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"A multiplayer tactics game in which you plan your actions and they're all then executed simultaneously against the enemy. Killer soundtrack."


9/10 – EDGE
9/10 – Eurogamer
95% – bit-gamer


冰封触点(Frozen Synapse)是 PC 和 Mac 上的终极战术游戏。


  • 每次购买可获得一个完整的免费游戏副本,可赠予好友
  • 5 个具有挑战性的多人游戏模式,包括创新的并基于投标的“防卫”模式和“人质救援”模式
  • 55 个任务的单人游戏战役,带有动态对话和惊心动魄的预测
  • 强力的小规模战斗生成器
  • 集成了 Facebook,Twitter 和 YouTube
  • 15 个 Steam 成就
  • 集成了 IRC 聊天以及各种社区功能
  • 随机生成组合以及手工制作内容意味着每一次的关卡和地图是不同的
  • 由音乐家 nervous_testpilot 制作的广受好评的原声电子乐


Mac OS X
    • 操作系统:Windows XP,Vista,7
    • 处理器:1.6 GHz
    • 内存:512 MB
    • 显卡:网本集成显卡
    • DirectX®:N/A
    • 硬盘所需空间:220 MB
    • 声卡:N/A
    • 操作系统:OS X 美洲豹 10.5.8版,雪豹 10.6.3 版,或更高。
    • 处理器:1GHZ PowerPC(或英特尔)
    • 内存:512 MB
    • 显卡:N/A
    • 硬盘所需空间:220 MB
    • 声卡:N/A
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Frozen Synapse (FS)是一个回合制的游戏,每回合5秒钟。你可以规划己方在这5秒内的行动,同时也可以模拟敌方可能的行动,以及双方结束回合后的结果。不过以上都是你脑中想象的,在最终提交行动之前一切都是未知数,我认为这是FS最大的魅力所在。
FS的兵种并不算多,算上Red DLC一共只有6个,但是各具特色,而且兵种之间没有完克之说。Machine Gun可以远距离干掉Sniper,走位风骚的Shotgun也可让对面团灭(详见预告视频)。新加入的Roit Shield更是让游戏多出了不少新花样,除了挡子弹之外,盾牌可以反弹手榴弹,强力辅助。
Red DLC设定很赞,它是和你自己创建的账号关联的。如果你在pad上已经买了Red DLC,那么恭喜,Steam版本里会自动拥有这个DLC,不需要重复购买或是在游戏内激活。


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-Quick Review-
Frozen Synapse is a turn based strategy game where you utilize several different types of units to execute a variety of commands. Combat mechanics are based on: Direction, movement, cover, and weapon speed.
-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: I have yet to figure out what type of creature I am… in the campaign mode, I’m under the impression that I’m an artificial intelligence named “Tactics”, whoever had the bright idea of making me an AI apparently need to be shot in the foot, because I proceeded to fail the next ten attempts at the campaign.
The campaign has a total of 55 missions, this game’s appeal is in its competitive aspect, think of this game as a “modern” chess game, although the objectives can be changed from simply “capture the king” to, capture the flag, team elimination, etc.

Game Play: There are five basic units in the game: Machine Gun, Shotgun, Sniper, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher. Each have different abilities, for example the shot gunner can run fast and does is the fastest at weapon draw, while the Sniper is slow to shoot, but can shoot from almost across the whole map and moves very slowly.
As you get into the game the different units make more sense and you start to learn how to implement them accordingly. I practiced against the computer on campaign… which admittedly felt like bashing my face against a brick wall, but eventually strategies started to stick.

Achievements: There are 16 achievements for this game, one of those achievements requires beating a player named “bin” who is apparently no longer playing… Ergo, this achievement is broken in my book. The rest of the achievements are very straight forward and require either winning a game mode, or doing something specific in the game.
The two hardest achievements are probably “get to level 100” and “Beat the campaign”. Hardest might be the wrong term though, maybe “the most time consuming”? Regardless, there is a fair amount of activity in this game if you’re going after achievements.

