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Gish är ingen vanlig hjälte. Han är faktiskt ingen vanlig någonting ... Gish är nämligen en tjärboll. En söndagspromenad med flickvännen Brea går snett när en skuggfigur kommer upp ur en avloppsbrunn och drar ned Brea.
Utgivningsdatum: 4 Maj 2004
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The 2005 Independent Games Festival Grand Prize winner.

"One of the most original games ever made" - Gametunnel.com: 10/10

"A Little Getaway: Small, Simple, Fast and Fun... (GISH) proves that a simple idea can be elaborated upon with terrific results." - New York Times

"The freshest platformer I've played this year"- PCGamer UK: 85%

Om spelet

Gish är ingen vanlig hjälte. Han är faktiskt ingen vanlig någonting ... Gish är nämligen en tjärboll. En söndagspromenad med flickvännen Brea går snett när en skuggfigur kommer upp ur en avloppsbrunn och drar ned Brea. Gish följer Breas rop på hjälp och befinner sig plötsligt i det underjordiska kloaksystemet Dross, en sedan länge glömd stad fylld med vindlande gångar, elaka fällor och några av de tokigaste varelser du kan tänka dig.

Med sin gummiaktiga struktur som sitt enda försvar följer Gish den nödställda unga damens rop på hjälp djupt där nere under jordens yta. Vilka underliga varelser bor i det här underjordiska landet? Vem har fångat Brea? Och hur djupt är kaninhålet egentligen?

Livet är inte lätt när man är en 6 kg tung tjärboll...

  • Dynamisk fysik och ljussättning
  • Förstörbara miljöer
  • Mer än 34 historienivåer
  • Mer än 20 samlingsnivåer
  • Mer än 80 nivåer gjorda av spelare och tillgängliga för hämtning
  • Sex unika VS.- lägen
  • Upplåsbara spellägen
  • Över 15 animerade fiender
  • Sex rubbade bossar
  • Fem "superhemliga" nivåer
  • Nivåredigerare

Systemkrav (PC)

    Minimikrav: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux eller OSX 10.1+, AMD-, Intel- eller G3-processor 1000+ MHz; OpenGL-kompatibel 3D-grafikadaptor (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel osv.) med 32 MB videominne; 256 MB minne

    Rekommenderas: AMD-, Intel- eller G4-processor 1500+ MHz; OpenGL-kompatibel 3D-grafikadaptor (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel osv.) med 64 MB videominne, 256 MB minne

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz+
    • Memory: 1GB of RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB of video memory
    • Hard Drive: 200+MB of free hard drive space
    • Sound: Standard audio
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Simple and awesome! :)
Upplagd: 20 Mars 2014
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True bundle fodder, it's been bundled several times, and even the programmer has refused to make the achievements work. It's a messy game with a neat idea but awkward physics and controls. The graphics are just not engaging, just like the "platforming". I like the fact that precision jumping is not required, but mostly because precision is impossible with a ball of tar. Gameplay is repetitive along with the music, the same 3 enemies are recycled through the game. The game is just so bland, and really didn't age well. The Lives system is just old and awkward, you lose lives for saving to quit! Despite finding many issues with The Binding of Isaac, at least that game has polish and a bit more variety, recycling a massive 15 enemy designs instead of 3.

The game is just not engaging, even the programmer doesn't want to bother with the game to make it match what is advertised in the store. It's not a "must play", it doesn't do much noteworthy. I wouldn't bother with it.
Upplagd: 20 Augusti 2014
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Gish is like a warm embrace from a large, sweaty man after a marathon. You appreciate the love, but find it utterly repulsive in the end. It wishes it could do a lot of things, but falls short of most of them. Clunky controls that might be impossible to master quickly lead to rage quit worthy amounts of frustration. This game tries to pull its weight with its quirky charm, but falls flat on its face after its first few steps, much like the large, sweaty man.
Upplagd: 22 Juni 2014
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The idea of mechanics in Gish are innovative and creative, but the controls and implementation are absolutely horrible. The music gets repetitive, as it remains the same for several levels without changing. Then, there is the awful pseudo metal music with wailing that is completely unbearable. The game does not fit the entire screen even if you selected full screen in the settings. There are additional bonus levels as well as fan made levels that can be downloaded, but there aren't any reasons to bother. Plus, there are the local Versus multiplayer and Collection modes, with multiplayer possibly being where Gish may shine, as two people suffering through the horrible controls, physics, concept, and design might actually be funny. Each level is short but of adequate length because of the horrible controls, mechanics, and the time it actually takes to complete many of them. The story is nearly nonexistent, and the few parts where you are given a bit of background information on the character, it cuts off prematurely, without giving you a real chance of reading it. The level design is not well done, nor is it clever. They rely on the repetition of them for longevity and game play. The more difficult levels will force you to repeat them an extreme amount of times until you are able to get the horrible controls tamed. Once you are able to pass these levels, there is no feeling of accomplishment, and you are not rewarded for any of your success. The artwork is plain and unmemorable, going along with the game's general lack of charm. There is simply nothing interesting to look at while playing. Gish is not a platformer. It is an exercise in frustration and patience. The controls, mechanics, and physics are the worst I've ever experienced in a game. Accomplishing a simple, single jump, is something synonymous with a miracle, or some kind of supernatural phenomenon, if you believe in these sorts of things. The platforming (if you can call it that) is so disastrous, it is comparable to bouncing jello/jelly off of pieces of Legos, and hoping for the best. The controls are outrageous. I have never attempted a game with controls this unreasonable. It's like playing with a severe physical handicap. Gish is nearly unplayable. In the later levels, the only reason why they are able to be completed is almost by pure luck. The skills garnered by playing this game are so unprecise, that they can not be considered actual skills at all. It is a matter of chance that the physics of this train wreck behaved a certain way in order for you to proceed through the levels. I am a veteran of old school platformers, and never have I been so frustrated at the shortcomings of games of the genre before Gish came along. It is an example of game development malpractice and poor implementation of all aspects involved. Gish is quite possibly the worst game I have ever played. There is no excuse for a game of such rotten design to come out in 2004, let alone charge people to play it. Gish is a perfect example of how not to make a game.

Gish is awful.
Upplagd: 20 Mars 2014
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I got this game for free.

I'm glad I got this game for free.

Not because of enjoyment, but because of buyer's remorse.
Upplagd: 21 Maj 2014
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This is a great classic from Edmund Mcmillen that everyone should play (Gish was one of the bosses in The Binding Of Isaac)
Upplagd: 17 November 2013
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