Capsized is a fast paced 2D platformer focused on intense action and exploration. As a intrepid space traveler, your ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet. You must navigate through the perilous environment and fight off blood-thirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives!
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Data di rilascio: 29 apr 2011

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Capsized is a fast paced 2D platformer focused on intense action and exploration. As a intrepid space traveler, your ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet. You must navigate through the perilous environment and fight off blood-thirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives!
Artist Jesse McGibney and programmer Lee Vermeulen create an immersive alien world teeming with bizarre life-forms and strange landscapes presented in a unique hand-drawn art style. Combining control elements of first person shooters and innovative physics based combat, Capsized emphasizes action without giving up the smart problem solving of classic platform games.
Use your jetpack to fly through the alien jungle, and tools such as the Gravity Hook to manipulate your environment to skilfully dodge and defeat attacking enemies. You will be challenged - with platforming, puzzle solving, and deadly skirmishing, often all at the same time!

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed alien environments and creatures, lovingly rendered with high resolution hand-drawn artwork.
  • 12 mission Campaign featuring: massive non-linear environments, diverse objectives and enemies, and exciting comic-style cutscenes.
  • 4 extra Arcade Modes to unlock, including: local Deathmatch and Coop, Survival mode, Time Trials, and Armless fighting.
  • Lethal arsenal of futuristic weapons and gadgets such as: the Gravity Ram, Jetpack, Energy Shield, and Quasar Array
  • Classic First Person Shooter inspired controls, with a focus on skilled movement, creative tactics, and insane action.

Requisiti di sistema

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual-core processor (Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6 GHz)
    • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.0 GB free space
    • Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound cards
    • OS: glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC is NOT required.
    • Processor Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.0 GB free space
    • Video Card: OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
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Pubblicata: 9 dicembre 2014
A Misura di Capsula! Un gioco divertente e meraviglioso che con una grafica 2D ti immerge direttamente nello spazio profondo tra tempeste ed artefatti alieni pericolosi. Devi sopravvivere alle disavventure di esploratore spaziale salvando te e i suoi compagni da morte certa! Gioco fantastico, consigliato. Mwglio provarlo che descriverlo.
Ambientazioni e colonne sonore AZZECCATE IN PIENO. Ti senti veramente sperduto nello spazio, senti l'angoscia, la nostalgia di casa, la voglia di salvare i compagni e combattere per la sopravvivenza.
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Pubblicata: 12 novembre 2014
Boy did this one surprise me, the freedom of movement is incredible. From your gravity hook, jetpack, anti grav pick ups, moving around truly feels great. It feels a little like Metroid. Due to the aspect of the isloation of an unitentional and forced exploration of a new planet.

Some creatures being hostile and some not. Of course if you want to be crass you can draw comparisons to Terraria and Starbound without the crafting. But the movement and art style, I really like the art style, are enough to distinguish it apart. The weapons are diverse, effective and fun to use. The campaign is level based. Each with different objectives. Some are simple get to a certain location and others task with destroying certain targets or rescue missions for yor fallen comrades. I found that the physics here are slightly at odds with themself as tethering yourself to a human allows you to pull them up and simultaneously jump off of them pulling you both upward. Perhaps this was a happy conceit for pulling your buds out of harms way.

Absolutely phenomenal soundtrack, It really makes you want to just explore a ♥♥♥♥in cave. Its exciting in a wonderous way. Definitely one of my favorite and more memorable indie games ever.
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Pubblicata: 24 gennaio

You and your crew have crash landed on a mysterious hostile alien planet and you must fight your way through an onslaught of vicious alien creatures to rescue your crewmates so you can escape. This has been a staple plot line for Science Fiction for almost as long as science fiction itself has existed, there is nothing new with the idea of this setting, or premise; however Capsized manages to take this setting and apply it to an absolutely gorgeous, intense, atmospheric environment paired with equally spine-tingling soundtrack.

