Official Trailer!


Several other changes have been made to the game as well, including refactoring a few systems, tweaks to the terrain and menus.

A lot of time this month was spent on chasing down memory leaks, and beefing up multiplayer performance and other serious performance issues. We here at Code}{atch want to give everyone an awesome experience playing our games, and strive to deliver as smooth of a product as possible.

Another thing we've spent a lot of time on is reintegrating QA and the reorganizing of our release schedule, so we can do more quality releases for you, more often.

Read more about the game's changes here:

When the player joins a game, the game data should be streamed over time instead of sent all at once.
-This allows smoother handling of larger batches of data

Added the ability when starting a new game, the player can define what seed will be used to generate terrain.
-This allows popular seeds to be saved and regenerated elsewhere and shared.

Creative mode has been reintroduced into the game!
-Players will now no longer encounter enemies when playing in creative mode
-Players will have infinite resources upon spawning

New Utility Introduced: The Paint Laser
-Allows players to apply a custom color to various items
- Blocks
- Craftables
- The VAT
- Other Players
- Themselves

-User is able to scroll through a hue slider by holding ctrl and using the mouse wheel while the paint gun is equipped

Terrain is now deformed when explosions occur.

The Lobby menu is currently disabled

Cleaned up major bugs to do with:

- Terrain generation
- Placement Holograms
- Creative Mode
- Trees

A large variety of other bug fixes have been implemented, creating a more stable release

Changes to the UI have been brought in:

- Changes include making the UI event-based, and thus allowing for faster, smoother performance
- Streamlined the menus before launching into a game
- Adjusted the settings menu within the game
- Disabled the lobby menu temporarily

New Monster Introduced: The Flying Eyeball

- Small, agile flying monster
- Fast attack, often comes in pairs or groups
- Fires hot energy beam from its eye

Various optimization issues dealt with have helped increase performance

New Tileset Introduced: Alien Hull

Skill System has been refactored and tweaked

Happy Gaming,


- See more at: http://starforge.typepad.com/#sthash.TXXOxokI.dpuf
Community Announcements - mikebot
PC Gamer loves Shadowrun: Dragonfall! Read the full review here.

Rock Paper Shotgun says:
Dragonfall’s a big improvement on Shadowrun Returns [...] and it pulls off the smart trick of being both a superior starting point and a more satisfying follow-up.
Feb 28, 2014
Community Announcements - aaronflippo(Flippfly)
Hey all, just wanted to let you know we published a new version with some bug fixes.
- UI Fixes related to leveling up
- Other misc. bugs


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