Product Update - Valve
Jun 23
In Bot Colony, players use their own words to investigate mysteries, command robots, or get oriented in the game. A couple of recent updates integrate Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Speech API, a change that is designed to improve the voice recognition capabilities of the game and better accounts for different accents and background noise.

Bot Colony has some unique features that push the boundaries of natural language understanding. Using colloquial English, players can command robots to manipulate objects in the 3D environment, erase the traces of an intrusion, or dispose of a bomb. Players can use words like 'this', 'it', 'the last one', 'the blue one', 'the one on the stovetop', 'the open one' , 'the other one' to refer to objects. The game understands conversational English well enough to enable players to investigate the actions of multiple characters over 48 hours.

For the full press release on the update, and to buy the game, please see the Bot Colony Store Page. Save 60% off when you buy before July 5th.

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