The game is a 2D platformer that combines both fast paced action combat and exploration elements. You control your marooned space cadet across various extraterrestrial environments battling your way through herds of fairly challenging Alien creatures with your main objectives varying from “Rescue X amount of Crew mates” or “Destroy X amount this alien artifact”. The controls of the game feel very refreshing and intuitive and you are packed to the brim with weapons and gadgets to choose from. Two gadgets in particular are what really make the gameplay feel fresh and interesting, the grappling hook and gravity ram; grappling hooks can be used to pull yourself to far away areas or can double as gravity guns similar to that from Half-Life, and Gravity Rams can expel massive bursts of energy to send objects or enemies flying.

The entire art style for the game is very beautiful, consisting of complex hand-drawn artwork. The game only offers 12 levels, however the art style for each one feels fitting and sets the mood, whether that be a bright colorful level full of alien life, camps, and monuments or whether they be glum and damp and underground with darkness and danger lurking around any corner. The electronic musical soundtrack perfectly accompanies this atmospheric environment, further helping set the mood for each gorgeously illustrated level. Not only is the level design brilliant, but the enemies are also very well done. You won’t get sick and tired of being forced to fight any one enemy over and over, the game does an excellent job of spacing out various enemies of different species, sizes, and difficulty levels.

Capsized manages to provide a very enjoyable action platforming experience with a stunningly beautiful atmospheric environment. The combat feels good and there a large enough variety of both weapons and enemies to keep the game feeling fun and energetic. The only negatives of the game are that there are times when levels tend to feel a bit tedious and become a burden when slight mistakes cause you to have to retry missions multiple times; however this is merely a minor complaint. I would definitely recommend this game especially for such a low budget price of $9.99. The game plays at its best when played with a friend in local co-op.
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Pubblicata: 25 ottobre 2014
The game has nice graphics. The game has nice music. The game has an interesting physics-engine. Still i don't entirely like it. It doesn't feel as a whole piece. Just like everything has been added together in a rather short time around a physics-engine without polishing controls, level-design, enemy-behaviour, story-inclusion (which i don't expect to be complex at all).
Don't get me wrong. None of it is completely awful, but if the question is just between "Do you like it?" or "Don't you?" then alas i must say it's closer to: I can't recommend the game.
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Pubblicata: 3 dicembre 2014
Capsized is an atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer that even as I describe it just sounds like another fish in the sea. The art is very nice, whoever designed the worlds and the characters is very talented. The puzzles (at least in the early stages) are exactly what you would expect, and I think any fans of the genre could play this game in their sleep.
Where I just couldn't take it anymore was the control. I’m relatively certain it’s by design, since the atmosphere is alien and aquatic in nature, but I never felt in control of the character. Every time I wanted to make even a moderately precise movement, it felt like instead I just floated off into the sunset as if someone simultaneously enabled noclip and turned off friction.
It’s pretty and all, but so are most of the more reputable indie platformers. The lack of control I felt while playing, however, instantly put me off from the game and really left me with nothing but negative feelings towards it.
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Pubblicata: 7 marzo
Everything the negative reviews say is true, as are components of the positive.

To begin with everything is good, I can even live with the weird controls as you get used to them.

But after a certain point the level design seems to exist simply to punish you for getting that far.

Enemies constantly being offscreen and having to trigger them by advancing and yet not seeing them until you do is unacceptable.

You get stars for completing levels, being an indicator of how close to perfect the developers consider doing the level is.

The stats for the achievements give an indication of how far most players get, being - 20* - 28.7%, 40* - 9.3%, 60* - 2.9%.

I have got the 60 and this was from playing 11 levels, and it doesn't take that much effort redoing the earlier levels to pad your stars.

Good game, obviously well made, but bad level design punishes you in a way that would seem that it is your fault for buying and playing the game.