Price: Frozen Synapse commonly goes on steam sales, so that is when I would suggest purchasing the game, at the time that I’m writing this review the game is actually 88% off for the next 43 hours. At the standard price of $24.99 that’s probably too high of a price for a strategy game like Frozen Synapse for most people, you can easily pump 20-40 hours into the game… again; if you already know you like strategy games and enjoy learning new ones.

Conclusion: Again to recap: the story/campaign wasn’t particularly intersecting for me, the game play is very precise (a requirement for strategy games), achievements are “meh”, the price is high unless on sale.
I’ve enjoyed playing this game, I would suggest it to people who *already know* they like strategy games. When you first jump into this game it’s definitely daunting to comprehend what’s going on. The game itself tries to help with a lack luster tutorial, but in the end it doesn’t prepare you for the cruel reality of “campaign”. (Unless you happen to be a young strategic genius, who in that case, go back to your business classes and leave my review alone.)
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I love it when a plan comes together, and Frozen Synapse is my favourite turn-based game.

It’s similar to ground operations of X-COM, for example, but in a purer, simpler form. There’s no base management, inventory, RPG elements. All units of the same type have identical stats. And, unlike X-COM, RNG does not make much of an impact on outcomes of firefights, if any. The typical ‘chance to hit’ mechanic is replaced with ‘time to hit’. If enemy unit is in cover, your unit will need more time to hit him; if enemy units runs into your stationary unit, your unit will shoot first because he had a bonus to this timer, and the enemy had a penalty for running. Thus, if you can predict what your opponent is about to do, you can be 100% sure what will happen when they encounter one of your units. If.

The best thing about this game is the ability to plot your opponent’s expected moves and run a simulation that will show what will happen if you do this, and they do that. You can run as many iterations of this as you like before submitting a turn.

In multiplayer FS becomes a game of psychology, misdirection, bluffs and double bluffs. You have to be able to make accurate predictions, but also behave unpredictably, be stealthy, feed misleading information to your foe. And make plans that account for every eventuality.

The maps are random and asymmetrical, but scoring takes this into account. Plus, you can use premade symmetrical maps or make your own. You can even play a flat version of cs_office if you’re so inclined.

There’s a long single player campaign with interesting missions and a cyberpunk-themed story. You can play it in coop, too. And it’s fairly hard. Only 0.6% of players have completed the campaign according to Steam achievement stats. But two of the missions at the end are somewhat glitchy and many people may have quit just because of these.

Downsides: I’m not too fond of the graphics. 3D perspective makes it hard to see whether you have line of sight sometimes, I would prefer to have a flat 2D mode. Thankfully, there’s a line of sight tool that works like a ruler. There’s no offline chat in multiplayer, which is disappointing for a game you can play via e-mail.

Red DLC adds shield units (really cool) and the ability to host coop games and play single-player campaign with a friend, among other things. You can use the new features in multiplayer even if your opponent/partner doesn’t have the DLC. So I’d get the Complete Pack while it’s on −88% sale.

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Brillant concepts may fall short
  • The singel player campain DLC failed.(see seperate review )
  • The match making is utterly broken. It's not fun for any part to be matched up against a player 10 or 20 levels higher.
  • The matches become out of sync with resulting illbehaviours in game play.
  • Some "players" are abusing the bugs to be on top of the leaderboard.
    As the game hasn't got a VAC shield on it it's "cheat as you please".
    That is not at all good in my book as its a PvP based leaderboard system.
  • Everyone can challenge everyone so be prepared to be steam rolled.
    This wouldn't be a problem if:
    *You could cancel the challenge and not have it linger for ever.
    *You could see the level of the person who challenged you.
I like the concept and atmosphere, you who played "Rainbow six" (up to Rouge spear) will see similarities with the "planning".
All in all this game would have been brilliant.
But before the things mentioned above have been fixed this review will be a "not recommend"
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Utterly brilliant competition in out-thinking one another. There's plenty time and only one thing counts: Who can anticipate the opponent better.
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