In a bundle - give it a try if you can get other things you want. On it's own - do not buy.
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Pubblicata: 25 marzo
I was really looking forward to this game but after I started, the worst thing to ever come to PC games was noticed almost instantly, accelerating mouse. This is when you move your mouse and it has to build up speed to get to where it would usually be. This whole mechanic makes it hard to aim and move since the whole game is based off the mouse. I would say the same for Apotheon, which I might give a review to right after this but it's different for that, because after they heard the pleas of taking out accelerating, they kept it in Apotheon but lowered it to a point where it doesn't bug people as much. AlienTrap didn't even add the option to turn it off.

tl;dr: Looks like a good game, mouse acceleration (controls) to annoying to play with.
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Pubblicata: 8 marzo
솔댓 스타일의 2d액션플랫포머. 스팀 리뷰에는 썸업 썸다운만 있어서 굳이 썸업을 골랏을 뿐 이걸 그렇게까지 치켜세우면서 남에게 권하고 싶은 게임은 아니다. 개인적으로는 그냥 그저 그런 게임이었다.

+ 하이퍼 FPS 냄세가 나는 전투스타일. 무빙과 사격을 잘할수록 재밌다. 특히 무빙이 핵심.
+ 괜찮은 분위기의 배경 디자인, 멋진 효과들.
+ 언어의 장벽이 없다. 무슨 말이냐면, 대사, 나레이션 이런거 없이 오직 짧고 굵은 그림 몇장으로 스토리를 다 전달하고 있음. 스토리가 비교적 단순해서 가능한 일이기도 하다.

- 미려하지만, 가독성은 좋지 않다. (물론 나는 시력이 좋지 않다)
- 옵션 변경한게 저장이 안된다거나 하는 사소한 버그.
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Pubblicata: 27 novembre 2013
Davvero un bel gioco, l'unica sua pecca è che la campagna dura davvero poco appena 4 ore, ma io l'ho giocata in modalità facile e sono sicuro che aumentando il livello la sfida aumenta. Tuttavia anche a livello di difficoltà minimo c'è da divertirsi, tra momento di puro caos in mezzo a gli alieni e colpi sparaflashanti delle nostre armi ad energia.

Le colonne sono sono ottime e ti fanno entrare in sintonia con le emozioni del protagonista praticamente dispero in un pianeta sconosciuto e pericoloso. I disegni sono grandiosi e pieni di dettagli, giocarlo in FULLHD è davvero un piacere.

C'è anche il multiplayer!
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Pubblicata: 25 novembre 2011
Capsized è essenzialmente un platform che basa buona parte del suo gameplay sulla fisica, ma descriverlo solo con questo non renderebbe giustizia ai ragazzi di Alien Trap che hanno invero realizzato una piccola perla, non esente da imperfezioni, ma comunque una esperienza meritevole.

Strano a dirsi, le imperfezioni derivano proprio dal suo punto di forza, la fisica, questa infatti può creare momenti elettrizzanti, nella forma di spettacolari combattimenti in volo tra una piattaforma e l’altra e momenti di frustrazione apocalittica, come “l’oggetto da trasportare” che si incastra ad ogni angolo del percorso.

La prima impressione che si prova appena si entra nel mondo di Capsized, ancora prima di toccare tastira/joypad, è orgiastica, la grafica è ultra dettagliata e sembra di assistere a qualcosa a metà tra un film di animazione ed un documentario naturalistico, inoltre mentre ci si sta ancora strabuzzando gli occhi per le meraviglie grafiche, saranno le orecchie ad essere investite da musica onirica e suoni altamente suggestivi; inutile dire che tutta questa meraviglia aiuterà enormemente l’esperienza d’immedesimazione, in particolare nelle prime ore di gioco.

Ripresi dall’impatto iniziale e messe le mani sulla tastiera dovremo subito fare i conti con il metodo di controllo del nostro alter ego il quale vedremo letteralmente trotterellare su questo spettacolare mondo alieno a causa della scarsa gravità, imparare a controllarlo sarà uno dei primi problemi agrodolci di questo titolo.

Agrodolce, perchè per muoverci avremo a disposizione oltre alle nostre corte gambine, che ci garantiranno salti e corse, anche un bel rampino multiuso con il quale dimostrare che Tarzan è un dilettante, ed un getto di aria compressa, che ci aiuterà a far vedere a tutti quanto bene abbiamo imparato a fare il RocketJump quando giocavamo a Quake; peccato che alcuni salti e scatti che vedremo compiere al nostro eroe saranno completamente fuori ogni logica, ma roba da fare rivoltare Newton nella tomba, ed è davvero un peccato, perché le acrobazie che ci si ritrova ad effettuare dopo aver acquisito un po di esperienza sono veramente divertenti da eseguire, ci sposteremo come dei proiettili e magari in volo agganceremo piccoli alieni per poi lanciarli con forza sulle pareti o su altri besti e vedere il tutto sbudellarsi in laghi di liquido verde.

Ci troviamo, quindi, di fronte ad un platform, ma fortunatamente questo non vuol dire partire di qua, arrivare dall’altra parte, menare il boss di fine livello e ripetere il tutto nel livello successivo, no, anzi questo è un altro dei punti a favore di Capsized, ci saranno pure solo 12 livelli, ma questo non è che un bene se alla fine ci ritroviamo con 12 meccaniche di gioco differenti, nessuna originale, ma i game designer hanno fatto si che in ogni livello ci fosse qualcosa di diverso da fare, raccogli x oggetti, ammazza x mostri, salva x colleghi, non manca l’odiato livello leva/porta, ma anche una simpatica sorpresa per il livello finale; insomma non ci sarà sicuramente da annoiarsi a causa di dinamiche ripetitive.

Sappiamo quindi che ci sono 12 livelli, ok, hanno un gameplay diverso, ma una volta completati? no problem, ci sono gli Achivement!, si queste diavolerie moderne sono state qui pensate a dovere e spingeranno a rigiocare i livelli completati per ottenere una valutazione migliore, si, verremo valutati!, in base al tempo, al livello di difficoltà impostato, alle volte in cui siamo stati squartati, ai segreti che abbiamo trovato, etc.

Gli achivement piu divertenti con cui incarognirsi contemplano ad esempio il NON usare le armi, assolutamente divertente uccidere i mostri schiacciandoli con i massi, scaraventandoli sui muri, saltandoci sopra od anche semplicemente evitandoli, buttandoli giu da una piattaforma con lo sbuffo di aria o volandoci sopra attaccato al rampino stile Tarzan, tutto va bene basta soddisfare l’obiettivo primario richiesto dal livello.
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Pubblicata: 14 giugno 2014
Un bel plattform con elementi action! Merita di essere giocato almeno una volta!
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Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2013
Well, what a wonderful game.
Honestly, got is a part of indie humble bundle. Thought I'd try it out because was quite bored. And it turned out to be my favourite game of the year as of now.

AS a 2D platformer it is quite demanding on your system - however nothing an average system can't manage (integrated graphics cards tend to have little support and in that regard run the game quite sluggishly. if you've got a separate gpu then it's gonna run smoothly). Nonetheless personally I think it's a beautiful game, even stunning. Mechanics are great - very enjoyable fighting, nice variety of weapons available and they all feel different too (a bit too "soft" and "smooth" for heavy guns like a rocket louncher or so, but it's futuristic plasma rounds that you're firing so I think it reflects on that well). Many different kinds of opponents that you will have to figure out how to kill, so it's not too much of a straight 'shoot em up' platformer.

Where this game really excels is its soundtrack.
The atmosphere it creates is simply... breathtaking. As a part of bundle I received it separately as mp3, and am listening to in on a regular basis - it's that good.
You will quickly notice that this game is not lengthy. Still it leaves plenty of room for prolongued gameplay, especially if you like picking up achievements and accomplishing everything to perfection.

To round up, as mentioned I was so blown away by this game - gameplay, soundtrack and (forgot to mention) story wise. Definetely pick it up if you're a platformer fan (imho it doesn't redefine the genre in any way - however it does show that it's still got that kick), and, well, even if you're not. I guarantee you will not be let down.
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Pubblicata: 4 aprile 2014
Capsized is an action platformer, where player controls a survivor in cruel and unknown world after a crash of his spaceship. As for indie platformer the gameplay is really solid and fun. Every mission just leave player in a vast level with only a compass to navigate, a sheer number of physics based puzzles to solve and eagerly waiting aliens to kill. Yeah, physics have a major part in gameplay, as space around is a vaccum and every action runs differently from how we used to. At this part, I must mark some problems with Capsized. Most of them are small problems: controllers are ignored by the game and make coop mode useless, some achievements are bugged, physics at times just annoy, game only lasts 4 hours, a few crazy difficulty spikes...
However, developer debuted with a cool concept and the game is mainly fun and entertaining.

ReDiR's rating; 7.5
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Pubblicata: 16 dicembre 2013
Beautiful game. The hand-drawn environments show a sense of care to 2D games that only a few devs have matched. It is very rare to feel like you have been drawn than just watching you character do things on the screen, but the Alientrap devs have gone above and beyond with this.

The short little tutorial at the beginning is straight forward and controls are easy to grasp. The game introduces new elements very straight forwardly, allowing you to figure out what they do on their own rather than telling you, which keeps the element of discovery fresh in every level. The use this same concept for the enemies.

The level design is great, providing secrets like in retro 2Ders to discover which will give you a buff or extra life. There is no map or compass adding to the genuine "Lost and stranded" theme to the game.

If this wasn't enough to grab it, go check out the demo on Steam!
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Pubblicata: 2 dicembre 2013
Floaty controls - which is thematic but also a little awkward. The later levels are really hard, and not in a fun way that's rewarding to beat. It would make a world of difference if, when you ran out of one type of ammo, they would switch you over to the basic ammo. Instead, you switch to whatever's next in the queue, which can lead to you blowing yourself up or wasting something amazing.

Level eleven just made me angry. I guess I could have tried on easy, but no thanks. It's hard to love a game when you feel like you're fighting the mechanics as much as the enemies.

Music is good, though!
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Pubblicata: 22 giugno 2014
Wow. I mean WOW!!! Did this game caught me by surprise!

Handcrafted graphics, a nice storyline told in comiquesce pictures between the missions, and the music, man how i love this music perfectly blended with the sound effects. All in all this game sucks you right in with it's awesome athmospheric style. And I'm quite sure not many people mention this, but the music never stops. There is no single moment of silence after you started this game. And so comes you will most definitely find yourself staring at the clock and wondering why it's getting bright outside yet you have the feel you just started that damn thing just to take a look a few minutes ago.

This game is totally awesome. And from what I've seen so far it's got plenty of replayability for it gives you different arcade game modes as you earn stars in the main campaign. And even in the campaign is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of statistics to fullfill to get the perfect game.

So for everyone who did enjoy games like "Exile" in the good old days ... give this game a shot. It's totally worth your time and your money.

I totally recommend this game.
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4.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 3 giugno 2013
Capsized feels like what happens when you make a great engine and art style, good sound, decent gameplay, and run out of budget 1/4 of the way through level design. It starts off decently, and the first few levels are okay, but then it becomes repetitive as hell and overstays its welcome.

The end level could be cool, but repeating a boring boss three times isn't my idea of fun and ultimately I walked away disappointed, because it had a lot of potential.
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Pubblicata: 20 maggio 2014
Gets frustrating sometimes, especially with physics objects not always bending to your will and more often than not getting in your way. But overall, it was a decent adventure.

There's 13 levels in which you complete certain objectives, whilst fighting off aliens and whatnot. You can jump off walls, rapple/grapple to objects and the environment, and use your jetpack when you have fuel for it. There's also a selection of weaponry to be found in the levels with limited ammo, while you have your default weak weapon that has infinite ammo, all weapons also have a secondary attack.

Not a bad game, 7/10.
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Pubblicata: 24 aprile 2014
Kinda fun, but has plenty of unforgivable sins, such as making the background blend too much with the enemies and having inconsistant physics. Can't reccomend.
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Pubblicata: 3 agosto 2014
Absolutely hated the game. Which is a shame, because I loved the atmosphere/graphics and sound.
Enemies are not 'hard' in the traditional sense, just super frustrating. Some puzzles turn unsolvable if you made some mistake during the sometimes lengthy levels (level 11 I'm looking at you). Floaty controls that for some weird reason work better with mouse/keyboard than controller...for a platformer!

Shame really :/
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